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October 21, 2020, 11:24:47 pm


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FFT the Durai Records (Working title) VanillaMod

Started by Aiolon, July 23, 2015, 03:53:10 am


July 23, 2015, 03:53:10 am Last Edit: February 19, 2018, 11:15:45 am by Aiolon
    Final Fantasy Tactics:
    The Durai Records

    The same story, Another Version.

    This Project is Currently an unfinished thing( NOW IT IS FINISHED :D) and not just an idea. I AM 100% about finishing this project with or without help. this is NOT just another dream of a guy that had fun with FFTP and other tools. i have spent hours on this and im going to make them worth even if it is only for entertainment. i have all i need (ASMs)(Hacking tools)(Sprites)(Imagination and creativity)(A LOT of free time)(Love for FFT) all of the editing and hacking tools Provided by the awesome community and the rest by Magnificent Game Developers with Amazing Ideas that became Fantasy.

    The idea for this patch started when i decided to make my own story patch but with the lack of experience i decided i should start of playing around with the hacking tools using a simple vanilla mod made for testing that eventually became bigger and after the hours and hours i spent on it i made my mind and decided to make it an official work with the capacity to become something bigger than just a personal project.

    Ok lets get started so what is this about?


    these are the BIG things that changed from the original game.
    This is a list of what this patch will offer.

    1- Several Job changes   (Sprites , Skillsets , Growth and Attributtes)
    every job of the game has been edited while some sufffered minor changes and nerfs several jobs habe been replaced for a totally new job. Special jobs have also received changes.

    Job Data

    First of all im not a Spriter or Pixel artist, every Sprite and portrait used in this patch was not made by me and they are the work of different artists.
    Before i go into details here are the jobs that have been removed :<

    Thief       (removed due to the removal of Steal skills)
    Mediator    (Replaced with assassin)
    Monk        (Replaced with Caster)
    Samurai    (Not really removed just modified)
    Calculator  (Replaced with Warrior/Riskbreaker)
    Bard         (Skills moved to songstress but made an innocent bard into an evil sorcerer)


    Soldier "Cloud" (Replaced with Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)


    Flying birds (Cockatrice, Juravis, Cocatoris we will not miss you or maybe we will...)

    Returning jobs


    Squire is now a less boring class, instead of just throwing rocks they can make use of two new abilities that remain useful even after ditching squire. squire is still the best job for JP farming and its skillset is guaranted to remain useful for other physical based jobs. if one of their new abilities is used with the right weapon it can deal some devastating damage.
    Weapon Equip: Knife, Swords, Rod, Crossbow, Axe, Flail
    Armor Equip: Clothing


    As useful as always Chemists return with new Items at their disposal. while single debuff removing items have been removed now they get new items that add buffs such as protect, shell and wall
    Weapon Equip:Book, Crossbow, Gun, Knife
    Armor Equip: Clothing


    Knights have been reworked to be real tanks. their really high HP and evasion equipment makes them hard to kill but they have lost attack power. let them get close to you and get your armor broken.
    Weapon Equip: Sword, Knightsword, Shield
    Armor Equip: Heavy Armor


    Archers suffered no changes other than getting their stats tweaked.
    Weapon equip: Bow, Crossbow
    Armor equip: Clothing


    Wizards have been rebalanced considerably. many of their stats have been increased. the magic power of their skillset has been reduced considerably due to the 0 CT feature, they can no longer use LV4 Magics (Fire4, Ice4, Bolt4) they can now use Poisoning spells and Astral Spells, they have also lost non elemental spells such as Death and Frog.
    Weapon equip: Books, Rods
    Armor equip: Robes


    Priests have their MP multiplier and growth increased considerably. their abilities suffer a notable impact from the 0 CT magic mechanic but they are still the best support job.
    Weapon equip: Book, Staff
    Armor equip: Robes


    Lancers experienced minor changes.
    very powerful units with a very limited equipment.
    Weapon Equip: Spears
    Armor Equip: Heavy Armor


    As the powerful job they are they did not suffer any changes.
    Weapon equip: Sword, Axe, Shield
    Armor equip: Clothing


    Oracles are now Arcanists. they have lost a few skills such as zombie, Berserk, Chicken, and Innocent but gained Powerful AOE spells capable of inflicting Dark elemental damage.
    weapon equip: Book, Rods
    Armor equip: Robes

