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July 14, 2020, 04:54:30 pm


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I think I'm gonna do vanilla re-balance mod for no grind run, any ideas?

Started by Windows X, December 08, 2017, 07:03:04 pm

Windows X

Hi guys. I finished playing Tactics Ogre LUCT on another day without grinding and it was a blast. I enjoyed it very much with job leveling system that new units can shine without grinding required.

However, I find it has a nasty bug with one craft recipe for Fist making me feel like I can hold onto this until I can find a patch to fix this mess so I went back to FFT a bit after so long.

After coming back to Final Fantasy Tactics again, I found this game is a pain without grinding. There's a lot of things that I don't like about job leveling such as:

-I have to stay at Knight until level 3 wasting 400JP on abilities I won't use and pick just Parry when I want to use those points on thief abilities first.
-Chemist's good abilities take so much JP early making it hard to utilize efficiently early.
-It takes so long to get Thief job and I can't grab good stuff without enough JP on time.
-Dragoon looks like a job with strong knighthood but you need to unlock from thief job.
-Samurai and Ninja needs tedious cross grinding from both Knight / Archer branch.
-I often miss chance to make use of good spells while enemies are using them on me.
-Spell caster jobs needs to be fragile potion bots for a few battles until they can actually do something.
-JP spillover may help but it takes so long to unlock new jobs that can spill to.
-Dancer and Bard are too tedious to get, let alone Dark Knight and Mime for grind freaks.

And so on that I'm losing from Tactics Ogre remake for no grind run that doesn't need to be too tedious. I checked a few mods people made in forums but they're not very friendly for no grind run.

So, I'm going to re-balance this game for the sake of no grind run. At first I intend to add few important abilities and reduce JP cost for some but I think I'll do more than I thought I would.

Right now I'm working on FFTPatcher for a while and I think I'll add some more innate abilities to make each job being more useful like how I find Wild Arms XF was so good when this class rocks with its unique abilities and you can learn that skill to use on other classes. Chemist with Throw Items is awesome and I wish other jobs can be like that too.

But Wild Arms XF can freely add a few skills unlike this game where you're stuck with only one each making some abilities seem less useful than others but it can actually be good as innate skill. Final Fantasy Tactics should be able to do the same without moving abilities around breaking the original game mechanics.

I also plan to rebuild a few jobs like Arithmetician that I never use its abilities due to being too broken. Bard and Dancer being very anti-climatic for unlocked all malee/mage jobs just for fragile support unit. OK this may break some original mechanics but they aren't common jobs to be freely used to begin with so it should be OK if I tweak them a bit without affecting gameplay significantly.

I think I'll add Crossbow back to Dragoon like Tactics Ogre. It seems to work fine without making Dragoon too powerful. I find only Archer can use crossbow and yeah there's equip Crossbow but only one class to use both Bow/Crossbow is kinda bad when Chemist and Orator can use Gun. I may add some other items for some jobs too

I checked stats and found some very shocking truths too. Like White mage having so high physical attack. It's even higher than Squire. I imagine giving Equip Gun to White Mage performing healing and shooting like War Cleric may not sound bad but it's too OP for mage job. I guess I'll check on stats more in details to see what should I make it more right later.

At first I plan to mod this for personal use but I think it might be fun for everyone to play it this way too so I'm asking for ideas to see what I might be able to do better. I'm trying to make this game easier to play and more enjoyable why not make difficulty easier as enemies should also get the same benefits too.
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Small necro bump but maybe somebody will use this idea.

I was working on MA scaling and the only solution that worked for me was to apply MA bonus to items. I added MA bonus to weapons only to make it easier. This let me decide at what point of the game more or less I can make mages stronger.
This can be done to any stats however and to control scaling 100%.

So you can start with low stats (the lower the more similar females and males become so you can have male wizards and female monks).
You can go as low as PA1 and MA1 and keep at 1 the whole time.

Then you can apply as much extra PA. MA HP as you wish at certain points on each chapter to whatever items you want.
Each chapter is divided into four sections when new items are available in shops but you can give specific items with specific stat boosts as a battle rewards.

It's a lot of item editing + battle rewards + poaching to make it work but you can make almost grind free game.

The only thing to grind would be jp points but you can play with jp costs and job tree to adjust to your liking. You can even open up the whole job tree from the beginning and control at what point make each class usable by introducing let say katana or books for that job.

So if you make items more powerful relatively to stats then it lowers the need for grinding.
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