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October 21, 2020, 06:00:38 am


Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

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Event Editing / A Quick BlockLoop Tutorial
July 14, 2020, 12:22:05 am
Hey guys, I've created a quick event that shows how easy it is to use BlockLoop! As well as a companion video that you can view on youtube to follow along with while looking over the event instructions and comments I've written.

Wiki Links:
BlockLoop: https://ffhacktics.com/wiki/Event_Instruction_2A
BlockStart (Has valid block instruction list): https://ffhacktics.com/wiki/Event_Instruction_2F

The event itself is a little poorly planned lol, but hopefully you can see whats going on and get the idea! Please let me know if you have any questions, I'd be happy to explain any part of the event more.


//7F will control our loop that runs indefinitely until we tell it to stop (by setting it to 0000)
//7E will run 6 times since we set it to 5 and will set LoopAmount to 001 (# of loops = variable # + 1 with this setting)
//7D we don't care much about, BlockLoop is going to set it for us, same with 7C which I won't bother setting




//By setting Loop Amount to 000, we have control over when the loop stops by setting 7F to 0000


//By setting Loop Amount to 001, variable 7E will not change initially, but be decreased by 1 each time the loop runs until it hits 0 and stops


//By setting Loop Amount to 003, variable 7D will be set to 3, but be decreased by 1 each time the loop runs until it hits 0 and stops
//By setting Loop Amount to 003, variable 7C will be set to 3, but be decreased by 1 each time the loop runs until it hits 0 and stops
//These nested BlockLoops actually cause this Block to loop 9 times, you can see that the extra Wait and UnitAnim that cause the dancer to start dancing occur every 3rd time because the first blockloop resets for each time the second one activates







SET(x007F,x0000) //Stop the Ninja's BlockLoop, it will run to the end of the block before stopping
//The event will wait for the blocks to end before ending itself when EventEnd() is called

//Message x01
{font:00}Hey FFHacktics!{br}
I'm here to show you how to use BlockLoop!{end}

//Message x02
{font:00}BlockLoop is used to turn regular{br}
Blocks into loops.{br}
These loops will run{br}
independently from the rest{br}
of your event.{br}
BlockLoop requires Xifanie's{br}
Event Instruction Hack ASM.{end}

//Message x03
{font:00}Rather than explaining all the details,{br}
I'm just going to run quick demo's{br}
for the 3 different "kinds"{br}
of loops you can create based on{br}
the first parameter, Loop Amount.{br}
All the nitty gritty is{br}
posted on the wiki under{br}
Event Instructions (2F),{br}
and you can see all the{br}
instructions laid out{br}
on the FFHacktics forum.{br}
(Link's in the{br}
video description!){end}

//Message x04
{font:00}Important notes to remember!{end}

//Message x05
{font:00}1. You can't end an event while a{br}
block is running.{br}
2. You can have multiple BlockLoops{br}
in a single block.{br}
3. You can still only use instructions{br}
that can be used in regular Block's.{br}
4. Jumping by number of bytes rather{br}
than to last BlockStart is possible!{end}

Jumping back by # of bytes is not covered in this tutorial
Spam / :D
April 13, 2017, 02:23:44 am
Help! / Throw Stone
November 10, 2015, 09:44:00 pm
I seem to be getting a strange bug with Throw Stone where the noise the rock makes when it hits its target matches the noise of the weapon the user is carrying.
First, I would like to confirm with someone that this is a bug, because to my recollection I've never had a unit with a harp hit someone with a rock till now so I'm not 100% sure.
Second, does anyone know the cause of this? I haven't modified the ability itself in FFTPatcher except where it's located in the skillset. In FFTOrgASM I used the % chance to knockback hack to bump up the percentage to 100.
The Lounge / Cake
April 13, 2015, 07:43:36 pm

I wonder what the origins of the FFH birthday cake graphic are.

(Fun fact: Today is my birthday!)
A Stone's Ripple

The name, like this project, is a work in progress.
Final Fantasy Tactics: A Stone's Ripple is a project made by myself that will change just about everything from the original. Story, Jobs, World Map, Items, it's all getting redone!

