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June 23, 2021, 08:43:05 pm


Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

FFT: Emergence (PSP)

Started by BleuVII, January 17, 2017, 11:11:35 pm


"Also... I was surprised my ideas for Rapha and Marach worked so well. I don't think I ever took Marach out of my party once I got him, which is a sentence I NEVER thought I would type."

It worked out so well that they are my main "killer" now, slapping Construct 7 with Marach has never been so much easy, a whopping 500+ DMG from a lv 27 Marach using his Earthseer tech. FFTPatcher is only for PSX and PSX-PSP ones, can it work for WOTL?

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Can you somewhat increase the accuracy for Luso's Astrologer Tech? They are so low, even with Concentration being equipped
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Concentration only effects physical attacks, I'm pretty sure. Not sure why you're using that with an astrologer
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So, in order to boost accuracy with magic, what ability do I use?
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Btw, @BleuVII

This FFT Emergence is the best of the best hack that I ever played. Zero Charge really makes difference. Now my mages are mighty useful and it opens to new tactics possibility rather than using previous FFT mechanics for mages.
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blood falcon, unfortunately i don't think there is an item or ability that boosts magic accuracy. there are so little magic dodging items in the game anyway, the ability would be almost redundant. the only reason you can normally buy concentration from archer is because there is a slew of different items and abilities that boost mainly physical dodge rates
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You are correct. Putting Celia and Lettie's skills broke them game through and through

I just breezed through all battle using their Assassin's skills and it started to become boring.

Your patch is balancing a lot, bro.

Btw, where do I find Zero Charge on FFTPatcher? I cannot find it anywhere. Can I know which skill you removed in order to put Zero Charge in it?

So, for Luso the Game Hunter, where do I find his skillset?
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Quote from: blood_falcon on February 14, 2020, 12:08:35 am@BleuVII

Can you somewhat increase the accuracy for Luso's Astrologer Tech? They are so low, even with Concentration being equipped

The formula for all of the Astral Magicks is
3D   Hit_(MA+X)% ME, X=75
This means that the Astrology commands will hit 75% of the time, plus your Magic Attack number. However, it is subject to the target's Magic Evasion. I felt that this was fair, since you were casting a variety of statuses on a group of foes at the same time. Note that the pre-attack screen will give you a much smaller percentage, as it's calculating the percentage of each status effect hitting, not the spell itself. (Also, sidenote: Astral Light should have Formula 41, which ignores Magic Evasion. That is a mistake, but not a big enough one to release a new patch for. If you have FFTPatcher, go ahead and make that change.)

The way to boost the effectiveness is to increase your Magick Attack, either through equipment or through the Orator's "Shout" ability. You can also have Luso learn the Wizard's "Magick Boost" reaction command, which will increase his MA when he is hit.

I tried to add an ability like "Focus" or "Rush" that lets you manually boost MA, but it wasn't possible at the time I made this mod. With the release of the Valhalla editor, it's now possible to add that ability, but
1. I have no ability slots left, and
2. I don't know where to put it. It makes sense to put it on the Wizard, but there are no ability slots left, and I'm not willing to sacrifice Watega or Darkness to add it there. If I could free up an ability, I could put it on the Mystic, swapping the Reaction Abilities "Magick Boost" and "Magick Counter" between the Wizard and Mystic. That would require some extensive playtesting though to make sure it maintains balance.

Also, Zero Charge is ability 01E3. The only thing you can edit about the ability is the number of JP it takes to learn it. It was actually built into the original FFT, but dummied out (aka, nobody could learn it).
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Sieghart Wirsing

'Ey look who it is, to make your forehead frown a bit more with yet another (possible) bug report :D

...No, seriously, I dunno how I keep stumbling on them, it keeps happening. What's with me and bugs!

So. Archers. The latest version of the patch changed their Innate to Defense Up, except... Nnnnot really? Because I can certainly equip Defense Up with that Innate all the same. So I was thinking up until two days ago that it was doubling the effects, until I found out that it's actually barring Brawler to be equipped due to "being the Innate" as the pop-up says, not Defense Up. What's happening in here?
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Quote from: Sieghart Wirsing on March 30, 2020, 09:31:46 amSo. Archers. The latest version of the patch changed their Innate to Defense Up, except... Nnnnot really? Because I can certainly equip Defense Up with that Innate all the same. So I was thinking up until two days ago that it was doubling the effects, until I found out that it's actually barring Brawler to be equipped due to "being the Innate" as the pop-up says, not Defense Up. What's happening in here?

No idea. I tested the Defense Up innate before releasing the patch, and confirmed that it was working for archers. My only though is that it might be an issue with the patching program? Monks in Emergence are job slot 4E, which in the vanilla game is Monk. Each job has 2 innate slots, and in the vanilla game, Brawler occupies slot 1 of job 4E, whereas in Emergence, Defense Up occupies slot 2. So it might be that the patch isn't properly clearing out slot 1? Again, I'm grasping at straws here. Can you open your ISO in FFTPatcher and let me know what you see for the innate abilities on Job 4E?
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I just started playing your patch and so far I'm enjoying it. One thing I noticed is the class info spread sheet says def up is on Archer class, however in game I don't see it. Thanks for the patch looking forward to the next update 👍
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Quote from: BleuVII on April 01, 2020, 12:40:09 pmNo idea. I tested the Defense Up innate before releasing the patch, and confirmed that it was working for archers. My only though is that it might be an issue with the patching program? Monks in Emergence are job slot 4E, which in the vanilla game is Monk. Each job has 2 innate slots, and in the vanilla game, Brawler occupies slot 1 of job 4E, whereas in Emergence, Defense Up occupies slot 2. So it might be that the patch isn't properly clearing out slot 1? Again, I'm grasping at straws here. Can you open your ISO in FFTPatcher and let me know what you see for the innate abilities on Job 4E?
Are you aware that Support-blocking in Vanilla is hardcoded and does not actually check what Innates the job has?

There might be an ASM hack for it, but it seems from your response that you aren't aware of such a hack.
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Quote from: Raijinili on April 14, 2020, 03:36:21 pmAre you aware that Support-blocking in Vanilla is hardcoded and does not actually check what Innates the job has?

There might be an ASM hack for it, but it seems from your response that you aren't aware of such a hack.

I am not aware of it. Can you give me a quick explanation of what support-blocking is?
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QuoteInstead of preventing Chemist & Throw Item / Mediator & Monster Talk / Ninja & Two Swords / Monk & Martial Arts, this hack prevents all inherent abilities from being equipped. So in vanilla it alters nothing, but it will adjust to whatever you do in FFTPatcher. If you're feeling silly, you can do things like giving Knights innate Equip Armor / Equip Sword / Equip Shield to prevent the player from equipping junk. It does not stack with the previous hack; you can't ban specific combos.

It also prevents equipping multiple copies of a single R/S/M ability, which again has no effect in vanilla, but is probably desirable if you're using a "merge Support/Movement" hack.
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April 15, 2020, 06:05:04 pm #114 Last Edit: April 16, 2020, 09:19:41 am by BleuVII
Okay, I get it now. I was totally misinterpreting. Yes, Brawler is being blocked because the Archer/Soldier/Monk were all switched around. This was the only way, at the time, to sidestep around 2 issues:
1. The Charge ability only works when it's equipped to the Archer class.
2. At the time, there was no way around having to master the Soldier class to get the "Dark Knight". Since I changed the Dark Night to the Magus, that was no longer thematic.

So, Archers became Soldiers, Soldiers became Monks, and Monks became Archers. Hence, you can't equip Brawler to an Archer. I was not aware of that limitation before. I could fix it, but it would require extensive work, which I'm not willing to do at the moment. If I did anything new with Emergence, I would port it to the PSX version before continuing.

QuoteI just started playing your patch and so far I'm enjoying it. One thing I noticed is the class info spread sheet says def up is on Archer class, however in game I don't see it. Thanks for the patch looking forward to the next update
Ah, that is my mistake. "Concentration" on the Archers was suppposed to be swapped with "Defense Up" on the Lancers. I will release a 1.3.1 patch at some point to correct that, as well as correcting the formula for Astral Light so it is not subject to Magic Evasion.

EDIT: Patch uploaded.
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Hey there! I'm currently playing FFT Emergence and I could tell you that I'm enjoying it so far!

Few questions (apologies if these would seem dumb lol):
1. Do you happen to have the updated poach list for monsters? I observed that I'm getting Zwill Straightblades from Bonesnatches as common poaches as early as chapter 3.

