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September 30, 2020, 06:23:32 am


Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

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Completed Mods / Re: FFT type-R
Yesterday at 10:04:44 am
Quote from: Portalenthusiast on September 12, 2020, 11:19:06 pmHi! Sorry for asking, can I politely ask how you made Awareness? I'm really interested in altering reaction abilities!
if you can't spare the time though, that's understandable, I'll work with what I can
Unfortunately I believe I copied this one from an ASM hack thread buried somewhere in the forums and as of now I'm unable to find it. I think FFT Arena also uses this RSM ability.
Completed Mods / Re: FFT type-R
Yesterday at 09:56:13 am
Quote from: IronJustice on September 12, 2020, 01:14:10 amMost of the speed growth rates have been set to 102, I'm curious what the reason for that is.
First, thanks for the feedback! I believe the 102 speed growth rate is a relic from an earlier version of the mod, but if I'm to attempt to discern my reasoning for the change, I believe I wanted speed to grow just a little more slowly for generic classes versus the special classes and monsters. 102 vs. 100 isn't a huge change, but over a long enough time period it can become noticeable.

Quote from: IronJustice on September 12, 2020, 01:14:10 amYou have updated this mod multiple times over the years, do you have any advice for things you didn't initially think of? I just submitted my own mod on here and I wouldn't be surprised if I find out through further testing and feedback about areas for improvement.
It pays to do entire runs of your own mod to find out what's missing or could be tweaked. I've played my own mod through over 10 times and each time I found something I felt needed changing. The Necromancer class originally was called Arcanist and borrowed spells from other existing classes, but I felt it wasn't very unique. I originally gave Ladd a custom class called Dark Fencer (as he worked for Gaffgarion) which was an inferior version of the Dark Knight/Fell Knight, but decided that Ladd didn't have enough story presence to deserve his own custom class. Chapter 4 Ramza used to be much more powerful than he is now, but I felt that this discouraged using generics in chapter 4 even more than this mod already does. Lastly, Deep Dungeon/Midlight's Deep was originally unchanged from the main game aside from making all enemies level 99. A big stat increase doesn't add much challenge to generics who aren't kitted out but it makes my custom monsters much more deadly. I felt this was unbalanced and set out to make a truly challenging but fun version of the optional dungeon. Even now I feel like some things could be changed - Summons, for example, are straight up better than Black Magic in my opinion and aside from the MA growth/multiplier I think I'd rather field a summoner for the superior spell list. I did enjoy using a Black Mage with Draw Out/Iaido a lot, so I guess there's still a use for them, as Manafont doesn't mean much if you're spamming sword spirit attacks.

Please let me know if you have any other critiques. I'm open to the idea of returning speed growth values to 100 if that seems to make more sense.
Works in Progress / Re: FFT: What Should Have Been
September 10, 2016, 07:48:11 pm
I'll be checking this one out. Good luck with this project!
Completed Mods / Re: FFT type-R
June 08, 2011, 01:06:14 pm
you've found a graphics glitch! thanks! ill address this immediately. could you tell me which battles it takes place in?

the archer class is mostly a composite of other peoples' ideas for the archer class, as well as a couple skills from FFTA. thanks again!
Completed Mods / Re: FFT type-R
April 04, 2011, 04:24:10 pm
Quote from: GeneralStrife on April 04, 2011, 10:05:13 am
oh kool, sheesh released patches?!
...huh? yes, i have released patches, the download link is on the bottom of the first post...
Completed Mods / Re: FFT type-R
April 02, 2011, 10:53:57 am
-Update history-

4/2/11 - v1.01
Fixed garbled personal character quotes on the formation screen
Fixed Magic Missile's range and evadability issues
Corrected a few spell quote issues

4/3/11 - v1.02
Nerfed the archer in the Sand Rat's Sietch fight
Milleuda II accessory slot error fixed
Increased Invitation's success rate (it's still lower than vanilla's)
Fixed Panic Shot and Accelerate's JP costs
Due to a sprite glitch, the Dorter II battle has been changed

4/6/11 - v1.03
Changed Beso Toxico animation
Fixed Cloud's RSM
Increased Knight's speed multiplier slightly

10/25/12 - v1.04
Nerfed Backdraft

08/12/15 - v1.05
Changed Ladd back to a mostly-normal Squire, similar to Delita Ch.1
Changed Diabolist to Dark Knight

