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Wanted sprite creators

Started by Blitzstorm, March 01, 2016, 01:43:37 pm



I'm a long time shadow stalker of FFH & FFT. I know that there isn't as many sprite creators on these forums as there use to be but I hope there is one or two left that may be willing to help out.

I'm looking for sprite creators to help with a game that I'm currently working on called Celestial arms. Celestial Arms is a game similar to FFT and I'm in need of some more player sprites, I have concepts of the characters that still need to be done. I'm low on funding at the moment so I can't pay right away but if any people want to help with the project I'm sure we can work a contract out that says when I get funding that I will pay them X amount per sprite sheet that they make for the game or something on that line.


Spriters don't exactly tend to earn a living through making sprites... those who do are extremely talented and not cheap.
I also have a fair idea of how draining it can be to sprite.

Very draining work + can't afford to not be paid immediately (or ever) does not sound like a good combination to me. I understand you lack funding right now, but understand that the game you develop might not be nearly as popular as you hope. Indie developers who make a huge success out of one game never see it coming.

I'd suggest to either have an artist friend willing to go down with you (if things were to go wrong) or have placeholder sprites for the time being.
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Yeah that's all true. I do understand and I have paid a few sprite maker in the past and know how expensive it can be. I guess I can save up a bit and try again later on. Thanks.


Hello FFH community.

I'm back this time to offer a paid job to any FFH sprinter that would like a job to create a character sprite sheet for the game I'm working on. I have the character concept art done as a reference. I may have more work right after if interested. Feel free to email me at Blitzstorm2015@gmail.com with some references of work and your cost to do a character sheet and we can work something out.

Thanks for your time.