2. Were the Lucavi buffed in terms of HP? I think I was able to calculate Cuchulainn's HP which was past 500 I think (normally 485)?
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You can find all of that info by loading the ISO into FFTPatcher. Lucavi HP was not touched.
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Hi, I just wanted to write a quite note saying that I've moved onto other hacks, and am not checking this forum regularly anymore. If you want to reach me, please send me a private message on Romhacking.net. My username there is 'PowerPanda'.
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November 21, 2020, 01:44:24 am #118 Last Edit: May 29, 2021, 08:23:41 am by darkskyx
This was the hackmod I was expecting when I wanted to play this game again. I though of patch with a good balance & re-organized skills... Or new sprites. Just a new way of playing! But after a while of playing it I wanted to do some changes (as well as some rebalance):
- Some underpowered jobs buffed: Flexibility! Many jobs have access to other weapons: Chemist to guns... Thief to Crossbows... Samurai, Ninja and dancers to bows...
- Ninja rework: Assassin. Very flexible unit, now have skills to hide and assasinate units; works around Speed. Throw skills went to Onion Knight. [Patch 0.6]
- Squire rework: Paladin's Apprentice. Now works like a true paladin/squire! Uses Parry. Adds protection to the allies, and works around low HP. [Patch 0.8]
- Monk rebalance: Monk skills usually start with low range then high range, so don't usually use many of their skills. Now works like this: You have access to medium range skills that do lower damage then close skills that do great damage and then you get some very good long range skills. [Patch 0.9+]
- Samurai rebalance: No more access to Protect+Shell on all your team. You only have 1 way to make your team Protect+Shell and will be with Purple Magicks, waste 2 turns for it. Buffed a little as compensation.
- Rebalanced gameplay experience that feels fair and will make viable characters you usually left behind in the early game and others better later. (For example, Cleric & Wizard have less AoE on initial skills, Enchanter now have more ways to survive, Orator have utility and damage... Other worse options for jobs were buffed on stats growth.)
- New job tree around damage/weapon types. It's still intuitive, but the numbers are balanced around how powerful is the unit & when you should get it. Jobs like Onion Knight and Arithm. are more easy to get, while others are still delayed.
- JP Rebalance: Some JP cost for initial skills are down, so you will feel better when you get a new job and you don't have to grind at all. Cost up on some brutal skills.
- Fixed broken interactions of the original patch, like some setups that destroys the early game or very hard fights without some accessories (archers are broken on midgame). You can still get powerful units on later stages.
- A few new skills replacing others I found redundant. Some skills got a new damage formula.
- On version 0.9+ the jobs are re-touched to make a good fantasy of their playstyle and I've added new passives that makes the game so much different. I did add even more skills to some Jobs and the stats were changed to difference better between tanky units and non-tanky units.
- Revision of all unique characters. New skills added to them, making them a better version of other general units. Better approach to Beowulf, Luso, Mustadio, Agrias...´
- Byblos rework (is getting a rework soon, so:) It will feel like a blue mage. The only unit to have many monster skills. Your GOOD skill based monster unit.
- Many changes that inherently have sense, mainly around elemental power. Like Earth halved on monsters that fly. Some weapons are buffed with elemental stats too.
- Visual changes that makes the abilities have more sense.
- (Soon) Harder version: Monster & bosses changes.

(NEW) Go to THIS POST if you want to comment something about this patch (until I oficially finish release it).
To me this repatch is like Emergence 2.0 - You can apply the patch & play this beta now!
The rest of the info is optional if you want to see it, but here you have it:

I just watched the Excel that comes with the patch, so I got some early ideas to make the rebalance:
-I'd rebalance in general the job system around job types by damage type or utility. I don't think it's a good idea to separate between tiers, some jobs have a bad late game.
-I want a ninja rework. So I'd remove the ability of the ninja of throwing weapons, 'cos to me that's stupid... Id' add some damage skills to ninja job or I'd just change the skills overall (I always disliked playing as a Ninja in the vanilla version because it had weird skills). I liked more the version of the Ninja in FFTAdvance with status ailments (but the Archer have it in this version so that's unnecessary). One idea I had could be to make the job more difficult to get and just let it be a Master Tier rank with better stats & could use many weapons. Idk...
-I feel like Thiefs could use crossbows and maybe bows too, while Ninjas could have a different approach. I remember when I played vanilla ver. I usually just got Ninja to get Dual Wield and that's all. And this is pretty obvious, but thematically Ninjas have the art of using any weapon like Onion Knight does (most of them), while Dual Wield is more of a Samurai thing.
-Looking at Soldier I think that job needs to be better, but I don't know how to do it, maybe just a buff on stats.
-I like Magus but I think it needs some skills (I'd say more M+P skills to Magus maybe? an utility one?)
-I'd like to change some in-game texts even for Jobs, like the name for Chemist that is now Merchant (makes more sense to me).
For patch 0.8+: I'm gonna change some requirement jobs. Maybe I should swap the ones from Samurai to Onion Knight, and now you get Samurai once you master Monk and Soldier (like you unlock Magus once you master Wizard and Geomancer but not that hard). Also, I could add some points in Archer to get Samurai because thematically Samurais use bows too.
-Maybe I'll add more requeriment points to Dancer and Bard, testing trying to rush that jobs I'm so OP. Arythmetician feels more balanced than expected with some changes (you need to learn some skills to make this viable, the job doesn't have that much MA multiplier and also you will hit to less enemies most of the time), so I will put less requirements to get that job. Squires now needs protective spells (because I moved their skills to other jobs).
-I'm trying to give Squire a clear parry role. I've tried to add innate Archer's Bane to Squire instead innate Parry skill {it doesn't work with Counter} The idea is that they parry attacks and maybe evade arrows.- So the best way to kill Squires will be with Magic. But only 1 reaction can work at the same time so I'm gonna buff other weapons.

Discarded ideas:
-Move geomancer to tier 1 and monk to tier 2. (Maybe move lavawalking and waterwalking from Samurai to Geomancer, makes more sense to me). But maybe I need to nerf Geomancer and I don't like that... I like how Geomancer is buffed in this mod.
I think this could be better because if you have a physical and magical unit, you can master Geomancer (that I think it should be an early unit) so you can then get Magus. And also there is the option to go to the physical route, so you will get Monk and then Mime. Another idea I have is to just separate Monk from Geomancer, I think they are 2 different classes and Geomancer looks like an hybrid version. In the vanilla version, I always felt like I play Geomancer too late (while Monk was too OP)... so I think I could update this mod just for fun, also with changes for late game.
- Ninja evasion to 25%. Ninja and Thief will have Innate Reflexes but won't be able to use the command Defend. Understand that Defend increase chance x2 to evade an attack and their turn will come faster. I've done this to not allow ultra high evasion rates, but they still will be able to counter attacks (I guess).
-Testing to make Geomancer a late game unit that hits in area of 3 (like Summoner and Wizard}; the problem with this unit is that it is so good at the start but scales bad due to the how the formula works (scale with PA and MA, not really with weapon damage), so to let the unit scale better I need to buff damage while making AoE hit hard. Maybe something like Damage formula +3, so much harder to get & AoE +2. Maybe I can still make it a semi-tank unit that is good on midgame, harder to get but with more AoE than now.
- Many testing innate skills, like adding Atttack Up (Boost) to Agrias as innate. (But adding damage usually destroys they early game, so I prefer to buff defense).
- Added innate Doublehand to Lancer (maybe I need to nerf early damage from this Job because of this and buff PA scaling on later stages).
- Make a Yumi (Combat Bow) for Samurai? {Idk how. I've tested it and each weapon is coded like the item type stays the same}. Now only displays into Kiku's description.
- Orlandeau: Changed Infernal Blade for Dusk Blade. Added Infernal Blade instead Spirit Blade.

Edit: If I could, I would make all kind of changes to all jobs so they could be balanced on all stages of the game and not just "tiers". It's hard to do, but I think I could make it. I've tried to mess it up with FFTPatcher too see if my changes are possible and it works! (I can patch it without bugs) So here are the changes I finally did:
(WP = Weapon Power, PA = Physical Attack, MA = Magic Attack, HP = Hit Points, JP = Job Points, MP = Mana Points)
[Patch 0.1-0.5] Tutorial to chapter 2 changes:
- Squire: 1 less requirement job point for basic units like Cleric, Wizard... Also, 2 less points for Chemist job, so new units can have the command Items.
- Monk changes: More PA and PA multiplier (from 40 to 50 & x120 to x125). Also, Cleric is slower (From 100 to 95 speed) but his Regen skill has +1 on vertical. Removed innate Defense Boost on Archer, added innate Jump +2. Geomancer: -1 move & +1 jump.
- You can now get Monk with 2 points on Soldier, 2 points on Chemist & 3 on Squire. Now you can get Geomancer with 2 Squire, 2 Chemist, 2 Enchanter & 3 Wizard points. Removed 4 Archer points to get Samurai & instead added 4 orator points. Added 4 Monk points to get ninja.
- Changed Magus to be easier to get, to: Enchanter 2, Geomancer 7 & Wizard 8. Changed Mime to be easier to get, to: Squire 4, Samurai 5, Lancer 4, Soldier 5, Monk 6.
- Geomancer can no longer use axes but can use books, polearms and Poles. Thief can use crossbows while Ninja can also use bows. Chemist can now use bags, shields and books, so that way that job can be more viable. Also +2 HP growth to that job! I've did overall more rebalance on weapons for a few jobs, adding 1 weapon or equipment more, like Squire that can now use Rods or Chemist that can use Axes & Guns.
- A few free cost skills for the early game and 0 cost for some late game not cheap skills.
- Added waterwalking to Geomancer and Lavawalking to Monk as support skills to learn (not innate). Removed those from Samurai.
- Innate Double Wield for Samurai (as well as Ninja), removed innate Doublehand.
- JP costs reduced on Soldier's expensive skills.. 
- Cleric: JP cost down on heals & mp restore from Cleric. Also nerfed area of Cura & Refresh because that is too powerful in the early game (halved MP cost as compensation), but the area range is increased for Curaja & Refreshaja. Refresha: Buffed MP restored of by a little (+1 to the formula). Reduced a little MP costs of Refreshaga & Refresaja (24 -> 20 & 36 -> 30). Also reduced overall Refresh JP costs. Also nerfed area of Wizard from basic skills.
- Monk buff: HP x120% -> x150%. -4 MP cost to: Chakra. -2 MP cost: Galestrike, Shockwave, Quake, Revive. -1 MP cost to: Pummel, Purification. Overall JP cost reduced.
- Archer PA growth tuned: 48 -> 50, x128% -> x130% & HP: x160% -> x145%, Speed x110 -> x115 (Remember I made now that archer can use helmets and no clothing). Thief PA multiplier tuned up: x100% -> x115%, Speed up growth : 95 -> 102, HP x110% -> x125%. Evasion 25% -> 33%. Ninja HP growth from 90 -> 92, evasion: 30% -> 28%. Samurai: HP growth from 12 -> 13, HP x95 -> x98, Speed multiplier: x100 -> x101, Evasion 20% -> 15%. Orator evasion: 5% -> 12%. Summoner evasion 5% -> 10%. Bard evasion: 5% -> 10%. Arithmetician evasion: 5% -> 9%. Mime evasion: 5% -> 9%. Lancer HP Growth +1, evasion: 15% -> 13%. Geomancer Evasion: 10% -> 12%. Monk Evasion: 10% -> 12%.
- (Monster changes) Chocobo: Move to 6 from 8. Black Chocobo: PA 39 -> 42.
- Geomancer skill damage (affect formula): 15 -> 13. PA 45 ->50. MA: 50 -> 55. MA multiplier: x105 -> x115. HP growth: +1.  Geomancer range of all skills nerfed by 1.
- Dancer can now use crossbows & is easier to get: From "Squire 3, Monk 4, Archer 4, Thief 3, Geomancer 4, Lancer 4" to "Squire 3, Chemist 4, Archer 4, Thieft 3 & Orator 3 Mystic 3".
- Mystic: -6 MP cost to Break and +1 AoE. Disable cost +2 MP. Blind +1 MP cost, Poison -1 MP cost. Zombie got -8 MP cost. Silence MP cost is now 5. Chicken got -3 MP cost. Immobilize got -2 MP cost. Drain got -2 MP cost. Osmose got -2 MP cost. Flare got -6 MP cost. Toad & Chicken -100 JP cost.

