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July 13, 2020, 03:07:44 pm


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EasyVent Update?

Started by Guru, January 22, 2016, 11:33:10 pm


So i was hoping to update easyvent so it could actually get some use, as I think it's a useful tool especially for someone just starting out with events.

I tried updated the source files which worked, but only for files that the name wasn't updated(or a new command). For example I updated UnitAnim and it spits out the correct code with autofill and the description is updated to the new format. Now Changemap on the other hand, because it was changed from BlackoutBeta, will spit out the correct code(if you type in ChangeMap) but is still listed as BlackoutBeta in the drop down menu and will just give an error and not display when picked from the menu.

So from what I gather the program is coded so it calls the instruction name and description by matching it to the name in the txt file. Would someone be able to change the drop down menu and would this actually fix everything? I saw a bunch of .lst files and i'm assuming that's where this data is stored but I was only able to open it and not edit it with the free version of the program I found that could read them. I'll post my txt files if anyone is able to do it or you can tell me how to do it and I will change it. If not back to good ol notepad  :cry: