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Update time again. This one comes later than anticipated since I was down with the 'rona for the past week or so, but it has a lot of minor bug and balance fixes, including a fix for Malak's evtchrs, and at least an interim solution for the in-party monster colors behaving oddly.

General/Balance Fixes:
-Izlude's HP/Speed multipliers reduced slightly
-Updated Kreuzritter immunities.
-"Convert" fixed to have higher hit rate than Invitation
-Acid Rain damage and AOE reduced
-Monsters occasionally having blank names fixed.
-Bombs are now correctly weak against water
-Coral Sword now procs Aqua Soul
-Leg Aim should work correctly
-Fixed Mosfungus Bomb
-Fixed Life Drain ability
-Made Stasis Sword evadable. Holy Explosion is not evadeable, but has higher MP cost
-Updated Choco Esuna description
-Updated Spear and Flail wield descriptions
-Quote box removed from "Entangle, Subdue" abilities
-Chocobo Gun damage increased

Graphical Bug Fixes:
-Fixed Malak Event scenes
-Fixed Female Monk Sprite
-No longer using the palette hack for monsters (still using Xif's hack for generic and special humans).

Battle Changes
-More units in random battles changed to "randomly present" instead of "always present," leading to more (easy) variation in battles.
-Guests at Yuguo given R/S/Ms.
Update in the original post.

Hopefully in the next day or so I'll add a "Hints" section that will help players better navigate the unknown areas of this mod.
You're probably right; I'll have to look into it to figure out exactly where it's going wrong since it's possible that I'm using an old version of one of the hacks, or mixed something else up.  I currently use 2 hacks that relate to this, "Activated Paletted Portraits for Special Units," and "Sprite Hack (special units, generic humans, and generic monsters."  I'm aware of the limitation on using the last 2 palettes (although you could use them on enemy units with the "Immortal" flag, or as a boss unit).  I had a thread where I asked related issues in the past, and if I can't get it working, I can bring it up there.
Once again, thanks for the feedback, and glad you're liking it so far.  Chapter 3 is the most new-content heavy section of the mod, with 6 extra joinable units, I hope you enjoy that as well, although as usual, I'd wait a few days for the latest update. 

Regarding bugs:

Quote from: Aiolon on July 19, 2020, 12:20:46 pm- Thunderbird appears as a purple chocobo on formation but if you bring one into battle it appears as a regular chocobo?
This is a known bug with all monsters currently in this mod, and is listed in the "bugs" section. It's the result of one of Xifanie's hacks I used to make more monster palettes available, but it's not worth breaking all the other monsters for.  This should be fixed in the next update in a few days, and I've been able to address just about everything else you've mentioned.

As for the difficulty of random battles, I'll look into those as well.  Some of them are meant to be fairly difficult (like the Goblins + Guest Chemist in Mandalia North), but are meant more as late-game battles to keep things interesting even when you have a strong party.  I may switch the order of some of those battles (so that the more difficult ones are the last ones unlocked), but feel free to call out any other battles you find are too difficult beyond any reward they may bring.
New update in the original post. It solves most of the issues Aiolon mentioned, and I consider it to be generally satisfactory from Chapters 1-3 (and probably decent in CH4, although I haven't yet had time to comb through that with this update). Barring any major gamebreaking issues, the next update should be out in about a week or so, and should come fairly close to wrapping up this mod to the point that I may move it to the "completed mods" forum.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed issue where goblins would appear as other unit types.
-"Soft" ability name has been changed to correctly match the item that replaced it.
-Fixed Zirekile Falls Sprite Limit
-Fixed Barius Valley Sprite Limit
-Coral Sword is now correctly Water Elemental
-Timed strike should now always deal more damage than a normal attack
-Thunder Rod proc fixed to match description

Balance changes:
-Martial Arts attack boost reduced from 50% to 25%
-Zodiac Compatibility: Good/Bad is reduced to +/- 12.5% and Best/Worst compat is +/- 25% (Rfh's ASM hack)
-Attack Up/Magic Attack Up Reduced to 25% boost (nates1984's ASM)
-MA multipliers reduced somewhat for magic classes.

