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FFT: What Should Have Been

Started by Seperest, May 12, 2014, 08:35:45 pm

Been thinking of making more changes now that it's a few days later and I've gotten some rest. Should I continue this project?

Yes, it needs a ton of work!
2 (50%)
Yes, but you should only make a few minor changes.
1 (25%)
No, it's fine the way it is.
0 (0%)
No, it's a waste of time and I don't like it at all!
1 (25%)

Total Members Voted: 4

Voting closed: May 21, 2014, 08:04:42 pm


May 12, 2014, 08:35:45 pm Last Edit: May 18, 2014, 02:24:18 am by Seperest
This is what I believe vanilla should have been. Have fun with my vision!

- Abilities
      All abilities have had their names updated to match the current age Final Fantasy series
      Many abilities have experienced changes
             Gained JP UP has been removed from the game. Instead all player jobs will have it innate.
             Most abilities cost less JP then in vanilla (Some lesser abilities now cost 0 JP)
             4th level magic has been removed from jobs used by players
             3rd level magic has been removed from Priest and Wizard skill sets and placed in the new Sage skill set
             A few spells have been removed from the Time Mage skill set and placed into the new Sage skill set
             All magic has had CT shortened (slightly faster cast times)
             Altima has had her skill sets (both forms) changed around to increase difficulty in her battle
             New abilities have been added to the game (See Heroes section for a little more info)
      All items have had their names updated to match the current age Final Fantasy series
      Many items have experienced changes
             Most items now cost less then they did in Vanilla
             Potions have been reworked and have experienced an overall lower healing effect
             Either and Hi-Either have been removed from the game
             Elixers now only restore HP (150 to be exact)
             Pistols have been added to the game. They are lower damage guns that can be dual wielded
             More Knight Swords have been added to the game and are obtainable earlier
             Knight swords no longer count as Knight Swords. They are now just Swords that force 2 hands usage
             Knight swords have had their WP lowered and innate statuses removed or changed (Mostly removed)
             Flails and Axes have been removed from the game
             Items with the "Transparent"" Status have had the status removed and replaced with another status
             Every weapon now has its own inherent attribute, these are based on weapon type
             Reflect Mail has been removed from the game
      All monsters have had their HP growth stat increased
      All monsters everywhere (No matter what) will now grow in level according to your party
      All storyline encounters will now grow in level according to your party
            With the exception of Altima's two forms. They will always be Level 99
      All human type enemies will now have gear based on story progression (Before it was based on level and level was predetermined)
      All encounters with a specific kill target have had that kill target "beefed up" this includes gear, level, abilities, and skills
      Zalmo's 2nd encounter now has him with ???? status. Poor guy never stood a chance before
      All hero type enemies that appear during the series of final battles have ???? status
      Deep Dungeon has experienced many changes
            All enemies in the Deep Dungeon will now level with you (Party Level - Random)
            All human type enemies in Deep Dungeon will now have the best in slot gear
                  Females will always have Ribbon type items and Perfumes
      Ramza has experienced some ability changes
            Yell will now cast haste status on the target in stead of increasing speed by 1
            Cheer Up will now cast Regen Status instead of increasing brave by 5
            Wish will now resurrect fallen allies (similar to Phoenix Down) Instead of restoring HP at a cost of his own
            Scream will now cause a 10 brave loss to enemies nearby instead of increasing his Speed, PA, and MA by 1 and brave by 10
            Ultima has been removed from Ramza's skill set (It was pretty weak for an Ultima spell anyway)
            Invitation has been removed from the Mediator skill set and added to Ramza's. He will be the only character in the game able to use this ability
      Cloud has experienced minor changes in his Limits
            Limit skills no longer have a charge time (they are now instant)
            Limit skills now rely on Cloud's PA and WP instead of MA
            Limit skills have had their overall damage reduced
      Beowulf has experienced an entire remake of his skills and job
            Beowulf is now a Mystic Knight instead of a Temple Knight
            Beowulf's skill set has had an entire rework
                  All previous abilities except for Drain and Aspel have been Removed
                  The following list of skills have been made from scratch and added to Beowulf's skill set
                        Firaga Strike              Fire based MA damage
                        Thundaga Strike         Lightning based MA damage
                        Blizzaga Strike            Ice based MA damage
                        Flare Strike                Non-elem based MA damage
                        Holy Strike                 Holy based MA damage
                        Ultima Strike              Non-elem based MA damage
                        Shockwave Pulsar       Massive Non-elem based MA damage

