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August 13, 2020, 01:54:19 pm


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Call of Power Chapter 3 & A Stone's Ripple Updates!

Started by Elric, December 26, 2015, 08:30:49 pm


Hello everyone, after a long time in development I would like to announce that Kokojo has release Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy Tactics - Call of Power! In addition Jumza has also released a demo of his own story mod called Final Fantasy Tactics - A Stone's Ripple!

I've asked both Kokojo and Jumza to write a short summary to post here for anyone who is unfamiliar with these mods or perhaps just wants a refresher, I will also provide links to both of these mods, so be sure to check them out! LPs are a wonderful way to gain popularity on these and we also always encourage forum comments, as most of our motivation comes from these things! The more comments and interest mods get, the more motivation we have to work on them, so be sure to give some huge props to both Kokojo and Jumza.

Now, without further adieu:

Kokojo on FFT - Call of Power

Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that Chapter 3 of Call of Power is out for everyone to enjoy, just in time for the holidays!

Not only is there a completely new chapter with new story and events, there is also a small overhaul of other events, some map changes, and a medium sized-overhaul of many skills and jobs, notably the Golem, Thaumaturge and Mindmaster!

The job wheel has been expanded a little to make the game flow better, and the difficulty has been adjusted too. Most notably, there is now a small tutorial to explain most of the basics of CoP, making it better for new players.

Please be sure to post any feedback you may have in the Call of Power section, including but not limited to bugs, suggestions, and LPs or Battle Logs, I'd love to hear from you!

Jumza on FFT - A Stone's Ripple

Final Fantasy Tactics: A Stone's Ripple is a project made by Jumza that changes just about everything from the original. Story, Jobs, World Map, Items, it's all getting redone! In this re-imagining of Ivalice, the Holy Stone's existence are common knowledge. They are powerful magic items that are used by the church to keep many towns and cities across the country safe from monsters and disease. The "Church" as it will be referred to for the entirety of the game rules the land. There is no king, just a Pope who leads Ivalice along it's religious path.

Zoom in on the slums of Zarghidas, where the story begins. A young man (the main character) is on patrol when he runs into a newly appointed Church Surveyor investigating some strange events in Zarghidas, curiously she had no idea that the once glorious port town was now a slum. Much plot ensues.

Please be sure to post any feedback you may have in the FFT - A Stone's Ripple thread!

Again I would like to thank Kokojo and Jumza for the serious amount of work they've put into their respective projects, story mods are no easy task to make or even work on, and the dedication that comes with doing so is not something that most people can handle, make sure to give them some kudos even if you don't have time to play the mods right away!

You can download FFT - Call of Power here:

You can download FFT - A Stone's Ripple Demo here:

PS: One of the events from Call of Power Chapter 3 was actually a collaboration event between Kokojo, Jumza and Myself, can you spot which one it is? Make a post in the CoP section if you think you found which one it is, I'm curious to see who guesses correctly first! And congrats once again to Kokojo and Jumza!
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The demo was just released! Come check it out!
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Hey, love the work! Been following all these patches for years. I am having a bit of trouble. I am starting chapter two in the new Call of Power and after you have the talk with the thieves my game is just stuck with a picture of a town. No text and it just stays there. I sped up the game and waited and no luck. Any idea maybe a bad rom?


hmm what emulator are you using? I completed all of ch3 on psx (psxfin), there's a link above the navigation links.


nice work guys! keep on modding. just recently registered here but ive been lurking around since the old site.

im pretty intrigue in a stone's ripple. must be a great one!