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Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

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Help! / Replacing maps with attack.out
March 03, 2012, 11:17:24 am
I'm trying to make the battle at Thieves Fort actually occur in the lost sacred precients. 

So... take my extracted attack.out file in the same folder as the editor, change the map to LSP in a shotgunned array from 02D-034, save, and then reimport this onto my iso.  Load save that's camped at Mandalia, walk in.... and I'm still at thieves fort. 

Where's the error?
The Lounge / Go the F--- to sleep.
June 15, 2011, 06:28:46 pm
As Read By Samuel L Jackson.

Some of you might think I'm joking, but this is a real book, and a real audiobook (see above).

QuoteWhen Adam Mansbach's daughter Vivien was two, she would take up to two hours to fall asleep. Exhausted and exasperated, one night Mansbach posted a note on Facebook, "Look out for my forthcoming children's book, Go the -- to Sleep". Following his post, friends of Mansbach responded enthusiastically, so that Mansbach began writing what was then only a hypothetical book. Mansbach had the illustrations for the picture book done by a friend, illustrator Ricardo Cort├ęs (a contributor to The New York Times), and approached Akashic Books, a book publisher from New York.

Go the Fuck to Sleep was subject to an unintended viral marketing campaign after PDF copies of the book, presumably from advance copies sent to booksellers, were distributed via email. While the book was originally scheduled for release in October 2011, by the end of April the book had hit #2 on Amazon.com's bestseller list, and by May 12 the book was #1. In the meantime, the publishing date was moved up to June, and the publisher increased its first printing to 150,000 copies.[ Akashic, which acknowledged the importance of social media in popularizing the book ("it's a miracle from the heavens for us"), is trying to prevent piracy of the book. The rights for the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth were acquired by Canongate. The film rights have been optioned by Fox 2000.

Quite endearing imo.
Simply put, there are still about 14 or so spare ability slots.  I want to keep a very small amount around (4-6) as blanks for future development, but this frees up 8-10 slots that I still have no clue what to do with.

My initial instinct was to pump up the number of monster abilities to help diversify the tiers and give elements/range/proc/etc to their to-be unique-but-currently-normal "attack" commands.  

But then I looked at the dancer and the bard and with Slow Dance / Speed Song removed from the game, each of these classes boasts a whopping 6 skills.  On top of that, in keeping with one of the ideas of ASM'd, Song/Dance are losing their map-wide effects in exchange for a large self AoE.  A simple solution to the song/dance problem would be to just combine these into a single skillset.  With 12 skills and both offensive and defensive options, Performers as a whole would see more use imo.  This of course leaves a gaping hole on the job wheel.  It's an easy solution but it creates a new problem. (Well, not a problem per se, just something undesireable)

So... in keeping with another idea of ASM'd (show off what we can do), with the use of the Ability Requirement Hack I can create the Phaseshifter(?) class, who is able to both activate and cancel the "cursed looking" status, which is either required or prevents his abilities.  Cursed version is of course darker, focusing on self-harm, large single-target damage, and negative status.  Light side is more defensive dealing with HP curing, light AoE, and positive status.

Meanwhile, I can also throw in two additional abilities into bard/dancer and then pump the rest into monsters as above.  But I'm at a loss on what exactly to give dancers.

Requiem - High % chance to sleep/damage/something undead
War Song - Grants 5 Br to everyone in the area

Sword Dance - Self AoE 1 dealing normal melee damage to everything in sight (its like wave around, only it's not)


Note: I think most other classic FF classes are redundant with the current scheme with the notable exception of Scholar but I just can't think of enough worthwhile and unique abilities to justify giving him a spin.

But, enough blather!  Vote!  It closes in two weeks and the majority will rule.
Spam / Guile Theme Fits All
January 02, 2011, 01:24:12 am

It's pretty much what you'd expect.  There's an entire cache of this stuff on youtube.

FFT: ASM'd / Monsters
December 21, 2010, 01:22:31 pm
*equips flame-suit*

Monsters are normalized in ASM'd -- they lose their tiered system and more just variants -- stats are equal so that a Yellow Choco is the same as a Black one, e.g.  The only difference is their unique ability.  Biggest change ASM'd does is give monsters a unique skillsets which removes the need for monster skill but more importantly expands their abilities.  They will all have the attack command by default and then feature 3 family abilities coupled with a species-specific ability.  To this end, the "monster skills" are now just normally powered skills.  Monsters are still specialized but powerful units.  In addition to this all monsters gain secondary reaction abilities which is just another lovely thing to be triggered.  

On top of this, the inclusion of human-like skillsets (not that JP is involved or anything) means that a) breeding is not possible and b) monsters can be limited by MP since if MP is set it will be reduced.  Thus, some of the better monster abilities will be gaining an MP cost to prevent mega spammage, but I'm still working out which ones and how much and all that jazz.

So... please review these as desired:

- anything warrant a rename?  Kinda suck in the naming department
- Do the counters work?  Could use improvement?  etc
- Do the abilities/monster skills work?  Improvement, etc

How multiple reactions work:  If they share the same trigger (counter and hamedo, e.g.) they stack multiplicatively -- on a monster with 70 Br they have a 70% chance to do their first reaction and then if that doesn't go off they have a second 70% chance (21% net - 30% chance remaining times 70%) for a total chance of 91% to somehow react to the attack.  On seperate triggers (counter and counter magic, e.g.) it's 70% on both fronts.  

Counter List:
PA Save
Auto Potion
Auto Protect
Damage Split
Gilgame Heart
MA Save
Speed Save
Blade Grasp
Brave Up
Dragon Spirit
Auto Shell
Critical Quick
HP Restore
Meatbone Slash
MP Restore
Absorb Used MP
Projectile Guard
Counter Flood
Counter Magic
Faith Up
Finger Guard
MP Switch

Regarding stats -- all growth is set to 5 HP / 25 PA / 25 MA / 170 Sp.  This is more advanced than humans (7/40/40/190, at max) but then again monsters don't have gear to equip or supports to swap.  The only difference rests in their multipliers, which range from 100 to 180 depending on the stat and the monster.  

Abilities marked with an asterisk (*) are the ones learnable by the Blue Mage.  

Chocobo: speedy and mobile, but with low HP and minor evade.  Notably have choco meteor as their primary attack function -- it's weaker than other iterations but it gives them a bit of defense by proxy.  Primary support units, with almost all their moves being Self + 1 AoE in nature.

HP: med
C.Ev: low
PA: low
MA: med
Sp: high
M/J: 4/4
Elements: Neutral to all

Reaction 1: Counter
Reaction 2: Auto Protect

General: Choco Meteor / Choco Cure* / Choco Esuna
Tier 1: Choco Shell
Tier 2: Choco Protect
Tier 3: Choco Haste

Choco Meteor - 3 range MA*9 damage, unevadeable.
Choco Esuna - Self + AoE1 status cleansing, doing a majority of nasty status
Choco Cure - Self + AoE1 HP curing
Choco Protect - Self + AoE1 Protect effect
Choco Haste - Self + AoE1 Haste effect
Choco Shell - Self + AoE1 Shell effect

Goblin - Grunts of the monster world, specializing in melee range attacks.  

HP: med-high
C.Ev: med-high
PA: med-high
MA: low
Sp: med-high
M/J: 3/3
Elements: none

Reaction 1: Meatbone Slash
Reaction 2: PA Save

General: Sleeper Hold / Goblin Punch* / Spin Fist
Tier 1: Magic Hammer
Tier 2: Zap
Teir 3: Mutilate

Sleeper Hold - 1 range attack with high success rate to Sleep the target
Goblin Punch - 1 range attack, dealing damage in the difference in their HP.  50+PA% success rate.
Spin Fist - Monk version
Magic Hammer - 3 range attack, deals 50% MP damage.  70+PA% chance to work, P.Ev-able
Zap - 3 range 1 AoE attack dealing MA*10 lightning damage, with a possible Stop proc
Mutilate - 1 range 75% HP Attack with moderate success rate

Bomb - Your fiery friend and mine, these lovable little scamps specialize in fire damage.  

HP: med
C.Ev: low
PA: low
MA: med-high
Sp: med
M/J: 2/3
Elements: Absorb Fire, Half Ice, Weak to Water

Reaction 1: Crit Quick
Reaction 2: MA Save

General: Eruption* / Self Destruct / Drench
Tier 1: Spark
Tier 2: Immolate
Tier 3: Small Bomb

Eruption - 3 range single target fire attack, dealing MA*12 damage
Self Destruct - deals HP difference in self AoE 2, inflicting oil in the process
Drench - 3 range 1 AoE with smart targetting - inflicts Oil or Don't Act at about 65+MA% success rate each
Spark - Self AoE 2 fire damage, healing self and hurting everything around it
Immolate - 5 range linear fire damage
Small Bomb - 3 range 1 AOE dealing fire damage

Panthers - Status-heavy kitties.  