[Patch 0.6] Orator changes:
-  Cleric HP growth +2, MP growth +1. Enchanter HP multiplier from 95% to 105%. Orator: HP multiplier from 100% to 120%. MP multiplier from 70 to 85. PA multiplier from 75 to 80. PA growth from 50 to 65. Evasion from 5% to 12%. Some JP costs down. Lancer: Some JP costs down. Soldier: Nerfed charging CT from skills, from 1 to 12 (now 1/3/5/7/9/10/11/12). Wizard:  Fira/Thundara/Blizzara/Water formula damage -1. JP Cost -2 but Water to -1. Firaga/Thundaga/Blizzaga JP cost -2. Archers can't use clothing. Archer Speed Boost JP cost from 700 to 450. Chemist PA from x75 to x90. Summoner & Enchanter MA growth from 35 to 40. Chemist MA multiplier from 80 to 120. Chemists HP multiplier from 90 to 115. Geomancer HP growth from 11 to 13, HP multiplier from x130 to x125. Archer now halves earth instead of ice. Enchanter now halves every basic element (but dark & holy). Monk now halves ice. Mystic now halves water and wind instead of Fire & Earth. Soldier now halves Holy. Chemist now only halves water. Summoner now halves wind too. Lancer halves Fire. Wizard absorbs dark. Cleric absorbs holy. Squire can now use Armor (but not Helmets). Orator Praise & Preach Brave/Faith afffect from 20 to 12.
- Moved Barrage skill from Onion Knight to Orator. All actions from ninja moved to Onion Knight, Ninja's Dual Wield moved to Onion Knight. Moved skills Oil, Quick, Vanish, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Water anima, Ignore Swamps from Squire to Ninja (Ninja now have red magicks name for actions). Mystic: Moved skill Float. Levitate to 350 JP. Manafont to 325 JP.
- Changed skill Stall from Squire, so instead reseting turn it gives +1 attack in area around and moved to Orator (I'd name it something like War Cry).  Beg now costs 350 JP (+50), Barrage now costs 500 JP. Orator's Shout moved to Magus and now costs 450 JP (-50).

[Patch 0.7] Ninja rework:
-Ninja: Thunder/Water/Fire/Wind Anima formula changed from PA/2*MA to Speed*WeaponPower. PA multiplier: x125 to x120. {I didn't test it so this was not working}
- Thief: Thief PA growth nerfed down to 50 and PA multiplier to 110.  Evasion rate nerfed to 30 from 33.  +15% evade rate to all initial daggers. +10% evade to Platinum Dagger. First Strike moved from Bard & Dancer to Lancer, also Fly removed from both.
-Arithmetician requirement from: "3 squire, 4 chemist 4 Cleric, 4 Wizard, 6 orator, 6 summoner 3 mystic" to "3 squire, 5 Cleric 5 Wizard 5 Enchanter 4 mystic". Bard easier to get: From 4 requirement points for Mystic to 3. From 4 points for Enchanter to 3. Removed innate Fly from Dancer & Bard. Added Innate Levitate to Mystic & Innate Teleport to Arithmetician. Moved Teleport to Arithmetician from Enchanter.
-Monk: Buffed revive to 75% instead 70% accurracy. Obtained Second Wind from Lancer but it cost 999 JP instead 600. Abandon from 500 to 150 JP.
-Archer PA from 50 to 53. Lancer PA from 40 to 55.  Monk PA growth from 42 to 50. HP growth from 11 to 15. HP multiplier from 150 to 155. Orator PA multiplier from 80 to 85. Moved Waterwalking to ninja, moved Ignore weather to Geomancer. Geomancer:  Mana growth +1. Mana multiplier from x95 to x120 (allows mana shield builds). Formula damage of skills from 13 to 10. MA multiplier from 115 to 140 (I found a broken build and I need to balance that, I'm hitting for 180 single damage in chapter 3 from range). Moved skill Float from Mystic to Arithmetic.
- Moved Lifefont from Enchanter to Cleric. Moved Critical: Recover HP from Cleric to Enchanter, and added Critical: Quick as Innate.
- You can now get Summoner with "2 Squire 4 Wizard 4 cleric 2 Enchanter  3 mystic". Thief is also a little easier to get, from 4 archer points to 3. Soldier HP growth from 10 to 14. Skill Esuna from Cleric to 150 JP from 300. Added Spirit Blade skill to Squire.
- Weapons: Removed Knight's swords from Lancer. +1 MA & +1 Weapon power on early rods (from Rod to Poison, compensation buff). -1 Weapon power to some status staffs (to fix autoequip issues with Wizards).Romandan Pistol & Mythil Gun: -1 mission -1 range. Books: +1 PA, +1 MA, +1 range to books & -1 weapon power to all books but next one. Battle folio: +1 PA, -2 weapon power, evasion: 15% -> 5%. Bestiary -> 10%. Shuriken +1 damage.  Knightslayer -1 mission -1 range. -3% evasion to all crossbows. (Bug: Crossbow & Knightslayer were swapped in the database so I fixed the damages. Blind effect is on Knightslayer). +1 PA to all Polearms. +1 Range to Lightning, Windlash, Artemis Bow. Knives now gives +1 move.
- Items: +2HP to Basic Clothing. -1 jump (from 3 to 2) to Spiked boots, because I'm adding +2 jump to all poles.
[Sadly, I can't make Ninja to just get Throw Shuriken & Bomb + More damage skills].