9/6/16 - v1.1
Removed Magic Missile, changed Black Mage's skillset back to normal
Nerfed quite a few monsters, redid a lot of fights
Buffed Sword Skills (they're mostly back to normal, but not quite)
Redid Zodiac Demons fights, made them very similar to their appearances in Final Fantasy XII
Changed a ton of items in later chapters to pay homage to a previous game I've worked on

5/1/20 - v1.20
So much has been changed. It's really best to re-read the intro post.
The Lounge / Re: FFH Community Picture Gallery
April 01, 2011, 01:15:51 am
The Lounge / Re: FFH Community Picture Gallery
March 31, 2011, 11:22:48 pm
Completed Mods / FFT type-R
March 31, 2011, 08:50:19 pm

This is a complete FFT romhack I made in 2011, and recently updated in 2020. I originally based it on 1.3, but made tons of changes, as well as using Cheetah's FFT:Complete retranslated script.

I want to thank the FFH community for making this mod possible: I borrowed so many ASM hacks from talented members of this community, including Xifanie, Glain, RavenofRazgriz, nates1984 and more. In no way did I code this whole thing myself. If I'm missing out on anyone who I owe credit to, please let me know and I will amend this list! I appreciate the community hosting my little page on here all these years as well!

FFT type-R now works on REAL HARDWARE! This romhack has been tested on PS1 and PS2 hardware, but not PSP. PSP owners, please let me know if this works on your machine.

The main goal of this romhack was to make a version of FF Tactics that's tough, but fun. I realize there are lots of other hacks out there that accomplish this, but this one's mine, and I'm really proud that this project is completed and bug-free. If you manage to find a bug, please let me know! I have thoroughly tested this hack over the years.

I also wanted to make a hack of FFT that uses the PSP's translation in the PSX game. If you do not enjoy the PSP translation, I'm sorry to say that there is no version of this hack that uses the PSX script at this time. If you are interested in playing this hack with the original PSX script, please reach out to me by email. If I receive enough interest I will make this happen.

"Smart Encounters" - auto-skip random (green) battle areas when walking past them, 100% success rate when you choose them - you choose when to have random battles
"Cross Skip" - hold X to blaze through dialog

Enemy gear based on story progression
Random human enemies use chapter-appropriate gear
JP Boost is gone, all skills cost less JP
All enemies scale to level
Shirahadori (Blade Grasp) and Mana Shield (MP Switch) removed from the game
Poaching only gives you one item - a good one

"Equip Katana" allows katana and ninja blade
"Equip Sword" allows sword and knight sword
"Equip Crossbow" allows bow and crossbow
"Equip Axe" allows axe and flail
"Requires sword" changed to require sword, knightsword, ninjablade or katana

Gained gil cut in half
Items sell for 1/4 price
Permanent faith/brave alteration removed

Attack Boost/Arcane Strength/Defense Boost/Arcane Defense rate changed to 25%
Katanas no longer necessary to be in inventory to use Iaido
Knight's Swords can no longer be dual-wielded, but have increased block rate
Bows have even more range, Crossbows are stronger than before

Abilities that take advantage of Dual Wield will say so

Haste is only 25% speed boost - Slow is still just as strong as ever
Oil = 2x dmg from fire

Axe/Flail/Bag formula changed to (Rdm{0..PA-1}+PA)*WP, weapon WP reduced. Don't be fooled by the low power rating of axes and flails, they can be quite deadly even if the damage is variable.
Axes don't force 2hand, deal double damage when doublehanded.

Knight Swords and Katana use PA*WP

Casting time for most magic reduced - this makes mages WAY better, really important

Monsters no longer have elemental weaknesses

Zodiac Demons have been made much stronger, but there are still ways to cheese them! This is intentional, as they're pretty ruthless.

Eyedrops, antidote, soft, maidens kiss removed from Chemist's items and shop menu, but you can still find them in the field. Just sell 'em

Reflexes increases evasion by 50%, rather than doubling it

New Reaction/Support/Move skills added:
Deadly Aim: Critical Hit Rate x2
Awareness: Evasion is always calculated as if you were facing the attacker
Frenzy: Damage dealt to enemies increased by 20%
Bulwark: Damage to character reduced by 20%
Flee: Move+4 when critical

Blind reduces accuracy by 50%
Many weapons and armor have been changed. Most changes been been noted with an item palette/name change

X-Potion changed to 100 HP. Mega-Potions have been added - heal 200 HP, but no auto-potion

All monsters have much higher stats now, making them both a serious threat and a viable unit to have on your team.