Story Synopsis:
In this re-imagining of Ivalice, the Holy Stone's existence is common knowledge. They are powerful magic items that are used by the church to keep many towns and cities across the country safe from monsters and disease. The "Church" as it will be referred to for the entirety of the game rules the land. There is no king, just a Pope who leads Ivalice along it's religious path.

Zoom in on Zarghidas, where the story begins. Ten years before the main events of the game take place, the Elder of Zarghidas is strong-armed into giving the stone back to the Church for unknown reasons. The city falls into a state of disrepair and dilapidation, it is constantly swarmed by monsters and the once thriving city becomes a large slum. Fast forward to present time, a young man (the main character) is on patrol when he runs into a newly appointed Church Surveyor. Unaware until recently that the stone had been taken, she goes to investigate. The game kicks off from this point.

The World Map:

An entirely new, custom World Map! See Zarghidas? That's not where it normally is! *Gasp*
That's the new World Map as you see it coming out of the beginning series of events / battles. It will expand as the story continues! Just like in vanilla.

The Main Character:

Yeah, I'm forcing the user to input their own name. The Main Character has no default name (and a blank name does not bug the game out!). He is yours to name as you please!
Here's a quick look at the chapter 1 sprite:

It's recoloured Ramza! (For now!)

First look at Adria Wite (ay ey-dree-ah why-t, is how I imagined it to be pronounced); The Church Surveyor.

Name: Adria Wite
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 31st (Scorpio)
Relations: Cardinal Augustine (whom she works under in the church), The Main Character (with whom she has a chance meeting with in the slums of his home), Other (this is only a summary).
Occupation: Church Surveyor
Job Name: Surveyor
Skillset Summary:

First Aid: A short range, weak, fast healing spell with a low mp cost.
Clear: A short range esuna-like skill with a low mp cost.
Saber: A mid range attacking spell with a low mp cost. Lightning elemental.
Charge: A short range MP restoring ability with a lowish mp cost. She cannot target herself.

(R/S/M undecided as of yet)

Overall Summary:

Adria joins at the beginning of the game as a priest with a very small bag of tricks. Her jobs has slightly less than ok HP, MP, speed, PA and MA, but this is only due to her multipliers. She has normal growths that allow her to master her job's abilities then switch without damaging her future stats.

While it may seem that she is not the best unit due to her small ability pool and low stats, events will transpire in game causing her to undergo major changes in these departments. She starts as a weaker guest, but will eventually become a strong ally.

New Jobs:
This is still being worked on!
This will be updated as it get's worked on and discussed in this topic.

The first look at: The Freelancer

Requirements: None, 0, zip, nadda. It's the base job.

Skillset Summary:

Throw Stone: Like vanilla Throw Stone, but with a spell quote and 100% knockback (perfect for knocking people off of cliffs!).
Heal: 1 range 2 vertical, 100% to revive a dead unit with 2% of targets max HP.
Treat: 1 range 3 vertical, can only be used on units in critical, heals 33% of targets max HP.
Focus: Self range, heals users MP based on their MA. No MP or CT to worry about.

Reactions: None as of now, counter tackle is gone!

Support: Gained EXP-Up, Defend, Equip Change

Movement: Move +1

Chemist has been renamed to Apothecary, though their jobs will remain largely the same. A few items will have slightly changed effects, their stats will be slightly tweaked, but I doubt they will have any major changes.

New Items:
Also still being worked on!
This will be updated as it get's worked on and discussed in this topic.

New Sidequests and Secret Characters:
I am using 'The Lion War' 's method for increasing the games event space which opens up the possibility for a buttload of sidequests. I plan on making use of a lot of it. There will certainly be a lot more than there were in vanilla!

Other Information~
This patch is being worked on only by yours truly, and I mostly intend for it to stay that way. I am not the best at working with other people and trying to work around schedules and sudden life events. I intend to recruit people for random ASM hacks that I'd like / need and for sprites in the future, but for now I'll be flying solo.