Battle changes:
-Mustadio should now always have Seal Evil learned in Zigolis
Quote from: Elric on July 16, 2020, 08:47:04 pmYeah that slot is completely fine to use. Undead bit is just job related, and only breaks the tutorial and yuguo and cemetary battles with zalera. But TLW fixes those with the special snowflakes hack, which freed up space for those sprites to be easily used.

On the other hand, if you arent using the included special snowflakes hack...

I was using in the first version, and would have liked to continue using it, but unfortunately SS conflicts with Pride's Item Attribute Rewrite hack, which is pretty central to my mod, and AFAIK there's no way to resolve that conflict. As such my workaround to free up undead units was to make a generic "death shade" job that can be used with any sprite, rather than different jobs for "undead knight, undead wizard, etc," or applying a set of statuses via SS.  I've tried this and it seems to work well enough, but I'm having this particular goblin issue.  Gonna check it out now
Very possibly, but the slot I'm currently using for "goblin" is 3D/Undead Knight, since I replaced the goblin family with another monster.  Could be other shenanigans afoot, but if so it's probably a simple fix.
Ok, thanks for the feedback, I'll look into these. A few notes:

Quote from: Aiolon on July 16, 2020, 12:55:29 pm- Dunno if intended but there is a wannabe goblin at the save boco araguay woods battle. has cool looking gaffgarion sprite. and speaking of wannabe goblins...
- There is a random Battle at araguay woods where you fight an army of chocobos. there is a guest goblin with a female knight sprite. prettiest goblin i've ever seen.
- Same thing in Mandalia plains. there is a Goblin chief followed by an army of Hot female goblins using female chemist sprite (they look buggy). EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. again, Don't know if this is intended but this is very bizarre
This is not intended. I was aware of this bug, but hadn't added it to the bug list yet.  As far as I can tell, it happens when the unit using the goblin's slot appears in any encounter that has a guest.  There's nothing about the way I set the unit or those fights up that should cause this, so my best guess is that it has something to do with unknown hardcoding of the slot the goblin used.  This is medium priority since it's not game-breaking, but I think I can fix it fairly soon.

Quote from: Aiolon on July 16, 2020, 12:55:29 pm- Zirekile Falls breaks the amount of allowed sprites and turns the fight into a buggy mes. there are so many weird things in this battle that i honestly don't know what is intended and what is not.
I'll fix this, but it should be the only "bug" in that battle.  The other issues you might have noticed are that the (normal) cavalier unit's death pose looks very similar to its critical pose, but that's an issue best addressed by the original sprite creator (although I may get to it down the road), or the fact that the royal cavalier appears in that battle without introduction (but I already referred to this in the "limitations" section).

Quote from: Aiolon on July 16, 2020, 12:55:29 pm- Chemists are able to learn "Soft" but the item "soft" is missing. in battle, even if the ability is learned the option will never show and i haven't obtained or seen the item in game so far. and yes, i only found out because i needed it and there was nothing i could do about it.
Maiden's Kiss cures petrify as well as frog, as stated in its description.  Soft has been repurposed into a completely unrelated item, but I guess I forgot to update the "ability" description to match. Easy fix incoming.

Quote from: Aiolon on July 16, 2020, 12:55:29 pm- Royal Cavalier Description states he has Innate Meatbone slash. yet he comes equipped with Critical quick in battle. giving Innate reaction abilities to human units NEVER works.
He does have meatbone slash, and it should work properly (try it by going into a random battle and having your own units attack him at 1 range).  I use an ASM in this mod that *should* improve the way reactions work in such cases, and I've just tested this one myself.  As for whether he's a human, well, that's another matter that will be addressed in the next patch (apparently a couple of the unused or enemy-only jobs have some unusual hard-coding).

Quote from: Aiolon on July 16, 2020, 12:55:29 pm---- THIS ONE IS DEBATABLE ---
- There is a high chance that if you pick "Save Mustadio"
I'll give him some speed gear.  IIRC there is no brave penalty for choosing not to save Mustadio (and whether he is impossible to save depends you being exactly at the level at which enemy units cross the threshold into 1 higher speed), but I agree there's no reason to punish players for not knowing this. 