Chocobos: no change to R/S/M
Yellow Chocobo: Choco Attack, Choco Cure, Choco Esuna
Black Chocobo: Choco Attack, Choco Ball, Choco Esuna, Choco Meteor
Red Chocobo: Choco Attack, Choco Ball, Choco Cure, Choco Meteor

Goblins: Counter removed, Bonecrusher and Fury added
Goblin: Tackle, Sideline (add: disable), Turn Punch
Black Goblin: Tackle, Sideline, Goblin Punch (casmaxhp-cascurhp ranged damage), Sonic Boom (ranged attack damage, weaker than normal attack)
Gobbledygurk: Sideline, Goblin Punch, Sonic Boom, Haymaker (damage + chance of KO)

Bombs: Arcane Defense added
Bomb: Bite, Flame Attack, Self-Destruct
Grenade: Flame Attack, Blow Fire (range 2 big fire damage), Douse (add: oil), Self-Destruct
Exploder: Flame Attack, Blow Fire, Cremation (aoe fire damage, might add oil), Self-Destruct

Cats: Counter removed, Archer's Bane and Mana Shield added
Red Panther: Scratch (can now add: disable), Slumber Claw (add: sleep), Cat Kick (random damage)
Coeurl: Scratch, Cat Kick, Slumber Claw, Blaster
Vampire: Scratch, Slumber Claw, Blaster, Vampire (drain hp, add: vampire)

Squids: Counter removed, Magick Counter and Magick Boost added
Piscodaemon: Deluge (long range water damage), Brain Drain (drains mp), Psionic Wave
Squidraken: Deluge, Brain Drain, Pearl Wind (heals hp), Psionic Wave
Mindflayer: Deluge, Pearl Wind, Mind Blast, Energy Wave (sets CT to 0)

Skeletons: Counter removed, Defense Boost and Critical: Recover HP added
Skeleton: Doom Fist (ala monk), Animus (pa+1 self only), Bone Throw (ranged damage, recoil)
Bonesnatch: Doom Fist, Animus, Bone Throw, Rune Slash (ranged dark damage + silence)
Skeletal Fiend: Doom Fist, Animus, Revive (ala Monk), Rune Slash

Ghosts: Counter removed, Soulbind and CT 0 added
Ghoul: Drain Touch, Mindwarp (add: confuse), Possession (self-destruct to deal dark damage + charm in range)
Ghast: Drain Touch, Mindwarp, Shadow Stitch (the Necromancer spell, random stop/immobilize/disable), Possession
Revenant: Drain Touch, Shadow Stitch, Manaburn (the Necromancer spell, damage = enemy MP), Possession

Eyeballs: Counter removed, Magick Counter and CT 0 added, Half: all elements
Floating Eye: Wing Buffet, Bewitching Gaze (random statuses), Beam (MA -2)
Ahriman: Wing Buffet, Bewitching Gaze, Dread Gaze (add: petrify), Beam
Plague Horror: Wing Buffet, Bewitching Gaze, Dread Gaze, Death Sentence

Birds: Counter removed, Adrenaline Rush added
Jura Aevis: Celerity (self-only haste), Peck Power (pa-3), Gale (wind damage)
Steelhawk: Celerity, Peck Power, Wind Blessing (self-only reraise), Gale
Cockatrice: Celerity, Gale, Wind Blessing, Entomb (Petrify)

Pigs: Counter removed, Regenerate, Critical: Quick, CT 0 added
Pig: Reckless Charge (attack), Snort (Charm), Toot (Confuse/Sleep)
Swine: Reckless Charge, Snort, Toot, Squeal (Full-Life, range 1)
Wild Boar: Reckless Charge, Snort, Squeal, Bacon Boon (Haste/Shell/Protect/Regen/Reraise)

