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PSX FFT Hacking / Monster abilities on humans
February 01, 2018, 11:39:21 pm
So I added a bunch of monster abilities to the unused skillset #50 including triple breath, leaf dance, wave around, thundersoul etc. I filled the skillset and everything seems to work without glitches
Thought I'd mention this because I've seen it mentioned around that monster abilities look buggy on humans.
January 31, 2018, 08:52:07 pm
Some people-Myself included, would like to use custom sprites but can't figure this step out. Post complete BATTLE.BIN and WILD FACE.BINs for community use here.

PSX FFT Hacking / Sprite question
January 27, 2018, 10:43:44 am
Has anyone ever tried to make all three monster pallets into three separate monsters? I'm just curious of you could actually add little details like a variation in the face or armor? Because if that can be done than theoretically you could change job pallets too. To have physical variations instead of just swapping colors. Anyone ever tried?

New Project Ideas / QBS_ZODIAC_FFT
January 27, 2018, 10:22:14 am
Been working on this mod off and on for a couple years. It's a total rebalance mod. I have changed every job,spell and piece of equipment in the game to make it as balanced yet difficult as possible without resorting to cranking up the stats. I simply made it harder to deal huge damage by adding CT,Mana and range decreases to almost every ability as well as higher class evasions. Most  spells don't lock on making them easier to avoid. I would like to use a handful of the communities asm hacks in the final project with permission.

I'm going to try a bunch of gameplay screenshots when I have time to play tonight

Some of the class changes

Squires have knight break abilities and some special squires have beowulfs versions

Ramza can learn sword skills on hit as squire
I nerfed and balanced them

Most base npc jobs have Knight breaks or sword skills, some have both variations based on the type of character they are also keeping their original skills.

I removed all status immunity from human npcs excluding invite. As a result they are more likely to learn instant kill abilities and use them on you.

JP to master job levels is 0-1000,2000-8000 so most npcs will have a larger skill set at their disposal

Chemist becomes-Merchant, has move JP up,JP up, gilgame heart and item usage

Knight becomes Paladin, has protect,shell,wall, silence, Dispel magic etc
As a result priest is more healing orientation and gets "Heal" wish and the two healing summoner spells.

Black mage becomes Sorcerer and has most low cost spells from black magic,yin yang magic and time magic with reduced cts

Oracle becomes mage and has modified versions of stronger black mage spells.

Thief becomes Barbarian and has accumulate, yell, Insult and scream
With Dragonheart and HP restore
Scream and accumulate now add Berserk status.

Lancer becomes weapon master (still tweaking the skillset) Has blade grasp, meat bone slash, double hand and two swords.

Combined dancer and Bard into male and female rogue
Have negotiate, steal skills and I'm considering giving them something more. I'm leaning towards eye gouge, a Poison weapon strike and maybe the assassin moves like Shadow stitch.

Anyway. I spent a lot of time on this. I release a beta sometime this week if I'm able

PSX FFT Hacking / Rebalanced Knight Swords
January 25, 2018, 01:17:04 am
I suppose I could just release it as a patch but for now I just figured I'd share my rebalance of the sword skills with everyone. I know alot of people seem to have trouble with them and most mods just add a Mana cost which I disagree with. I felt they needed to remain free to use like other physical class abilities like Monk skills so I nerfed them and tested it replacing the Knight class abilities with sword skills and added the break skills to another job

First off I changed the formula for status sword, crush punch, Lightning stab, split punch and holy explosion from
  PA*(WP+X) which doesn't allow element effects to the Geomancy formula MA*(PA/2+X) which does and i left (x) at 2 like statis sword.

I then gave them all a range of 3 on a single Target.
I they are already flagged as physical. With these 5 I changed them to magic which makes them evadeable. Also made the compatible with calc and counter magic.
I removed all their status effects
Then added and renamed one for each main elements
Each costs 150jp

Crush punch-Fire Sword
Lighting stab- Lighting Sword
Status sword- Ice Sword
Holy explosion- Holy Sword
Split Punch- Unholy Sword
I left the HP/MP swords alone and just changed both costs to 150.(Edit) - Original formulas ignore Evasion and deal damage based on WP and PA but I want them to be Magical so I changed them to the Oracle-Spell absorb and Life drain formulas

As for the other 4 I made them Physical damage, Melee range and evadeable. Each does different stuff for example I used Hellcry punch and renamed it Arc Sword.
It attacks 1 square in all directions and uses the dash formula. Random damage with a knock back chance.
Have fun with these 4 and do what you want.

So now you have 5 Elemental Magical attacks that do fair damage, 2 Drains that are dark by default but I removed the element from them.

And 4 melee ranged Physical attacks. Combine this with a balanced growth of PA/MA and have fun ;)