I would recommend pausing your playthrough until I get the next patch out - I've recently done a replay of CH2 as well and there are a couple small but significant things I want to improve, in addition to fixing most of what you've mentioned here.  It'll be a small update, but it will have important fixes (like making sure Mustadio spawns in the Zigolis battle with "Seal Evil" learned, instead of leaving that up to chance) It will be out sometime tomorrow.
Update time! I've "flattened the [difficulty] curve" somewhat in the first chapter, giving the player more of an opportunity to ease into the mod, and have addressed most of what I consider the major balance issues in the early chapters, including some changes based on the feedback I received.

Bug Fixes:
-The majority of monster reactions now display correctly on targeting (Dragon Spirit is the only one I've noticed that doesn't, but...dragons have it.)
-Unit MA, PA, and Speed stats are no longer bugged and now always show accurate values on the overland view.
-Poison knife now correctly inflicts poison.
-Royal Tonberry family now correctly has CT Save instead of Speed Save
-Removed Art of War from Sweegy Woods Move-Find
-Spellbooks can now properly be equipped by Wizards, Priests, and others as listed in description.
-Fixed identity/event bug if Rad is brought to Golgorand Execution Site Battle
-Fixed identity/event bug if the Royal Cavalier is brought to the first Zalmo fight.
-Cupid's Strike now works properly

Battle Fixes:
-Delita (Squire) is now Party Level +3 in all battles where he appears, is controllable, and has more skills unlocked.
-Slightly decreased the number of enemies with revive abilities in the ENTD
-The Yuguo woods guest begins the battle alive, and will join your party if he stays that way (or doesn't crystallize/treasure)

Balance Fixes:
-Lesser Dragons (mountable) given 2 more move, from 7 to 9.
-Chocobos given 2 more move, from 8 to 10
-Dragon Knight's Midgar Swarm is no longer learnable with JP
-Midgar Swarm now has an MP cost.
-Olan's Galaxy Stop hit rate improved slightly.
-Increased the enemy levels at which knights appear equipped with high powered weapons like spears and flails, thus reducing "one-hit wonders" at low levels.
-Bomb MA growths/multipliers reduced so that they deal more reasonable damage when using human abilities (lava ball)
-Pounce damage reduced, but may proc: dead.
-Dragon Knight MA increased.
-(Human) Breath attacks range increased from 2 to 3, now cost 7 MP each.
-Tornado damage reduced by more than half.
-Song and Dance CTs increased slightly to compensate for Speed reduces CT hack.
-Squire's Heal ability no longer cancels berserk and stop, now costs 7 MP.
-Squire's Wish ability now costs 12 MP
-Aqua, Ice, and Thunder Soul have +1 range (4) and cost 5 MP
-Steal heart hit rate reduced slightly

And a few dozen other fixes and changes that affect later chapters.

So check it out! New version has replaced the old in the original post
Alright, that clears it up.  Bummer about the incompatibility, but at least the way forward is clear, as I can make do without SS.  Thanks for looking into that and explaining it. 
Ok, that makes some sense.  I imagine the conflict is not in the free space then, since it looks like this: https://ibb.co/WVf53gm

I don't really get how free space works, much less why ASMS are written in anything that's not the free space (unless it's prohibitively small).  All that's kind of over my head right now, but it seems like the conflicting data could just be moved if there's space, even if it's done manually.  I'll probably reach out to Pride, and see if he can look into moving that section if it's possible, unless you're familiar with how that might be done.
This looks awesome, especially the ability to set formation sprites in FFTPatcher, and the conflict checker and free space viewers.