At the beginning of this project, I will be using the sprites that I have access to. Sprites off the site, recolours and frankensprites will feature. Hopefully I can enlist someone in the future to get some cool new sprites for the project.

Of course I couldn't have started this or done any work on it at all without everyone's hard work getting stuff done on the forums. For all the tools, spreadsheets, guides and people that I've helped (and people that have helped me) which reminded of so many things that I would have otherwise forgotten; I'd like to thank every member of FFH.

Special Thanks:
To Xifanie, Elric and Angel (Toshiko). You guys are awesome and all deserve happy carefree lives (Congratulations to Xifanie and Angel (Toshiko) as well!)
So many more people deserve thanks, but this is only the start of the project! I'll get around to properly doling out thanks once more stuff has been said and done.

Not yet! Screw that! It's here! Woohoo! Check below for the download link!

The Demo:
Contains 20 events, spread between just events and pre / mid / post battle events.
The jobs Freelancer, Apothecary, Fencer, Priest and Wizard. (For generics)
The jobs Vagrant and Surveyor. (For unique characters)
New items! Featuring such items as Bronze Sword, Feathered Cap and Basic Harp!
2 Possible random battles! ( :P)
A mini-boss battle!

I'm going to try to update as much as I can! Stay tuned!

01/11/2015: The Beta / Demo download link has been released! A Stone's Ripple v0.05 released!

08/11/2015: Released v0.06, text and some item fixes.

This = Something Fantastic.

(Let's hope and pray to Ajora that this ppf was made and uploaded properly)
Event Editing / Event Give Away!
May 30, 2014, 08:33:37 pm
I really had to restrain myself from calling this the Extravagant Banana Extravaganza Bonanza Summer Event Give Away

So, with summer either here or rapidly approaching (who can say for sure) I've decided to give away some events! Whee~! Fun!

I'm going to do 5 events, and they will all be ones submitted by anyone who finds this topic and takes some interest. Hopefully you have some sort of an attention span.

Include some kind of outline as to what would happen in your event. A script, maybe some general ideas behind what action is going on in the event, perhaps even a list of things you would like to include such as certain maps (did you know you can visit multiple maps in one event? :o), music, custom sprites etc... Be as specific if you want, but if an idea is very clear it probably has a better chance of getting picked.
The event could be one of many things such as;
A normal scene,
a tutorial on something,
a scene that leads into a battle,
something ridiculous like the Adventures of K&T, (and who else remembers DEB vs Kanbabrif? That was awesome too)
(insert other ideas you may have here)

It can be for anything as well! If you want an event for the project that you are working on, or if you just want something cool to be made just drop off your idea and I might pick it!

The criteria for picking the 5 that I want to make aren't really set in stone maybe you'll be picked maybe not.

Also, this cannot be a secret event. If it is for a project you must be willing to share it with the world, because after I complete each event I will be uploading it to youtube and posting it for all to see.

So, yup. Go ahead and post stuffs. I'm looking forward to making some awesome events :)
I don't know when they'll be picked, but it'll be soon.
PSX FFT Hacking / Random Battles
March 13, 2014, 10:11:22 am
I'm curious, is it possible to change the map that shows up for random battles in certain area's as well as the music that plays? I figure that each dot has it's own Attack.out spot(s) (depending on how many directions you can access it from) that could be edited in the attack.out editor, but I'm not sure if you can, and which numbers are the random battles.

Anyone know?
The Lounge / Tales of Symphonia Chronicles was released!
February 25, 2014, 09:24:36 pm
Namco has re-released the two Tales of Symphonia games in a 2 in 1 package for ps3 with better graphics and some extra content!
Tales of Symphonia is an incredible game and I recommend it to everyone. Though I hear the second one is a bit lackluster, I am definitely going to get this just to play the first over again, and see how bad the second one really is.

Event Editing / Jumza's Events
September 07, 2013, 11:38:13 pm
Welcome to my event Thread!

