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August 08, 2022, 04:34:42 pm


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Recolored Generic Sprites (Matching # to Color Scheme)

Started by Paheej, October 06, 2013, 08:44:07 pm


Sup, I'm back to do some modding of WotL since slowdown has been fixed and emulation is also possible.

I was wondering if someone had already recolored generics to have each sprite palette match a specific color scheme even more closely than the main game.

IE currently Squires are colored as such:
#1 - Brown
#2 - Blue
#3 - Red
#4 - Green
#5 - Pink

Black Mages are colored as such:
#1 - Blue
#2 - Teal
#3 - Black
#4 - Green
#5 - Red

As you can see there are a couple of differences here which I would like to make similar across all generic classes.  IE I want all #1, party members to be RED, all #2 palettes should be BLUE, all #3 palettes should be BLACK, etc.

I seem to remember someone was redoing the sprites for an AI season in the past but wanted to check before I go through the somwhat painful task of re palettizing all the generics to fit a uniform theme that was different than the main game.


For further reference Purposes I was going to make these more uniform in appearance to denote changes and special characters in fights, originally I am aware the palettes are supposed to follow the following general factions

Palette #1 - Party and Guests
Palette #2 - Order of the Northern Sky (Hokuten)
Palette #3 - Order of the Southern Sky (Nanten)
Paletee #4 - Death Corps / Rogues
Palette #5 - Church and Templars

My goal is to make these both more uniform in color scheme AND free up an extra palette to use for mini bosses (unless I can set palette #6 in FFTPatcher) and actually have it adequately use it in-game.


You could check at FFT Arena as an idea, all the units of the same party have the same palettes.
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I had worked on this a long time ago but my ability with palettes isn't very good so they're highly saturated and shit.  I might have them on my Dropbox somewhere, I'll look later and send you them to use as a base if you want.