HP: med
C.Ev: high
PA: med
MA: low
Sp: high
M/J: 3/4
Elements: Neutral

Reaction 1: MP Switch
Reaction 2: Speed Save

General: Poison Nail / Screech / Execute
Tier 1: Cat Kick
Tier 2: Blaster*
Tier 3: Blood Suck

Poison Nail - 4 range single target - inflicts poison at 100%.  Unevadeable
Screech - 2 range single target -- cancels Charging on a unit, dealing 51% HP damage to it in the process.  Max success rate (faith based)
Execute - Archer version - cancels critical on a unit, dealing 21% HP damage.
Cat Kick - ????
Blaster - 3 range single target - Randomly inflicts Stop, Petrify, or Don't Move onto the target.  50+MA% success rate
Blood Suck - 1 range single target - drains 25% HP

Squids - Intelligent and misunderstood creatures of the deep.  

HP: med
C.Ev: med-high
PA: med
MA: high
M/J: 2/3
Elements: Absorb Water, Cancel Fire, Weak Lightning

Reaction 1: Counter Magic
Reaction 2: Counter Flood

General: Odd Soundwave / Negation / Aqua Breath
Tier 1: Transference
Tier 2: Rub
Tier 3: Mind Blast

Odd Soundwave - 3 range single target 65+MA% that inflicts either confusion or berserk
Negation - 3 range 1 AoE ability that dispels beneficial effects from enemies
Aqua Breath - 1 range 1 AoE MA-based damage.  Water ele, useful for self healing.
Mind Blast - 3 range single target dealing MA*13 non-elemental damage with a Stop proc
Rub - 4 range single target inflicting Dead with moderate success rate
Transference - 3 range single target Quick effect.  Slightly higher success rate than TM Quick, but still faith-based.

Skeletons - Undead and loving it.

C.Ev: med-high
PA: med-high
MA: med
Sp: low
MJ: 2/3
Elements: Absorb Dark, Cancel Ice, Weak Holy

Reaction 1: Condemn
Reaction 2: Auto Shell

General: Necrotic Touch / Aqua Soul* / Death
Tier 1: Horrify
Tier 2: Blackout
Tier 3: Liturgy

Necrotic Touch - Attack with a chance to inflict Undead
Aqua Soul - 3 range single target dealing MA*16 damage; water ele
Death - Wizard version
Horrify - 3 range 1 AoE 0 vert tol - Slows targets with 100% + M.Ev
Blackout - 3 range 1 AoE 2 vert tol - Blinds target with 100% + M.Ev
Liturgy - 3 range + 1 AoE - Adds either Sleep or Undead; 65+MA%

Ghouls - Tormented souls, and misery loves company.  

HP: low
C.Ev: high
PA: low
MA: med-high
Sp: med-high
M/J: 2/3
Elements: Absorb: Dark, Cancel: Wind, Weak: Holy

Reaction 1: MP Switch
Reaction 2: Damage Split

General: Throw Spirit / Drain Touch* / Irreverence
Tier 1: Lurid Wave
Tier 2: Zombie Touch
Tier 3: Posses

Throw Spirit - 3 range attack
Drain Touch* - 1 range ability which drains 33% of the targets Max MP
Irreverence - 3 range single target damage; Dark elemental which deals more damage the more faithless the target is
Lurid Wave - 1 Range 1 AoE dealing MA*20 damage (also drastically healing the ghost in the process)
Zombie Touch - 1 range ability which attempts to inflict Undead on the target
Possess - 4 range ability which attempts to Charm an enemy.  Persevering.

Flotiball - MA-heavy foes with a perchance for status infliction.

HP: med
C.Ev: med
PA: med
MA: high
Sp: med-high
M/J: 2/4
Elements: half all

Reaction 1: Counter Magic
Reaction 2: Awareness

General: Doom* / Hyponsis / Radiance
Flotiball: Gaze
Ahriman: Light Whisper
Plague: Circle

Doom - 2 range ability, 75+MA% chance to inflict Death Sentence
Hyponsis - 2 range ability, 70+MA% chance to inflict either confusion or sleep
Radiance - 3 range singe target, inflicts Reflect status with high success rate
Gaze - 5 range single target ability dealing non-elemental damage.  MA*11
Light Whisper - 3 range + 1 AoE ability randomly dealing Holy and MA-based damage to the area
Circle - Reduces targets MA by 5

Juravis - Mobile and speedy, with a nice mix of status, self-buffs, and ranged AoE.  

HP: low
C.Ev: high
PA: med
MA: low
Sp: high
M/J: 3/4
Elements: Absorb: Wind, Cancel: Lightning, Weak: Earth

Reaction 1: Speed Save
Reaction 2: Auto Protect

General: Shine Lover / Beak / Aero
Juravis: Cripple
Steel Hawk: Hurricane
Cockatoris: Feather Bomb

Shine Lover: self-only haste+regen
Beak: 1 range 45+MA chance to petrify targets
Aero: 3 range single target MA*X wind damage
Cripple: 1 range ability that breaks PA by 4
Hurricane: 3 range 2 AoE ability that knocks off 60% HP on targets
Feather Bomb: 6 range single target MA*10 damage (light damage but snipes well)

Uribo - Lovable little scamps, boasting mostly defensive abilities.  

HP: low
C.Ev: med-high
PA: low
MA: med-high
Sp: med-high
M/J: 2/3
Elements: Neutral all

Reaction 1: HP Restore
Reaction 2: Auto Protect

General: Nose Breath / Oink / Warn
Uribo: Oinkment
Porky: Exalt
Wildbow: Vivify

Nose Breath: 1 range 50+MA% charm
Oink: 1 range ability that revives fallen allies at 70% HP
Warn: Mediator version.  3 range 1 AoE that inflicts Defend.
Oinkment: 2 range single target ability that cleanses status ailments, healing them for 33% of their health in the process
Exalt: 1 range ability that inflicts Reflect and Faith to the target.  High success rate.  
Vivify: Self-only reraise+shell at 100%

Woodmen: Specializing in self-AoE effects.  Very defensive-oriented skillset.  

HP: med-high
C.Ev: low
PA: med-high
MA: high
Sp: med
M/J: 2/2
Elements: Absorb: Earth, Cancel: Water, Weak: Fire

Reaction 1: Counter Flood
Reaction 2: MA-Save

General: Leaf Dance* / Regeneration / Prune
Woodman: Barrier Spirit
Treant: Mending Spirit
Taiju: Rebirth

Leaf Dance - Self AoE 2 dealing earth-elemental damage to all enemies within range
Regeneration - Self AoE 2 granting the Regen status to all allies within range
Prune - Map-wide effect that removes Regen from allies but heals them for 100% HP
Barrier Spirit - Self AoE 2 granting either Protect or Shell to all allies within range
Mending Spirit - Self AoE 2 healing both the body and mind of all allies within range - heals PA*10 HP, PA*5 MP
Rebirth - Self AoE 2 reviving all allies within range at very low health

Bull Demon - Damage-heavy foes, with a good spread of melee, AoE, and status.  

HP: high
C.Ev: med
PA: high
MA: med
Sp: med
M/J: 3/3
Elements: Absorb: Earth, Cancel: Fire, Weak: Water

Reaction 1: PA Save
Reaction 2: Counter

General: Wave Around* / Berserk / Accumulate
Bull Demon: Holy
Minotaur: Blow Fire
Sacred: Mimic Titan

Wave Around - PA-based self AoE 1 damage
Berserk - 3 range single target 50+MA% chance to inflict Berserk its target
Accumulate - Squire version - boosts PA
Holy - Priest version, faith/MA based damage
Blow Fire - 3 range Linear fire attack, dealing MA*X damage to all targets in range
Mimic Titan - Self AoE 2, dealing MA*12 Earth damage

Morbols - Quite the hybrid nowadays.  

HP: med-high
C.Ev: med
PA: med-high
MA: med
Sp: low
M/J: 2/2
Elements: Absorb: Water, Cancel: Earth, Weak: Ice

Reaction 1: PA-Save
Reaction 2: MA-Save

General: Drain Tentacle / Collide / Bad Breath
Morbol: Lick
Ochu:  Goo
Great Morbol:  Bio

Drain Tentacle: Weapon strike with HP absorb effect
Collide: melee range, PA*20 damage as the Morbol receives backlash.
Bad Breath: Self-AoE of 2 dealing an array of status effects
Lick: ???MP restoration move for melee-range target???
Goo: 4 range single target MA*16 damage with a poison proc
Bio: 3 range 1 AoE dealing MA*12 damage with seperate blind, silence, and oil procs.  smart targetting

Behemoths - Damage-heavy monsters.  