I'm glad Elric finally did this so we can start showing off our skills more often.

Unfortunately, with work on JoT5 Chapter 2 in full swing, I have only one (finished) event on my computer that is not JoT5 related.


For my upcoming patch, Short Stories of Ivalice;

Welcome to the FFTA GG Trading Post!

Here you can trade Units, Equipment such as weapons or accessories, Mission items like the Bomb Shell or Caravan Musk and Law Cards such as Frog or Color Magic!

Here are the
Just follow the required format and you should be fine!
Though, please only post your offers. If you would like to say something else please put it in a Spoiler.
Remember the game charges your Clan a large sum of Gil each time you trade.

Here is the

Please copy and paste which you would like to use, then fill in the information.
1: Selling Units like common slaves.

Picture of Unit's stats, on the equipped abilities page. (Showing Skillset, secondary, Reaction and Support)
To take this picture simply go to the Pick Abilities page of the unit you would like to trade, then on your emulator click File, and then Screen Capture and save the picture. Then put it here!
Mastered Abilities
Please put all of the abilities your unit has mastered in a list here.
What would you like in return for your unit? You can offer Unit's up and ask for other Unit's with some specifications. For example; I'm looking for a Nu Mou Reaver with at least 3 or more A-Abilities mastered in return for this unit.
You can also cross trade, trading items for Unit's and vice versa. Though you still have to trade an item and a unit from both Clans for this to work.

That was the Unit trading Format.

2. Selling Item's like drugs on the Black Market, or Ebay.

TYPE (Put: Equipment, Mission Item or Law Card)
(If Equipment)
ABILITIES, if there are none just say "No abilities taught"

(If Mission Item)
Leave this blank!

(If Law Card)
Leave this blank!
What Item do you want in return?

And that's it folks!
Just use Copy / Paste, and fill in what needs to be filled in.

Think of this as your Item or Unit's passport or For Sale Sign, people need to know what you're trading otherwise you won't be able to!

Finally here is
Time to trade!
When you find someone you're willing to trade with send them a PM on the forum, and then the two of you can hop on chat and follow this tutorial together to get this trade complete!

1.Getting the correct Emulator

If you want to trade you need to use a special version of Visual Boy Advance called VBA-Link, here's the link: http://www.vbalink.info/

2. Settings for your new Emulator

Go to
Options - Emulator - and make sure Pause when Inactive Window is not checked.
Options - Link - Check wireless Adapter then click settings
Settings: Link Timeout - 500 or 2000, I find both of those work, idk what the difference is.
Select Network
You want Safer, not Faster.
Leave port number the same.

3. Hamachi
Google Hamachi, learn to use it, live it, love it. Etc... Set up a server and get the other person to join it.

4. Back to settings
Go back to your link settings
The person hosting (the person who created it) the Hamachi server will click Server - Start!
The person Joining the Hamachi server will click Client - the server IP address is the number next to the persons name on your Hamachi server (it should look something like this: then hit Connect

The person hosting gets a message saying they've connected to one person, don't wait for any more.

5. In game
Now that you're connected, go in game and click LINK in the menu on the world map. You have to unlock Link for this to work.
Now you're in the pub, make sure you're both hovering over one of the trade options and try clicking at relatively the same time. If it doesn't work you probably didn't click near the same time to each other, and you need to do that.
I suggest talking over the FFH or Hamachi chat while doing this so that you get the right timing.

Now trade away!
Remember; 5000 Gil fee per trade. (Damn you to hell pub master! That's worth 3 Phoenix Downs!)

If you are having trouble trading, send me a PM on the forum and I'll help you out.

The Pub Master's Choice

With the trading post just opening up, we're looking for as many new sales as possible! Let's increase the hype!
Buyer's beware however, every trade cost's 5000 Gil! It's certainly worth it to get what you want though, don't you think?
I think it would look something like this

edit: postimage.org (among all of my other image hosting websites that I know of) aren't opening for me for some reason, so I'll just attach the image.