    Time Mage

    They have returned with a small rebalance on their stats. additionally their skillset was heavily buffed with 0 CT mechanic making them valuable support units that get to see more action and utility in combat.
    Armor Equip: Robes


    Ninjas have been NERFED... yes, while i like ninja i always felt this class overpowered and while i know its not easy to unlock it seems to be the class of choice in terms of power. the changes however are minimal and only affect their skillset.
    learning 2-swords now cost more JP and they can only throw Shurikens, balls and special throwing knives, all other throwable item skills have been removed. they can now equip crossbows.
    (2-Swords now changed to Dual wield and now it works with guns, crossbows, books, rods and staves)
    Weapon equip: Ninja sword, Knife, Crossbow
    Armor Equip: Clothing

    Songstress (FEMALE ONLY)

    The Songstress its a mix of Dancer and Bard and no one can stop their magical dances or silence their alluring songs. masters of buffs and debuffs.
    Weapon equip: Books, Knives, gun, crossbow
    Armor equip: Clothing
    Innate: Immune to: Silence, Don't Act


    Summoners have been strenghtened in terms of MP they have the highest MP growth and multiplier. a few summons have been reworked but unlike Magicians, Summoners need to CHARGE their summons but they remain as powerful as before.
    Weapon Equip: Staff, Rod
    Armor equip: Robes

    These are all of the returning Jobs, there are many unmentioned changes and many of the jobs listed here are subject to receive modifications or fixes.

    New Jobs

    Warrior AK Riskbreaker

    The warriors are a very powerful PA based job inspired after the riskbreakers of vagrant story, they can use the break arts that are powerful skills that consume the life of the user but in this patch it will consume MP instead.
    Unlike Knights they cannot equip shields but they equip swords, Knightswords and Axes in both hands to pack a real punch that is guaranted to do Heavy damage. a strong class in terms of Physical power but they lack magic power and have a very low MP multiplier limiting the use of their powerful skills.
    Skillset: Break Arts
    Weapon equip: Swords, Knightswords, Axes
    Armor equip: Heavy armor


    *I borrowed or ..stole this sprite from another patch that im sure many people will recognize, i hope its not against the rules  :|*
    The Hunters are versatile Ranged units with a very very useful and varied skillset. their skills can deal aditioal damage, apply elementals, cause poison, reaching far away targets, canceling buffs and even increase stats.
    SKILLSET: Hunting
    Weapon Equip: Bow, Crossbow, Knife
    Armor equip: Clothing


    The casters are another magic based Job that can use wind magic and AOE status magics. they learn 4 abilities that involve MP restoration and are the only MA based job that wear light clothing.
    SKILLSET: Elemagic
    Weapon equip: Rods, Books
    Armor equip: Cloting, Robes

    Dark Sorcerer (MALE ONLY)
    Masters of Debuff and Crowd control the sorcerers are vile magicians with knowledge of forbidden magic that can rapidly immobilize an enemy and leave it totally defensless just to finish them with their powerful dark swordskills. Hard to unlock but absolutely worth it.
    SKILLSET: Dark Arts
    Weapon equip: Book, Rod, sword, Knightsword, Staff
    Armor equip: Robes, Heavy Armor, Hats, Helmets


    The Magiciter its an scholar that discovered the power of magicites: magical stones born when the soul of monsters cristalizes leaving pure energy traped in an orb magic power that can be released by chanting series of magic words.
    Very skilled in combat the magiciters can equip swords and staves. they are very fast and can easily dodge enemy attacks but their low HP can make a simple blow a big damage for them.
    SKILLSET: Magicite (Draw out. Magicites always break after use)
    Weapon equip: Swords, Ninja swords, Staff, Book.
    Armor equip: Clothing


    Assassins are... well... assassins. they are the top tier job of the versatile jobs. they have unique skills that are deadly and of of them can take down several units in record time however they are extremely weak in terms of defense and can be killed with ease. Kill or be killed.
    SKILLSET: Assassination
    Weapon equip: Ninja swords, Knives, bows, crossbows, guns, Axes.
    Armor equip: Light clothing

    Special jobs

    Demon Knight (New character)