HP: high
C.Ev: low
PA: high
MA: med-high
Sp: low
M/J: 2/3

Reaction 1: Counter
Reaction 2: Counter Magic

General: Roar* / Comet / Boost
Behemoth: Gigaflare
King Behemoth: Blaze
Dark Behemoth: Lifebreak

Roar - Unevadable melee attack - slightly weaker than standard attack
Comet - Time Mage version, dealing Fa/MA damage to a single target
Boost - Self-only perk of +15 Brave (maybe 20?  idk)
Gigaflare - 3 range 2 AoE MA*12 damage
Life Break - 2 range single target dealing damage in HP difference
Blaze - 4 range 3 AoE fire elemental dealing MA*9 damage to enemies in the area

Dragon - More diversified than your normal monster family.  Only PA component is their normal attack (which still hurts);

HP: High
C.Ev: med-high
PA: High
MA: med
Sp: med
M/J: 2/3
Elements -
Dragon: Absorb: Lit, Cancel: Dark,Holy, Weak: Water
Blue D: Absorb: Ice, Cancel: Dark,Holy, Weak: Fire
Red D: Absorb: Fire, Cancel: Dark,Holy, Weak: Ice

Reaction 1: Dragon Spirit
Reaction 2: Counter

General: Shatter / Wall / Disrupt
Dragon: Lit Breath
Blue Dragon: Ice Breath*
Red Dragon: Flame Breath

Shatter - Knight; cancels a units defending/protect/shell and harms them for 33% HP damage
Wall - Priest; provides protect and shell to a target
Disrupt - 3 range single target, inflicts either Don't Act or Don't Move with 65+MA%.
Lit/Ice/Flame Breath - 2 range MA*12 elemental damage

Hydras: 3 heads = triple the fun.

HP: med-high
C.Ev: med
PA: med-high
MA: med-high
Sp: med
M/J: 2/3
Elements: Absorb: Fire, Lightning, Weak: Ice, Wind

Reaction 1: Regenerator
Reaction 2: Dragon Spirit

General: Triple Attack / Triple Flame / Mega Breath
Hyudra: D-Power Up
Hydra: Triple Thunder
Tiamat: Dark Whisper

Triple Attack - 3-way 1-panel PA-based attack
Triple Flame - 3-way 2-panel MA*10 fire damage
Mega Breath - 3 range dragon-like breath.  Fire/Thunder/Dark elemental dealing MA*~12 damage
D-Power Up - 3 range Dragon-only that separately inflicts Protect/Shell/Haste/Regen at ~50%
Triple Thunder - 3-range AoE 1 MA-based attack. randomly hits 3 times
Dark Whisper* - 3-range AoE 1 MA-based attack, randomly hits 3 times.  Hits harder than triple thunder but has higher vert tol
FFT: ASM'd / Help Wanted Topic
December 16, 2010, 10:13:33 pm
Will be updated regularly as tasks present themselves and I have something organized enough to send out.  Tragically sometimes things require so much instruction it's easier/faster just to do them myself.  But!

3 - Blue Mage Sprite - both male and female.


BM is half-done and abandoned. 

If anyone is interested in finishing it off (mostly just replacing the summoner horn for the hat), here's an excellent working base.

Basic concept works wonderfully -- blue hat with a white brim + white feather (imo modify the male oracle's), blue overcoat and lighter blue pants.  Palettes are a minor concern -- I don't mind the blue mage rocking an off-white garb for palette 4 or whatever.  So long as the hat is unique and defining I'm happy because that's the single biggest thing for different FFT classes.

4 - Kill Em All - Event Edits -
Miluda II
Weigraf I
Weigraf II
Zalmo II
Balk I
Outside Limberry
Balk II

http://ffhacktics.com/wiki/Event_Scripts_and_Scenario_Order_correlation  should help.

Decompile the start of these fights, remove the previous wait/darkscreen/etc/remove darkscreen commands, and insert this this chunk instead.  This will remove the units being highlighted and correctly display the correct objectives (ie, defeat all enemies).



1) Maps - Place initial starting locations for all random battles for ease in ENTD editing.  Thanks Gotwald!

2) Blue Mage item text edits - Correct the item descriptions to reflect the Blue Mage class instead of the Sage class.  Blue Mage can equip Swords, Rods, and Staves.  Sage was also able to equip Poles and Books.  Thus, for all instances where the letters "Sg" are uttered, please replace them with "BM".  Additionally, remove the {Color:00} x {Color:04} commands around Sg/BM within the Pole (Musk Rod, e.g.) and Book (Monster Dictionary, e.g.).

Tool to aid you: Texter - allows you to program macros/scripts into your keyboard.
http://lifehacker.com/assets/resources/ ... %200.6.exe

Install it and create a new script hotstring, with the following:

now all you need to do is get your cursor right in front of Sg and press the mapped hotkey.  Repeat till done.Thanks Lasting Dawn!
FFT: ASM'd / Collection of ASM used / rejected
December 12, 2010, 09:19:30 am
Sets the title screen's default option from "New Game" to "Continue".
Removes permanent brave alteration. (Version 2.0)
Removes permanent faith alteration. (Version 2.0)
Weapon Guard Innate all.
Axes & Flail damage becomes (Rdm{0..PA-1}+PA)*WP
Formula 1E (Truth Skillset) becomes Dmg_(MA*Y) #Hit(Rdm{1,X})
Weapon Strike Fix
Global C-Ev.
(#+1%) chance of Knockback for Dash/Throw Stone (50%?)
AI attacks transparent unit v1.1
Special characters can do Propositions
JP scroll glitch fix v1.1
Increase Jump damage by 3/2 regardless of weapon
Defending reduces physical damage by 25%
Blade Grasp trigger : strikable weapons
Mighty Sword ignores equipment presence and hits monster
Formula 4E Dmg_(MA*Y) Hit(100)% becomes 4E Dmg_(MA*Y) Hit(MA+X)%
Regen heal from MaxHP/8 to Min(999,MaxHP)/8
Soldier Office can rename any units (including humans and special characters)
Secret Hunt ability isn't needed to enter Fur Shop
(Monster Pre-raw stat hacking, no level 1 absurd MA)
Remove item duplication (v1)
Oil takes 2x damage from fire attacks.
Change brave gain by chickened units. (4 per?)
Change brave gain by Brave Up. (8 per?)
Change faith gain of Face Up. (8 per?)
Arrow Guard now blocks gunshots. (renamed Projectile Guard?)
Blind and Confuse overrides concentrate/transparent accuracy bonus and now divides accuracy by 2
Hit_F(MA+X)%/Hit_(MA+X)%/whatever to become Hit_F(MA*2+X)%/Hit_(MA*2+X)%/whatever]
Formula 37 becomes Dmg_[(0...(Y-1)+ZZ)*PA]
Charging losing damage bonus (keeps evasion loss)
Silent Walk becomes Flee - Adds XX move when unit is in critical (4?)
Not moving and not acting bonus CT edit (not moving = 10 CT bonus while not acting is 30?)
Support 1/2 spaces below Non-charge increase damage/healing done by/to unit by XX/ZZ% (Amplify?  Insulate?) - thinking 20% in both cases.  Differs from attack up/magic def up (33%) et all in its flexibility, and also is double-edged.  
Units with reaction between Counter and Distribute have perfect evasion from all sides (Rear Guard?)
Haste/slow is 25% speed bonus/penalty (increased duration to be similar CT gain, its just more spread out now)
Poison damage from MaxHP/8 to Min(999,MaxHP)/8
MP Restore doesn't need critical (might be OP?  rather useless atm but full MP regen each hit?  idk)
Equip Armor (helms and armor)
Equip Shield
Equip Light Armor (hats and clothes)
Equip Mageset (rods, staves, books)
Equip Bows (longbow + xbow)
Equip Polearm (Spear + stick)
Equip Meleeset (Sword, Axe, Flail)
Equip Gun

Only possible change is combining bows and guns, but is another equip function needed?  Don't think so


Generic Skillset ability fix (unless I fix something else, its unnecessary)
(#+1%) chance of Spell Casting (formula 02) (need to check what all can cast spells...)
Gained JP = 12
Wall reduces all HP damage to 1 (mmm... boss with wall...)
46 Undead Oracle is mountable (Boco special?!)
4D AbsHP_(Y)% * MaxHP Hit_(MA+X)% NS becomes 4D AbsHP_(Y)% * Min(999,MaxHP) Hit_(MA+X)% NS