[Patch 0.8] Squire rework & ninja changes:
- Arithmetician: Can no longer use poles. MA multiplier from 70 to 110. HP multiplier from x65 to x85.
- Archer PA multiplier tuned down: x125 from x130. Soldier HP multiplier from x155 to x150, HP growth from 15 to 14. Monk HP growth from 13 to 15.
- Onion Knight requirements have now Samurai requirements. Swapped too requirements of Arithmetician and Bard (Bard skills are too OP for midgame) and -1 requirement points for White Mage and Black mage for Bard.  Added innate Dual Wield & Sticky Fingers to Onion Knight {Testing, maybe I'll add innate Counter}.
- You can get Samurai once you put some points on Monk, Soldier, Archer and Orator (level 4, 5, 4 and 2). Also added 3 requeriment points of Geomancer and now 3 Chemist for Ninja & 3 Orator for Onion Knight instead 4. {I need to modify this in the job tree image}
- Orator PA multiplier from x85 to x93 (a buff because sometimes with Barrage if you do a crit you displace the enemy and you miss the rest of the damage). Dancer can't use Crossbows, now she can use Bows. {Late game guns will be nerfed now that Orator has a damage skill}
- Barrage MP cost to 5. Added Barrage to Mustadio, removed Throw Stone.
- Spirit Blade to 150 JP cost. Cleric's Esuna skill from 18 MP cost to 14.
- More minor unit changes: Lancer -1% evasion. Speed growth to 101 from 100. Soldier PA growth from 50 to 60. PA multiplier from 125 to 120. Chemist PA growth from 75 to 80. Squires can't use staffs and rods, but they can now use shields. Chemists can use Cloth (weapon).  Archer HP growth to 11 from 10. HP multiplier to 140 from 145.
- Squire got skill Wall for 999 JP from Enchanter, added Defending status too; MP cost to 10 from 24. Enchanter's Protect and Shell +1 range as compensation buff for the lost; -50 JP to Protectja and Shellja, both to 18 MP cost. Squire HP growth to 17 from 11 (the highest!); HP multiplier to 130 from 110 & MP growth to 15 from 11. Moved skill Float from Arithmetic to Mystic; +1 range and AoE.
- Squire: +2 move & +5% evade. Moved skill Berserker Shot from Archer to Squire (I'll name it Berserker's Rage): The lower HP the more it will damage (MAX HP-CUR HP). Also inflicts berserker. 1666 JP cost (for now, need to test it). 2 area of Range. No Weapon Range [My idea is that Squire can play around HP, protect other units, build that job tank and damage around low HP]. Added innate HP Boost and that reaction too from Soldier. Removed clothing and armor from Squires due to this rework. {You have to Equip armor, get it from Lancer} Chant skill from 2 MP cost to 4. JP cost to 300 from 200.
- Ninja skill Vanish now only works on the caster (nerf), MP from 8 to 2. Rush from Archer moved to Ninja. Moved Sticky Fingers reaction from Ninja to Onion Knight. Ninja's Thunder/Water/Ice/Fire Anima +2 range. Moved skill Quick from Ninja to Enchanter. Added Rush skill (same than Archer).
- Ninja's Fire Anima is now wind type (as default). Added Breathe Fire to Ninja (Skill damage changed as well: SP*WP) & +1 range.
- Salve skill rework; New name: Attendance: 1 range, works on caster, also gives +1 speed, moved to Archer and 100 JP.
- Weapons: Axes and flails got +1 to PA. Lances got -1 PA (reverted buff). Nerfed Hunting Bow -1 damage weapon. Bows now have forced 2 hand to make it clear there are only for 1 hand. Books Papyrus Codex & Omnilex +1 range. Omnilex also to 20 evade from 15. Removed evade from all crossbows. Stoneshooter gun to 12 PW from 14 and Blaster/Glacial/Blaze guns to 14 power weapon from 40 (I think you can also double shot). All flails buffed: +1/+2/+3/+4 weapon damage (flails only do full damage from behind or it's like 1/4 damage so they need a buff). Giant's Axe WP buffed: +1. Slasher (axe) WP buffed: +2. Evade of all axes to 5. Ashura (Katana) from the end to Chapter 2 to the end of Chapter 4 & +10 Weapon power. Removed crossbows from Ninja (funny thing that double crossbow with 2 hands but it was too OP, still viable but you need a reaction).
- Items: You can get Nu Khai Armband 2 mission earlier (due to a hardcore battle vs archers, green mages... With no way to counter Confusion they are almost impossible to deal with).
- (Minor changes - Hotfix) Ninja's requirement: Geomancer 3 -> 1. Summoner speed multiplier x90 -> x95. Barrage skill: 500 JP cost -> 550.

[Patch 0.9: Early + Mid-game to Late game revision (some Jobs retouch)]
- Early game: Archer requirement Squire lvl 2 -> Squire lvl 3; Soldier requirement lvl 3 -> lvl 2. Water from Wizard to 200 JP cost. Fira/Blizzara/Thundara to 280 from 200 JP cost. Soldier MA multiplier from 80 to 75. Cleric MA multiplier from 110 to 115. MA growth to 55 from 50. Squire's Wall from 999 to 1200 JP; Berserker's Rage from 1666 to 1333 JP. Squire +1 jump. Archer -2 move, from 5 to 3. Monk to 4 move from 3.
- Soldier: Defense Up innate; also removed that skill from Archer and added into the Soldier's skilset. Removed innate Throw items from Thief; added innate Safeguard. Moved Parry reaction from Soldier to Squire. Buffed Throw stone damage formula by 1. HP Boost innate added to Ramza (all chapters), also Parry. Removed Ignore Swamps.
- Early game items: Rod WP -2. Thunder/Ice/Flame Rod -1 WP. Daggers Mage masher, platinum dagger, Main gauche, orichalcum dirk WP +1.
- Late game: Summoner MA multiplier from 140 to 135. Ninja's Waterwalking from 420 to 220 JP. Equip Swords from 400 JP -> 380. Ninja's Oil +1 AoE & inflict slow.
- Daggers more viable: Air knight, Assassin's dagger, Zwill to +2 damage +2 speed. Air Knife and Assassin dagger swapped damages, missions and costs and -1 mission.
- Concentration reaction moved from Lancer to Samurai. Chemists & Squires can also use Fell Swords (& Cloths).
- Pummel from Monk moved to Squire and changed: Damage formula buffed +1, 350 JP. Added 19% inflict Berserker and removed evadeable. Changed Berserker's Rage: It will be named Desperate Charge, +1 range but removed % of inflicting Berserker (can work with Double Wield).
- Twister skill now can be reflected. Luso's Montblanc to 0 JP cost from 150 JP. (Luso's IA doesn't help at all in a fight vs. Behemots and they destroy in AoE)
- Bard requirement: 4 Wizard 4 Cleric 5 mystic 5 Enchanter -> 3 Wizard 3 Cleric 4 mystic 4 enchanter.
- Geomancer: +8 PA growth from 50 to 58. Monk: PA growth -5 from 60 to 55. Monk HP multiplier from 150 to 140. Enchanter speed growth +1.
- Parry from Squire to 50 JP cost from 200. Vigilance skill from Archer to Soldier. Archer's Bane moved from Ninja to Archer. First Strike from 1300 to 1100 JP.
- Blade Grasp from Samurai to 400 from 700 JP. Moved Jump +2 from Thief to Archer.
- Removed critical Quick as innate from Enchanter (because only 1 reaction skill works, I though it was a passive... my bad). Added Shorten Charge as innate passive.
- Changed Preach & Enlighten from Orator to 75 JP from 200 JP. Abandon from Monk to 200 from 150 JP.
- Item: Orichalcum Dirk & Main Gauche -1 mission.

[Patch 0.91: General game revision & retouch of many Jobs]
Ninja problems, revamped some repeated skills from Monsters:
- Ninja can't use Ice/Water/Thunder Anima due to a code bug, so I've moved all Anima to Thief (I wanna add some dmg to this unit) and decrease the range by 1. {I think I'll rename this unit as Varmint? An unit that is like thief but has some elemental monster skills} Nerfed Thief Evasion to 22% from 30%. Added Flame Attack to Ninja. +1 AoE.
-Added repeated skill Breathe Fire to Enchanter & Luso skillsets, reworked: works like Stall skill (renamed as Not Now). Removed War Cry that was replaced with Shout on Luso's skillset, 40 JP cost. Moved Shout from Magus back to Orator. Shout name changed to Cheer Up, Brave +1. Moved War Cry to Monk. Ninja's Rush now has Shout's buffs, name is now Focus. Focus: {Changed name to Beef Up(Mettle?)}. Moved it to Ramza (Chapter 2+), +1 PA. Swapped effects For Not Now and War Cry, moved the same skills on skillsets {I need to keep the originals skills from the original patch to keep the changes at minimum so I won't change that much description boxes}
- Squire HP multiplier from 130% to 160%.
- Added +80/85/90% block rate to buyable axes. Added 95%/99% block rate to Francisca and Golden Axe (rares). Added 35/45/50/55% to buyable Flails. 60% to Vesper. {I'll buff other weapons because you need Parry skill to block with... But basically you can build Squire with Parry+ Axe or Sword/Flail and Shield). Squires can use clothing again.
- Graviga from Enchanter moved to Magus, Luminaire moved to Cleric. Moved Not Now to Enchanter. Gravity to 250 JP from 100 JP.
- Monsters skills: Black Goblins now have skill Goblin Punch (inflicts damage based on current HP). Removed Throw stone from Gobbledygook, added Pummel.
- Fire Breath reworked, Demoralize: Can now be used to lvl down -1 to an enemy. Added to Orator. 200 JP {Cannot be used by IA. This skill was reworked on later patches}
- Samurai is a tanky unit that thematically doesn't use that much Shields, so I've remove that but now they can use Polearms. Requirements: +2 Lancer -1 Soldier, -1 Archer.

Hotfix: Removed Ice/Thunder Breath from Thief. Reflexes from 400 JP to 200 JP. Thief's Animas to 700 JP. {Will be moved soon}

