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July 13, 2020, 02:28:43 pm


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FFT-WOTL : FFTactext patched crystallization crashed (Solved)

Started by ffthjennthye, October 02, 2016, 12:14:35 am


October 02, 2016, 12:14:35 am Last Edit: October 05, 2016, 01:02:09 am by ffthjennthye
Hi guys, I am new apply here, maybe this topic seem familiar for some one, but i had search this forum for few days and try to get the solution but in the end i just got a limited information and messed it up.

so i hope some one who already success patched the WOTL text and can provide me more information to solve the problem i had facing now, at the same time some one who look at this topic and had a same problem with me will get a good way to solve the problem hopefully.

earlier time i had played PSX version for few years with some patched without problem, later on i found that PSP version had more additional contents so i had switch to WOTL (PSP) version.

so i had follow my previous PSX version to patched the WOTL contents i need, but at WOTL, some job name (example white mage, black mage ), skill name (Cyclone?? Crush Weapon??) which is look not so nice for me, i wish to change like the PSX version, so i start my first time using FFTactext.

after edited and patched all the words i wished for, now i had a problem really make me headache, which is during battle, a defeated monster when turn to crystal, my ppsspp crashed and stop working, and need to force to close the program.

this problem only happen after patched the text, otherwise all going without any issues even already patched with FFTPatcher.

hope can get a better way and solution from who had solved this problem, if this is no way to solve it, this topic consider close forever or until appear an alternative way.

Additional Information:-
1. My ISO already come with slow down fixed when download, which is also patched by Final Fantasy Hacktics (thanks Final Fantasy Hacktics! your hardwork make the game more enjoyable!)
2. FFTPatcher use 0.482 version, which is recommended most stable contents patch.
3. FFTactext use 0.457 version, which is recommended most stable text patch.
4. no sprite had being modify (will consider after solve this problem.)
5. Emulator ppsspp 1.3 run with Windows 7.

Really looking you guys give me a proper way and solution to settle this, Thank you!
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First off, as much as I hate WotL, I want to thank you for taking the time to look around for an answer before posting. I wish more people did this.

Second, IIRC there actually was a reply regarding this, i will see if I can find it, as it wasn't really in a easy to find thread IIRC.

EDIT: Found it.
try Argy and Nyzers suggestions in this thread
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October 02, 2016, 05:43:47 am #2 Last Edit: October 05, 2016, 01:03:14 am by ffthjennthye
Thanks Elric! based on the thread you provide, i had do some test:-

1st test: edited the ''leaving'' word to the down row and patched, first monster turn to crystal without problem, but the second monster appear the crashed.

2nd test: make it more short word, edited to 【{0xE1} gone, leaving a crystal.】and patched, result as the 1st test.

3rd test: make it extreme shorter, edited as nyzer mention 【{0xE1} Crystallized.】, 【{0xE1} Dropped an item.】, during 2 battles for waiting them turn to item or crystal without any crashed!

*My thought: each test use the ISO without any text patched, to avoid re-patching will still remain the crashed, so is good to back up the ISO before do the test.

Thank you so much Elric, and also for nyzer & Argy! without the information you guys provided, i guess i will give up the editing the words for WOTL.

so i list out the clear step for those who may not understand:-

1. Copy out the ISO you want to use FFTactext to patch.
2. Open the FFTactext, Version 0.457 is most recommended to patch.
3. At the tab of ISO, choose the location of ISO, type of ISO you wish to patch.
4. At the tab of Text, go to BOOT.BIN[28E5EC].
5. Below a bit of the tab, choose [4: Battle Messages].
6. Find the Entry number: 60 & 61.
7. For number 60, edit to [{0xE1} Dropped an item.]. *do not edit {0xE1} this formula is use for display character name.
8. For number 61, edit to [{0xE1} Crystallized.]. *note same as above
9. After done all the words you wish to edited, at the tab of File, choose [Save .ffttext...] to save the work you had edited.
10. Close the FFTactaxt. *someone of this forum recommended to do that.
11. Open again the FFTactext and open the ISO you wish to patch.
12. Now open the work you had saved just now.
13. Go to the tab of ISO, choose Patch ISO.
14. Find the location of that ISO you wish to patch, and press save.
15. Waiting it progress, until it pop up a messages [success], so your edited text for the ISO had successful patched!

Thank you so much for you guys help! i really appreciate it!
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This is amazing! It has allowed me to finish my patch. Mods, can we sticky this?
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