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Will PW 2.0 be on PSP as well? I think it'll be awesome.
I have a few ideas.

* A backstory to Gafgarion. Maybe we can reveal what barbaric actions he did for him to get kicked out of the Eastern Sky in the first place. Speaking of which, if it's possible, add Eastern and Western Skies. Only if it's a minor cutscene...

* Add an event of when Barrington founded Rapha & Malik.

* Add more to Delita and his Black Ram Knights.

* Add an past event between Orlandeau and Barbaneth.

* Reveal Elidib's contract with his Lucavi counterpart and him finding Midnight's Deep.
Help! / Noob here
April 11, 2014, 12:45:31 am
I've looked everywhere about editing my PS3 virtual save. Looked up save editing, software, etc... but to no avail. I was wondering does someone on here know how to do it? Or maybe I could request one if it's not too much? Well... Here goes...

All I want is everyone at level 99, all jobs mastered, every single weapon, gear, accessories, & items at 99. At the start of the game after Balbanes died.

Ramza ( June 21st Gemini ) = Lune Knight & secondary ability = All magic
1 Generic Knight = Arc Knight
4 Generic Knights = Holy Knights
2 Dancers = Assassins

I know it may not be possible, but I hope someone may help.