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FFT Arena Master Guide

Started by silentkaster, July 24, 2016, 12:10:53 am


July 24, 2016, 12:10:53 am Last Edit: November 13, 2017, 09:12:13 pm by silentkaster
The download/changelog thread can be found by clicking here.

[01] FAQ
What is FFT Arena?
FFT: Arena is a tournament-style patch, which pits AI-controlled teams of 4 versus one another.  Units are always level 35, make use of balanced versions of vanilla equipment, skills, and jobs, with some new ones, as well.  The patch is strictly AI versus AI, and will always remain this way.

What are FFT Arena's goals?
The primary goals of Arena are:
1) To create a balanced playing field for AI battles;
2) To ensure that players have fun whilst watching and making teams; and
3) To be a seamless system for a (future) singleplayer mode.

How do I build a team?
The best way to build a team would be to download the .rar file and use the master guide spreadsheet/MCG (memory card generator) contained within.  The MCG removes the need to calculate JP by hand, and is simple to use.  You can see team ideas in the Team Submissions thread or by watching some of the videos.  All of the rules are in the appropriate section of this guide.

Who are the creators/developers of Arena?
Back in 2010, PX_Timefordeath started this project.  However, it soon died, due to lack of interest.  AeroGP began work on the project, with PX and FFMaster as helpers.  The project gained some attention, but due to game balance disputes, Aero left.  After this, FFMaster took over the project, but couldn't stick with it due to other concerns.  Since post-1.39c, Andrew, dw6561, White Knight Wiegraf, Dokurider, and others have been responsible for changing/updating Arena.

Brave is a mechanic that applies to all weapon attacks (Flare Gun excluded) and most physical skills.  Brave-based damage can change depending on the attackers Brave as well as the target's Brave.  The multiplier formula is: (Attacker Brave + 35) * (Defender Brave + 35) / 10000.  So, if both the Attacker and Defender have 65 Brave, then the damage will not change.  Low Brave is typically used on units that don't use Attack/focus on using non-Brave skills (such as magic), since this means they will take less damage from Brave-based attacks/skills.  High Brave is typically used on units that really want to get the most out of their Brave-based skills (such as Punch art).

Similar to Brave above, Faith now also receives a constant.  The multiplier formula is: ((CasterFaith+35) * (TargetFaith+35)) / 10000.  Overall, this means that caster damage will have less variance than in vanilla.  Low Faith is typically used on units that will not benefit from Faith-based magic (such as White Magic).  High Faith is typically used on units that want to get the most out of their Faith-based skills (such as Black Magic).

UnBrave is the opposite of Brave in terms of how it calculates extra damage.  Any abilities with this formula that don't involve damage will have their accurcy increased accordingly instead.  The multiplier formula is: (145 - Caster Brave) * (145 - Target Brave) / 10000.  Black Magic's nether magic (and Dark Holy) uses this formula.

Unfaith affects targets the same way as UnBrave does in calculating damage or accuracy.  The same calculation applies for those skills that involve accuracy instead.   The multiplier formula is: (145 - Caster Faith) * (145 - Target Faith) / 10000.  Ninjutsu's -ton skills (not Houkouton) use their formula.

Good/bad compat is +/- 12.5% and best/worst compat is +/- 25%.  Monsters cannot benefit from best/worst compat, and will instead be good/bad.

Reaction Skills
The chance for a reaction to activate is ((Br+Fa)/2)%.  This only applies to "active" reaction skills (like Auto Potion, or Dragon Spirit), and not "passive" reaction skills (like Abandon, or Awareness), which are always in effect.  Reaction skills (and some support/movement skills) can have different triggers.  For example, Dragon Spirit triggers when most forms of physical affect the user, while HP Restore could only trigger if the user is sent into Critical.

