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August 04, 2020, 12:58:17 am


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FFT Team Strategy

Started by ShadowDragon15, December 19, 2013, 10:09:44 am


All right, let's say you decide to enjoy yourself to a play-through of FFT. You've got 5 members to a team, no guests, and no special characters except for Ramza. What classes would you choose to use, and why? Assume all classes are mastered, just for simplicity. what would your strategy be? limit of up to 2 of any class(can't go through with all 5 Dark Knights, that's not exactly a creative strategy).

Dancer - Mainly for debuffing the enemy team, will be run almost exactly like the bard. Chemist Items secondary, Shirahadori for some sort of protection, Throw Items, and Ignore Elevation.

Bard - Mainly to start buffing up the team, running through a sequence of Cheer, Battle, Nameless, and Last songs. Will run chemist secondary, for item use. and will have Throw Items for support. Shirahadori for frailty, and Ignore Elevation.

Arithmetician - used for magical diversity, and because I like not losing MP with the class. He's going to run on Arcane Strength for support, and will use Shirahadori because of his frailty. his secondary skills will be Time Mage, as I want him to stay back with Ramza, and will run Manafont for movement.

Ninja - double swording along with the Knight's rend abilities, and the First Strike counter ability. Attack Boost for support, and Move +3, to ensure long range movement. I have this class as my powerhouse defender, running around and wasting time to allow Ramza to become buffed up. If he dies, then Ramza will be ready to take his place and start dealing damage from his focus/tailwind buffs. This guy is set to be as much of a nuisance as possible.

Dark Knight - Being Ramza, I would make him be the Dark Knight, and keep his mettle as his secondary so that he may stay back and spam Tailwind, Focus, etc... Also, he would have Equip Gun for support, so that when he's finally buffed up, he can mow down from a distance. Also Ignore Elevation, so that he may get up high. With Adrenaline Rush, to continue raising speed.

Tell me what you guys think, strategize your own team, and share it with me. I'm very interested in what you guys would do. And as to why this question specifically, it's just because I enjoy the process of going through strategies and learning what works best. And as for the non-mod question, it's just because I play the game exactly as it was released by Square E, playing on my pretty basic PSP.
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Solo Calculator Ramza is the fastest way through, but since that's a bit boring...

Ninja for speed and 2 Swords.

Lancer for being a tank with cheap evades and good damage output.

Chemist for items items items and gunmanship.

Archer for long range attacks that can travel over units in the way.

Calculator for overkill.

... And if you can't tell, I abhor MP.
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