Ramza (unit ID 01, 02 and 03) can join as a guest.
Disable the game's music to finally play on turbo with your own songs while the sound effects are still enabled.
Allow generics to join as guests and "Load Formation" based on roster number. Example: Sprite Set 0x10 (17) with Load Formation will load unit 17 in roster.
Maximum generated level with level + highest level in party
Maximum levelup
Item required to use skills using the "Materia Blade" boolean.
Spell quotes always pops up
Innate Skillset 0xA9 for every single unit
Divide Gained Exp in 2
20 Bonus Money per level.
Divide Bonus Money by 2.
(#+1%) chance of Critical Hit
Death Sentence - Ignore Cancel:Dead (all cancel:dead items simply also block death sentence)
Chance to get rare items
No Starting Items
Starting Money (2 bytes), default : 2000, max ammount : 65535
Broken / stolen items can be bought back at Fur Shop (buggy)
Potion Formula = Max(030,XX% Max HP) (buggy)
Performing gain evasion and receive 150% damage from physical attack
No Random Battles
Transparent loses 100% accuracy bonus
Wall reduces physical damage by 99%, duration : 1 turn
No monster breeding
Every monster is mountable
Selling items at Fur Shop costs 1/4 normal price
Buying items at Fur Shop costs 1 x normal price
4D AbsHP_(Y)% * MaxHP Hit_(MA+X)% NS becomes 4D AbsHP_(Y)% * CurHP Hit_(MA+X)% NS
Poison damage from MaxHP/8 to CurrentHP/4
Max of X items per battle
Cannot recruit any soldier from Soldier Office
Defend Up innate all
Magic Defend Up innate all
Monster Skill innate all
Secret Hunt innate all
Move Find Item innate all v1.1
Change the stat required to activate reactions (v1). Note, this affects all reactive counter abilities.
Change reaction ability activation rate (v1). Note, this affects all reactive counter abilities.
Only X species of monsters are mountable.
Change initial items.
Blade Grasp now blocks all melee 1 range weapons except bags (v2).
Invite will now be appropriately used by the AI (v1
(All of Nate's.  Poor Nate.)
Formula 1E, 1F, 5E, 5F, 60 ((MA+Y)*MA/2) becomes ((PA+Y)*PA/2)
Formulas 4E and 4F becomes Dmg_(Casters Brave+Casters Faith)
Dmg_(TargetCurHP-1) becomes Dmg_(CasterMaxHP-CasterCurrentHP)
Formula 29(Steal Heart) requires same gender
Jump formula becomes WP*Jump*X/Y
Change reaction activation to XX% constant
Short Charge rounds CT down instead of up
AI teleports XX spaces further than max move
Defend innate all v1.1
Forces any unit to automatically recover HP/MP when it steps on a crystal.
Darkness status reduces accuracy by XX% (need to run numbers)
I know it involves some funsies with hex editing, which I'm moderately competent in.

Anyone offer some insight?  Would like to release Easytype without involving that step.
FFT: ASM'd / Assassinations vs. Kill Em Alls
December 07, 2010, 07:34:48 pm
Currently this is the list of assassination (defeat/critical one unit to win) fights.  Bolded are ones that I thought should be changed to kill em all for either storyline purposes (ie, everyone there should hate your guts), or to provide a different battle than the zerg-and-snipe that many are used to.  Italics are the ones I'm on the fence about, and the neithers are the ones I think ought to stay as-is

Miluda I
Miluda II
Weigraf I

Zalmo I
Weigraf II

Riovanes Rooftop
Zalmo II
Balk I

Outside Limberry
Elmdor II
Shrine Knights
Balk II


Which... on review: most of em become kill em all save the Zodiacs and Zalmo I because he's a twit.

Also for my own edification:


Event instructions which should bring up the "defeat all enemies" command, and then remove the colorunit aspect.
Spam / Zodiac's new nick?
December 07, 2010, 06:46:34 pm
X's always bother me.  A coworker of mine is named Xin - I call him Shin because I can't get that Chinese accent just right.
The Lounge / The Grassy Knoll of Fort Zeakden
December 03, 2010, 05:43:58 pm
Disturbing new evidence.  Algus was framed!

PSX FFT Hacking / Prompting a game save
November 29, 2010, 11:02:28 pm
Like in the chained fights for Riovanes or the Orbonne Home Stretch -- I'm not seeing a common command line in the event instructions and the attack.out editor doesn't have the option.

Anyone able to lend a hand on the matter?
Bugs and Suggestions / front page avatar
September 26, 2010, 12:14:00 pm
The front page does not approve of the pixelated transexual avatar.

Depending on browser, its either x's or blanked out.  Reeally the blanked out looks rather clean imo.
Spam / @Zodiac
August 26, 2010, 12:06:46 pm
Your avatars mesmerize.
Mercenaries / Red Mage job class discussion
August 23, 2010, 03:14:38 pm
The red mage is a classic final fantasy class, with roots dating back to good ol number 1.  Skilled in both light and dark magics, not to mention sword and shield, these versatile warriors are an excellent addition into any party.  This is the Rad-only job class, and is located on the magical edge of the job tree directly drawing from job levels in Inquistor, Blue Mage, and Esperblade.  Although all spells have charge times, they are exceptionally quick.

?Innocent? - Faiths * (MA + Y) chance in inflict Innocent onto a target, 2 CTR.  Calls upon holy powers to temporaily pardon the target and grant immunity from magicks.
?Faith? - Faiths * (MA + Y) chance in inflict Faith onto a target, 2 CTR.  Calls upon holy powers to ensure target is able to give and recieve magick's full effects.
?Jugarum? - Faiths * (MA + Y) chance in inflict Frog onto a target, 2 CTR.   Binds a ???? spirit to the target, making them a froggy-wog.
?Possession? - Faiths * (MA + Y) chance in inflict Undead onto a target, 2 CTR.  Binds a wandering spirit to the target, turning them into a member of the living dead.
Healing Rain - 4 range, 2 AoE, 3 CTR.  Weaker than moogle, hits both allies and enemies alike.  Faith-based healing into the wide-area.  "Western winds bring recovery to those in need"
Replenish - MA*Y MP healing.  Self-only.  "Having unlocked the inner workings of Mist, the user generates some for himself freely"
Meteor - Faith/MA damage - 0 range, 2 AoE.  Huge damage, but odds are Rad dies too ^^.  "Calls upon a great comet from the heavens to strike down enemies.  Comes at a price, however."
Tornado -  (PA+X) * MA damage, 5 range 2 vert linear.  X here is big. "A whirlwind flies from the caster, damaging all in its path"
Nova - Faith/MA damage - 4 range, 1 AoE; chance to inflict Don't Act. "A debiltating explosion that harms and sometimes maims the opposition"

(HP - below average
MP - above average
Speed - average
PA - above average
MA - above average)

Spam / Best BS on youtube!
August 12, 2010, 05:35:26 pm

No, really.  He's a technical expert.
Spam / Hardcore Games
July 07, 2010, 12:59:10 am
FFT: ASM'd / New title image?
April 16, 2010, 09:55:50 pm
Its a rather low priority thing, but its something cosmetic I'd like to include.

However, since my art skills (computer or otherwise) are pretty craptastic, I'm tempted to simply convert a fan art picture into a 320x240 image, spruce it up slightly, and slap it in.  Here are some of the ones I've attempted though far (quite rough, I know).  These images were easier because they were 300x300 by default :D

Other candidates include:

(ps, can you tell I think chocobos are AWESOME?)

Anyone have an opinion on the matter? These are awesome?  They suck?  They suck, but, philsov, here's something awesome?
The deep dungeon will be an end-game Arena with very difficult enemies.  However, the party size will be limited.  There are two floors for a single unit, two floors for a pair, two floors for 3x, two floors for 4x, and then finally 5x for remainder.  For floors with 1 or 2 (maybe 3?) units, controllable Explorer Guests will be provided for one fight.  They have innate Death Sentence, 1 movement, high speed, no gear, and no skills.  They are however very well placed :).

Random fights... are just that.  The only intentionally difficult ones will be the rares (1 per map) and Dolbodar Swamp.  Dolbodar because that will be the Bountiful Land of Previously Poachable Goodies, and the rares because, dammit, they're rare.

There is a limit of 4 sprites for all enemies, though palettes can go wild. Please keep this in mind.

Please post if you've got any ideas!  

Total randoms: 59/202

Total DD: 18/41

Mandalia Plains North
1x Cuar
2x Chocobo (any)
1x Goblin (any)

Mandalia Plains North - Red Panther Gimme
1x Red Panther
1x Cuar
1x Vampire
1x Thief
1x Archer
1x Red Panther Guest (Join Up)

Mandalia Plains North
2x Knight
2x Wizard
2x Geomancer

Mandalia Plains North
Mandalia Plains South
Mandalia Plains South
Mandalia Plains South
Mandalia Plains South

Mandalia Plains South* - Save da kitty!
5x ??? Dark Knights
4x ??? Behemoth
1x Panther Guest
1x Priest Guest

Mandalia Plains West
2x Squire
1x Chocobo
1x Goblin

Mandalia Plains West - Igros Guard
5x Knight (super defense!)