    Castlevania players and fans will thank me for this. Alucard from Castlevania: simphony of the Night will join the player party after an event that will be added in the final version (that when i get more used to eventing) but it is posible that i will add Alucard to the beta without an event but either way it will not come near end game and level 1 like cloud. Also Alucard will give the player a sidequest similar to the original game = Find all of the alucard set.
    gotta find em all~
    Alucard equipment can be obtained via move find item skill and the locations for each piece will be hidden in Maps that can be accesed more than once but WARNING: Move find item was made an innate skill for every unit and this means enemies can get to find them too. i will give hints for the legit players of where to look for pieces.(i say legit because i know there will be bastards that will open the iso in patcher and spoil everything..)
    Alucard will be a very powerful unit that will rival the stats of orlandu but not to the point of being ultimately broken and all run solo super saiyan lightning stab 9999. his skillset is Fully inspired in the original skillset he had in castlevania games and i did try to make the skills look like the original. here is a small preview showing many of the Alucard skills

    Alucard its a Knight job so he will be able to equip: Swords, Knightswords, shields and heavy armors.
    (Note: My eventing level its still Noob level so it might take a while to add an event for him)[/size]

    Magus,Spellcaster and Warlock

    yes i named Ramza lechugo i think its funny its the same as Cabbage guy.
    Ramza is the son of a legendary knight and so his brothers are knights but i always tought of ramza's mother to be more like a mage oriented job just like Alma and i always wanted to make him an special mage job instead of another squire. the fact that he doesnt want to be like his brothers and that he never gets to be a high level Knight and becomes an heretic i decided i would like to give him something more meaningful and so it was born Magus Beoulve.... just kidding he is still Ramza or whatever you want to name him.
    Ramza mage will be used in the beta while i think of a way to release 2 final versions (1 with a Magic Ramza and another with an Strategist Ramza)
    that depends on player opinion tho.
    Ramza mage skillset will change as the player progreses in the story Ramza will be able to learn new powerful magics while keeping the old ones.
    As a special magician he can equip not only Rods and Robes but he can also equip swords and as the player unlocks new chapters he gets to equip heavy armor.

    Holy Knight

    Agrias has been strenghtened and her skillset its now a mix of holy sword + mid level white magic this was to make her more useful and competitive as a special character.
    Skillset: Holy sword+
    skillset preview

    Heaven Knight

    Rafa its not a character i use but maybe some people do and with the skillset given to the Mahoutsukai job the Heaven skill loses its meaning and for that reason rafa skills have been reworked and now she gets Illusionism.

    Just like in FFTA illusions are very powerful skills that hit every enemy in the battle just like  Galaxy stop but the diference being elemental Damage and said that every skill in the set does the same amount of damage with the diference of elemental used in each skill. of course a powerful skill requires a lot of MP and it will require the player to use Rafa in a few fights to gain enough JP to unlock at least one skill.
    Rafa can equip Staves as weapons and Robes as armor

    2- ENTD Changes and Batles reworked   (Monster Encounter revamp and new Special Battles)
    Monster Encounter Changes
    The point of this is to allow the player to find Variety in random encounters not just the same boring stuff you encounter every time (chocobos , goblins and squids) this patch has every random battle modified to increase the amount of enemies the player can find while respecting 9 sprite limit and offers more variety for the player to poach them or just kill them all. with this in mind dont expect to find the very same boring stuff everytime.
    ° The player is expected to find high tier monsters such as Dragons more often starting from chapter 2
    ° The player will run into battles containing at least 5 enemies (no less) unless the player runs into a challenge encounter.

    Special Random Battle encounter

    ° Every map now has at least 1 or 2 random Battles of high dificulty that can be accesed by entering the map from an specific direction and the player should start finding them from chapter 2
    ° Succesfully Winning the fight will reward the player with high amounts of gil and a chance to winnRARE item. the player is free to try encounter the special battle again to try to win more of the same reward.
    ° Warning! The fights offer considerably dificult even if the enemy party its of 3 units 1 of them AK the BOSS will be equiped with really powerful equipment and outstanding skills that can obliterate the player party if unprepared. make sure to save often
    *NOTE* the Special tier 5 Battles of the original game HAVE NOT BEEN MODIFIED, you can still expect OP groups of dragons , 10 monks, parties with guests and that stuff with the only change made as the war trophies.