Trees: Counter removed, Soulbind and Magick Boost added
Dryad: Miasma (aoe earth damage), Magick Nymph (aoe hp/mp heal), Entangling Root (add: immobilize)
Treant: Miasma, Entangling Root, Aura Nymph (random: protect/shell/haste), Life Nymph (aoe res)
Elder Treant: Miasma, Magick Nymph, Aura Nymph, Life Nymph

Minotaurs: Awareness and Flee added
Wisenkin: Pickaxe, Feral Spin, Beef Up (PA+2)
Minotaur: Pickaxe, Feral Spin, Beef Up, Earthsplitter
Sekhret: Pickaxe, Beef Up, Earthsplitter, Titan (the summon)

Malboros: Counter removed, Regenerate added
Malboro: Tentacles (now absorbs hp), Bad Breath, Lick
Ochu: Tentacles, Bad Breath, Lick, Goo (now longer range)
Greater Malboro: Tentacles, Bad Breath, Goo, Malboro Spores

Behemoths: Mana Shield and Defense Boost added
Behemoth: Gore, Heave, Karma (casmaxhp-cascurhp damage)
Behemoth King: Gore, Heave, Almagest (same as karma, but aoe), Twister (ranged damage, damaged based on max HP)
Dark Behemoth: Gore, Heave, Twister, Giga Flare

Dragons: Counter removed, Dragonheart and Arcane Defense added
Dragon: Dash, Thunder Breath, Tail Swing (random damage)
Blue Dragon: Dash, Mighty Force (self-only haste/protect/shell/regen), Ice Breath, Tail Swing
Red Dragon: Dash, Mighty Force, Fire Breath, Tail Swing

Hydras: Counter removed, First Strike and Dragonheart added
Hydra: Tri-Attack, Tri-Breath, Tri-Flame
Greater Hydra: Tri-Attack, Tri-Breath, Tri-Flame, Dark Whisper
Tiamat: Tri-Breath, Tri-Thunder, Dark Whisper, Nanoflare

A lot of these have been lowered, allowing for faster unlocking

Knight: 2 Squire
Archer: 2 Squire
Monk: 2 Knight
White Mage: 2 Chemist
Black Mage: 2 Chemist
Time Mage: 2 Black Mage
Summoner: 2 Time Mage
Necromancer: 2 Time Mage
Thief: 2 Archer
Mystic: 2 White Mage
Orator: 2 Mystic
Geomancer: 2 Monk
Dragoon: 2 Thief
Samurai: 3 Knight, 3 Monk, 2 Dragoon
Ninja: 3 Archer, 3 Thief, 2 Geomancer
Bard: 4 Summoner, 4 Orator
Dancer: 3 Geomancer, 3 Dragoon
Mime: 4 Summoner, 4 Orator, 4 Geomancer, 4 Dragoon

Many of my ideas I garnered from existing patches or patches in the works. If you're a patch creator and you see something similar, please don't take offense. I used your idea because it's good!

By the way: most classes' growths have been changed.

Squire: gains Blackout (range 2, add:blind), Backdraft (heavy damage early on, user takes 1/2 damage), Flee (move+4 when critical)
Squires can equip shields and hit a lot harder. Counter Tackle has been replaced with Counter Blackout and Chant resurrects dead allies. Squires overall stay good the whole game! Very useful skillset.

Chemist: no changes to skillset, barring changes to items. Innate: Treasure Hunter
Chemists have stat improvements all around. They're faster, have better physical and magic attack power, and can equip crossbows.

Knight: like in many patches before mine, knights now have long-range debuffs that cost MP. they also have been given Awareness, which calculates evasion as if the attacker is attacking from the front, regardless of facing
Knights have much more HP and attack power, but a little less speed. They're big tanky destruction machines. They have the best physical attack multiplier of any job.

Archer: new skillset-
Aimed Shot: similar to charge, deal increased damage at the cost of ct
Poison Shot: damage+poison, charge time
Hawkeye: reduced damage, 100% accuracy
Panic Shot: removes charging/performing
Execute: kills any unit in critical
Archers have higher speed and better Jump than before. Archers stay deadly units the entire game - I recommend training one!

Monk: Pummel does more damage and is no longer random
Monk's speed and HP are a bit worse and their physical attack is a bit better. They can also equip hats.
Monks are still the ultimate death machines they always were.