[Patch 0.92:] More cohesive balance and new skills

- Geomancer: Skills AoE+1. Requirements: -2 Enchanter +2 Mystic +1 Black Mage +2 Monk.
- Ice Breath reworked: A new skill for Thief -> Steal Life. Range 1. Weapon dmg scaling. 1200 JP.
- Squire JP costs: Wall 1200 -> 1111, Desperate Charge 1333 -> 1222. Pummel: 350 -> 222. Chant -> 111. Stone -> 11. Tackle -> 33. Moved Revive from Monk, cost -> 444 JP. Removed innate Defend from Squire, added Innate Parry (defending would be too much for his Job I guess and I need room for Parry. I think you can also use Reflexes because it's also a passive on the reaction, I need to test if it works).
- New skill for Ninja -> Assassination. 70% to kill, speed scaling. Range 1. JP 666. Moved Oil from Ninja to Thief. AoE -1.
- Onion Knight will be little more hard to get {Dual Wield is too OP finishing Chapter 3 (I'm hitting with my Monk with almost 400 damage), so at least it needs to be used when you are finishing Chapter 4 or post-game} Requirement +3 Samurai +3 Archer. Also, Samurai: +1 Orator lvl.
- Goblin Punch renamed as Vendetta. Added it to Magus (0 cost), +3 directions. (Swapped effect visuals with Desperate Charge). + 10% more hit from 45% to 55%.
- Magus: Added 5 lvl requirement points of Squire. {I think Squire can be so good with Magus skills, so I will do this change:} Squire MA growth +10.
- Added Steal HP & Shout to Balthier (Sky Pirate scales with Speed)
- Summoner first 3 summons are now cheaper: 50 JP from 200 JP, but Summoner will be a harder to get... Requirements: Cleric to lvl 3 from 4, Enchanter to lvl 3 from lvl 2, Black Mage from 4 to 6.
- Move changes: All supports will move faster. Black mages won't use staffs. +1 move to Staffs. Cleric can use Poles too. All instruments +2 mission availability & +1 move. Also +1 move to poles. All units will have 3 move but Monk (reason: no weapon), Chemist, Mime, and daggers will give +2 move and some scaling Speed like 1/2/3. Nerfs: Thief, Ninja, Bard, Dancer, Magus, Squire -1 Move. {Buffs: Monk}
- Some block rates of weapons like daggers or swords will be buffed, so Parry will be more viable. +25% block rate to Cloths, 30% more to Poles & daggers (last one obtainable weapon from both got 5% more). +5/10% block rate to all swords. Ragnarok: +30% block rate.
- Items: Shuriken +1 mission, +2 damage. Fuma Shuriken +1 mission +3 damage. Darkrood +1 mission +2 damage.
- Added Jump passive +1 to Chemist (not innate).
- Moved Equip Axes from Geomancer to Squire.
- Samurai's Ashura damage formula MA*8 to MA*18. +10 block rate. +5 block rate to Kiku-, Masamune, Chiri- katanas.
- Barrage can now be missed/evadable (too OP because that skill couldn't miss, only if you crit).
- Moved all "Equip x weapon" to Onion Knight {as 0 costs (or very low)? I gave some units flexibility so this is not that much needed, only for late game I guess. For the moment I will keep the original JP costs}

Experimental changes:
- Added Innate Defense Up on Squire (With that changes the job feels more than viable) {I want that unit to be tanky/support with some burst damage too}
- Anima skills from Thief will be moved to Luso (200-300 JP). +1 area (Not sure which formula damage I want to give those skills yet).
- Nerfed magic evasion of early Shields (2%), buffed magic evasion of some Cloaks (5%) and nerfed physical evasion (10%). Cloacks with numbers like 18% got rounded to 20%. {Changes intended for Ninja and Squire. Jobs with Reflexes are now pretty balanced but Parry is usually superior}. Maximum Magic Evasion is 30% (on last 2 shields). Invisibility Cloak buffed to +15 Magic Evasion. Aegis shield moved to last mission (Chapter 4).

- Fixes: Fixed formula of some Orator skills (It didn't apply statuses). Changed other skill interactions / ranges on some skills I forgot to change.

[Patch 0.93:] More balance changes
- Changed formula damage from Luso's Animas to: (MA+Y)*MA/2 {an original design skill from Rapha & Marach}, random fire, AoE+1, multi-skill to 1-10, Y damage formula to 10, range to 4. He can no longer use shields, swords, katanas but can use Rods. {I think I need to swap the effects of the skills with Rapha in the next patch}
- Moved Luminaire skill from Cleric to Rapha. (Cleric already has Holy). New name: Blaze. Added holy damage. Cost: 600. New damage formula: (PA+20)/(2MA). MP cost to 30 from 0. Added counter magic & reflect to nerf it down a little. Vertical range, range and AoE +1.
- Rapha & Marach nerfs: -1 range from all thematical skills. Removed Throw Stone from both.
- Added Vendetta to Ramza's Dark Knight. (I've removed 4 directions, it's bugged. I'm gonna think another change)
- Darkness from Wizard to Marach. Same formula & stats than Blaze. Added counter magic & reflect to nerf it down a little. Vertical range, range and AoE +1.
- (Swapped Darkness & ->) Fire Breath reworked again: Unholy Darkness. Same formula & stats than old Darkness but cost to 40 MP, AoE +2, CT -1 and damage formula -4. {Same description than Darkness} Changed Darkness from bosses & Clettiene to Unholy Darkness.
- Squire's Desperate Charge will be: Divine Justice (All the damage received back to the enemy}. Squire is now Paladin. {Squire is intended to have the role of a Paladin, helping allies. This is the damage skill}. Holy damage. Range -1. {Effect: Holy Angel??}.
- Orator's Faith/Bravery manipulation from 12 to 20 (back to how it was).
- Flare: +1 AoE. Formula damage to 18 from 21. Removed from Arithmetics (maybe it was not necessary). MA multiplier from Mystic: +5.
- Wizard's Watera -50 JP. Blizzaga/Firaga/Thundaga/Watega -100 JP. Firaja/Blizzaja/Thundaja  -20 JP. Unholy Darkness +1 formula damage.
- Crushing Blade: MP cost to 20 from 33. Changed Crushing Blade damage to WP^2 (it had the same formula as Divine Justice).
- Templar: {I need to change this job because right now it feels like a bad version of a Green Mage} New damage formula: PA*WP on most skills. {I'll put effects instead of skill names:} Almost all effects like Blind/Vampire/etc will have 100% rate to hit + damage. Buffed Shyphon/Drain skills effects to 45% from 25%. Belief & Disbelief cost now 50 & 20 JP cost. Blind/Silence/etc +1 range, default range (no text changes needed, but to Drain & Syphon -1 area). Blind to 120 JP cost, Silence/Berserker to 220 JP, Sleep/Zombie to 270 JP, Vampire to 250 JP. Confuse +2 MP cost, to 230 JP cost. Silence/Berserker/Confuse +1, Zombie +2 formula damage. Blind +4 MP cost, Zombie/Vampire +6. Stone/Death +1 range (test). Death: +3 to damage formula & to 450 JP cost from 600. Weapon usage: Added Polearm & Katanas. Shock skill +2 range (test - default is 8 but it was on 4).
Update after testing {I've tried something with skills but 19% is working as 100% if it's not a magic dmg formula}: Break and Death skills formula to PA+20/MA*2. Added Counter Magic + Reflect to all skills so there are more counter. Annihilation and cannot be evadable (the rest of skills are). Shock to 1200 JP.
More balance after playing, buffs: Disbelief Damage to 25% enemy HP. JP cost to 200. MA multiplier to 125 from 105, MA growth from 45 to 35. Annihalation to 26 MP from 36 MP. Harmony range +1. Added Arithmetics passive to all damage skills. Nerf: Templar HP growth from 10 to 14. HP multiplier to 130 from 140.
- Automaton (Worker 8) +1 move. Dispose damage -3 formula damage (to 12), Range of skill -1; Destroy -2 (to 16).  Compress formula damage -5 (to 19), Pulverize -16 (to 24). Compress & Destroy +1 Range.
- Skills Grand Cross & Celestial Status from Luso: From 700/800 JP cost to 1200. CT -1.  (I'll maintain that cost until I change it back)
- Stats: Orator HP multiplier from 120 to 115. Marach HP: x126 from x130, growth to 10 from 8 - Rapha: HP growth from 11 to 9, HP x125 from x120. Rapha PA x80 -> x90. PA growth 50 -> 35. MA growth: 40 from 50. Marach PA growth 50 -> 45. MA growth 50 -> 40. Evasion from both: 25% to 20%,
- Some Samurai skills to 0 JP cost: Kotetsu, Osafune, Murasame, Ama-no. Ashura to 350 JP from 50 (I buffed damage of the weapon some patches ago, it has a cool sprite).
- Changes & fixes: Archer now halves wind instead of ice. Enchanter now halves every basic element (but dark & holy). Monk now halves earth. Mystic now halves water and wind instead of Fire & Earth. Chemist now only halves Ice. Summoner doesn't halve anything. Lancer halves Fire. Wizard absorbs dark. Cleric absorbs holy. Soldier now halves Dark. Paladin now halves Holy. Samurai now halves Lightning. Dancer, Bard, Thief, Ninja & Orator doesn't halve anything.

Minor changes:
- AoE from Holy +1. MP cost to 50 from 56.
- Ice/Thunder/Fire Breath back to default damage formula (12 from 10).
- Summoner lvl req: Enchanter -1, Mystic +1.
- Gravity/Graviga back to default effects. {3A, EF are older}
- Removed Arithmetics from Oil & Unholy Darkness. Oil formula: 70% + Speed scaling.
- Quick to 35 JP from 100 JP. Float to 75 JP from 150.
- Swapped visual effects of Holy and Blaze.
- Items: Assassin Dagger -1 WP.