    3- Major change to Magic mechanics and MP Usage  (0 CT for magic and all class MP usage)
    No charge Magic 0 CT

    YES this is a CRAZY and super Risky Move I KNOW but the reason for this is to make Magic classes more useful late game and not just posers that stand in the same place charging a "powerful" spell for 8 Turns just to get some dude or mob to 1 shot you and never cast a spell that would do just decent damage when you have a ninja that 1 shots everything by just attacking. BALANCE MUST BE PRESENT.
    °All kinds of Magic now have NO CHARGE TIME the magics will be casted instantly. the skillsets affected by this are:
    Black Magic
    White Magic
    Arcane Magic
    Time Magic
    Elemental Magic

    ° EVERY SINGLE MAGIC that has 0 CT has been adjusted to do Balanced Damage, Balanced MP cost and or Succes %
    if your Firaga(Fire 3) used to do 150 Damage when charged now it will do something close to 90 Damage, this is only a Vague example but dont expect Uncharged magic to do the same damage they used to do when charged.
    YES I have balanced this and tested it was fair so that the player will not abuse magic but then again a very good geared unit will always destroy but this applies to all kinds of jobs not just magic based.

    MP Usage now Global

    °ALL jobs with the exception of jobs that make use of a special Resource (Items , Magicite , HP) WILL now need MP to cast a skill! YES! while every class excels at something its not fair that some consume MP and some other while stronger doesnt. every unit skill in the game will now consume a fair amount of MP the main reasons for this are:
    - So that the player thinks before it acts.
    - to render skills as supportive and not just spammeable exploits. (-cough- Swordskills sand other special job skills -cough-)
    - To make Ethers consumable and not just useless items colecting dust in your inventory.

    4- Completionist and item collecting changes  Move-find item, Synthesis shop and poaching)
    Move Find item changes

    -Changelog- *UPDATED*
    °Update: Move find item has returned to the game but now every valuable or very rare item will have 100% chance to be adquired. equipment items have returned as rare find items that will require shop progresion and this means the player can get high level equipment or next tier early in the game.

    Synthesis Shop

    °This will be a PUNISHING job for game completionist and item collectors. the synthesis shop hack provided by Xifanie  will offer some of the most powerful pieces of equipment but the challenge will come by colecting the materials you need to make this Balance-breaking equipment. this was made to encourage player to DO RANDOM ENCOUNTERS because 90%of the items required for sysnthesis will come from items adquired from Poaching.


    °EVERY single monster of the game now drops as a Common item a Magicite ot a consumable item (More detailed info in the item rework section)and as a rare drop a Powerful piece of equipment that can be tier 2 or 3 and that is very likely to be an ingredient for sysnthesis. while it sounds hard as fk its pretty similar to vanilla said that if you played MMOS or other massive grinding games such as FF12, Vagrant Story and other several RPGS this should be easy.

    5- FULL Item Rework(Every single item of the game has been reworked)
    All equipment balance

    not only the Item icon and the in Game graphics changed, the way equipment works now changed as well and im not going to lie with this: the hardest was to balance equipment. This patch will not use linear equipment.
    every piece of equipment will be similar to other piece of equipment of the same type. lets say a leather helm and an iron helm.   Leather helm     VS     Iron helm
    HP  50                      HP 70
    MP  15                      MP  0
    The items however do get stronger as the player progreses but this is only a small diference.
    now the items have been divided by tiers:

    Tier           Power                               How to get
    Standard  (weak and common)                Start with or buy from shops usually super cheap
    Tier 1      (Strong and uncommon)           Buy from shops for moderate prices. may require story progression
    Tier 2      (Very strong and Rare)            Buy from shops for moderate prices. may require story progression
    Tier 3      (Overpowered and very rare)    Rarely from shops. Primarily obtained as the rare drop of poaching monsters
    Tier 4    (Special and also rare)              Extremely rare and obtained through item synthesis.

    But what changes?
    for every type of item this works diferent as not every item has up to 4 tiers mostly up to tier 3 but that will be in detailed information later.