Unit Action Priority
When the game loads the map, the first unit that's generated gets priority.  In vanilla FFT, the enemy and guests always move before the player, unless you have higher speed; this is because they are loaded before the player's units are.  Since it wouldn't be very balanced if all units on one side had action priority, Arena has tried to give both sides as much of an even footing as possible.  For example: if both teams have 4 Units with 100CT, the priority order in Arena would be: P1 Unit1/P2 Unit1/P2 Unit2/P1 Unit2/P1 Unit3/P2 Unit 3/P2 Unit4/P1 Unit4.  This can be important for team building, as well.  If you want a unit to move before the others, like a unit with Phoenix Down, you would want to put him/her as Unit 1 in the submission.  However, if you have a unit with Haste 2, you may want to put him/her as Unit 4.

Absorb: Element
Anything labelled Absorb is always "neutral".  This means you cannot do "weak: element" and "absorb: element" on the same unit to double the absorb healing.  Oil Also falls under this restriction.

Strengthen: Element
Anything labelled Strengthen will increase the potency of attacks/skills by 25% of the base stat used for damage or healing calculation rounded down.  This is applied before any support multipliers.  For example, if you had Strengthen Ice and were using MA to calculate with 15 MA and Magic Attack UP, your effective MA would be =ROUNDDOWN((15 * 1.25)) * (4/3) = ROUNDDOWN(18.75) * (4/3) = 18 * (4/3) = 24.  (Note that since FFT uses integers only, the final number would also be rounded down if not a whole number.)

Forced Two-Hands Weaponry
Any weapon that is "forced" two-hands means that it must be held by the wielder with both hands.  Similar to how longbows worked in Vanilla, some weapons have been modified so that they must be held by both hands and cannot be used with a shield or Two Swords.  The "Two Hands" support skill will not increase the damage dealt, nor will the innate two-handed nature of these weapons.  When building your team, please check the spreadsheet to see which weapons are currently labeled this way, and then plan accordingly.

• AU/MAU have been brought back up to 33%.  Two Hands and Two Swords have been nerfed again, however.

• Elemental hats, clothing, and robes have been changed once again.

• MP costs have been changed across the board, with Talk Skill and Punch Art being given MP costs, as well.

• Haste, Float, and Reflect now don't dispel upon dying.  Due to this change, Raise/Raise 2 now pierce Reflect.

• Float no longer nullifies earth skills.  Yup, you read that correctly.  The Float movement skill had its JP cost reduced to 100 JP (from 200).

• HP values have been adjusted for hats and clothes, making them a more competitive choice for helmet/armor users.

• Hats are now well-rounded and simply not duplicate clothing any longer.

• Absorption has been nerfed, and rightly so.  Absorption clothes now half instead, and shields/accessories have evasion (with modifications made to their other properties).

• Attack UP and Magic Attack UP have been lowered to 25% (from 33%).  This, in conjunction with the absorption nerf, should prevent absorption+high damage teams from perpetually-dominating most teams they encounter.

• 1/3 of MP now costs less JP, and the mass majority of MP costs have been modified so 1/3 of MP maths better with them.  Every MP-costing skill is now divisible by 6.

• The El Bow was amplifying the effectiveness of Snipe, a well-balanced skillset, immensely!  Thus, it was turned into a ranged version of Dual Cutters (which should still be fun).  No, the proc will not allow for double Snipe funsies.  :P

• The majority of Talk Skills now use the new "Hit_(X-Speed)%" formula, making them less effective for units with high amounts of non-hasted Speed.

• Many more weapons and skills can now be used with Two Hands (which received a JP decrease, as well).  Yes, even most ninja swords.  Also, staves ate rods.  Chomp.

• Courtesy of WKW, the brown team colour has been replaced with purple, and yellow with orange!  Looks sharp.  Purple fo' lief.  Also, he edited the other team colours to make them more representative.

• Refresh's effect was added to Regen, and Sap's effect was added to Poison.  As a consequence, both statuses had their CT lowered to 64.

• Haste and Regen can no longer be used to overwrite Slow and Poison.  As a consequence, Heal and Stigma Magic now dispel Slow, with a new skill from Time Magic called "Return" doing so, as well.

• Slow only reduces Speed by 25%, instead of 50%.

• The AI will now only use Faith, Float, and Reflect as interceptions.

• The AI will now use Regen at any HP level, making it slightly more valuable than Haste is to them.

• The AI will now use stat-boosting skills slightly more often.

• Several AI-based ASMs have been implemented!  These will fix quite a lot of the AI's "derpiness", with the most-notable ones being:
The AI now recognizes that 1/3 of MP is indeed a 66% reduction, not 50%.
The AI now recognizes that Jump CT calculation is Jump/21.
The AI now recognizes that Non Charge actually reduces CT to 0.
The AI now recognizes that Short Charge actually cuts CT in half.
The AI now recognizes that Throw Item is 4 range, instead of its bonus being based on the user's Move stat.
The AI will now consider the possibility of exclusively healing themselves and teammates with weapon-elemental skills like Grand Cross, Houkouton, et cetera.
The AI will no longer use Jump on sleeping allies.

• Bard and Dancer have been replaced by Mystic Knight, a physical job that specializes in imbuing its weapon with magic, and then releasing said magic, with amplified effect.  Basically, it's a PA/Brave-based, elemental/AoE job that fills in a lot of the gaps that physical has been missing as a whole.  Since both genders of Mystic Knight are considered separate jobs, we were able to further differentiate the genders.  So, males have 30~ or so more HP than females, while females have 30~ or so more MP than males. Also, while males have 2 more PA (but 2 less MA), females have 1 more Speed, and 10 more C-Ev!  More information can (naturally) be found in the master guide, and within a notepad document in the downloadable rar file.

• The offensive Punch Art formula is now "Brave_(PAxY)", which means it's easier for lower PA builds to deal decent damage with these skills, while higher PA builds can still hurt with them.  Due to this change, Martial Arts was also removed, with the Punch Art skills having their JP lowered to compensate (since Attack UP is in another skillset).  Martial Arts had overlap with Attack UP anyway, and had unintentional interactions with certain skills (like Gil Toss and Cover Fire), making said skills more potent than originally intended.  Note: the Mystic Knight's skillset, Spellblade, makes use of this formula, as well.

• Critical hits will no longer knock-back, which means that this mechanic has been completely removed from Arena.  Not only does knock-back cause strange bugs (in the form of knocking units outside of the map when it occurs due to weapon skills like Southern Cross), it'll completely nullify the second attack for a dual-wielder, provided that the first attack critically-hit and knocked-back.  Besides, knock-back is yet another mechanic that the AI does not recognize; and, while it can be fun seeing a unit fall off of a cliff to its death, it's more trouble having it around than it's worth.

• Geomancy (formally known as "Elemental") skills will be more widespread, as maps that offer only one or two different Geomancy skill panel types will be increased to 3+ Geomancy skill panel types (I'm talkin' about you, snowy maps).

• "Old" Oil is being reintroduced; that is, Oil will have its function changed to doubling all elemental damage on the afflicted (will still expire after elemental damage is taken).

• Silence has been removed, and things were balanced accordingly.  It simply has no place in Arena.

• Speed alteration skills, such as Quickening or Slow Dance, have been either removed from the game, or had their Speed aleration properties changed.  Now, the only way to modify a unit's Speed value is by giving them equipment that does just that.

• The Jump skillset formula's CT calculation has been changed to: 21 / Jump.
3 Jump = 7 CT
4 Jump = 6 CT
5 Jump = 5 CT
6 Jump = 4 CT
7 Jump = 3 CT (the cap)
• The maps that are considered broken in some way are in the process of being tweaked.

• There are two new statuses: Refresh and Sap (formally known as "MP Regen" and "MP Poison" throughout 140 and 140a).  Refresh is the MP version of Regen, while Sap is the MP version of Poison.  Check-out the statuses spreadsheet for more information!

• Fixed many FFTPatcher errors.  Many, many, many FFTPatcher errors.

• Description text has been updated to actually include Arena information!  :O



Note: All weapon procs (such as Amplified Ultima on the Ultima Weapon) only affect the original target, have 0 CT, cost 0 MP, pierce Reflect, and also proc their own procs.  For example, the Black Staff's Bio 3 proc maintains its 20% chance to proc Undead upon hit.  Also, if a procing weapon crits, a proc won't follow the critical hit.