[Patch 0.94:] Ninja is now Asssassin! Also Enchanter, Mustadio, DK, HK retouch

- New skill for Enchanter: Stopga (Focus is reworked), got Stop stats, +10% hit and +1 AoE; cost 700 JP. Enchanter's Stop hit rate to 120% from 130%. -1 AoE.
- Cloud Finishing touch random status from: KO, Stone, Stop to KO, Doom. Added Counter Magic & Reflect so there is a counter. Back to default AoE (+1). Swapped JP costs from this skill and Cherry Blossom (670/1200). Brave Slash range back to default (+1).
- (New skill coming) Removed Pummel from Paladin, only monsters can use it now (0 cost). {I'll add a new skill maybe with holy damage? Add a new skill to buff MA?}
- Mustadio retouch, new Job name: Sniper. {This guy has nothing too special so I have to buff him a little}. Added Shout. Snipe Movement/Action converted into a new skill: Renamed skills as "Destroy" instead "Snipe" {Spiritual bullets in descrip.}. Leg Shot renamed as Aim Extremity (random Immobilize/Disable). JP from 200 to 250. Snipe Speed/Atk/Mag buffed to 70% hit rate from 65%. All those 3 to 150 JP. Leg/Arm Shot to 0 MP. Snipe MP renamed as Spiritual Bullet. Now uses current MP to inflict damage to enemy MP. 200% hit rate. MA scaling, added evadable. {Formula from #2C to #16}. MP buffs: ???
Arm shot is converted into a New skill: Numbing Bullet. JP cost to 500 from 300. {Shoot an spiritual bullet that incapacites the target (immobilize, the unit will no longer evade attacks)}
- Dark Knight and Holy Knight buffs: Added Bonecrusher & Soulbind reactions // Added Revive, Golem, Wall, Divine Justice, HP boost.
- Nerfed Ninja's Assassination down to 63% from 75%. (New Effect; Crush Armor/Shellbust Stab)
- Added Seal Evil from Mustadio to Ninja. Moved Reflexes back to Ninja. 
- Flame Attack moved from Ninja to Archer, renamed as Flame Shot. -1 AoE, weapon range. Cost 800 JP. (Still not evadable). {Maybe needs more cost}
- Monk's War Cry from range 3 to area around himself. Doesn't hit enemies. {Effect: TP 3: Arrive}
- Golem from Summoner also added to Paladin. 1500 JP cost (to me this is one of the best skills in the game). Range from 0 to 4.
- (Items) Added +1 move to most Flails {this buffs mainly Ninja}. Added +1 MA to all katanas. {This buffs mainly Samurai}.
- (Items) Removed Book usage from Orator and Sniper. Added Perfume usage to Orator. Added Bag usage to Sniper. {Maybe not neccesary?}
- (Items) Hermes Shoes: +1 Move, +2 Jump.
- (Items) All Fails +4 WP (Still underperforming compared to other options). Block rate from 35/45/50/55/60 to 40/42/45/48/50 (these can be used dually).
- (Items) All knives but first from 55% block rate to 25/28/30/32/35/38/40/45/49. (I also forgot these can be used dually)
- (Items) Kiyomori +1 WP. Ashura now buyable in same mission as Muramasa. Kiku-ichi +2 WP. Masamune now buyable in last mission (No more a rare Item). 30k cost.
- (Visual) Effects: Divine Justice -> Quick. Quick -> Dejeon: Arrive. Stopga -> Immobilize. Immobilize -> Disable. Stall -> Stop. Following Skills swapped: Esuna & Curaja.
- Monsters: Fire Breath removed from Winsekin, Minotaur & Sekhret, added Beef Up instead. New beastmaster ability: Doom. Also added Pummel to Winsekin.
- Monsters: Vendetta (old Goblin Punch): +1 range. {Also Helps Construct8 and Dark Paladin}
Fixes: Immobilize from Mystic now correctly immobilizes.

Minor changes:
- Added Beef Up to Ramza instead Focus. Still 0 JP cost.
- Oil: Added Blind status. 900 JP cost.
- Vampire doesn't count as KO.
- Thief's Steal Life from 1200 to 1000 JP.
- Enchanter Hasteja/Slowja from 30 MP to 34 MP.
- Kiyomori: 250 JP cost.
- (Visual) Climhazzard & Blade Beam effects swapped.

Hotfix after testing:
- Dark Knight Bonecrusher (Critical: Vengeance) from 200 to 999 JP. Added HP Up instead Counter tackle.
- Beowulf range skills -1 but Harmony, Emporwerment/Invigoration (Drain HP/MP that was at 3 range). Shock also affected, added it to Dark Knight. MA x125 -> x120.
- Removed Vendetta, added it to Construct8.  (Also, gun can be used with Double Wield. Maybe I will do changes about it)

[Patch 0.95:] DK & Monk retouch

- Moved Second Wind (Dragonheart) from Monk to Cleric. Moved Counter Tackle from Paladin (Squire) to Monk. Changed Parry from ALL characters (IA/Guest/unique characters). IA obtainable Parry to 90% from 60%. Added Counter Tackle instead for Monk.
- Knives move changes: -2/-1/-1/-1/-1/0/0/0/0/0 - Knives Speed: -1/0/0/0/0/-1/-1/-2/-1/-1 {I buffed all knives too much}
- DK's Crushing Blow formula from WP^2 back to default. Range to 7 from 3. 1100 JP cost.
- Karma rework, new name: Demonic Blade. Moved to DK. Formula damage: Max HP - Current HP. Not evadable. MP cost: 15. 666 JP cost.
- DK's Abyssal Blade JP cost 500 >> 300. Darkwave (Unholy Sacrifice): 700 >> 600 JP. Also added again Vendetta (Goblin Punch) to DK.
- No more learn on-hit for Duskblade (MP recover) & Shadowblade. Added those to Ramza. {I'll add another learn on-hit from one boss}
- Cloud's Blade Beam: Formula to WP^2, range to 3. Blade Beam: Formula +2 (Maybe I'll chang it to MA/PA?). Added Blade Beam to Paladin. Added Climhazzard to Holy Knight. Range -1. Both now have holy damage.
- Cloud's Cross Slash: +1 AoE. JP cost to 600; same formula than Cherry Blossom, MP cost to 20. Brave Slash range +2 (4). Blade Beam to range 3 & 300 JP. Meteorain range +1, cost to 700 from 560. Finishing Touch to 1000 JP. Vert+1 to most skills. Cherry Blossom MP cost to 40 from 60, damage formula -1; JP cost to 750 from 670, range +1.
- Stopga +1 AoE, to 650 JP. Vert +4. Stop +2 Vert.
- Buffs: Samurai from 13 to 11 HP growth. HP multiplier from x98 to x135. Evasion from 15 to 17.
- Added halve Holy/Dark to Rapha/Marach respectively.
- DK (Old Shadow Blade) Rework: Sanguine Blade -> Absorb 33% HP. {New description needed}
- DK (Old Dusk Blade) Rework: Infernal Blade -> Barrage effect, 6 range. 999 JP cost. 0 MP cost. {New descriptions needed}
- Dark Paladin's Meteor from Dark damage to Fire damage. Meltdown swapped with Beowulf's Shock (Vengeance). Damage formula: 17 -> 15. MP cost: 60 -> 56. Range from 5 to 3. CT to 6 from 10.
- Quake & Tornado moved from Dark Paladin to Monk.
- Monk retouch: (All skills sorted again in the Monk's list by power, same for DK)
Chakra: JP from 350 to 250. Purification from 5 to 2 MP cost. Chakra to 2 MP cost.
Cyclone: Formula damage from 0 -> 6. JP cost from 150 to 750. MP to 6 from 2. (Visual -> Twister) {*Bug: Specified damage is almost doubled}
Galestrike (Aurablast): Formula damage from 2 -> 5. JP cost from 250 to 600. MP to 6 from 4. Now not evadable. +1 range.
Shockwave: Formula damage from 0 -> 2. MP to 8 from 12. Vert +1. JP cost to 550.
Quake (Earthspiller): Area from 3 to 55. Vert to 55. {Global} (Visual effect: Swapped with Quake). MP cost to 10. 1500 JP cost. CT cost to 2 from 0. Formula damage to 2. {It will only hit enemies but it will hit caster too so this way is more balanced and not free spammable}
Rework: Aero is now Doom Fist again -> AoE -1. JP cost from 450 to 250. Now evadable. +1 range. Default effect. Dark elemental damage.
(Earth)Quake rework -> (New name) Earthsplitter. Stats & formula like old Quake (Earthspiller) but formula damage to 4. JP cost to 1150. MP cost to 8.  {*Bug: Specified damage is almost quadrupled}.
Tornado: From 900 to 1250 JP cost. MA scaling. Formula damage: 17 -> 22 (You won't be able to use Tornado with Monk but with other MA jobs).
Mini buff to Mana growth scaling: 16 -> 14. MP multiplier: x65 -> x75.
(Text) Quake and Earthquake swapped stats again due to less text changes in the future.
- Added HP Boost to many Guest/enemy lore characters, removed all Ignore Swamps. {I still need to had some innate HP boost to some bosses}
- (IA) Doublehand/Dual Wield: Chance to learn 40% -> 80/95%. {This will increase overall difficulty in later stages}
**(Read the hotfix of bugfixes about Dimensional Blade/Crushing Blade. Swapped names. New name for Karma effect: Demonic Blade.)

Minor changes:
- (Visual) Climhazzard & Blade Beam back to how they were (default).
- (Visual) Karma effect on Crushing Blow. {Old: #0E7} New name: Dark Blow.
- Construct8 cancel Earth/Ice -> Halves Earth/Ice.
- Construct8 +1 Vert to Pulverize.
- Gates Of Death (Shock/Vengeance) to 1300 JP from 1200 JP.
- Added Shock (Vengeance) to Dark Paladin (Magus).
- Revive from 444 to 555 JP.
- Marach HP x126 -> x124.
- Vendetta (Goblin Punch) 55% hit -> 60%.
- Moved Spin Punch from Paladin to Monk.
- DK's Darkwave: 19 >> 13 MP cost.
- DK's Abyssal Blade: 13 >> 10 MP cost.
- Little MP buffs to Dark Knight (growth): 11 -> 10. MA to x105.
- Holy MP cost from 50 to 46. Flare MP cost from 30 to 46.
- Buff HP growth scaling to Samurai & Construct 8: from 11 -> 9 //  x160 -> x165

*Known bugs: Cyclone & Earthsplitter doesn't show real damages while testing these skills. Maybe I need to specify that in the descriptions.
**Bugfixes: DK Crushing Blade formula wasn't working like the text says. I fixed it, but now may do double or normal damage (shows max damage).
Hotfix: Karma/Crushing Blade effects doesn't work as intended. I'll swap the names & descriptions instead of stat changing. (Remember Karma rework has a new name).