    NOTE: with this equipment mechanic the player will find monsters Super easy and mostly 1 hit-able in the first chapter of the game. this is normal because monsters can't equip items and they depend on their stats but as the player level up so the monster will and they will be getting considerably stronger and eventually harder. Human units however will be more challenging now.

    okay lets get started with the item Setting but first these are the items that been REMOVED:
    Katanas - replaced with magicite
    Poles - used slots for more weapons of diferent types
    Harps - used slots for 3 more books
    Bags - used slots for more weapons of diferent types
    Cloth - Removed as weapon now it works as a material
    if you liked any of these well im afraid to say you wont see any of them in this patch.

    ASM Hacks Used in this patch

    -Raven's Workbooks : Weapon Battle Graphics (weapons should look similar to their item icons when used in battle)
    -Xifanie Synthesis Shop Hack (Because this awesome hack deserves to be used)
    -20 Bonus Money per level (if you want to be rich then go spam kill inocent monsters)
    -Weapon Guard Innate All
    -Move Find item Innate All (With the changes made to Move find item the skill has been removed and placed as an innate )
    -X button skips events (another miracle made by xif, press the X button to fly through events ans skip l i t t l e  m o n e y.
    -Smart encounters (if you want a random encounter move to the desired area if not then simply move to a town or city and you wont run into undesired random encounters)
    these are are some of the hacks used in this Mod.
    if you'd like to know more about Xif's amazing ASM hacks go here: http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=953.0

    current version COMPLETE VERSION 2.0

    Posted complete version and removed the beta patches.

    Known Bugs.

    1- Graphical
    - Female warrior formation sprite and portrait are innacurate (green instead of blue)
    2 - Gameplay
    - Sometimes critical hits from abilities that display damage twice can knockback the targeted unit twice and into walls or into innaccesible areas. this is such a rare bug that you don't have to worry about it.
    3 - Text
    -  english is not my main language but i try hard. Expect bad english and nazi grammar when reading the descriptions for some jobs, items and abilities. please forgive me if i make you cringe :/

    Thats all but im sure some pesky bugs managed to get away from me so if you encounter suspicious stuff or stuff not doing what the description text says then please report it.

    Human units will not transform into crystals or treasures after their death counter reaches 0. this is intended so you can only get game over if all your units die (and let me tell you this can happen).

    Current version 2.1.3 (Fixes Bethla Garrison sluice bug, Chapter 2 Mustadio joining with rafa Sprite and Mustadio's Secret ability)
    Thanks to Paladin679 for reporting this mess. the Mustadio-Rafa bug appeared after i finished my test run so i didn't experience it when it happened.
    Very sorry about that one.
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    Very impressive that you've decided to devote yourself to making this :) I'm looking forward to seeing progress!

    No charge time is an interesting way to balance spells, hopefully it works as well as you say :P
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    Ambitious! I'm not a fan of MP, but making it universal(!) and removing CT sounds like it could be an interesting balance. Looking forward to seeing another project use the synth shop, for sure. Godspeed!
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    * Angel should quit being a lazy bitch
    <@Elric> I agree to that as well

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    At the end of the day, are we not all trapped inside lemons?


    Good luck man, I wish more people would have that kind of spirit about it. You can always come onto IRC if you have questions (though we may not always be able to answer right away)
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    Joseph Strife

    Nice mentality you have there mate, that is the spirit.

    Hope to see progress on this, and as already said, any doubt that rises don't hesitate to call for help.
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    Gaffgarion: ... Sure!
    Ramza: ... Let me see your contract...
    Gaffgarion: ... No...


    I'll be curious to see how the 0 CT plays out. I remember this was something that FFTA did and it really threw me for a loop, but the magic was less punchy/powerful in FFTA. I'm happy to see the random encounter overhaul, and like the idea of special battles and rarer monsters.

    100% Support the inclusion of Xifanie's Synth patch and Poaching patch. (Overhauling that system allows so much more item freedom/possibilities. It also supports an environment that removes the randomness/difficulty of tracking down every single rare item. (Which in this game, as you've pointed out in the OP, can be ridiculous.)