Mandalia Plains West

Mandalia Plains West - Apostates
1x Male ??? Wizard
1x Female ??? Wizard
1x Guest Knight

Sweegy Woods East

Sweegy Woods East - We're off to Kill the Wizard
1x ??? Wizard with float

Sweegy Woods East - Black Gobu Gimme
2x Skeleton
2x Ghost
2x Time Mage
1x Black Goblin Guest (Join Up)

Sweegy Woods East
Sweegy Woods East*
Sweegy Woods West
2x Red Bomb
2x Archer
1x Squire

Sweegy Woods West

Sweegy Woods West - More than weeds
2x Morbol
4x Treant
1x Geomancer Guest

Sweegy Woods West

Zeklaus Desert North
Zeklaus Desert North
Zeklaus Desert North

Zeklaus Desert North - Falconer family
2x Male Mediator
1x Female Knight
1x Female Archer
2x Juravis (immortal)
2x Steel Hawk (immortal)
3x Cockatrice (immortal)

Zeklaus Desert South - Bomb Gimme
3x Juravis
2x Oracle
1x Red Bomb Guest (Join Up)

Zeklaus Desert South

Zeklaus Desert South - zomg goggles.  Blinds and evasion abound.
3x Oracle
2x Squire
2x Geomancer

Zeklaus Desert South
Zeklaus Desert South*
Zeklaus Desert East
Zeklaus Desert East
Zeklaus Desert East
Zeklaus Desert East

Lenalia Plateau North - Uribo Gimme
2x Lancer
2x Geomancer
1x Thief
1x Uribo Guest (Join Up)

Lenalia Plateau North= Shaddup!
3x Mediators
2x Thieves
1x Blue Mage (Guest) w/ Finger Guard

Lenalia Plateau North
Lenalia Plateau North
Lenalia Plateau South
Lenalia Plateau South

Lenalia Plateau South - Avian duel
5x Birds (green)
5x Flotiballs (red)

Lenalia Plateau South
Lenalia Plateau South*

Fovoham Plains South
2x Bomb
1x Chemist
1x Knight

Fovoham Plains South - Flotiball Gimme
2x Wizard
2x Priest
1x Chemist
1x Flotiball

Fovoham Plains South
Fovoham Plains South
Fovoham Plains West
Fovoham Plains West
Fovoham Plains West
Fovoham Plains West
Fovoham Plains West*
Fovoham Plains East
Fovoham Plains East
Fovoham Plains East

Fovoham Plains East- Beauty and the Beast
1x ??? Princess
1x ??? Minotaur
1x ??? Bomb
1x ??? Time Mage
1x Archer (Guest)

Araguay Woods West
3x Red Goblin
2x Black Goblin
1x Green Goblin

Araguay Woods West - Woodman Gimme
3x Geomancer
2x Squire
1x Woodman Guest (Join Up)

Araguay Woods West
Araguay Woods West
Araguay Woods East
Araguay Woods East

Araguay Woods East - Forest Fire, or Bowling
2x Knights with Equip Axe + Axe
2x Wizard (fire!)
1x Bomb
6x Treants

Araguay Woods East
Araguay Woods South
Araguay Woods South
Araguay Woods South
Araguay Woods South
Araguay Woods South*

Zirekile Files West
Zirekile Files West
Zirekile Files West - Blue Dragon gimme
3x Lancer
2x Time Mage
1x Blue Dragon Guest (join up)

Zirekile Files West
Zirekile Files East
Zirekile Files East
Zirekile Files East

Zirekile Files East - Blue Mage Duel
1x Blue Mage (Male)
4x Chocobo
1x Blue Mage (Female
4x Squid

Zirekile Files East* - Against all odds
9x ??? Sacred (4 surrounding guest, 5 near your spawn point)
1x Knight Blade Guest

Zirekile Files South
Zirekile Files South
Zirekile Files South
Zirekile Files South

Bariaus Hills North
Bariaus Hills North
Bariaus Hills North
Bariaus Hills North - Behemoth Gimme
2x Samurai
2x Ninja
1x Monk
1x Behemoth Guest (Join Up)

Bariaus Hills South
Bariaus Hills South

Bariaus Hills South - Team Question
3x Lancer
3x Geomancer
3x Dancer

Bariaus Hills South
Bariaus Hills South*

Zigolis Swamp East
Zigolis Swamp East - Ochu Gimme
3x Ghost
2x Knight
1x Ochu Guest (Join Up)

Zigolis Swamp East - Frail warrior
1x Undead Knight
3x Skeleton
3x Ghost
1x Bard Guest w/ equip melee + dinky weapon

Zigolis Swamp East
Zigolis Swamp West
Zigolis Swamp West
Zigolis Swamp West
Zigolis Swamp West
Zigolis Swamp West*

Bariaus Valley West
Bariaus Valley West
Bariaus Valley West
Bariaus Valley West
Bariaus Valley East
Bariaus Valley East
Bariaus Valley East
Bariaus Valley East
Bariaus Valley South - Squid Gimme
2x Priest
2x Archer
1x Monk
1x Guest Squid

Bariaus Valley South
Bariaus Valley South
Bariaus Valley South - Snipe'd
2x Engineer
3x Archer
3x Mediator
3x Chemist

Grog Hill South - Trading Card Thieves
5x Thief

Grog Hill South  - Blue Magic Venue I
6x Blue Mages with the basic-level

Grog Hill South - Black Choco Gimme
3x Minotaur
2x Mediator
1x Black Choco Guest (Join Up)

Grog Hill South

Grog Hill South* - Fanatic's Wet Dream

Grog Hill West
Grog Hill West
Grog Hill West
Grog Hill West
Grog Hill East
Grog Hill East
Grog Hill East
Grog Hill East

Yuguo Woods East
1x Air Blue Mage
3x Birds
1x Flotiball

Yuguo Woods East - Doomsayers
1x Archer w/ Battle Skill (armor break)
1x Thief w/ Steal Accessory
4x Oracle w/ Death Sentence + Expire

Yuguo Woods East
Yuguo Woods East
Yuguo Woods East*
Yuguo Woods West

Yuguo Woods West - Vampire Gimme
3x Knights with White Magic
2x Monks
1x Vampire

Yuguo Woods West - Plants v. Zombies
5x Skeletons (red)
5x Treants (green)

Yuguo Woods West

Doguola Pass West
Doguola Pass West-Mpemba effect
1x Time Mage
1x Wizard
1x Chemist
2x Blue Dragon

Doguola Pass West
Doguola Pass West
Doguola Pass West*
Doguola Pass East - Bull Demon Gimme
2x Summoner
2x Monk
1x Mime
1x Bull Demon Guest (Join Up)

Doguola Pass East
Doguola Pass East
Doguola Pass East

Bervania Volcano North
Bervania Volcano North

Bervania Volcano North - Soldiers
1x ??? Soldier + maintence + armor (999 HP)
1x Mediator
1x Monk
1x Archer

Bervania Volcano North
Bervania Volcano North*

Bervania Volcano South - Drakenguaard
1x ??? Squire
1x ??? Red Dragon

Bervania Volcano South

Bervania Volcano South - Hydra gimme
2x Lancer
2x Wizard
1x Bard
1x Hydra Guest (Join Up)

Bervania Volcano South

Finath River East

Finath River East - Heretic Hunters
2x Holy Knights
1x Holy Priest
2x Knight Blade

Finath River East - Porky Gimme
3x Vampire
2x Red Dragon
1x Guest Porky

Finath River East
Finath River East*
Finath River West
Finath River West
Finath River West

Bed Desert South - Cockatoris Gimme
2x Archer
2x Juravis
1x Flotiball
1x Cockatoris

Bed Desert South
Bed Desert South
Bed Desert South

Bed Desert North - Bad Desert
1x Mysterious Stranger with Mysterious Mask
5x Geomancers
1x Chemist Guest with gun, thief hat
1x guest Uribo

Bed Desert North
Bed Desert North
Bed Desert North
Bed Desert North* - Megabomb
1x ??? Human Explosive w/ custom skillset (he mostly goes boom)

Germinas Peak North
Germinas Peak North - Thunder + Lightning
1x Oracle
1x Ninja

Germinas Peak North
Germinas Peak North

Germinas Peak North* -  Kings of the Hill
6x Archers
2x Geomancers
3x Lancers running interference

Germinas Peak South- Samu vs. Ninninnin
5x Samurai
5x Ninja

Germinas Peak South
Germinas Peak South
Germinas Peak South

Poeskas Lake North
1x Fire Blue Mage + monster skill
1x Each bomb type
1x Red Dragon

Poeskas Lake North
1x Earth Blue Mage + monster skill
1x Each tree type
1x Sacred

Poeskas Lake North
Poeskas Lake North
Poeskas Lake North*

Poeskas Lake South - chapter 1 rehash III
1x Miluda
2x Time Mage
3x Knight
1x Algus
2x Time Mage
3x Knight

Poeskas Lake South - Revnant Gimme
2x Treants
2x Priest
1x Wizard
1x Revnant Guest (Join Up)

Poeskas Lake South
Poeskas Lake South

Dolboldar Swamp East - Chess
5x Squire
1x Priest
1x Knight w/ Jump
1x ??? Male Knight w/ no skillset
1x ??? Female Samu

Dolboldar Swamp East - Soap Mouths
3x Thief
3x Mediator
4x Morbolo

Dolboldar Swamp East
Dolboldar Swamp East

Dolboldar Swamp West - Arena
2x Monk (2x palette)
1x Holy Swordsman
8 Knight/Lancer

Dolboldar Swamp West - Living Bone Gimme
3x Priest
3x Monk
3x Hydra
1x Living Bone Guest (Join Up)

Dolboldar Swamp West
Dolboldar Swamp West
Dolboldar Swamp West*


NOGIAS - Duelist's Revenge
1x White Knight
1x Dark Knight

NOGIAS - Geomancer Swarm
15x Geomancer

NOGIAS - Meatbone Slasher
1x ??? Engineer
4x Explorer Guests


TERMINATE - Garrethina
1x Ninja


DELTA - Reflectors
2x Priest (scc)
2x Wizard (scc)
2x Time Mage (scc)
2x Oracle (scc)
4x Squires with reflect status