This is the best picture of FFT I've seen on the internet :)

My collection of FFT Fanart is very small, does anyone else have any pics like this one that I could add to it?
Spriting / Hooded Meliadoul v2
May 05, 2013, 09:26:53 am
Well it's certainly been awhile since I wanted a hooded Meliadoul sprite... I tried making one when I was 11 (Yeah, I was 11 when I originally joined FFH, so... yeah!) Now I'm 15 and I think it's acceptable this time around! It's like, Meliadoul but with a bigger hood!

Here is the portrait: It's just the Purple Mystery's hood (with Meliadouls greens), then about half of Meliadouls face and her metal collar.

It's not a huge edit, but I wanted more action in this part of FFH, I love coming here and looking at the new art / sprites that people post but not a lot of that has been happening recently.

Here's the sheet, give crits on it if you think I should change something.
I got the ok from Elric to make this topic so,

Post your Walkthroughs, Playthroughs, Lets Plays, interesting fights, and anything that you think would go into a Battle Log here!
The Lounge / Why everyone loves FFT
January 07, 2013, 07:44:06 pm
Help! / Event Instruction help (Effect)
November 20, 2012, 10:16:26 pm
So, the problem I'm having is that, while event editing I added an Effect Instruction,
I was wondering how I can make the unit this instruction is targeting (in this case Unit ID 09) hold a pose the whole time, because right now it works fine up to the end then she starts walking. I've tried putting UnitAnim's before, after even in the middle of these instructions, and nothing helps. Anyone know what to do?
The Lounge / Music Fantasy Tactics
November 15, 2012, 10:05:32 pm
This is just... Amazing, just found it and have listened to near every song!
He has remixes of FFT songs, FFTA songs, and songs from both games mixed together!

The Channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/ShirkingSloth?feature=watch

I don't know if anyone else saw this earlier and already pointed it out to the community, but even if it was it definitely deserves another mention.
Help! / WalkTo Sidestep help
November 03, 2012, 09:01:45 pm
So, the problem I'm having is, when I use this in an event:
the second WalkTo causes the unit to sidestep, instead of walking straight.
Any Ideas on how to fix it?
EDIT:Figured it out :) I forgot to rotate the unit before telling her to walk again.
Help! / Event Editing Problem (again >.<)
May 23, 2012, 07:20:34 pm
So this time the problem is, the event goes perfectly until where the requirements for winning are displayed, they dissapear as usual and then people start walking... Then the event starts over... this time the angles on the cameras are the same, the text boxes appear but have no words in them the music command is doing its job in switching the music still, then it shows the requirements as usual... then the event starts over... and over... and over etc.
what did i do wrong this time??? (I honestly don't understand how I can screw up this much...)
Here is the event
//Remove the previous line if you wish not to override the offset in CONFIG.INI.

There is a message in there I just didnt add it (my ability to script is... extremely sub-par).
Help! / Event Editing Problem
May 16, 2012, 11:15:01 pm
Ok getting straight to the problem, in the event in chapter 4 in with which Ramza and Co. are chasing Rofel through orbonne's underground library, appears to have some sort of error in it... When I first finished the beginning of the event, the victory scene went as it did in vanilla (text boxes showed coming from the door with Rofel talking etc...) but when i tried to edit it at all, it showed the final message and the game just stopped doing stuff. (the music played and everyone just stared at the door) then when I put the regular event back in with no edits whatsoever, it does the same thing, just with the vanilla text showing up. (I know its rather long winded) I was wondering why this is happening and how I can fix it. It may have something to do with Ramza (Unit ID 03) not being on the field because i also changed the final message to appear for Unit ID 35.
Spam / It's finally here....
November 24, 2011, 09:31:25 pm
... The day my FFT CD gives up the ghost :cry:
I knew this day was coming... But why so soon???
Help! / Map editing woes
November 21, 2011, 08:19:21 pm
Alright, so i just got (back) into map editing (after a bout a year so i forget everything) and I deleted all the polygons around the area that i wanted to keep and I set every tile to Impassable Check Unselectable not Checked, and I can still move on to the tiles that have been checked impassable, I did it for both level 0 and level 1 yet it still persists with chars being able to "walk off stage". I know i put in all the files right so i have no idea where i went wrong.
Any ideas?
Help! / Starting a battle with 1 hp
November 11, 2011, 11:00:05 pm
During the last battle of FFT alma starts with 1 hp, i would like to change that but i dont know what event instruction (which im pretty sure it is) causes this to happen, I know it isnt linked to her job either because i already tried switching it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Spriting / Chocobo Recolours... Again
October 20, 2011, 07:42:18 pm
Rather than necrobumping my old topic i made a new one for my new palettes for chocobo's
1-Purple 2-Black 3-White 4-Green 5-Blue 6-Orange 7-Brown 8-Red