      Meliadoul has experienced an entire remake of her skills and job
            Meliadoul is now an Esper Knight instead of a Divine Knight
            Meliadoul's skill set has had an entire rework
                  All previous abilities have been removed
                  The following list of skills have been made from scratch and added to Meliadoul's skill set
                        Hellfire                      Instant Summon Ifrit
                        Diamond Dust             Instant summon Shiva
                        Judgement Bolt           Instant summon Ramuh
                        Gaia's Wrath              Instant summon Titan
                        Tidal Wave                Instant summon Leviathan
                        Black Cauldron            Instant summon Lich
                        Zantetsuken              Instant summon Odin
                        Megaflare                  Instant summon Bahamut

      Rafa and Malak both have the same skill set now and have experienced an entire rework of their skills and jobs
            Rafa and Malak are now both Siblings instead of Heaven Knight and Hell Knight
            The skill set for both is now Family Arts and has had an entire rework
                  All previous abilities have been removed
                  The following abilities have been added to the Family Arts skill set
                        Shadow Stitch
                  The following abilities have been made from scratch and added to the Family Arts skill set
                        Speed Up            Adds Haste status to the caster
                        Flirt                   Charms target of opposite sex with 100% hit
                        Pilfer Weapon      Steals targets weapon with higher hit chance then Steal Weapon

-Generic Jobs
      The Calculator job has been completely reworked
            The calculator is now known as the Sage
            The Sage has all the best stat growths from the jobs Priest, Wizard, and Time Mage
            The Sage has an all new skill set. All calculator abilities are gone
            The following skills have been added to the Sages 'Mastery' skill set
                  Ultima (second version)
                  Dark Sword
            The Sage will be able to use the following equipment
                  All accessories (unless gender specifies otherwise)
            Squires can now equip Shields and Crossbows

            Archers can now use Guns

      Priest, Wizard, Time Mage, Summoner
            These classes can now use Books

            Mediators can no longer use Robes

            Lancers can no longer use Armor

            Samurai can no longer use Robes

            Ninja can now use Poles

-ASM's used
      Units start with 0 MP
      Regain 10% of Max MP after each turn
      No zodiac compatibility
      Random unit gear based on story progression
      Random unit equipment more selective
      Generic skill set fix
      No monster breeding
      Poison damage is 1/8*Min(999,MaxHP)
      Regen heal is 1/8*Min(999,MaxHP)
      Change % HP formulas to use Min(999,MaxHP)
      Undead units receive 25% max HP damage from Phoenix Down
      Divide Gained Exp in 2
      Divide Bonus money by 2

- Abilities
      Lowered speed of Cyclops summon. With a slower party it was instant casting

- Items
      MP added by clothes, robes, hats, and women's ribbon has been increased to make casters more reliable 

- Monsters
      Reaction abilities for monsters have been changed
            Chocobo's - Regenerator
            Goblin's - Counter Tackle
            Bomb's - Critical Quick
            Panther's - Speed Save
            Pisco Demon's - Counter Flood
            Skeleton's - Blade Grasp
            Ghoul's - Counter Magic
            Flotiball's Speed Save
            Hawk's - Damage Split
            Treant's - Distribute
            Bull Demon's - Meatbone Slash
            Morbol's - Damage Split
            Behemoth's - Meatbone Slash
            Dragon's - Dragon Spirit
            Hyudra's - Dragon Spirit
            Apanda's - MP Switch
            Archaic Demon's - Counter Magic
            Ultima Demons's - Counter Magic
      Edited the fight in Yardow Fort city
            Removed daggers from the ninjas and gave them Poles
      Edited the fight in Colliery Third Floor
            Gave the chemists pistols
      Edited the fight in Colliery Second Floor
            Gave the chemists pistols
      Edited the fight in Colliery First Floor
            Gave the chemists better rifles
      Edited Deep Dungeon
            All monsters have had their version of their type increased