(7) Skill - Dark: Dark Holy, Kotetsu, Bio 3, Meiton, Amplified Bio, Odin, Demi
(5) Skill - Earth: Kikuichimonji, Local Quake, Quake, Earth Slash, Titan
(8) Skill - Fire: Fire, Nether Fire, Fire 2, Asura, Demon Fire, Lava Ball, Ifrit, Melt
(6) Skill - Ice: Ice, Nether Ice, Ice 2, Blizzard, Amplified Ice, Shiva
(5) Skill - Holy: Bizen Boat, Chi Blast, Cyclops, Dia, Holy
(6) Skill - Lightning: Bolt, Nether Bolt, Bolt 2, Raiton, Amplified Bolt, Ramuh
(8) Skill - Water: Water, Nether Water, Water 2, Quick Sand, Water Ball, Suiton, Amplified Water, Leviathan
(7) Skill - Wind: Heaven's Cloud, Gusty Wind, Kamaitachi, Tornado, Fuuton, Wave Fist, Silf

(5) Weapon - Dark: Sadist's Whip, Kotetsu, Yoichi Bow, Demon Spear, Black Staff
(4) Weapon - Earth: Giant Axe, Kikuichimonji, Koga Knife, Dwarven Fan
(5) Weapon - Fire: Asura, Zorlin Shape, Iga Knife, Flame Staff, Flame Sabre
(5) Weapon - Ice: Hydraxe, Ice Bow, Ice Staff, Ice Lance, Ice Brand
(4) Weapon - Holy: Light Axe, Excalibur, Mage Masher, White Staff
(5) Weapon - Lightning: Quicksilver, Morning Star, Lightning Bow, Thunder Staff, Thunder Blade
(5) Weapon - Water: Aspergillum, Rain Bow, Taki Knife, Whale Whisker, Coral Sword
(5) Weapon - Wind: Spiked Futon, Heaven's Cloud, Air Knife, Windslash Bow, Slumber Staff

(4) Absorb - Dark: Diamond Shield, Black Costume, Cursed Ring, N-Kai Armlet
(3) Absorb - Earth: Round Shield, Mirage Vest, Diamond Armlet
(3) Absorb - Fire: Fire Shield, Brave Suit, Defense Armlet
(4) Absorb - Holy: Platina Shield, Mirage Vest, Reaper's Robe, Magic Ring
(3) Absorb - Ice: Ice Shield, Brave Suit, Jade Armlet
(3) Absorb - Lightning: Gold Shield, Rubber Costume, Tough Ring
(3) Absorb - Water: Dewdrop Shield, Rubber Costume, Aqua Treks
(3) Absorb - Wind: Wyvern Shield, Black Costume, Sandstorm Treks

(1) Half - Dark: Gaia Robe
(1) Half - Earth: Gaia Robe
(1) Half - Fire: Cultist Robe
(1) Half - Holy: Cultist Robe
(1) Half - Ice: Gaia Robe
(1) Half - Lightning: Cultist Robe
(1) Half - Water: Gaia Robe
(1) Half - Wind: Cultist Robe

(0) Null - Dark: N/A
(0) Null - Feather N/A
(0) Null - Fire: N/A
(0) Null - Holy: N/A
(0) Null - Ice: N/A
(0) Null - Lightning: N/A
(0) Null - Water: N/A
(0) Null - Wind: N/A

(4) Strengthen - Dark: Sadist's Whip, Kaiser Plate, Magus Robe, 108 Gems
(5) Strengthen - Earth: Giant Axe, Dwarven Fan, Kaiser Plate, Magus Robe, 108 Gems
(4) Strengthen - Fire: Zorlin Shape, Flame Staff, Black Robe, 108 Gems
(3) Strengthen - Holy: Crystal Helmet, Black Robe, 108 Gems
(4) Strengthen - Ice: Ice Staff, Kaiser Plate, Magus Robe, 108 Gems
(4) Strengthen - Lightning: Thunder Staff, Crystal Helmet, Black Robe, 108 Gems
(6) Strengthen - Water: Giant Axe, Aspergillum, Zorlin Shape, Crystal Helmet, Magus Robe, 108 Gems
(5) Strengthen - Wind: Giant Axe, Spiked Futon, Kaiser Plate, Black Robe, 108 Gems

