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No posts here in awhile I see (it's pinned so no matter) but great little tutorial and simple for amateurs such as myself. I'll give this method a try and post my results, just need inspiration for anew character class, etc. We'll see!
Quote from: Jumza on June 14, 2013, 05:10:29 pm
I think there's a thing on PS3 that allows you to connect your PSP to it, then play multiplayer with your PSP using the internet. I forget what it's called, but only using the PSP's Ad Hoc mode only allows you about 10 meters of distance between you and your partner/opponent.

If you could get the info on it I'd love to play with someone as well. I got my level 99 team on my PSP (with some multiplayer Items, cuz my friend lost his UMD of tactics >.<) ready to go :)

Sounds about right Jumza. As I said, nothing wrong with getting those pesky MP only items on thru lion editor if you cant play MP. Nice to know others are up for it! Now, I just need a PS3...haha. Bit hectic with life and all that jazz atm but I can keep you posted Jumza. I'll buddy you for easy messaging  ;)
Bit anti-hacktics but I've always looked for someone to play multiplayer with, not an expert on it off course (blatantly) and yeah Lion Editor is great to get MP-only items if you can't/not able to play MP, nothing wrong with that. Can't recall the limitations on it (cross format PAL to NTSC, etc.) or just overseas multiplayer but just thought I'd put it out there!

Quote from: Lijj on May 31, 2013, 09:20:39 pm
Gulstaf: Thanks a lot! Welcome to FFH.. I'd recommend you do play Faxanadu (at some point anyway).

Cheetah: looking forward to more (goblins, sweet); looks good... Especially Orlandu. I think you can make it work by making them all 4 tiles each.. so the bottom halves can have their own 4 colours.
Trying to guess their names condensed to 4 capital letters: RAMZ, LAND, LITA (Orlandu & Delita suffer).

Or TGOD for Cid haha. Great sprites btw Cheetah they look class. Simple but challenging as well to keep the detail and uniqueness of each character with 8 bit graphics as it were. Monsters would be awesome as well as Lijj said, Behemoths and Pigs!

Maybe I should join this spriting jazz....only just registered though, albeit I did years and years ago so RE-registering but all the same.