Geomancy does more damage than before and is pretty solid throughout the game. Geomancers have both more PA and MA than before, making them solid "Red Mages" that stay useful about until around Chapter 4, when you start getting the really good story characters.

White Mage: no changes to skillset
White Mages are a tiny bit tankier and have a solid boost to magic attack.

Black Mage: no changes to skillset
Black Mage's magic attack multiplier isn't quite as good as before, but their magic attack growth rate is a lot higher. Black Mage is still the strongest mage job in terms of raw magic power, and putting Draw Out on a Black Mage is still a very strong strategy.

Time Mage: lost Float and Meteor
Time Mage has pretty decent magic attack power and is tied with White Mage for the highest speed of any casting job.

Summoner: lost Golem, have innate Manafont (Move-MP up)
Summoners don't have the raw magic attack power of Black Mages or the speed of Time Mages, but they make up for it with MP regeneration and an insanely good skillset. Summoners might be the best overall casting class.

Mystic: lost Mana Shield
Mystics have the second-highest HP of any casting job (beneath Necromancers). This combined with their use of Poles makes them more viable in melee range than the other squishy casters. Invigoration (Life Drain) is still a Zodiac Demon killer!!

Thief: gains Quicksilver (aoe speed*wp damage), Deadly Aim (2x critical hit rate)
As expected, thieves are the fastest job in the game. They also have decent attack power now! Keep in mind that some bosses' gear cannot be stolen where they once could have been.

Orator: gains Gird (pa+1) and Inspirit (MP heal) at the cost of Persuade and Praise
Orators got a huge boost to physical attack power, but it's still really low compared to many classes. They have pretty good speed too! Combined with the use of guns, Orators make solid long range buff/debuff characters.

Dragoon: lost Horizontal Jump 8
Dragoons can equip swords now as well as spears and have a boost to speed, making them the fastest heavy armor job. Their HP is almost as high as a Knight's too, but their raw attack power does not compare.

Samurai: gained Bulwark (all damage to the unit reduced by 20%)
Samurai got a massive boost to magic attack power. They're still the heavy armor class with the lowest HP, and their evasion was nerfed. Katanas also have lower block rate than most other weapons. Overall, Samurai feels like a hybrid class, similar to Geomancers, but with heavy armor.
Samurai's Iaido (Draw Out) do NOT require the katana to be in inventory to use! This means that your katana will never be broken! To compensate, Iaido attacks will hit both allies and enemies in radius and their power has been reduced a bit.

Ninja: lost axe, knight's sword and spear, gained Frenzy (all damage and healing dealt by the unit increased by 20%)
Ninja's speed growth was nerfed to match Thief's, so there's no point in raising your Thief as a Ninja. Ninjas have the second-highest speed and are generally strong, just like always.

Bard: lost cheer song
Bards got a massive boost to all stats, especially speed, evasion and physical attack power. They can also equip Robes and Knives now.

Dancer: lost slow dance
Dancers got a massive boost to all stats, especially speed, evasion and physical attack power. Unlike Bard, they cannot equip Robes.

Both Bard and Dancer have Manafont. Mana Shield has been removed from the game, though, so that combo is impossible.

The Necromancer replaces the Calculator and is an undead utility mage focused on controlling/recruiting undead, disabling enemies and annihilating tough bosses.

They have trouble against groups of enemies as their spells are ALL single-target (radius 1), and the fact that they're permanently undead is a serious drawback. They cannot be revived if killed! You might get lucky and they'll come back if their death counter hits 0, but overall you should be careful with these guys. Remember that they're healed by Dark-elemental damage, so you can use things like Samurai's Koutetsu Iaido to heal them. They also have the ability to drain life themselves, but not at range like a Mystic can.

Necromancers have the highest HP of any casting job (higher than Archers even! Tied with Geomancers!) as well as decently high MP (but less than most other casting classes). Their physical attack is low, their speed is average and their magic attack power is high, but not as high as Black Mages, Summoners or Time Mages. Their tankiness helps out with the fact that they're undead and cannot be healed by normal means. You may want to consider wearing clothes, rather than robes, with these dark mages!

Equip: Knife, Rod, Book, Hat, Clothing, Robes

Necromancer abilities:

Drain Touch: like Ghosts, Necromancers can drain life. This ability drains more than Mystic's Invigoration (34% vs. 30%) and costs 0 MP, but has to be used in melee range. This move is negated by physical evasion, so good luck draining life from that Knight with a shield.