DELTA - Terra's Lament
14x Summoners with 1 summon each (assuming skillset space >_>)


VALKYRIES - Miluda Redemption
1x Dark Squire
1x Dark Holy Knight
1x Dark Shrine Knight-dude
1x Dark Archer
1x Dark Priest
1x Dark Wizard

1x ??? Knight Blade
5x Squire
2x Archer
2x Monk
2x Knight
2x Geomancer


MLAPAN - CT5 Holy's S1 Team
MLAPAN - 3rdOracles S3 Team
MLAPAN - Whoever wins s4's Team

TIGER - Muses
1x Melete
1x Mneme
1x Aoide

TIGER - Wizardry Tribute
1x Lord
1x Samurai
1x Ninja
1x Thief
1x Priest
1x Mage



1x ??? Cleric
1x ??? Hell Knight
1x ??? White Knight
1x ??? Sorceror
1x ??? Knight Blade

VOYAGE - Not Up To Code
12x Human Dragons with custom skillsets

VOYAGE - Cursed Existence
11x faithless undead


6x ??? Squires
5x ??? Behemoths

1x Elidibs
6x Apanda


Already slated:
Hi-Ho boco! -- featuring 5x guest chocobos (with intentions to be ridden) against 5x mounted enemies on chocobos

etc etc etc!
FFT: ASM'd / Items in ASMd
April 11, 2010, 05:46:05 pm
The list is here!  Please review if you are interested.  If not, whatever, gtfo.  Or offer a random suggestion all the same :twisted:
Only item with initial or auto haste, Salty Rage, is also perma berserk
Perfumes redone slightly to not outshine everything
Shield/Mantle evasion significantly lowered to minimize evasion hax
+Sp / Move items kept to a minimum
Longbow/Ninja knives/daggers get a mild WP boost to compensate for loss of speed stat
Much of the armor is strikingly similar to the popular patch that shall not be named.

Also formatting is a complete bitch.  Text uploaded as attachment instead of reformatting the damned thing.

Edit:  To clarify on the flail, "Flailing flail" is a self-referencing 25% weapon strike proc (ie, triple/quadruple/etc procs are possible but extremely rare) that is also a new Basic Skill ability that requires a flail to be equipped to use.  Thus, using the ability with this weapon equipped is RNG funsies for the whole family.
FFT: ASM'd / Humanoid Classes/Abilities in ASMd
April 11, 2010, 05:39:25 pm
There are currently 0 open and unused ability slots.  Woo-hoo!    Looking for suggestions for the already existing generic classes, monster abilities, boss-only abilities, or abilities for special characters -- please use this topic to do so and to critique stuff already on the table.

New stuff, to date:

- Blue Mage is born!  Nuked the Calculator because Math Skill is OP.  Input welcome.

Choco Cure
Goblin Punch

Throw Spirit
Drain Touch
Leaf Dance

Sudden Cry
Necrotic Touch
Wave Around
Ice Breath

Bio3 - Queklain
Quake - Fury 1 (special enemy of Yuguo)
Melt - Fury 2 (special enemy of Poeskas)
Tornado - Fury 3 (special enemy of Poeskas)

Blue Mage is unlocked from job levels in both Squire and Wizard.  It has below average HP, above average MP, average Sp, and above average PA and MA.

- Archers gain a new skillset, since charge sucked.

??? - Weapon range attack inflicting stop
Leg Up - Self only, inflicts float at 100%.
Execute - Deals 21% HP damage to a unit in the critical status. Instant.
Poison Volley - Inflicts Poison to an AoE.
Oil Bomb - Inflict Oil to a single target
Fire Arrow - Fire-elemental weapon strike onto a single target, with an additional 25% for more fire magic funsies.
Aim - Deals WP*SP damage, unevadeable. Has synergy with two-swords.
Impact - Deals WP*PA damage and inflicts silence
Salve - Cleanses target various negative status, and heals for 20% health upon success.

- Bard and Dancer consolidated into a single class (Performer), which then opens up space for a new female-only job class, the Berserker.

Berserk - self-only berserk, haste, regen, and defending
Takedown - melee-range single target attack with recoil damage
Cripple - PA+60% chance to inflict either Don't Move or Don't Act onto the target
Shove - Deals light-medium damage and forces target back a space
Ground-Shaker - Self AoE of 2 dealing earth damage to everything in range (mimic titan for humans)
Howl - Self AoE of 1 that slows all affected targets, high success rate
Frenzy - Persevering melee-range attack
Heartbreaker - 3 range single target attack that inflicts a negative status onto males.

- Time/Summon/Black/White/Yin-Yang magic all gain a 0 CTR, single-target ability for use when the AT is not in their favor.

- All generic classes gain a "starter" skill or two, a 0 JP ability to freely purchase and use as soon as the class becomes available.  

- Squires lose Dash.  Squires gained several new weapon abilities:
-- blind blow is an attack with 100% darkness infliction
-- Pierce (sword only) a double-panel weapon strike.
-- Acupuncture (xbow only) a healing weapon strike
-- Flailing Flail (flail only) a weapon strike with a 25% chance to trigger another weapon strike
-- Cleave (axe only) an attack that deals 75% damage to the target
-- Throat Slit (dagger only) inflicts Death, although unlikely

- Knights take in the Ruin abilites from 1.3, which gives them means of ranged action.  Also gain two new abilities; Shatter will cancel a target's defending/protect/shell and deal 33% damage, while Champion is an HP-absorbing attack that requires a knight sword to utilize.

- Summon Magic and Draw Out AoE reformed to cope with the reduced range/movement, hosting 3-way attacks and linear attacks in additional to traditional AoE.

- Black magic reformed.  Fire magic now has the highest damage but also the highest MP cost and charge time.  Lightning is medium damage with moderate CTR, but also has infinite vert tol.  Ice Magic is the fastest but least powerful.

- Item skillset reformed. Auto-potion effect capped at 100 HP. Single-status removal items gone. All status removing is now in either Remedy or Holy Water. When either Remedy or Holy Water is successful, the target is now also healed for anywhere from 1 to 150 HP. New potion class heals for 200 HP (auto-potion immune). New Ether class grants 80 MP. Gained three new skills which can be used offensively or defensively, whichever tickles your fancy:

Dual Kiss - Grants both Haste and Poison to the target
Turtle Shell - Grants both Slow and Protect to the target
Shade of Grey - Grants either Faith or Innocent to the target

- Steal Gil, Steal Exp removed from the game. Thief gains two new skills; Steal Sanity, inflicts the confusion status to the target, with the same chance to work as Steal Heart -- only this one ignores gender -- and Last Laugh, a move usable only while critical that inflicts blind, poison, and silence onto their target.  

- Negotiate and Death Sentence Talk Skills removed from the game. Talk skill given the 4 moves from 1.3 -- warn (inflicts defend), threaten (inflicts Don't Act), Preach (inflicts reraise), and Refute (cancels most status effectis) along with the 4 original Br/Fa modifiers, who now modify in increments of 10 in either direction.

- Elemental diversified slightly -- some panels effects are now either Pure PA or MA-based damage, and a few retain the older composite formula.  This will keep elemental viable through endgame and help reinforce where people place their geomancer.

- Counter Condemn, new monk skill, counter attacks with a chance to inflict death sentence on the target. Counter Tackle removed.

Removed from player pool

Reactions -- For mostly balance purposes:

- MP Switch
- Hamedo
- Abandon (maybe, pending ASM hack)
- Blade Grasp (maybe, pending ASM hack)

Movement abilities:

- Move +3
- Teleport

New job tree.  6 classes are initially available, and the most advanced jobs are now more accessible than before!

BASIC JOBS: (no unlocking required)
Chemist, Squire, Knight, Archer, Priest, Wizard.

Monk: 3 Chemist + 3 Knight
Lancer: 3 Knight + 3 Archer
Thief: 3 Archer + 3 Squire
Blue Mage: 3 Squire + 3 Wizard
Oracle: 3 Priest + 3 Wizard
Mediator: 3 Chemist + 3 Priest
Geomancer: 3 Knight + 3 Wizard

Samurai: 4 Monk + 4 Lancer
Ninja: 4 Thief + 4 Lancer
Berserker (female only): 4 Geomancer + 4 Lancer
Time Mage: 4 Mediator + 4 Oracle
Summoner: 4 Oracle + 4 Blue Mage
Performer (male only): 4 Geomancer + 4 Oracle
Mime: 4 Monk + 4 Thief + 4 Blue Mage + 4 Mediator

New status durations -- with speed growth curbed off, status numbers readjusted.

Stop, Charm, Don't Act -> 17 ticks.  Should be enough to always be one action, but never two (unless you're like 99 and hasted).
Don't Move/Protect/Shell/Reflect/Faith/Innocent -> 38 ticks, approximately 3 turns.
Sleep/Regen/Slow/Haste -> 50 ticks, ~4 turns

Update:  Or, instead of talking differences, here's a complete run down of the generics:

Accumulate - +1 PA
Throw Stone - light damage with knockback
Heal - heals about half of what esuna does
Yell - single target Haste, self-immune
Cheer Up - single target regen
Wish - instant 1 range Revival
Pierce - sword - double panel strike
Cleave - axe - attempts to take off a large amount of the targets HP
Acupuncture - xbow - healing weapon strike
Flailing Flail - flail - allows for a doublestrike proc
Throat Slit - dagger - attempts to inflict Death
Awareness (always use Front evasion)
Equip Meleeset (equip swords, axes, flails)
Flee - when critical, gains 4 movement

Potion - 30 HP
Hi-Potion - 60 HP
X-Potion - 100 HP
Ultra Potion - 200 HP (auto-potion immune)
Ether - 20 MP
Hi Ether - 50 MP
X Ether - ?80? MP
Turtle Shell - adds Protect and Slow
Dual Kiss - adds Haste and Poison
Shades of Grey - adds either Innocent or Faith
Holy Water - cleanses stuff
Remedy - cleanses more stuff
Exilir - Max HP/MP
Equip Change
Move Find Item

Power Ruin - 3 range, -3 PA
Mind Ruin - 3 range, -3 MA
Speed Ruin - 3 range, Slow
Magic Ruin - 3 range, MP damage
Weapon break
Head break
armor break
shield break
Shatter - cancels Defending, Protect, and/or Shell and inflicts 33% Max HP damage
Champion - Knight Sword only - HP draining weapon strike
Auto Protect
Equip Armor
Equip Shield

Leg Up - Self-only Float
Execute/Snipe - Deals 21% HP damage to critical units
Sticky Bomb - 3 range 1 AoE 0 vert tol - inflicts either Oil or Don't Move onto targets
Poison Bomb - 3 range 1 AoE 1 vert told - inflicts Poison
Aim - Unevadeable but weaker weapon strike
Impact - Stronger weapon strike with 100% Silence infliction
Fire Arrow - Fire-elemental weapon strike with a 25% chance to proc Fire2
Salve - cleanses some status on a single target and heals for 20% HP on doing so
Arrow Guard
Meatbone Slash
Equip Bows
Jump +1

Cure 1
Cure 2
Cure 3
Solace - Instant single target heal
Auto Shell
Magic Def Up


Blaze - instant single fire
Jolt - see blaze
Freeze - see jolt
Virus - non-elemental tier 2 damage with a poison proc
Double Magic (Counter Magic, but it got expanded to include beneficial spells as well)
Magic Attack Up
Move MP Up

Monk - notably lose innate Martial Arts
Spin Fist
Repeating Fist (1.3 version)
Wave Fist
Earth Slash
Secret Fist
Stigma Magic
Condemn (counter secret fist)
Brave Up
Martial Arts
Move HP Up

Jump.  /cry
Dragon Spirit
Equip Polearms
Ignore Height

Steal Sanity - 3 range, inflicts Confusion on target
Steal Heart - 3 range, inflicts charm
Last Laugh - Critical only - inflicts Poison, Silence, and Blind onto single target
Steal armor
steal shield
steal weapon
steal acc
steal helmet
Speed Save
Equip Clothes
Secret Hunt
Move +1
Jump +2

Blue Mage - Damage Split and Def Up notably increased in JP because what else are you gonna spend JP on?
Choco Cure
Goblin Punch
Throw Spirit
Drain Touch
Leaf Dance
Sudden Cry
Necrotic Touch
Wave Around
Ice Breath
Bio3 - Queklain
Quake - Fury 1 (special enemy of Yuguo)
Melt - Fury 2 (special enemy of Poeskas)
Tornado - Fury 3 (special enemy of Poeskas)
Damage Split
Gained Exp Up
Def Up
Move Get Exp

Spell Absorb
Life Drain
Pray Faith
Doubt Faith
Silence Song
Blind Rage
Quell - 0 CTR ability, cancels charging
Countdown - Death Sentence
Confusion Song
Dispel Magic
Absorb Used MP
Faith Up
Equip Polearms
Equip Mageset
Any Weather

Persuade - CT 00 with moderate success rate
Praise - +10 Br
Dissuage - -10 Br
Enlighten - +10 Fa
Dishearten - -10 Fa
Insult - Berserk
Mimic Daravon - Sleep
Refute - cancels all status on target
Preach - reraise
Warn - defending (with AoE)
Threaten - Don't Act
Finger Guard
Equip Gun
Monster Talk


Elementals - 3-way split between:

[(PA + 4) / 2] * MA
[(MA + 4) / 2] * MA
[(PA + 4) / 2] * PA
Counter Flood
Insulate (20% less damage/healing in/out)
Amplify (20% more damage/healing in/out)
Move on Lava
Any Ground

Asura - 2 range tri-directional hitting both enemies and allies.  Dispel Magic proc
Koutetsu - 5 range linear damage, hitting both.  Silence proc
Bizen Boat - 2 range full self AoEl MP damage, hitting both
Murasame - 1 range self AoE healing, smart targetting
Heavens Cloud - 2 range full self AoE damage, infinite vert tol, slow proc
Kiyomori - 2 range self AoE protect or shell, smart targetting
Muramasa - 2 range tri-directional hitting both.  no proc, higher damage
Kikuichimoji - 5 range linear hitting both, no proc, higher damage
Masamune - 2 range full self AoE haste or regen, smart targetting
Chiri - 2 range full AoE damage, no proc
HP Restore
Blade Grasp (possibly)
Two Hands (getting nerfed to ~50% boost)
Move In Water

Ninja - has pathetic PA, but innate Two Swords
Throw stuff
Abandon (possibly, ASM is present to make it a 50% boost instead of 100%, need to run numbers)
Attack Up
Walk on Water

Berserker - Female Only
Berserk - self-only berserk, haste, regen, and defending
Takedown - melee-range single target attack with recoil damage
Cripple - PA+60% chance to inflict either Don't Move or Don't Act onto the target
Shove - Deals light-medium damage and forces target back a space
Ground-Shaker - Self AoE of 2 dealing earth damage to everything in range (mimic titan for humans)
Howl - Self AoE of 1 that Stops all affected targets, high success rate
Frenzy - Persevering melee-range attack
Heartbreaker - 3 range single target attack that inflicts a negative status onto males.
MA Save
PA Save
Focus - 25% boost to all % abilities (40% becomes 50%)
Move +2
Jump +3

Performer - Male only.  All song/dance are self-AoE of 6 atm instead of fullmap.  Lost Last Dance because CT00 are the evil.
Life Song
Angel Song
War Song
Magic Song
Nameless Song
Last Song
Witch Hunt
Polka Polka
Nameless Dance
MA Save
PA Save
Focus - 25% boost to all % abilities (40% becomes 50%)
Move +2
Jump +3

Time Mage
Don't Move
Demi (1 AoE, 33% HP damage)
Demi2 (0 AoE, 67% HP damage)
Expire (cancels Death Sentence, inflicts 100% HP damage)
Comet (0 CTR single target damage)
Critical Quick
Short Charge

Moogle - AoE healing, smart
Fairy - AoE Rezzing at 33% HP, smart
Silf - 0 CTR, single target, seperately inflicts Poison, Don't Move
Carbunkle - 3 range 2 AoE smart targetting Reflect

Shiva - 3 range, 3 directions, smart targeting
Ramuh - 5 range linear, smart targetting
Ifrit - 3 range 2 AoE, dumb targetting
Titan - 3 range 2 AoE, smart targetting (more MP than ifrit)

Odin - 3 range 3 direction smart
Leviathan - 5 range linear smart
Salamander - 3 range 2 AoE dumb
Bahamut - 3 range 2 AoE smart (more MP than salamander)

Lich - 3 range 2 AoE 40% HP damage smart
Cyclops - 3 range 2 AoE straight damage, dumb (a little stronger than salamander)
Zodiac - 4 range 2 AoE straight damage, smart (certainly stronger than cyclops)
MP Restore - restores MP each hit.  No critical necessary
Half MP

Mime - Innate Concentrate, Monster Talk, Counter, Double Magic
FFT: ASM'd / FFT:ASM'd -- Demo Download
April 11, 2010, 05:16:54 pm
Download Patch Here!

FFT:ASM'd is a patch with an emphasis on party placement and seeks to include a variety of previously unimplemented hacks into its manifest.  The most obvious change is an across-the-board slash in base movement (it's 2 now!) and ranged abilities (now most of them have 3 range).  Additionally all units gain a degree of physical defense with the presence of innate weapon guard and global class evasion (50% on sides, 25% from behind).  Past that this patch also includes the Blue Mage class, gives the Archer class a unique skillset, and adds additional abilities and nuances to the already existing other skillsets like reformed AoE for summon magic and draw out, differing damage from elemental, and 0-charge time spells for all the mage classes.  

Demo for a patch that is long overdo, I'm happy to announce the preliminary chapter 1 of this project. Please download and enjoy. There is still much to be done, but I do enjoy a good tease.

NOTE: The objective of Thieves Fort, Lenalia Plateau, and the Windmill shed are to defeat all enemies.

Patching instructions:

Download the above ppf file. Using the PPF-o-matic utility, found here:


Apply this ppf onto a clean, unpatched iso and then be patient.