I have a question about how to use the free space viewer and the "move" option for best results, since in my hack I have a conflict between Special Snowflakes and Pride's Item Attribute rewrite, which is causing bugs.  The conflict checker reveals that they overlap in SCUS, and the free space viewer in SCUS shows this: https://ibb.co/86RfGp4

And this may be a silly question, but I'm not sure how to interpret what is shown here in order to know how much to move the hack by.  Does "length" refer to the length of the overlap/conflict, or the length of the highlighted hack?  If it's the length of the whole hack, would I subtract [hack] "length" from "Space to the Next Patch" to know how much to add to the address?  I'm obviously not very knowledgeable about ASMs, but I'd appreciate any guidance you could provide.
Just wanna say thanks for making this hack - there have been a lot of cool developments and breakthroughs lately, but the unit bench hack in particular stands out at something that has been requested for many years, and is a must-have for every mod.  It's awesome to be able to save a human unit for later, or have a variety of monsters in the bench so you can breed only the ones you need at any given time.  Heck, you can even potentially have 30 units (if 4 are guests), but that's being greedy.
Hey, thanks for trying it out, and for taking the time to respond.

Quote from: Aiolon on July 10, 2020, 10:42:17 pmand that you are not planning to make adjustments to the balance.
To clarify, my statement to that effect was largely to pre-empt demands from entitled players who have little idea of the work that goes into making a mod.  While my overall concept of balance (which is not fully revealed until all the little details are worked out) is unlikely to change, there will be many small changes that I will make to the mod before I consider it to be fully in line with my vision.  So let's look at what we've got, piece by piece. 

Quote from: Aiolon on July 10, 2020, 10:42:17 pmThe first battles were really long. Squires are very powerful. instant Regen, Instant raise skill with high success%, Instant massive heal all of these without MP costs. it was ok at first but it is so tedious to have to constantly pile on a dead body so it doesn't get revived instantly by the enemies because it really feels like every one can revive with either wish (Squire) or phoenix down (Chemist) this was particularly annoying if you wanted to have an enemy turn into a crystal or treasure chest, cause 1 mistake and boom, they are back alive.
I agree that squires have too many strong abilities without enough of a cost.  On the one hand, abilities like wish are extremely useful, and almost necessary for the player to have easy access to, since it's an alternative to phoenix downs early on when you can't always afford to drop the cash for 4 or 5 in a single battle.  On the other hand, I know that it's annoying when the enemy has the same recourse.  A partial retooling of the Squire abilities is in the works, although I don't want to go too far, since I've increased the squire level required for knight.  The easiest solution is that I'll probably increase the cost of some of their abilities, add a mana cost to their heal, and reduce the frequency of enemies with "basic skill" or "item" equipped.  I'll probably add a cost to "defy pain" in that, while it provides healing, it cancels out any active positive statuses.

Quote from: Aiolon on July 10, 2020, 10:42:17 pmThe woods are incredibly hard. all the enemies are faster than you (heck, the dogs attack twice before your guys have finished their round), they have more range than you, deal way more damage than you (Guaranted 2 shot), have way more HP than you and the bombs in particular are pure bullshit.
You're absolutely right.  I had done the woods battle before, but had made some last minute changes to monsters that I didn't think would be that impactful...but I replayed it a few days ago, and that battle was a nightmare, even for me, and I'm the mod creator.   :roll:  For the record, I did not intend for it to be nearly that difficult.  To be honest, once you beat that derpy battle, you've probably seen the worst of it until Riovanes or somewhere in chapter 4...  The mod is intended to start off somewhat intense, but not too difficult, and slowly ramp up over the first couple chapters (by which time the player will have access to lots of characters and abilities).  Anyway, I'm going to make chapter 1 easier by making Delita +3 lvl in all battles, as well as upping the level requirement for higher damage weapons like spears and flails to be wielded by knights, and am going to rework some of the monster abilities, especially Lava ball.  Giving bombs that ability was a bad idea without first lowering their MP Growths/Multipliers substantially first, so I'll either scrap that ability, or adjust their stats accordingly. 

As for the Algus battle, it's not meant to be difficult as long as you have units that can range Algus.  Unlock most mini-bosses, Algus doesn't have a unique job class with Def Up/MDef UP, etc, so he's meant to be the arrogant pushover that he is, and the battle should be one of the easiest of Chapter 1.

Thanks for the bug reports as well, I'll add those to the list and start looking into them. 

