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FFT Arena Discord

Started by silentkaster, March 08, 2017, 01:20:57 am


Hello! We have a discord community here. While this discord is focused mainly on Arena, we have chat about all kinds of different topics which include Tactics non-arena modding, a therapy channel just to vent, off-topic chat about everything from anime to politics and more. We also have voice chat from time to time and we always take new suggestions. If you are interested in joining, the link is here. Note that you would have to be approved first to access/chat, but it only takes a maximum of a couple hours as usually somebody is on that can approve your entry. Feel free to post here if you joined recently and don't get an approval very quickly to alert us that you've joined.
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I want to let forum visitors know that our Discord channel is quite active. As a side result, the forum activity has gradually faded away, leaving Arena to appear as near-dead to those who visit the forums and/or aren't aware of the Discord channel. So if you have interest in Arena, it's definitely still alive. You will find that most of the activity is now there.
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