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I'm looking for an idea how to heavily reduce or eliminate RNG factor in the game.
I understand that is a huge part of the game and not sure if possible. Maybe somebody here will give a good idea?

I want to eliminate quick save/load cheating while using super powerful spells like charm, invite, frog, death, steal weapon etc that make the hardest mods easy. I also really don't like RNG.

The game's mechanic doesn't give much option to balance RNG.
My ideas for skills like invite or death would be:

- Super long casting time. More than one or two rounds making it useless at the start
- Super heavy cost in MP but that is hard to balance as the game progresses.
- Super short range like 1 square.
- Jobs with such skills would be very vulnerable but that is also hard to balance if it's set as secondary job for a strong job. Calculator wouldn't be that bad otherwise.
- Not sure about evade and block stat. I could remove it completely and replace with extra HP or other stats.
- Spells like charm would last just one round.

Do you have any ideas?
PSX FFT Hacking / Charge skill on another character.
March 22, 2018, 12:21:34 pm

I would like to swap archer's charge skill with knight. I simply swapped skill sets in the patcher. Knight can learn all charge skills but can't use them in the battle. What else I need to do to make it work?

I'm working on a personal vanilla mod and one of the main features I want in there is reduced damage to keep fights much longer.

What I've done so far is I adjusted grows and multipliers so max PA is 10 for monk and 11 for Knight. Max MA is 22 for Black Mage - this is done to keep scaling better. It's similar how vanilla monsters PA and MA scaling was done.

There is no skills or items to alter PA, MA or SP in my mod. SP is also slightly reduced to keep scaling more under control.

Monk standard attack with Brave 97 and 10PA is about 150 depending on zodiac. Can be double that with dual sword.
Ninja can do maybe a little bit more but it's very unlikely to 1HKO anybody as max HP was improved for all melee jobs.

My questions is what challenges and problems I may get and what are potentially better solutions?
How Jot5 is balanced? The damage at the beginning is about the same as on my patch and it seems to stay low.
How boosting DEF for all jobs would work out?
I really like the genius level of simplicity in Jot5 and would like some of that in my personal vanilla  mod.

Many thanks.
PSX FFT Hacking / Skill to heal MP similar to regen.
March 04, 2018, 04:11:53 pm

How people implemented regen version for mp recovery. How to add such skill?

Thank you :)
PSX FFT Hacking / Initiate skills. Few questions.
March 01, 2018, 08:50:23 pm

I want to test jobs with different sets of initiate skills and I have few questions.

- If I enable "move find item", "defend", "weapon guard", "equip change" in ASM patcher does it use the 4 slots for initiate skills or is it hidden behind and I can add more?

- Can I add reaction abilities as initiate skill? Can I add more than 1? Does the order I put them on the list matter?

Many thanks :)
PSX FFT Hacking / Possible to change raw stats?
February 26, 2018, 03:56:19 pm

Is it possible to change Raw stats? I want to make raw PA and MA for males and females equal. Is there a hack for that?


At this point it's a work in progress as I already invested many days of editing and testing.
I do this patch to make the game more challenging but keeping as much of vanilla feel as possible while making it also more fun.

Few main ideas:

- First of all all playable characters have flat grows. I've done it as I was fed up to be stuck in monk/knight/ninja for males all the time for best stats.

- PA/MA multipliers slashed in half. This makes few things - damage is much lower. Difference between males and females is reduced. Items makes bigger impact than levelling. Fights are longer and often harder when facing non human enemy. Monster are relatively stronger and more usable at the same time.

- Magic is scalable when possible. My aproach is to add MA+X to items so bolt 1 will still do damage relatively similar to knights or monk at similar level from lvl1 to lvl 99. Higher tier spells have damage reduced and balancing is achieved by playing with CT, MP, range.

- Most skills have max hit rate to reduce rng. Stealing, breaking weapon, charm, all have max hit rate what is only reduced by shields and enemy evasion. To balance some skills like poison and charm I played with CT, MP, range and how long that status lasts. So for example poison spell is instant last long and affects big area when charm lasts only 20CT what should be 1 turn. Haste lasts only 24CT instead of 32. Dead and frog will work only at minimum distance.

- Jobs and skills are rebalanced so less popular ones are accessible earlier and are way more powerful. No more monks/ninja + holy knights all the time. Now oracle, orator, chemist, archer, thief, geomancer are very powerful. It's not perfectly balanced but it should encourage different approach and different gaming experience. Thieves will be accessible very early on and will be much better at fighting - this makes sense as you get knives earlier than bowes and you see first thief before archers.

- Haven't tested it yet but I consider making all jobs strong and weak at some elementals. So for example priest is strong at holy magic and has high defense at it but take double dark elemental magic.

- I want to leave many OP items and techniques but to make it available for enemies as well. So group of female fighters with chantage + blade grasp + 97 brave and with items/white magic is possible.

- Smaller things: Remedy is more rare and very expensive. Mustadio get 2 new skills: missile and head shot. Initial move find items for all and with only rare items to find. Better basic items from poaching so no more potion or phoenix down. Shields greatly improved. Axes way stronger now. Dash has 2 square range.

- JP cost greatly reduced especially for the core skills like potion, phoenix down, bolt 1 etc.

- Last boss from deep dungeon  joins after fight.

- All enemy levels are increased by 2 when possible - this means nearly all the game apart of DD where last boss had lvl70. Random encounters shouldn't be 4x harder than story fights any more :)
It's not tested yet but I have an idea how to very simply rebalance the game: by cutting PA and MA multiplayer in half for playable jobs.

- to make battles less luck oriented and to last longer
- making poison, regen and all status skills way more powerful.
- Swords skills would be much weaker relatively to just attack
- Destroy equipment skills would be way more useful (I also plane to give equipments 50% more hp bonus)
- Defending and healing would be much more useful.
- Orator and Oracle would be way more useful.
- Monsters would be usable without changing them.
- Ninja throw skill would be way more powerful.
- Drain and gravi would be  much more useful.

In addition I plan to double lvl for all enemies in the game where possible and flatline stat growth.

What do you think? What problems I may encounter by doing this?
I'm changing Knight job so it can strike magic at close range.
I try to make it Bolt at range 1. The game displays damage at the beginning when Knight strikes his sword and then again after end of bolt animation. Looks like double damage and no idea what I'm doing wrong.

PSX FFT Hacking / Testing characters.
June 02, 2017, 01:09:01 pm

I'm working on a very simple vanilla mod. I would like to test jobs with various skills but have some trouble.

I managed to add guest zodiac monster from dd who join my party no problem. Super cool.
I however have some serious problems to add Mustadio or anybody with working snipe skills.

How to create a good testing ground for all special jobs at the beginning of the game? Is it possible to chave special jobs like Mustadio earlier just for testing?

PSX FFT Hacking / Playable Zodiac Monsters.
May 31, 2017, 06:05:35 pm

Some noob questions in preparation for my mod.

I recently mixed up my save files from different mods and one of the errors was the final boss from DD in my team. I think it's cool and wondered how to use FFPatcher to add Velius and DD boss to my team after defeating them?

Also is it possible to have final boss in the team?

PSX FFT Hacking / Chemist with throw skill?
May 30, 2017, 06:46:30 pm

Is it possible to add throw ball to chemist skill set?
PSX FFT Hacking / New job with monster skills?
May 29, 2017, 12:56:20 pm

Was thinking about changing mime into a Monster Hunter job. It would use monster skills mostly.
Is it possible? I also want to make most of them learnable on hit only.