Rebuke: command an undead to halt, inflicting Stop on them. This ability costs 0 MP and has a very high success rate, but only works on undead units.

Enthrall: command an undead to join your party. This ability has a higher success rate than Orator's Entice, meaning it's very easy to recruit undead enemies! A very fun combo is to Zombify an enemy using a Mystic or Beowulf, then Enthrall them!

Energize: spend your own life force to heal an ally. Works on undead, too, so you can heal your ghost and skeleton buddies!

Oil: cover a target with oil. Cast this for your Black Mage/Summoner friends, or equip Black Magicks/Summon as a secondary skill for a one-two deep fry combo!

Charm: charms an enemy. Has about the same success rate as Steal Heart, but works on either gender! Has an MP cost and a charge time, though.

Shadowbind: inflicts either Stop, Immobilize or Disable on a single unit.

Manaburn: deals damage equivalent to the target's MP. Great for doing 999 to a Zodiac Demon!

Parasite: deals random status effects to a single unit.

Vengeance: deals damage equal to your max HP minus your current HP.

Unholy Darkness: deals Dark-elemental damage to a single unit. Very strong ability, same strength as Holy.

You might notice a lot of these abilities were taken from Byblos. Scroll down further to see what I gave that cute little monster instead!

Necromancer Reaction/Support/Move abilities are the same as the Calculator's once were.

PA/MA/Speed Growth Rates: (lower is better)
Squire: 45/50/102
Chemist: 50/45/102
Knight: 38/50/102
Archer: 45/50/102
Monk: 38/50/102
White Mage: 50/40/102
Black Mage: 50/36/102
Time Mage: 50/40/102
Summoner: 70/38/102
Thief: 50/50/90
Orator: 50/50/102
Mystic: 60/40/102
Geomancer: 40/45/102
Dragoon: 40/50/102
Samurai: 40/50/102
Ninja: 42/50/90
Necromancer: 50/40/102
Bard: 50/40/102
Dancer: 40/45/102
Mime: 40/40/102

Best jobs for increasing physical attack power: Knight, Monk
Best jobs for increasing magical attack power: Black Mage, Summoner
Best jobs for increasing speed: Thief, Ninja

The sword skills (Holy Sword, Dark Sword etc) all cost MP, but are otherwise just as powerful as ever.

Agrias gains Chant (ala Squire) in addition to her Holy Sword abilities.
Agrias R/S/M: Fury, Counter Blackout, Defense Boost, Equip All Swords, Move+1, Lifefont
Agrias is an excellent character, but becomes somewhat outclassed in Chapter 4.

Orlandeau gains Bloodbond (Physical Attack +2, self only).
Orlandeau R/S/M: Parry, Critical: Recover HP, Defense Boost, Equip All Swords, Move+1, Manafont
Orlandeau is still the Thunder God he always was. Definitely one of the best characters in the game. The fact that his swordskills cost MP is only a minor nerf: he quickly gains the ability to regenerate MP upon movement, and he even has a new spell that increases his ridiculous strength even further! He comes fitted with the Excalibur, as always.

Meliadoul gains Warp Slice, which does ranged attack damage for 5 MP.
R/S/M: Parry, Soulbind, Attack Boost, Equip All Swords, Move+2
Meliadoul is STRONG. With attack boost and her high physical attack growth, as well as quickly unlocking Move+2, she can get in there and deal insane amounts of damage not long after she's unlocked. The knight's sword, Save the Queen, has been replaced with Fragarach - a blade which gives Meliadoul constant HP regeneration. Definitely a force to be reckoned with, and no longer some afterthought!

Cloud can use his Limit skills with any sword. Some of the properties of his other moves have been changed. Innate: Doublehand
R/S/M: Counter Blackout, Equip All Swords, Swiftness, Move+3
Cloud is an absolute monster now. His Limit abilities all have a faster charge time, so combined with Swiftness he should have no problem bringing the pain quickly and constantly. Some of the Limit skills were buffed and some were nerfed, but overall he's insanely strong. His innate Doublehand makes him a terror up close, and his speed and strength are both SO HIGH that when equipped with the Ultima Weapon he's probably the fastest character in the game. Oh, did I mention I changed the Materia Blade to the Ultima Weapon? Even if you don't get that sword from the volcano, Cloud can use his Limit skills with any sword. He should be a huge boon in Midlight's Deep (Deep Dungeon).