(0) Weak - Dark: N/A
(0) Weak - Earth: N/A
(0) Weak - Fire: N/A
(0) Weak - Holy: N/A
(0) Weak - Ice: N/A
(0) Weak - Lightning: N/A
(0) Weak - Water: N/A
(0) Weak - Wind: N/A

(1) Add - Defending: Defend
(1) Add - Float: Convection
(8) Add - Haste: Strength Tonic, Yell, Suiton, Masamune, Quickening, Haste, Haste 2, Mbarrier
(6) Add - Regen: Strength Tonic, Nurse, Cheer Up, Regen, Regenerator, Quickening
(3) Add - Protect: Iron Will, Protect, Wall
(3) Add - Reraise: Reraise, Dragon Spirit, Mad Science
(3) Add - Shell: Iron Will, Shell, Wall
(1) Add - Transparent: Convection

(5) Add - Berserk: Strength Tonic, Lava Ball, Salamander, Insult, Blind Rage
(3) Add - Charm: Steal Heart, Beguile, Suiton
(0) Add - Critical: N/A
(4) Add - Darkness: Kiyomori, Sand Storm, Miasma, Throw Sand
(1) Add - Dead: Death
(3) Add - Death Sentence: Muramasa, Secret Fist, Death Sentence
(5) Add - Don't Act: Kamitachi, Arm Aim, Silf, Blackmail, Paralyze
(7) Add - Don't Move: Bolt, Carve Model, Kagesougi, Leg Aim, Miasma, Silf, Don't Move
(2) Add - Frog: Frog, Water Ball
(5) Add - Oil: Demon Fire, Bio 2, Douse, Throw Grime, Miasma
(3) Add - Petrify: Seal Evil, Local Quake, Petrify
(5) Add - Poison: Cobra Strike, Poison, Kiyomori, Bio, Amplified Bio
(3) Add - Sleep: Gusty Wind, Mimic Daravon, Sleep
(6) Add - Slow: Pitfall, Hell Ivy, Miasma, Speed Ruin, Slow, Slow 2
(4) Add - Stop: Blizzard, Leg Aim, Stall, Stop
(3) Add - Undead: Quicksand, Bio 3, Zombie

(0) Add - Charging: N/A
(0) Add - Crystal: N/A
(3) Add - Faith: Preach, Dia, Pray Faith
(3) Add - Innocent: Heretic, Solution, Doubt Faith
(0) Add - Jump: N/A
(0) Add - Performing: N/A
(3) Add - Reflect: Mad Science, Warn, Cyclops

(4) Cancel - Defending: Water, Leviathan, Refute, Dispel Magic
(4) Cancel - Float: Water, Leviathan, Refute, Dispel Magic
(6) Cancel - Haste: Water, Tsumazuku, Spellbreaker, Leviathan, Refute, Dispel Magic
(7) Cancel - Regen: Water, Tsumazuku, Spellbreaker, Leviathan, Refute, Dispel Magic, Bullrush
(5) Cancel - Protect: Water, Spellbreaker, Odin, Refute, Dispel Magic
(5) Cancel - Reraise: Water, Spellbreaker, Odin, Refute, Dispel Magic
(5) Cancel - Shell: Water, Spellbreaker, Odin, Refute, Dispel Magic
(4) Cancel - Transparent: Water, Refute, Dispel Magic