I have an update I've been working on that should see release in 2-3 days.  It addresses some of the bugs, and most of the egregious balance issues from Chapters 1 through 3, and will include more tips and info.
Edit: 8/5/20 - New update, solving more bugs and changing some aspects of balance.

Hey y'all!
So I've been working on this project, on and off, for quite some time.  It's a vanilla mod, which was originally heavily inspired by the old 1.3, but has deviated substantially therefrom, and draws inspiration from a variety of other mods, such as Celdia's patch and FFT+, with a generous dose of my own imaginings.  The main draw of the mod is that it adds a plethora of new content much as an "expansion pack" would in other game series. It features a wide variety of invitable new characters and monsters, and the addition of many new items, many of which do more than was possible in vanilla.  While it by no means complete and polished, I've got a fairly workable, fully playable version of the mod here and ready for some initial playtesting.

-It is built on FFHacktics' The Lion War mod, and as such contains most of TLW's content (although Ashley Riot has been replaced).  It employs many of the "latest and greatest" developments in FFT, such as Glain's brand new Bench hack, and Pride's excellent Item Attribute rewrite, which allows items to be able to confer properties that aren't possible in vanilla.

-It is intended to be fairly high difficulty overall, although this is somewhat tempered by powerful units and items that become available to the player.  In particular, battles involving shrine knights may be quite difficult.

-Monsters are generally stronger and more useful than in vanilla.  Especially the later tier monsters such as behemoths and dragonkin have excellent stats and multiple strong R/S/Ms.  Monsters such as chocobos are now more useful as transportation due to increased move stats, and the removal of the Move+3 Ability from most human units. 

-Enemy units in all encounters are around the player's highest level, and most of them have decent abilities and R/S/Ms to make for challenging battles.

-Money is much more scarce, and you likely won't become a Gillionare, but rather will have to spend judiciously, steal, or sell old items to thrive financially.  The "bonus gil" reward based on level has been entirely removed, and the gil reward for a battle depends on the units in it.  Monsters nearly always seem to lack purses, and will yield no gil, except in a few rare "monster hunt" battles where a particularly ferocious beast nets a sizeable bounty.  Human units generally carry small amounts of gil, although thieves, sky pirates, shrine knights and nobles have been known to carry fat wallets from time to time.  This does not scale with level, so a Lv99 Squire won't yield more money than a Lv10. 

-It introduces many new monsters, some of which can be invited, and others which cannot.  In order to make room for some of the new classes, I had to consolidate the old Goblin, Morbol, Uribo, and Panther classes.  These units still exist in the game as single units, but cannot be tamed (honestly, who wants a big slimy Morbol anyway?)

-Although it is intended to be reasonably well balanced, balance is not necessarily the highest priority at all times, and we more than likely have differing visions of what an optimally balanced game looks like.  As such, the default position is that your balance suggestions or other requests will not be implemented. Nevertheless, they will at least be listened to, as I am open to hearing your suggestions and being swayed by those that I find particularly compelling. 

-There's a lot more that I could say, but this will suffice for now.

There is a large amount of new units and items in the game, and not all of them will fall into the player's lap as a matter of course. Here are the unit/items that are possible to miss:

-There is an adventurer who can join your party if you find him in a rare battle approaching Zigolis Swamp from the west.
-The library at Orbonne holds many artifacts besides just the zodiac stone.  A couple of the floors contain items that can only be found there via Move-Find.  The first 3 battles there also feature 3 units that can only join your party there, via invitation amidst the strenous battle.  Look for a Kreuzritter that looks like my avatar, a unit that looks like an onion knight, and a unit that appears like a normal knight, but is not all he seems to be.  All three of the units have custom names, and are not obtainable elsewhere. 
-Bed Desert holds a few legendary artifacts buried alongside the ancient palace within the sand. 

-Monsters in the player's party will appear normal in the roster, but when placed in a battle, will all revert to the first palette of the monster family (e.g. Black chocobos will appear yellow, like normal chocobos in battle). Looking for a fix for this.

-Zalera does not float in his battle (TLW legacy issue)

-Some abilities are used both by humans and monsters, and sometimes the monster animation isn't a good match.  IIRC there is an ASM that fixes this that I will likely apply (Medium priority), but for now, if you see a monster that has a somewhat wonky animation while using an ability, don't report it as a bug.

-At least on one recent runthrough, many plot events feature units walking in place at the end of the event,  instead of standing still (high priority to fix this).

-In general, some of the sprites have mild imperfections.  For example, the Tonberry sprite (provided on the FFhacktics site) has a few pixels floating above the unit in its dead pose.  Other units have somewhat wonky singing/charging animations, or similar extra pixels that display during certain actions.  The Giant Spider does not yet have a portrait graphic, and other sprites that I created may not necessarily live up to the highest artistic ideals.  If you see something like this, know that I am generally aware and will be working on it, and don't report it as a "bug" - save that for larger issues that affect gameplay.

I don't think these are bugs per se, but there are things I'm mindful of that may be improved in the future:
-Eventing/introductions have not been done for several characters, including the Royal Cavalier, Wolf of Mibu, and the Yuguo Woods guest. As of now, they join your party without any backstory or explanation, but I will likely add some exposition to this in the future. 

-Although this hack is built using The Lion War as a base, it does not currently employ the extra job hack, due to conflicts with other ASMs.  The units that would have been included in the job wheel, the Shieldmaiden and Cavalier, can be invited in various battles where you may encounter them.  There is a possibility that I will be able to use this hack in the future, but it is not an assurance at this time. 

The Lion War Team (TLW Resources 1.06 were used). Here are the credits:
TLW Staff

Attack.out Rebuild, Spreadsheet & GUI
Worldmap Rebuild
WotL Event Additions & Fixes
Mod Organization
Vanilla Event Fixes and Jumps
ASM Setup, Application & Testing
Sound Novel fixes and Implimentation

Initial Attack.out Rebuild, Spreadsheet & GUI
Initial Worldmap Rebuild
Sidequest Changes & WotL Implimentation

ASM - Altima Teleport
ASM - Event Instruction Upgrade Hack
ASM - Extra Abilities Effects Hack
ASM - Map 120 Edits
ASM - Unit Restriction & Guests in Randoms
New Game Plus Work (not yet complete)
Squashing some bugs

De-WotLize Dialogue in WotL Event Ports
Translated & Fixed Sound Novel Images
Title Screen & Lead-in frames from WotL Movie to Title Screen

ASM - Rumor Edits
ASM - ARH Lite - TLW Edition

ASM - 1E4 & 1E5 Become Adeptness & Sturdy
ASM - Barrage & Weapon Strike Rewrite
ASM - Extra Generic Class

ASM - Bravestory Fix
ASM - UWEntries

Sprite Fixes & Edits

New Ashley Riot Sprite

WotL Opening & Intro Movie Ports

WotL Event Fixes

Allowing merge of her ISIA patch for Consolidation.

Several event fixes.


Also uses ASMS by Glain, Xifanie, Emmy, Choto, Pride, RavenofRagriz, and others (I will double check and add).
Image Credits:

Kagebunji, Twinees, Nippon Ichi Software


Lady Frimelda
Zozma, Twinees, Smash

Cecil Dark Knight
CidIII Mando

Kyousukeee, Smash

Cavalier, Male

Jon, Smash, (help from Mav, Jimmyjw88, Kagebunji, Smash)

Kagebunji, Square-Enix

Kagebunji, Square-Enix

Zozma, Luiakyn

Viking Female

Agrias (Ponytail)
Lydyn, Zozma



Kagebunji, Square-Enix

Kagebunji, Square-Enix, Smash, Mav, Twinee

Male Rogue
R999, Lijj

Male Samurai

Female Berserker

Kagebunji, Twinees

Blue Mage Male
Kagebunji, Mando

Choto, Lijj

Anji Sprite based on Zozma's Berserker Sprite
Panther Knight portrait based on Lijj's Wolf Knight Portrait.

Title Screen Art by Puruco

Bugtesters for FFT Expansion:

Feel free to chip in with your impressions, critiques, comments, bug reports and so forth. I will probably see this thread at least every 2-3 days, at least initially.
I notice the latest resources.zip doesn't include CDProg. Any reason for that?

Edit: Wow, just kidding, you just barely mentioned it.  Now I just have to find a way to bypass the silly virus filter - it won't let me download CDProg, or transfer it from a flash drive.

Is there an alternative program that does the same thing as CDProg without the fake virus baggage?
Quote from: Delsait on June 07, 2020, 11:06:43 pmCan you tell me more about Journey of Five? Does it have a new story?

It does, IIRC it takes place after the events of FFT with Ramza as a bearded Duke and some other characters. Definitely worth checking out if you're not familiar with it, and it's easily the most intensively modded project that's ever been made with FFT.

Also, to shamelessly promote my hack, the Beta of which should be out within a couple weeks - I'm making a vanilla mod, which, among many other things, makes changes to monster classes along the lines you've described here.  For example, I've increased the move stats of the Chocobo line, made mountable mini-dragons, given regular dragons defense up, and generally made monsters more viable across the board.  The Monster skill ability is also removed, so all monsters have access to all their skills from the outset. Obviously they'll never be as flexible as generic units, but they generally act as more specialized, but more powerful units. Keep an eye out for it, it'll be called FFT Expansion.
Help! / Re: But to no avail..
May 29, 2020, 07:47:48 pm
Sure thing, it's right here:

And again, I'd recommend doing one category at a time (e.g. Items, Item descriptions, Ability names/Descriptions), then patching to see if it works, so you can isolate the problem(s).  Also be sure to use the "Scan for Invalid Characters" function before you export your .fftexts

And out of curiosity, did you make several additions to the Unit Names section? That's the only area that would cause an error with OPEN.LZW, assuming too much text is in fact the issue.
Help! / Re: But to no avail..
May 29, 2020, 11:21:30 am
Quote from: Amkorian on May 29, 2020, 05:52:56 amEither of the three errors occur:
DTE for WLDHELP.LZW failed. The ISO has not been modified
DTE for WORLD.LZW failed. The ISO has not been modified
DTE for OPEN.LZW failed. The ISO has not been modified (most evident)

In my experience, the most likely cause of this error is that you have too much text in the areas associated with those files.  You can even do a little detective work and find out which portions of the text are causing problems Some areas already don't have much to work with (like unit or ability names).  In my patch that I'm currently making, I added a lot of text in several areas, and I had to do a lot of trial-and-error testing to see which areas were causing the problem, and more testing to see how much text I could get away with. In some cases, it came down to being just 4 or 5 characters over the limit that made the whole text patching process not work, so that's something to keep in mind.  My guess is that this is what's going on with you as well, since the Lion War generally has more/longer text than FFT.

Also, while Tactext can indeed be used to patch PSX, I would recommend making all of your changes in Xifanie's FFtactext editor, which is easier to use and better overall, and then patching with tactext .457
Hey y'all, so I was planning on using both Choto's extra job hack (1.17) along with Pride's Item Attribute hack (1.1) for my mod, but after having some issues, I checked in FFTOrgasm and it turns out they're incompatible because they overlap somewhat with their use of SCUS space.


ASMs really aren't my thing and I don't anticipate making the time to learn, but I was wondering if one of these hacks (probably the Item Attribute one would be easier) could be moved to overwrite/reference a different area in the SCUS file so that both would be compatible. If not, I'll just pick one to use and go from there, but I thought I'd run it by you all first.  I gather that SCUS space is pretty limited, and making this work might mean the removal of other functions, but that may be worth the price. Anyway, I'd appreciate your insights.
Help! / How to Increase Steal Gil Yields? (PSX)
May 21, 2020, 09:02:47 am
Howdy y'all,
I'm looking for a way to make gil stealing more viable in my mod, partially by lowering the bonus money generated from standard battles, but even so, most of the time the ability just isn't nearly strong enough to be worth using. Ideally I'd want a hack that can change the formula to yield somewhere from 3 to 10x what it currently gives, and I don't believe there's any way to do this in patcher. Any ASM leads?