    Totally support the use of Magicite over Katanas, and their impact on the game. (Thank you for the idea btw.)
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     :shock: omg thanks everyone for the support im glad to see people is interested. the patch should be ready for testing very soon because like i said all of the very tedious work has been done and im just fixing a few unbalances in the job table.
    i will post detailed information about what has been done and what still need to be done.

    still working on the job presentation, im doing something diferent because all that text its just boring i will post the Job info soon in a quite colorful format.

    for now:

    Update - Added the ASM Hacks that will be included in the patch and updated the OP

    :D and yes 0 CT was a bitch to balance but of course it will have lots of limitations when it comes to damage i will however add important notes regarding this balance to the job information that will be posted soon.

    ok back to work~

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    I'm intrigued by the Non-Charge Magic. I'd love to get my hands on some no-charge Haste and Stop ^_^
    I have this weird goal to like Time Mage as a job. I used to ignore that class everytime. But with the 0 CT, it's Time Mage time XD

    Be looking forward to the demo :)

    One more thing:
    Will there be an Ice 5?
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    lol guess i should hurry up and post the detailed info of 0 CT its not a bit thing really just reduced X / Y values considerably and powerful debuffs such as Stop, Petrify, Death and stuff like that have been adjusted and so this means lower chances to succed not by a lot tho but their MP usage has been increased so the player has to think if risk it and make MP worth it or just Waste it in a beautiful Missed!
    and NO LOL Ice5 is my super old sig but lol spoiler (i removed Ice4 :/ )

    Buffs however are more likely to succed now but Haste is an exception because its kinda OP so sorry :<

    anyway UPDATE: Added Job tree it looks kinda derpy because i did it speedy move in PPT while still on test it is very likely to be final and i dont think i add changes to it unless really necesary.
    Job tree can be found in the OP under the still cooming job preview
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    Hmm. Curious about the job tree. Did you nuke bard or mime to get that tree to work out? I don't see an obvious male only class. (Which I can understand a few of those could be.) I also don't see mime. However mime is my class of choice to dummy out when I need the AI to have a full skill set.

    I like the three way split on the job tree. (Though I'm might be biased.) I'm assuming that Dancer became Songstress
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    Nice observation :P i will mention that once i add the job deatiled information "SOON"
    but little spoiler Songstress is female only and it mixes bard and dancer while Sorcerer is male only
    (Sorcerer is however harder to acces because it is anoying as fk well won't be for you because you will probably never encounter one as enemy but whatever you do keep the charm debuff away from them)
    i did have a hard time with the songstress and the sorcerer specially because sorcerer is the Master job of magic class and won't be accesible to females Heck i even tought of making summoner the master of Magic female only then Dark knight Male only
    but summoner does not use magic so it wouldn't fit. some may disagree and maybe i make a few changes on that tree but for now

    Sorcerer = Male only
    Songstress = Female only

    As for mime if you count theres 1 job missing i will post that in detailed info
    but you should guess LV5Dark knight + LV5Ninja + LV3Summoner = Mime

    also the tree its not complex at all i just divided it into Meele, Survival and Magic i was thinking of a super complex job tree that mixed all 3 classes but nope some jobs wouldn't fit.

    okay Updates~ Added Item rework information and Weapon tier info to the OP : D
    will post Armor info later real life getting in the way ¬¬
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    I agree with the others, it's nice to see that amount of dedication going towards your modding.

    The only thing I'd comment on is the removal of all findable rare equipment - I lean the other way, myself, just making some of those rare drops guaranteed from the panels instead. Not sure if you still want to do it that way for at least some of them or if you're already fully committed :P
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    Quote from: nyzer on July 25, 2015, 09:18:57 pm
    I lean the other way, myself, just making some of those rare drops guaranteed from the panels instead.

    I agree, this would be much more favored by players, unless you intend to replace move-find item altogether.

    If anything just use the move-find item to have items avaliable 1 shop progress before you'd be able to find them in stores :P (story battle wise for those locations)
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    July 25, 2015, 11:42:45 pm #13 Last Edit: July 26, 2015, 01:27:21 am by Aiolon
    Actually i overexagerated with the move find item. truth is it was not nuked like i mentioned in fact it is necesary to collect the full equipment set of a new character and a few other items that make references to previous FF and yes these will come as both common and rare finds like materia blade did.
    and i must say its not a bad idea that of adding equipment that requires shop progression because now that i think about it it would fit perfectly with many items.