Known mistakes that I will finish later: Brown Chocobo's portrait looks identical to orange's with slightly darker shades.
And hopefully you guys will see some mistakes i didnt so i can perfect my little birds  :)

Things I may do later: Possibly a different portrait for chocobo's... although i do like the original anyway.
May add more recolors for different monsters (suggestions)?
Replace Purple Chocobo with Gold (new file)
Replace Navy blue chocobo with Gold, (new file)
Replace Brown chocobo with Gold, (new file)
Replace orange chocobo with Gold, (New file).

Things I have finished:
Added second file replacing the purple chocobo with the Gold palette
Added third file replacing the blue chocobo with Gold palette
Spam / Chocolols
October 20, 2011, 05:13:16 pm
A chocobo riding a chocobo..... lol :lol:
The Lounge / LoL
October 10, 2010, 03:08:27 pm
I remember a long while ago I saw a heroes of newerth topic which is basically Dota, Recently I have been Playing League of Legends, its the same as HoN basically (actually i think its much better) but it doesnt cost money to make an account its totally free (although you can buy things with money if you want).
Anyway my username is Jumza (Du'h) and since playing with an arranged team of 5 is awesome i was hoping that people who play (or are intrested) would play with me and my friend (feerio). But for people who play already im only level 17.
Help! / Ability animation problem
July 07, 2010, 04:02:58 pm
Hey FFH, Im having a problem with ability animation,
I made a new job called merchant that replaced samurai that uses abilities similar to the samurais but thy hold up different items, I changed the weapons pallette and graphic so asura knife looked like an empty potion bottle, switched the animation from potion to asura and tested, it worked fine,
I tried the same thing for kotetsu and i found a glitch in both,
now sometimes it doesnt show the character holding up an item it shows them slashing with an invisible sword (or it looks like they are throwing an invisible item)
I didnt change it so i has a range or anything it still jut has aoe that targets the samurai (but doesnt hit it) but it still does that.
Help on how i can fix tthis? (pic below of whats happening)
Bugs and Suggestions / Maps
February 14, 2010, 09:54:29 pm
Now that FFH has a map editor (great work Gomtuu) maybe we should have a page that lets you download maps that people submit (in a zip folder to put the files in or something) like the sprite download section!
November 11, 2009, 05:12:33 pm

this will make you never want coffee from a vending machine EVER AGAIN! http://www.cartoline.it/pics/_zoom_flas ... 404_01.swf

STEP1: pick language

STEP2:put coin into slot

STEP3:Pick your drink

Step4:clikc drink

Step5: click OPEN

Step6: never drink coffe again.NEVER EVER AGAIN!
Help! / Clearing the clutter of an event.
November 07, 2009, 10:36:47 pm
I do alot of event editing but im having trouble with making scenes that are more than dialouge changes becuase when i want to make something almost completely new I have all the old event instructions from the event im changing... any tips on how to clear out the clutter
Help! / Mastering Abilities
October 27, 2009, 07:00:05 pm
I was testing abilities i made for a new custom char i made and i set them all to Jp cost:0 and chance to learn %100 but when i went into the battle i wanted to test them in he only had the first one learned! how can i make it so he knows all of them?