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Top three favorite RPGs?

Started by TristanBeoulve, August 22, 2014, 10:43:34 am


Feel free to share your favorite three RPGS and, if you want, say why. Please don't criticize others' picks, but you can comment on their picks. I guess I'll say mine and explain briefly:
1. Lost Odyssey- The perfect RPG for me, this game was criminally underrated, and was made by the creator of Final Fantasy. I found it to be more worthy than FF13
2. Legend of Dragoon- Amazing game, simple as that.
3. Final Fantasy Tactics- Appeals to my tactical side.
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1. Lost Odyssey (I often mention that this should've been FFXIII instead of what was released as FFXIII)

2. Suikoden (The game speaks for itself)

2.9. Final Fantasy VIII (Triple Triad and Junction system)

3. Legend of Mana (Awesome, that's all I can say)
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1. Lost Odyssey (I see a trend going, here)
2. Skies of Arcadia (just a lovely little game that's joyful to play)
3. Disgaea (the first game to make me laugh until I cried)

Honorable mention: Final Fantasy XII (I never get tired of playing and replaying the story, and some of the marks are still fun to hunt down)
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<@Elric> I agree to that as well

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1. Final Fantasy I
2. Chrono Trigger
3. Dragon Warrior III

Honorable Mention: Dragon Warrior IV - Almost edges out III since I played IV first and have a lot of fond nostalgia for it but III just feels like an overall better game for various reasons like the class system, the call-back to Alefgard from I and II, the overall story. IV has it's high moments but some of the quirkiness like Taloon's chapter and the inability to control your party members in the second half of the game drag it down. III is a solid ride from start to finish, even if the characters you play don't have any personality themselves. Considering my #1 choice though, that has never been a real problem for me.


I have sooo many RPG's that I need to play, so my pool of ones that I've actually finished is small...

1. Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door
2. FFT
3. Tales Of Symphonia

They may not be the best rpg's out there, but they are the ones I love the most. I've played them all through several times and I never get bored of them. I'm actually on run #4 of ToS right now :P

Honorable mention: Though I haven't finished it yet, I've put almost 24 hours into Bravely Default and I'm still not bored of it. I decided on my first try to do it in hard mode, and 6 hours later I had finished the epilogue and it was -awesome-. The only thing that I absolutely hate hate HATE about Bravely Default is Bravely Second, an item you can buy to cheat your way through the game? What an awful thing to include in such a fun game :(
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I haven't played lots of RPG titles since PS3 era, so I may be missing out on titles that really deserve top spots.

1. Suikoden (series) - love them all! I haven't played the first one yet though.
2. Final Fantasy Tactics
3. Digimon World (1-3) - Something close to my heart.

3.5 Persona - really love modern-styled RPG's
4. Rune factory
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August 22, 2014, 10:48:37 pm #6 Last Edit: August 23, 2014, 10:21:19 am by TristanBeoulve
Wow. This sure got a lot more replies than I'd expected. I'm honestly quite surprised that a good number of people here play LO, due to its 800k or so units sold.
I liked that little Lost Odyssey streak as well, Toshiko.

I only played Dragon Quest 9 and 6, the latter of which I lost before I could finish, but I do like them.

Played FFIII, but never got around to finishing it. I do like it though.
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I discovered Lost Odyssey after the fact, due to never ever seeing it in stores, and never seeing anyone talk about it. After I learned about its existence, I bought it for myself as a birthday present in 2010. As with most, I was immediately taken helplessly in by the dreams, and knew that it was an instant classic. I don't think it's underrated at all, just underexposed. There are very few games that I would say are worth buying a console for alone, but LO is one of them. The only unkind words I can find to say about that game are: the Treasure Hunter achievement is sadistic, and Tolten's face makes me angry.
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<@Elric> I agree to that as well

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- FF9 (Even better than the first FF I ever played, the 7th)
- FFT (Why would I be here otherwise?)
- Tales Of Symphonia (I FUCKING LOVE THIS GAME, but it's damn too easy)

Honorable mentions: Chrono Trigger, Digimon world 1

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You know, Toshiko, Tolten was actually the most relatable (besides of course his royal status) because he was so weak, and also had a nice vocabulary. This made me go back to something I did back when my grandfather introduced me to Legend of Dragoon, the first RPG I ever played. I decided that I would pretend to be my favorite character. (This was when I was three, mind you, so don't judge.) Now, enter nerdy ten year old Tristan with no friends. My mother bought Lost Odyssey when we first got our Xbox 360 (the first console I ever played on that belonged in my house) When I started using Tolten, I gave him all my best rings, and swords. He was eventually doing more damage than Kaim.
I think the reason I loved LO so much was because of LOD (One letter difference, never noticed that until now.) And of course the amazingly written dreams (as of yet I have still not found every one), not to forget the great music.
Another reason LOD contributed to my love of the game was the combat system. In LOD, you pressed buttons before a character hit an enemy. E.G. With Dart, he hits four times consecutively, and you have to hit the right button as he hits each time. This is similar to the rings in LO.

Toshiko, you are right about the game being underexposed, but look at Game Informer's review of LO.

I think I'll try out Tales of Symphonic if possible, I have a Wii and eBay.

Happy to see the Digimon games, Mike.
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1. FF6
2. FFT
3. ??? (there are like, 5 games tied for this for me. Not many of them final fantasy, despite picking that for the top two)

FF6 only beats FFT due to nostalgia, I'll admit. I played FF6 when I was a young and impressionable lad, so it has a special place in my heart. FFT was a bit later, thus never had the same amount of "wonder" though I'll probably admit it's an objectively better game.
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1. FFT (hands down)

2. Faxanadu (not really an RPG; but has enough RPG aspects to count)

3. FFVI (similar reasons as Kaijyuu)
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August 24, 2014, 06:33:54 pm #12 Last Edit: August 24, 2014, 08:03:24 pm by Vaan

  • Final Fantasy XII (I enjoyed that real time fighting system, but i feel it could have sticked to either being more tactical like the original final fantasy or being more action based, since i think that was the objective, but other than that it was flawless to me, graphics, story, difficulty etc.)

  • FF V (Job system is awesome to me, i always love to replay it, using different job combos and paradigms to make it harder/more enjoyable, and the story, oh the story, that was the 1st one to immerse me so deeply that i actually cried at galuf's death)

  • All mainseries pokémon.(I mean, no need to explain, its just so fantastic and everything).

Also i must add that all the FFT's and Zeldas come right after that.
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  • Legend of Mana - There is just no way for me to get tired of this game. The music and the story are just so intensely beautiful.

  • Grandia - I'm not sure why I love this game so much. It definitely has very touching moments, and I'm not sure but I think the whole "adventure" thing gets to me. The story does get pretty intense too.

  • Valkyrie Profile - I love this game just for the story... the ending makes me tear up so bad, and even the one timer character stories are very touching.

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