Known bugs in demo:
Sprite bug in magic city gariland academy.
Improper "defeat XXX" objectives
Blue Mage actually able to learn 2 abilities from JP -_-
Bombs (many monsters, really) with too much MA
text edits for knives, battle boots, pierce, salve, steal sanity, jolt, blue mage, new Items
Miluda's a MAN, BABY
charge time on fire, fire2
Weigraf's statis sword has a 100% stop rate
Spam / Big Lebowski Shakespeare adaptation
February 01, 2010, 02:00:59 pm

Pretty awesome script for the fans of the movie.

In sooth, then, faithful friend, this was a rug of value? Thou wouldst call it not a rug among ordinary rugs, but a rug of purpose? A star in a firmament, in step with the fashion alike to the Whitsun morris-dance? A worthy rug, a rug of consequence, sir?

It was of consequence, I should think; verily, it tied the room together, gather'd its qualities as the sweet lovers' spring grass doth the morning dew or the rough scythe the first of autumn harvests. It sat between the four sides of the room, making substance of a square, respecting each wall in equal harmony, in geometer's cap; a great reckoning in a little room. Verily, it transform'd the room from the space between four walls presented, to the harbour of a man's monarchy.

Indeed, a rug of value; an estimable rug, an honour'd rug; O unhappy rug, that should live to cover such days!

Of what dost thou speak, that tied the room together, Knave? Take pains, for I would well hear of that which tied the room together.

Didst thou attend the Knave's tragic history, Sir Donald?

Nay, good Sir Walter, I was a-bowling.

Thou attend'st not; and so thou hast no frame of reference. Thou art as a child, wandering and strutting amidst the groundlings as a play is in session, heeding not the poor players, their exits and their entrances, and, wanting to know the subject of the story, asking which is the lover and which the tyrant.

Come to the point, Sir Walter.

My point, then, Knave; there be no reason, if sweet reason doth permit, in enlightenment's bower--and reason says thou art the worthier man--

Yes, Sir Walter, pray, merrily state the fulcrum of thy argument.

My colleague, although unfram'd and unreferenc'd, speaks plain and true. That these toughs are those at fault, we are agreed; that I stand wounded, unrevenged, we likewise are agreed; yet you circle the meanings unconstantly, like blunted burrs, unstuck where they are thrown.

I speak of aggression uncheck'd, as crowned heads of state once spoke of Arabia--

Arabia! Then we have put a girdle round the earth. Of what does Sir Walter speak?

Cast it from thy sievelike books of memory, Sir Donald; thou art out of thy element.

Mine element?

Wherefore was I curs'd only to minister
To congregations held in deafen'd pits?
I must hobble my speech; of elements, sir,
A doctor of physic did once explain
That all the earth is province elemental,
Sure and steady as the stone-wall foursome
A-holding up the Knave's roof, tied together
By power that we spake on, our traffic
Unmarred by thy rough and idle chatter.
And the complexion of the element
In favour's like the rug that ties the room.
O, a muse of fire the first element,
Airy breath the second; though this wind
May well be yours for all you flap your tongue,
O ill-dispersing wind of misery!
Thou hast no wings, and, liable to plunge,
You fit not fowl; yet foul your interruption,
Fished for facts, yet fish you cannot be;
So water, elemental third, you're not,
How much salt water thrown away in waste.
Of earth, no woman left on earth will have thee,
No man of middle earth will tend thy land,
So walk the plains like to a lonely dragon;
I care not.
Spam / Hello Pickle Girl Fanboy.
January 03, 2010, 01:53:16 pm
You are as perky as you are delicious.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBdfcR-8 ... 91CFFEFEA6

These videos are an hour long a pop, this is not for the ADD-addled among you!

Either way, I'll be watching these videos shortly.  Forget where they are in the series but each one was released weekly.  

My worldview is a little more... cynical and in some cases hypocritical, so I'm skeptical of a lot of what'll probably be espoused here, but I'll be watching it all the same.
Help! / Ripping Chapter 4 from ShiShi
December 12, 2009, 08:14:02 pm
Just the straight Chapter 4 image export, rocking the "somebody to love" text.  Can anyone do it?  Chapters 1, 2, and 3 were no problem though...

I get some ungodly nullreference error when I try it on 4 :3

Is this a problem with all shishis or just a problem with my iso/shishi/computer?
Spam / Caption this picture.
December 03, 2009, 01:34:08 pm
Tutorials and Learning / Guide to Hex Editing Equip X's
November 12, 2009, 01:06:26 am
There are by default eight equip X abilities:

Equip Armor
Equip Shield
Equip Sword
Equip Katana
Equip Crossbow
Equip Spear
Equip Axe
Equip Gun

The names of course mean nothing -- we can easily change them that via Tactext.  But, they can be shifted into a vast array of equipping abilities.  The information to be edited is located in SCUS_942.21

To get SCUS_942:21:
Use a utility such as CDMage, and direct it toward your FFT iso.  Locate it, select it, then extract/save it.  Here's a picture.

Once your edits are done, you do the exact same process, except instead of Extracting, choose the Import File option, and locate your own edited file.

First off, here are the 32 possible equippable classes and their corresponding values:

NOTE:  These values are in hex.  They can be freely added within their table to create composite equip functions -- to create an equip function to equip Daggers (60), Ninja Swords (20), Knight Sword (8), and Katana (4) -- its resulting value is 8C.

As seen the equip bytes are within 4 different tables.

On the lower left is Table Reference.  Any equip X can access any table.  Noted are their default values, if you want to minimize inputs.

Secondary Table Access:
By enabling the noted locations (change the 90 to 94 and the A0 to A4), you enable the equip X skill to access a second table, which is always the next one.  If 4A is the primary table, 4B is the secondary.  4C is 4B's secondary, and 4D pairs up with 4C.  If you try this with 4D, you somehow lose equip options.  Worth toying with, but not for now.  There should be a way to combine offsets, like 4A and 4C, but that'll require a little more testing.  Once cracked, expect an update.

And.. that's really it.  Here's a couple examples:

Equip Shield now equips Shield and Ribbon:
0x4CAB4 = 12
Change its value from pure shield to shield + ribbon.

Equip Sword now equips Longbows:
0x4CAC8 = 4B
0x4DAD4 = 4B
0x4CAD0 = 08
Change Equip sword to reference Table 4B.  Change its value to exclusively longbow.

Equip Katana now equips Katana, Rod, and Spear:
0x4CAE7 = 94
0x4CAF3 = A4
0x4CAEC = 05
0x4CAED = 01
Enable Katana to access its secondary value.  Since you already want a 4A + 4B combination, no re-reference is required.  Change the Primary (4A) value to 5 (4 + 1) and Secondary to 01 (spears).

Equip Axe now equips ribbons, bags, and perfumes:
0x4CB38 = 4C
0x4CB44 = 4C
0x4CB3B = 94
0x4CB47 = A4
0x4CB40 = 42
0x4CB41 = 01
Change equip axes' reference to start at 4C, enable the secondary to make it a 4C + 4D equip support, and change the primary to be Bags + Ribbons while the secondary enables Perfumes.  The ultimate transgender support ability!

Vocabulary/syntax clarification is welcome.  

Information deciphered from Razele's findings + a bit of logic work.
PSX FFT Hacking / Hex editing reactions
November 11, 2009, 01:17:54 pm
I'm curious about how one can locate which byte value has which effect on the game.

Using Raz's topic:  http://www.ffhacktics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1785

he was able to locate values in both Battle.BIN and SCUS, so that people such as myself can go in there and tweak stuff like Katana Break % and starting cash.  

More specificially, I'm interested in the reaction abilities.  For the sake of example, let's say I'd like to make Regenerator trigger a different or additional effect -- given the inflict status parameter, I should expect to find a value of 40 (regen, with 20 being protect and so forth) to be at whatever the targetted byte address is, correct?  

Given I can toggle equipX functions in SCUS

QuoteEquip Knife - Katana + Ninja Blade
0x4CAEC change 0x04 to 0x24

(or change 04 to 06 to enable katana + whatever is at the first byte-thingy) like so, it is reasonable to assume that I can do the same with regenerator, and with it, reactions like Caution, Dragon Spirit, Sunken State as well?  And if so, is it likely to be in SCUS?  Battle.bin is my second guess.

And, from there, is there a better method than carpet bombing a section (x4AXXX, e.g.) and replacing all the 40's (for regenerator) to different values (60 to inflict Protect + regen, or something) until the desired effect crops up?  I don't really mind this process, but it's a lot of trial and error and game crashing.  I'd just hate to be barking up a tree in the completely wrong forest.
Bugs and Suggestions / Patch submission
November 09, 2009, 10:45:19 am
Very similar to how sprites, utilities, and such are submitted and then added to the front page, why not do something similar to the patches we've made thus far?

Broken down into major hacks (large, intense projects) and minor hacks (lolswordskill patch, minor class change patches like Calc -> Red Mage, Chemist -> Alchemist, Mediator -> Enchanter, etcetcetc.)