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can someone help me please?!

Started by prodigyk, December 31, 2015, 09:47:01 pm


i know we're not allow to post any rom or iso on this fourm but currently my computer fried...and theres no way i can patch the iso...so can someone private message me or point me in the right direction where i can get the iso already patched? and im trying to run the game off my ipad via retroarch or other emu...i do own fft on disc and purchased on my ps3


Google is an amazing thing. Sorry they don't allow isos on here for a reason and its their house so =/. They do have the tools to patch it in the downloads section of the main site though.


But only tools for patching on a computer, which prodigyk pointed out is dead. So no patching tools we have will work.
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Unfortunately we cannot provide you with a pre-patched copy of Jot5. This is against pretty much ever rule we have.
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