(3) Cancel - Berserk: Heal, Echo Grass, Refute
(3) Cancel - Charm: Heal, Echo Grass, Refute
(0) Cancel - Critical: N/A
(6) Cancel - Darkness: Heal, Antidote, Misogi, Stigma Magic, Esuna, Refute
(8) Cancel - Dead: Wish, Lay on Hands, Phoenix Down, Revive, Amplified Raise, Fairy, Raise, Raise 2
(2) Cancel - Death Sentence: Refute, Return
(4) Cancel - Don't Act: Bandage, Stigma Magic, Esuna, Refute
(5) Cancel - Don't Move: Bandage, Misogi, Stigma Magic, Esuna, Refute
(4) Cancel - Frog: Maiden's Kiss, Stigma Magic, Esuna, Refute
(3) Cancel - Oil: Heal, Holy Water, Refute
(4) Cancel - Petrify: Soft, Stigma Magic, Esuna, Refute
(6) Cancel - Poison: Heal, Antidote, Misogi, Stigma Magic, Esuna, Refute
(4) Cancel - Sleep: Maiden's Kiss, Stigma Magic, Esuna, Refute
(6) Cancel - Slow: Heal, Chronos Tear, Misogi, Stigma Magic, Refute, Return
(4) Cancel - Stop: Heal, Chronos Tear, Refute, Return
(3) Cancel - Undead: Heal, Holy Water, Refute

(3) Cancel - Charging: Throw Stone, Amplified Dispel, Sinkhole
(0) Cancel - Crystal: N/A
(4) Cancel - Faith: Misogi, Amplified Dispel, Refute, Dispel Magic
(2) Cancel - Innocent: Amplified Dispel, Refute
(0) Cancel - Jump: N/A
(2) Cancel - Performing: Throw Stone, Sinkhole
(2) Cancel - Reflect: Amplified Dispel, Refute

(0) Add - Defending: N/A
(0) Add - Float: N/A
(1) Add - Haste: Repel Knife
(0) Add - Regen: N/A
(0) Add - Protect: N/A
(0) Add - Reraise: N/A
(0) Add - Shell: N/A
(0) Add - Transparent: N/A

(2) Add - Berserk: Provoke Bow, Iga Knife
(1) Add - Charm: Seductress
(0) Add - Critical: N/A
(2) Add - Darkness: Scorpion Tail, Diamond Sword
(1) Add - Dead: Bow Gun
(1) Add - Death Sentence: Throwing Knife
(2) Add - Don't Act: Repel Knife, Lightning Bow
(2) Add - Don't Move: Scorpion Tail, Thunder Blade
(3) Add - Frog: Axecalipur, Taki Knife, Octagon Rod
(2) Add - Oil: Crude Bow, Short Edge
(2) Add - Petrify: Koga Knife, Ancient Sword
(2) Add - Poison: Night Killer, Mage Crusher
(2) Add - Sleep: Slumber Staff, Sleep Sword
(2) Add - Slow: Ice Bow, Gladius
(2) Add - Stop: Madlemgen, Javelin
(3) Add - Undead: Necronomicon, Whale Whisker, Black Staff

(0) Add - Charging: N/A
(0) Add - Crystal: N/A
(2) Add - Faith: Light Axe, Spell Edge
(2) Add - Innocent: Atheist Bow, Gokuu Rod
(0) Add - Jump: N/A
(0) Add - Performing: N/A
(0) Add - Reflect: N/A

(0) Always - Defending: N/A
(2) Always - Float: Long Bow, Feather Boots
(0) Always - Haste: N/A
(1) Always - Regen: Plate Mail
(2) Always - Protect: Save the Queen, Cherche
(0) Always - Reraise: N/A
(2) Always - Shell: Ragnarok, Setiemson
(1) Always - Transparent: Kain's Lance

(2) Always - Berserk: Gory Plate, Salty Rage
(0) Always - Charm: N/A
(0) Always - Critical: N/A
(0) Always - Darkness: N/A
(0) Always - Dead: N/A
(0) Always - Death Sentence: N/A
(0) Always - Don't Act: N/A
(0) Always - Don't Move: N/A
(0) Always - Frog: N/A
(0) Always - Oil: N/A
(0) Always - Petrify: N/A
(1) Always - Poison: Hyper Shoes
(0) Always - Sleep: N/A
(0) Always - Slow: N/A
(0) Always - Stop: N/A
(2) Always - Undead: Reaper's Robe, Cursed Ring

(0) Always - Charging: N/A
(0) Always - Crystal: N/A
(0) Always - Faith: N/A
(0) Always - Innocent: N/A
(0) Always - Jump: N/A
(0) Always - Performing: N/A
(1) Always - Reflect: Reflect Ring

(2) Cancel - Defending: Toy Knife, Gold Staff
(2) Cancel - Float: Toy Knife, Gold Staff
(3) Cancel - Haste: Chaos Blade, Toy Knife, Gold Staff
(3) Cancel - Regen: Chaos Blade, Toy Knife, Gold Staff
(3) Cancel - Protect: Chaos Blade, Toy Knife, Gold Staff
(3) Cancel - Reraise: Chaos Blade, Toy Knife, Gold Staff
(3) Cancel - Shell: Chaos Blade, Toy Knife, Gold Staff
(2) Cancel - Transparent: Toy Knife, Gold Staff

(0) Cancel - Berserk: N/A
(0) Cancel - Charm: N/A
(0) Cancel - Critical: N/A
(0) Cancel - Darkness: N/A
(0) Cancel - Dead: N/A
(0) Cancel - Death Sentence: N/A
(0) Cancel - Don't Act: N/A
(0) Cancel - Don't Move: N/A
(0) Cancel - Frog: N/A
(0) Cancel - Oil: N/A
(0) Cancel - Petrify: N/A
(0) Cancel - Poison: N/A
(0) Cancel - Sleep: N/A
(0) Cancel - Slow: N/A
(0) Cancel - Stop: N/A
(0) Cancel - Undead: N/A

(0) Cancel - Charging: N/A
(0) Cancel - Crystal: N/A
(0) Cancel - Faith: N/A
(0) Cancel - Innocent: N/A
(0) Cancel - Jump: N/A
(0) Cancel - Performing: N/A
(1) Cancel - Reflect: Chaos Blade

(0) Immune - Defending: N/A
(0) Immune - Float: N/A
(1) Immune - Haste: Swift Plate
(1) Immune - Regen: Hyper Shoes
(0) Immune - Protect: N/A
(0) Immune - Reraise: N/A
(0) Immune - Shell: N/A
(0) Immune - Transparent: N/A

(6) Immune - Berserk: Murasame, Thick Hood, Choice Band, Gold Helmet, Crystal Armor, Vanish Mantle
(4) Immune - Charm: Choice Band, Crystal Armor, Aqua Treks, Power Wrist
(4) Immune - Critical: Battle Staff, Secular Shield, Reflect Mail, Hyper Shoes
(5) Immune - Darkness: Genji Shield, Chakra Band, Gold Helmet, Elven Mantle, Angel Ring
(3) Immune - Dead: Secular Shield, Choice Band, Angel Ring
(5) Immune - Death Sentence: Secular Shield, Choice Band, Reaper's Robe, Angel Ring, Cursed Ring
(5) Immune - Don't Act: Defender, Chakra Band, Diamond Helmet, Diamond Armor, Wizard Mantle
(4) Immune - Don't Move: Battle Staff, Diamond Armor, Elven Mantle, N-Kai Armlet
(4) Immune - Frog: Chakra Band, Gold Helmet, Small Mantle, Jade Armlet
(5) Immune - Oil: Vesper, Platina Helmet, Gold Armor, Wizard Mantle, Diamond Armlet
(3) Immune - Petrify: Gold Helmet, Gold Armor, Defense Armlet
(4) Immune - Poison: Ice Lance, Platina Helmet, Dracula Mantle, Chantage
(4) Immune - Sleep: Choice Band, Diamond Helmet, Gold Armor, Small Mantle
(5) Immune - Slow: Platinum Sword, Swift Plate, Platina Helmet, Dracula Mantle, Sprint Shoes
(6) Immune - Stop: Masamune, Swift Plate, Chakra Band, Platina Helmet, Germinas Boots, Genji Gauntlet
(4) Immune - Undead: Chakra Band, Crystal Armor, Magic Ring, Chantage

(0) Immune - Charging: N/A
(2) Immune - Crystal: Reaper's Robe, Cursed Ring
(1) Immune - Faith: Secular Shield
(3) Immune - Innocent: Triangle Hat, Aegis Shield, Hyper Shoes
(0) Immune - Jump: N/A
(0) Immune - Performing: N/A
(1) Immune - Reflect: Flash Hat

(0) Initial - Defending: N/A
(0) Initial - Float: N/A
(1) Initial - Haste: Tournesol
(3) Initial - Regen: Tournesol, Ice Lance, Chantage
(0) Initial - Protect: N/A
(3) Initial - Reraise: Asura, White Robe, Angel Ring
(0) Initial - Shell: N/A
(0) Initial - Transparent: N/A

(0) Initial - Berserk: N/A
(0) Initial - Charm: N/A
(0) Initial - Critical: N/A
(0) Initial - Darkness: N/A
(0) Initial - Dead: N/A
(0) Initial - Death Sentence: N/A
(0) Initial - Don't Act: N/A
(0) Initial - Don't Move: N/A
(0) Initial - Frog: N/A
(0) Initial - Oil: N/A
(0) Initial - Petrify: N/A
(0) Initial - Poison: N/A
(0) Initial - Sleep: N/A
(0) Initial - Slow: N/A
(0) Initial - Stop: N/A
(0) Initial - Undead: N/A

(0) Initial - Charging: N/A
(0) Initial - Crystal: N/A
(1) Initial - Faith: Faith Rod
(1) Initial - Innocent: Judo Outfit
(0) Initial - Jump: N/A
(0) Initial - Performing: N/A
(3) Initial - Reflect: Vesper, Crystal Shield, Reflect Mail

• Any Zodiac, including Serpentarius, is legal
• Teams will consist of four generic humans at Level 35, controlled by enemy AI routines.
• Brave and Faith can range between 40 and 70.
• Each unit has 3000 JP to spend on various abilities.  It costs 250 JP to unlock a job and its skillset; this unlock cost counts for a unit's primary job, as well.  You do not need to unlock specific jobs to have access to other jobs.  For example, all you need to do is drop 250 JP, and bam, you have access to mime.
• Only two units can buy any individual ability.  Innates do not count towards this.  For example, four units could have the Punch Art skillset, but only two could purchase Earth Slash; conversely, you can have two chemists (which have innate Throw Item) and a knight with Throw Item as its support.
• Only two units can equip any individual item.
• Unit names can be a maximum of 16 characters.
• Unit gender is male or female only, with monsters simply having to use "monster".
• Leave any blank slots empty; as in, an empty line.
• Spell correctly.  Whilst it will probably be corrected when received, it will save people from doing extra work.  For example, Magic AttackUP is "Magic Attack UP", Move HP UP is "Move-HP Up", H-Bag is "H Bag", et cetera.
• The following team colours can be used:

Unit Format
Primary Class
Secondary Class/Skillset
Right Hand (Don't put a shield here)
Left Hand

Primary abilities known
Second abilities known

Player: Example Player
Team: The Example Squad
Palettes: Red/Brown
Last Revision: 2017-01-17


Example Leader
Brave Up
Jump +1
Vaulting Lance
Genji Shield
Carabini Mail

Jump Range 6, Vertical Ignore
Accumulate, Bullrush, Throw Stone, Heal, Yell, Wish


Example Token
Talk Skill
Damage Split
1/3 of MP
Move-MP Up
Tactician's Blade
Secular Shield
Gold Helmet
Chameleon Robe
Germinas Boots

Lay on Hands, Nurse, Transfusion, Reraise
Blackmail, Solution


Example Sidekick
Auto Potion
Throw Item
Gokuu Rod
Genji Shield
Flash Hat
White Robe
Dracula Mantle

Throw Stone, Heal, Yell, Wish
X-Potion, Antidote, Chronos Tear, Echo Grass, Soft, Holy Water, Bandage, Phoenix Down


Example Babe
Black Magic
Magic Attack UP
Move-MP Up
Giant Axe
Escutcheon II
Black Hood
Black Robe
Leather Mantle

Pitfall, Water Ball, Hell Ivy, Carve Model, Local Quake, Kamaitachi, Demon Fire, Sand Storm, Gusty Wind
Nether Fire, Nether Bolt, Nether Ice, Nether Water

You've stepped in puddles less shallow than me.