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September 24, 2020, 05:12:56 am


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New Project Ideas / New and Confused
July 13, 2019, 01:01:49 pm
Hey all,

I'm a bit new around here and so I wanted to just come out with my idea and questions. If there's something that's already been answered please link me to it, as I've tried to navigate through the forum and have been completely overwhelmed by the level of information that's here. Not to mention befuddled by where all of it is located.

With that out of the way, here's my idea:

I wanted to make a semi-new game that moves away from Ramza's story and instead focuses on a new MC. The storyline I had in mind was that this new MC would go around protecting the regions from an influx of monsters brought about because of a curse that climaxes with the MC going and taking on the source of said curse to defend the land.

My questions start with -

1. Is this possible? Meaning, can the game be reworked to allow me to introduce a new character in a different starting location and then progress the story around his journey?

2. How are skills remade? I tried to play around with the program tools to delete old skills to make new ones (I'm more versed in RPG Maker where you can do this more easily) but couldn't? So I would really appreciate help with this.

3. I wanted to have new main characters (5 total with the rest being recruit-able monsters), so is it possible to remove the soldier shop from various towns?

4. As with above, because I want only 5 main characters, can I give them specific classes which only they can utilize? Or would it be better not to fool around with this too much? I.e. Th MC would have the squire class - which would give him access to knight and other heavy armor/weapon classes, but the other characters would be semi-locked to other specific classes.

My idea was -
Squire - Knight - Samurai - Holy Knight
Archer - Gunner - Ninja
Thief - Lancer - Dark Knight
Chemist - Black Mage - Red Mage -
White Mage - Oracle - Summoner

5. Can I add more new monsters into the game or is the game hard-locked to prevent new additions? And I don't mean making exchanges, I wanted to add werewolf, adamantoise, Iron Giants, and so on.

There are just some of the questions that I had. If someone can help me to figure things out I'd be appreciative.