    I apreciate the ideas guys, you have saved move find item but DeepDungeon will keep me thinking for a while.

    Updates: Updated the Op with the returning jobs for the Beta
                 Added the new jobs
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    Wizzard: I have returned once again.
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    Wizzard: yes.


    Update: Added Special job info,

    I have 2 Requests for the community

    1. Opinions on removing Human units Cristalization and treasure transforming

    Personaly i never liked this and it was originally intended to be removed in this patch but since this is no longer a personal project i would like to hear or read the opinions of other people even if they are not going to play the patch.
    i know the Pros and Cons of removing cristalization but what does the people think about this?

    It can be a life saver in the battle because crystals restore HP and MP
    Makes learning skills faster depending on the crystalized unit <--- i have always hated this
    Encourages the player to have at least 1 reviving skill
    Makes the player think more before sending a suicidal unit to the front
    adds more tension and difficulty to the fight <--- can be considered a con

    It can be tedious to have to focus on reviving your units instead of focusing on the fight
    your hard worked units turn to nothing and you have to start another unit from 0
    Special jobs are also affected by this and they cannot be recovered
    Ramza = Game over
    i bleieve im not the only one that thinks that if 1 unit crystalizes even if it is not Ramza it can be considered a game over.

    So should i make all human units immune to these things or leave as it is? leave your opinions plz

    2. Alucard event

    while i can make this myself the truth is that my eventing is not to good and i was wondering if someone would like to volunter for this and make the event while i work on the game things. this is not an excuse to say i just dont want to do it but to speed up things and in the case of experienced eventers to make the event really cool. i have the event written i just need to event it..
    if there is someone interested please leave a comment and i wil contact you.

    Also i will rework Deep dungeons to be Dificult level = Jot 5 or maybe level patch that "Must not be named" so i will be taking sugestions for really annoying and hard batles that will be added to the las 3 levels of the deep dungeon.


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    Wizzard: I have returned once again.
    Chocobo: Wark?
    Wizzard: yes.


    1: I'm ambivalent. In my own patch, Undeath prevents true death entirely, so when their counter is 0 and their CT fills, they either raise or their CT just restarts from 0. It makes Undeath a bit more of a neutral status: units can't be wiped, but they also can't be healed as easily. It'd be fairly useful for Berserker type units.

    2: Can't comment on that one. All of my stuff has been with the PSP version in mind, so I've never really gone deep into events.
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    Personally. Death and dying needs consequences. So I say make them do one or the other. Just to be consistent. But loss and risk and reward are in my opinion, key parts of tactics. This was a large part of FFTA, and while I liked the game, I hated this...
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    QuoteBut loss and risk and reward are in my opinion, key parts of tactics.

    Absolutely. That's why I'm personally satisfied with my Undeath often taking a long time to revive units while rendering them immune to things like Phoenix Down. Plus I'm adding in a Banish spell.

    Letting units passively lie there, able to be restored at your leisure, with no real drawbacks - it does kind of cheapen it. I don't think the risk necessarily needs to include permanently losing them and (most of) their equipment, but there needs to be some consequence that's greater than that of a Stop or Toad spell.
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    yeah i agree with that . it gives reviving methods a more useful role i still think its annoying + i never liked the idea of people dying. this game was so depresing and dramatic i think thats why i love the story xD

    I dont remember much about FFTA i only finished once because there were many things i totally hated such as the stupid rules and cards that was complete BS!
    but FFTA2 ate my time for several months. i consider myself lucky to still have an original copy i liked that game so much it was very adictive.

    no updates for now im still testing skills and maybe i do a game test run then i will post the Beta. there wont be a Demo because it is a vanilla mod and if its fully playable i think its better to post a test version: the 1.0
    im sure there will be many changes because the patch feels a bit lazy for now but still need to test.
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    Wizzard: I have returned once again.
    Chocobo: Wark?
    Wizzard: yes.


    @Aiolon, if you go undead, it will be interesting to see how you balance it.

    I'm looking forward to your release and am really excited. I might be able to assist with your Alucard event, just how big do you want it though. PM me details. (Infant eventer, but I have all the tools and have followed Elric's tutorials to make a few practice events.)
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    Winner of the 2nd FFT Arena SCC Tourney. -Geomancers