[NEW Patch 0.96:] Samurai rebalance & many other changes:
- Gates of Death buffed from 180% hit rate to 255%. Range +1. {Testing the skill, it miss more than intended and it should be a powerful skill}
- Nerf: Samurai HP multiplier: x135 -> x105 (I buffed Samurai HP scaling too much, original was x98).
- Buff: Dark Paladin HP growth from 14 -> 10.
- Buff: Merchant HP growth from 14 -> 12. PA growth from 80 -> 65.
- Buff: Ramza MP multiplier from 105/105/105 to 105/110/115.
- Wall to 1222 JP cost from 1111 JP. Chance to learn for IA: 25% from 15%.
- Rework: Byblos Energize: Golem HP buff effect (+1 range?) JP cost to 1333 from 1500. MP cost to 20. Chance to learn for IA: 30% from 50%. CT to 2.
- Golem: Old Golem effect. Affect all allies. MP cost still at 60. JP cost to 1000 (it was like 500) {New skill to make, like the OP ability it was}
- Added Arythmetics passive to Energize & Revive skills.
- Chant to 0 JP cost from 111 JP. Added Chant to Byblos.
- Luso job name: Astromancer -> Astrologer*. Added Golem, Faerie & Carbuncle summons to Luso. Added Esuna to Luso.
- (Enemy IA) Added Revive, Esuna, Carbuncle, Cheer Up (Shout), Sylph & Montblanc to Olan.
- Moved Anima skills from Luso to Byblos. {I'll remake them again in the future}
- Buff: Onion Knight HP growth from 25 to 8.
- Added Short Charge as innate to Templar. Added Zero Charge (CT 0). Added Safeguard as innate.  MA multiplier from 120 to 115 (overall nerf damage).
- Meltdown range from 3 to 0, area of effect to 55. Damage formula from 15 to 12.
- Templar: Half Fire & Holy. Weak to Dark.
- Samurai Kiku-ichi range & area: 8 -> 7.
- Grand Cross AoE +1. Hit rate from 75 to 100.
- Added Sylph to Luso.
- Monk's Purification: Added Confuse cancelling.
- Dusk Blade from 0 MP cost to 12 MP cost.
- Syphon from Beowulf hit rate from 200 to 255.
- Beowulf's Belief (Faith): Can now target himself.´
- Samurai's rework. Kiyomori: Add Protect, Shell -> Add Regen, Defending (x2 to evasion); 75%+MA -> 95%+MA. {NOT TESTED:} Muramasa: Undead -> Berserk. Probability: 90% -> 80%. Murasame: Regen -> Undead. Osafune: Added Performing. JP cost 0 -> 100.
- Bard JP costs: Seraph's Song, Life's Anthem: 100 -> 25. Battle Chant & Magickal Refrain: 100 -> 125. Nameless Song: 100 -> 175. Finale: 100 -> 250.
- Added Concentration to Mustadio as innate. Removed Safeguard, added Poach instead.
- Added innate Concentration to Lancers. (They use to hit with normal attacks so this will help them!)
- Added innate Concentration & innate Safeguard to Orlendau. HP multiplier back to 160 (default) from 180. Added Attack Up & First Strike to reaction list.
- Orlandeu changes: Now halves fire. Removed All Dark Knight skills on his list (there are DK skills that don't use mana and most of the skills do less damage overall than Orlendau skills anyways).
- DK changes: Shadow Blade: 7 mana -> 5. Shock: 36 mana -> 26.
- Onion Knight buffs: HP multiplier: x110 -> x140. Innate Defend -> Defense Boost. Also to (IA): Reequip -> Arcane Defense. HP Growth: 25 -> 9.
- Agrias: Added Innate Defense Boost. HP multiplier: x170 -> x140. (This change is so good that I had to nerf down the HP).
- Ninja: Now starts the game with Invisible.
- Bard buff: Added starting status Regen (so Cup of Life is viable).
- DK's Crushing Blade: 1100 JP >> 777 JP.
- Items: Excalibur -3 WP. Save the Queen -2 WP, not rare - shop avability: Mission Kill Zalbag (last); price: 50000 & added Shell instead Protect. Defender -1 WP, added Protect; shop avability: Mission Kill Elmdor (penultimate). Ragnarok: Regen effect instead Shell. Chaos Blade: Haste. Excalibur: Reflect & immunity to Stone.
- Items: Poles evade from 50 to 35/40/45/50/55/60/70/90.
- Items: Removed bows from Samurai. Added Poles. Added Knight Sword usage to Squires. Added Instrument to Rapha & Marach. Murasame now steals HP.

*Luso will have some of the best support skills in the game for their Job from other Jobs.

Minor changes:
- (Visual) Quick effect changed to: Haste.
- Visual Bugfix: Golem vertical to 55.
- Bugfix: Osafune was not working (Follow target was disabled).
- Bugfix: Minigolem (Energize) hit rate from 0 to 200.
- Bugfix: Artemis Bow now buyable in shops. Mission +1.
- (Visual interactions) Fix: Halloweed Sword Vert from 1 to 4. Vertical tolerance activated.
- Items: Stoneshooter. Still rare (Fixed: not buyable shops). +1 WP.
- Omnilex Book now buyable in all shops. No more rare. Buyable in last mission.
- Esuna: Now cancels Performing too. {Not sure if it'll work but if some skill cancels parrys this will help}
- Dancer buff: Status immunity to Performing. {Not sure if it'll work}
- Removed CT from Assassin's Vanish.
- Esuna hit formula from 210 to 225.
- Abyssal Blade Vert +1.
- Buff: Orator PA multiplier from 93 to 95.
- Added Fell Sword to Lancer & Samurai. Removed Fell Sword from Assassin.
- Soldier (Knight) HP growth from 14 to 11.
- Enemy Olan: Added Quick & Stall.
- Enemy Folmarv: Quake >> Titan. Also added Ifrit, Shyva, Ramuh.
- Enemy Barich: Added Barrage instead Stone.
- Enemy Cletienne: Added Faerie instead Moogle. Added innate Halve MP.
- (Text) Samurai's Kiku-ichimonji renamed as Yumi Shot (Kiku-ichimonji).

Bugfix: There is a bug with Spin Punch/Cyclone/Earthsplitter. Removed Target Self of the skill (while wearing something like DEF boost it shows like half damage of usual).´The skills still doesn't show real damages, so I'll try to buff those skills in the next patch. {The real problem is that skills with area around are not suitable for damage based skills, only for supportive ones... And that's because you can't see the damage you are doing to the enemy}

Hotfix: Forgot to do Samurai changes for Kiyomori. Osafune now working, formula: affected by MA -> PA. (I'll add some intended changes for 0.97 now that I can:)
- (Visual) Samurai effects: Kotetsu -> Osafune. Osafune -> Ama-no.  Ama-no -> Osafune.
- (Items) +1 PA to all Ninja Blades.
- Items: Masamune & Muramasa new effect: Now absorbs HP.
- Items: Excalibur: Absorb Holy. Strenghthen Holy | Ragnarok: Absorb Lightning. Strenghthen Lightning | Chaos Blade: Absorb Dark. Strenghthen Dark.
- Items: Nagnarok status inflict: Toad (Back to default from Stop). Excalibur +1 PA. Ragnarok +1 PA +1 MA +1 SP. Chaos Blade +2 PA.

[Changes intended for Patch 0.97:]

- Mustadio's Aim Extremity (Leg Shot): Added Stop. JP cost to 350 from 250. {Also needs description change}
- Mustadio's Numbing Bullet -> Wizard's Bullet. Changed status to random Chicken, Toad. 70% >> 50% + Speed.
- Removed Infernal Strike from Orlendau (I forgot it). Added ??? instead.
- TEST: All Rods range +1. Now some will do magic damage. Wizard's Rod -> 19% Toad. Rod of Faith -> 19% Meteor.
- TEST: Staffs: Zeus Mace range +1. Golden Staff: Reflect -> Wall. Oak Staff:  Weapon Damage.