- Heroes
      Meliadoul's Esper Sword skills have experienced a small MP cost increase, with the exception of Megaflare
      Rafa and Malak's Flirt ability will no longer always hit. Chance to hit is still higher then Steal Heart
      Rafa and Malak have had their starting gear updated to reflect their new jobs
      Every enemy hero job has Maintenance as an innate skill. This allows bosses to have more powerful equipment without
            giving the player access to this equipment

- Bug Fixes
      Fixed the tooltip for Ramza's Scream ability. Said it added Confuse before
      In some situations, Ramza's Scream ability would have no effect. This has been fixed

From here on I will only be posting links to the most updated version of this patch.

Without further adieu, I present:

Final Fantasy Tactics: What Should Have Been

Download link below. Enjoy!


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May 15, 2014, 02:36:26 pm #2 Last Edit: May 15, 2014, 02:42:49 pm by Elric
Quote from: Seperest on May 12, 2014, 08:35:45 pm
If you encounter bugs, I am warning now that I have stopped work on this project. If you feel like fixing bugs and posting those fixes, feel free!

Quote from: Seperest on May 12, 2014, 08:35:45 pm
I don't plan on making any changes in the future. If someone wants to edit this patch on their own, feel free!

So basically, "I'm not making more changes, love it or hate it, it is what it is"

Quote from: Seperest on May 15, 2014, 02:17:40 pm
Pending the Results of the poll, I've come up with a bit of a change log.

Possible Future changes:
-Add more pistols. Hope to make these a viable endgame weapon at some point. Or at least something that will piss off players if a boss uses.
-Rebalance the Samurai class. It is very OP right now.
-MOAR balance to Esper Knight! Seriously, this is totally broken.
-Remove all skills to gain MP, except for natural regen, react skills, support skills, and move skills.
-Make some of the more powerful skills need MP.
-Change T.G Cids stats around to be more normalized.
-More work on Rafa and Malak's new skillset and classes.
-Maybe find out how to sprite and use some new sprites. Seriously, is spriting that hard to explain or am I just retarded?

"Oh wait, yes I am"

You musta played through it a third time, eh?

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What *Exactly* Does this patch change, why would others be interested in platying it, and how i it better than vanilla?

You've given very little in the way of details.

That's not saying it *ISNT* better than vanilla. It may be. I have no idea.


May 15, 2014, 07:11:19 pm #4 Last Edit: May 16, 2014, 02:22:13 am by Seperest
@ Xif: I thought it was a funny gif is all...
@ Elric: At the time I posted it I wasn't planning to change anything, but nothing is ever perfect. I would be up to making changes if people try it out and suggest things that might be better.
@ Dark: I never kept a log of changes because this patch was originally not meant to be distributed. Near the end of it I thought it would be nice to share it and let other decide if it was good or not. To be honest I've forgotten a lot of the changes I've made to it... The log I've posted now might not be complete but anything left out is so minor it probably won't be noticed.  Sorry I wasn't to descriptive in the short list I posted.
@ Tosh: Thanks for moving it to the appropriate section for me! :D


Moving to to Progressing Patches.
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Ver 1.1 Is out! Enjoy everyone!  :D


I'll be checking this one out. Good luck with this project!


My friend, its a good try i say!

But i would consider changing some things.  Like, give polearms to Samurai, and robes to Ninjas XD

After all, who mostly goes to battles with light armors are in fact ninjas and all kind of considered "assassins". And Samurai did used kind of lances, like "naginata" weapon.

Also.. the critical thing in my opinion, dont give swordskills to any kind of typical mage. Even a Calculator/Sage is much more a Wizard than fighter and so, it is out of their role, heavily.

I liked very much what you did to Ramza, tough, it gave him so much character! And a little more decerved power.

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This is a topic from 2014, about a mod that was only ever updated once, less than a week after release, by someone who hasn't been on the forum for a year.

I don't think you're gonna be seeing any changes.
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