Marach's Nether skills can hit up to 10 times, and he can equip ninja blades. Innate: Defense Boost
R/S/M: Parry, Critical:Quick, Deadly Aim, Dual Wield, Move+2
Making Rapha and Marach good was a big goal of mine since they're so underwhelming in the original game. Like other romhacks before mine, I made Marach's skills hit up to 10 times, and he can equip Ninja Blades. He also has a good set of reaction/support/move skills. Marach is sort of a hybrid character, with good speed and attack power as well as high magic attack power.

Rapha's moveset has almost no changes, barring innate Arcane Defense.
R/S/M: Parry, Dragonheart, Frenzy, Magilark, Move+2
Rapha can equip Rods and Books now in addition to Staffs and Poles, making her a fully kitted-out mage character. With innate Arcane Defense, you can free up her support slot for another ability and keep her high magic defense. Both the Mantra abilities (Truth and Un-Truth) of the twins hit instantaneously and have no charge time, but cost MP. Rapha has good speed like her brother, making her a useful mage unit no matter how you choose to build her.

Reis lost Dragon Power Up, but her Holy Breath ability is way better.
R/S/M: Counter Blackout, Nature's Wrath, Arcane Strength, Move+2
Reis has always been weird, and she still is. Her speed growth rate has been improved and her HP is even higher, as well as her innate evasion. She has innate Dual Wield, Beast Tongue and Train, making her as useful as ever when it comes to recruiting and taking care of Dragon units, as well as keeping her a decent fighter. Her Holy Breath ability hits between 1 and 6 times, but with radius 1, it won't ever miss - it only targets one unit!

Beowulf R/S/M: Parry, Magick Counter, Arcane Defense, Move+1, Manafont
Beowulf lost the Chicken ability, but other than that his skillset is as amazing as ever. He doesn't quite make Mystics useless as much as he did before, though: his Drain and Syphon abilities now use PA*WP for their formula, meaning they aren't percentage-based. This makes them better against normal units and worse against Zodiac Demons. He can drain quite a lot of MP with a single blow! Beowulf has more speed than before as well.

Byblos: Like most monsters in the game, the Byblos has HUGE improvements to its stats. The Byblos now has all the same abilities as Ultima Demons! Have you ever wanted to have an Ultima Demon in your party? Here's the list of abilities:
Nanoflare: ranged magic damage, 0 MP cost, 0 charge time
Unholy Darkness: the Necromancer spell
Ultima: Ramza's Ultima spell
Twister: ranged damage based on targets' max HP
Almagest: ranged damage based on the difference between your max and current HP

Degenerator traps have been removed, as has level blast. There is no way to power down in levels.
JP scroll glitch removed.
Always get rare items in Deep Dungeon/Midlight's Deep, Nelveska Temple and Bervenia Volcano! No worrying about low Brave when trying to get those legendary items!
All Deep Dungeon enemies are level 99!

FFT: Complete / Re: Testers Report: Script
March 19, 2011, 06:34:09 pm
before the beginning of the battle with Hashmal, Vormav/Folmarv's lines are untranslated. other than that, i played the game through and found no inconsistencies with the PSP version's script.
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March 16, 2011, 05:02:52 am
lol it doesnt work? awesome
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March 15, 2011, 09:33:07 am
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: lvlsim 0.9.1
March 09, 2011, 10:35:41 pm
oh wow. thanks so much for this program!
FFT: Complete / Re: FFT: Complete Main Info thread
March 04, 2011, 06:06:47 am
thank you so much for making this. i tip my hat to you.
War of the Lions Hacking /
June 28, 2009, 04:45:53 am
WOTL script is way better imo. I had no problems understanding anything that was written. The game felt much more epic when presented in such a grandiose manner.
Mercenaries /
June 28, 2009, 04:37:01 am
I am thoroughly impressed by the level of detail in the storyline, class system and... well... everything in this hack. It's as if FFT has transformed entirely. I will refrain from downloading any demos until the full game is released, as I am far too impatient once given a taste of what's to come, but this is a seriously ambitious project and I applaud you.