Not done:
- Suffocated from enemies Celia/Lettie reworked into a new skill. Added Assassination from Ninja instead.
- New skill: God's Blessing. Maximum temporary Faith to all allies. Moved to Agrias. JP cost: 2000. Maximum range. (Raises mag. damage done and received)
- Climhazzard removed from Squire. Added ???? instead.
- Buff due to visual bug: Monk's Spin Punch/Cyclone/Earthsplitter formula damage +1. (You can't see if you are doing low or high damage with those skills so here is a buff}

[Ideas for next patch:]
{I made axes forced 2 hands so maybe I should buff more Weapon Power or give PA buffs (no Concentration buff). Bags will also be buffed a little because they do RNG damage too}
{Swap the effects of the skills with Rapha and Luso}
{Cleric & Arythm revision?}
{Units that fly will halve earth damage, heavy units will halve wind damage}

- Byblos changes.
- Archers now doesn't halve anything or now halve Lightning.
- Luso new skill: Cancels every negative status (but KO).
- Meliadoul: Remove every DK skill. Add some Ninja skills.
- Remove all MP costs from Dark Knight Skills? (To make shield mana build pretty good)
- Added Darkness to Dark Paladin.
- Summoner first 3 skills cost from 0 to 50.
- Added some skills to Olan (#2F) .
- Bard Nameless Song hit rate buff from 50 to 65%. JP cost to 300. Finale JP cost to 400, hit rate buff to 70% from 50%.
- All skills from Onion Knight -> 0 JP cost. {You can now throw every item from Onion Knight for free, yay!}
- Added Lich summon to Dark Paladin.
- Add another on-hit skill for Ramza for one boss, like Lich.
- New possible skill added to Ninja/Thief; name: Bomb blast. Same stats as Flame Attack (Effect: #1CB mini explosion) instead ???? skill.
- Dark Paladin's Graviga (Renamed as Black Hole): formula to Absorb HP 50%? (#47)
- Thief's Steal Life from 1200 JP to 750?
- Buff mana scaling for Mystic. Some CT nerfs?
- Wind/Ice/Water/Thunder now single target. Skills effects from Rapha & Marach moved to Byblos?
- Effect Annihilation -> Bioga red. (?)
- Add more monster skills to Byblos {I still didn't reach this point} so it'd feel like a "Blue mage". Added Reraise to him?
- Enemy Wiegraf:
- Enemy Loffrey:

(Crazy Ideas) Revive monster skill that Revives someone as a Dark Zombie (even a crystal).

[Changes intended for Patch 0.99]
Important: All growth scaling is reversed. I mean... It doesn't work like it should, it's something like: 35 HP growth = Get HP every 3,5 levels - instead of HP per lvl. So I need to revamp all changes I did.
- All Jobs stat scaling
- Monster stat scaling

[Text changes intended for Patch 1.0]
Ashura & Masamune in-game names & palettes need to change, so Ashura is now Masamune and Masamune is now Ashura.
{Make clear that Monk's Purification Range around is 1}
{Make clear that weapon Blood Sword Steal HP}
{Make clear how evasion/block works on Parry description & Reflexes that is a buff on Evasion rates (double physical and magical). And they are passive reactions}
{Make clear how some RNG weapon works, like axes and flails or just put "This weapon may do less damage" & RNG in the description}
{Make clear that Samurai skill to evade scales with Bravery, it blocks back attacks unlike other skills that doesn't help from behind}
{Make clear that Steal Life only steals HP from live beings}
{Make clear that now the skills from Templar do damage} {Descriptions: may... PA/MA scaling}
{Make clear that Samurai uses katanas in the inventory on Draw Out (Laido) description}
{Remove "Hex magic" from Oil description, make clear that now affects various enemies}
{Assasination description: Uses a dagger to quickly try to kill aiming for a lethal point of the enemy, but it can miss.}
{Make clear that Allure uses giles to buy that unit (007B)}
{Quick description: "To come more quickly" -> "To come instantly"}
{Make clear on Orator's Praise/Preach that will affect mostly Jobs Reactions} (Increase x boosting mostly their P/M reactions)
{Anima: "Throw several elemental spirits in an area that can hit or miss" RNG 1-10}
{Paladin's Revive: "with a powerful battlecry" -> "by the will of the gods"}
{Make clear that Geomancer skills or skills like Blaze/Darkness have hybrid scaling} ("PA&MA scaling")
{Skills Quick/Stall: Faith scaling}
{Mystic Immobilize/Disable (#39&25) add: "and from evading"}
{Golem: add "scaling with a percentaje of the user HP until..."}
{Seal Evil Description: Add "Imbue the weapon with a strange fluid to"}
{Darkwave: "to damage all" -> "to damage all enemies in an area around"}
{Flame Shot: add "at a very high speed"}
{Climhazzard: Fix the description}
{Monk's Earthquake: "Hit the ground to conjure up..." Scaling PA, on Tornado: Scaling MA.}
{DK Sanguine Sword / Infernal Strike new descriptions and names}
{Short Charge is 50% less CT. Attack Up is 33% more attack.}
{Samurai's Kiku- (Yumi Bow) descrip: "wreaking havoc..." to "shoots an spiritual arrow with an spiritual bow that pierces the enemies in its path"}
{Samurai: New descriptions for changed skills}

Correction (fixes): Mystic's Disable -> Vert 1. Gravity -> Radius 1. Shellga -> Radius 4

Goblin Punch >> Vendetta
Shout >> Cheer Up
Breathe Fire(144#) >> War Cry/Shout
Stall >> Not Now
Salve >> Attendance
Berserker Shot >> Divine Justice
Thunder Breath >> Assassination (Death effect?)
Fire Breath >> Unholy Darkness
Ice Breath(151#) >> Steal Life {Effect Drain or Drain Touch}
Fire Anima >> Wind Anima´
(Monk) Abandon >> Bellicosity
Luminaire >> Blaze
Shock >> Gates of Death/Hell's Gate
Graviga >> Black Hole?
Focus >> Stopga
Snipe Movement >> Aim Extremity
Snipe Atk/Mag/Sp >> Destroy Atk/Mag/Sp
Snipe MP >> Spiritual Bullet
Snipe Action (Arm Shot) >> Wizard's Bullet
Rush >> Focus {new descrip}
Spirit Blade >> Swordblade
Aero >> Doom Fist
Quake >> Earthsplitter
Crushing Blow >> Dimensional Blade
Karma >> Demonic Blade
Shadow/Dusk Blade >> Sanguine/Infernal Blade
Vanish >> Shadow
Concealment >> Vanish

Sword Saint >> Master Swordman
Lancer > Dragon Knight?
Thief >> Varmint/Knave?
Chemist >> Merchant
Magus >> Dark Paladin
Luso's Job: Game Hunter >> Astromancer, Astromancy {Also can invoke ele
Ramza's Job: Vagrant >> Noble, Knight, Dark Knight
Squire >> Paladin {make clear that role in the description}
Marach Job: Earthseer >> Netherseer
Assassin >> Dark Dancer
Ninja >> Assassin
Arythmetician >> Timespace Mage (Math Conjurer?)
Conjurer >> Dimensional Mage

Optional: {Make clear that skills like Archer's Bane uses Bravery as probability} (Something like "Bravery scaling")

[Changes intended for patch 1.0H Hard mode: IA enemies scaling changes]
{I have to play again the early to mid-game with the changes I did from version 0.9, so I will do some changes}

Correction/Fixed bugs:
- Ninja skills doesn't work properly, I can only make some skills working (only first 4 skill slots). I think this is due the fact that Ninja is hard coded. If I don't find a fix I have to move the skills into another Job. I tested until I was tired and I didn't find any solution.
- Some Guest skills bugged in the skillset list (not sure if this is due the fact I'm re-patching a lot).
[Changes intended for patch 1.0 : Fix all in-game texts, also I will do an Spanish version at the same time I'm editing my changes.]
>Look Job Tree here< (Patch 0.92)[/i]
-Stat re-balance: I had in mind 5 fundamental ways to understand how to balance the game around: Tank, support skills, melee damage, range damage & flexibility.
If a unit is more oriented to damage from range they need to be squishier. If they don't damage that much from range they need to be tankier. Other units that doesn't support that well I gave them more ways to survive (Enchanters) or a little damage (Orator). That's why Squire units are allrounded, they have tank, support and low range damage skills. And that's why I gave greater weapon flexibility to units that scale worse, like Chemists, Squires and Geomancers.
- Unique units will be a little better than normal units (or just very different).
>Look this beta graph I did around units actual damages here< (Patch 0.8-0.9)

-For some JP costs or Job requirements, I had in mind when it would be fair to get that skill or Job.
To patch you need to use FFTPatcher lastest version, you can get it from here. It's very simple to use. You can also use it to edit patches.
Simply re-patch it on an patched Emergence ISO.
(I'll work on a .ppf when all my changes are done in version 1.0)
For the in-game text changes you have to follow these steps to from the PSP ISO from this post. And use version 0.457 of FFTacText.

(You can use version 0.8 then you can swap to version 0.9+ for midgame (chapter 3). I need to replay again the game to see if my experimental changes are fine or not. I've added some skills on 0.9+ so maybe bugs will appear, but I'll try to fix those.)
On version 1.0 I will make an official release. The author of this mod gave me permission to modify it.

(I still didn't finish this project, but it will be finished on version 0.99 for skills and updated for in-game texts on 1.0 - Be careful if you keep updating, you may lose units, it did happen to me when I did the job tree changes.)
I tested my changes while playing. If you feel something is too broken let me know, I can nerf it down some stats. Understand this project is still under development.
Thanks to the original creator of this hackmod, but I felt like I had to create a better experience. For anyone who want to play it like me you have the re-balance patch here:
  • Modding version: Other/Unknown


Hey, so do you (OP, or anyone for that matter) have any tips on keeping your mod the way it is, but restoring the Dark Knight class to its former glory? I really like the idea of modifying Ramza's skillset to a DK (Stays in line with that old rumor on unlocking DK in Vanilla PSX FFT) but I still want my generics to have sword skills of some sort. Even if I have to modify a separate class, I'm cool with that. I just have no idea how to take what you've done and accomplish what I want without making a supreme mess of things, so any help would be most appreciated.
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL