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Spriting / First sprite in 14 months
November 04, 2010, 07:39:13 pm
So ive only done one frame of it...and that took me 4 hours.
What do you guys think? I havent touched Spriting since my mist mage, over a year ago. Suggestions? Im going for an exotic spell-y type. i think. The cloth on her midrif will wrap around to her back (its not just a strap)
Im very open to criticism, just keep in mind its been over a year for me, and its only my second original sprite ever(...kinda :) )

The Lounge / Is YOUR name in FFT?
August 12, 2010, 10:16:10 pm
I was a little freaked out when i saw my name on an enemy summoner. My name is far from uncommon, but its spelt odd, so i really wasnt expecting it to pop up in an older video game.

Its Spelt Jordon.

Has anyone else with an uncommon name or spelling ever noticed their name thrown into FFT?
The Lounge / Star Craft 2 Editor
July 30, 2010, 06:18:43 pm
you guys mess with this shit yet?

Took me 6 hours to make an edit of a merc unit from campaign. Nothing is very straight forward, so i had to expirement.

To do this, i had to import the dependencies  by going to map-dependencies-libertystory.mod or something. This took me 2 hours. The reason? Because in the unit database, there is already a drop down box for the story and campagin units filters, so it shows only them...Why would that be an option, if new maps dont have these modules imported right away?

Well, next, it took me forever to make it do what i wanted it to do next. i wanted a new ability for the command center to deploy a siege tank in seige mode, but have it immobile...Well to do that, i made a copy of the ability "Calldown: Mule"...it worked fine, until i tried to change the unit "Mule" into my custom merc siege mode tank. Whenever i made changes, or tried to change the unit into my new one, it would add abilities to the ORIGINAL mule....Why would i duplicate/copy a unit, if i change something on one, and it also changes on the other? That took me 4 hours to realize that i can create a base ability "CEcreateUnit" and set the unit effect to spawn my siege tank.

It might not have took that long, if i didnt crash 17 times!...

I think im going to wait for them to increase stability for the editor before i ever start it up again.
The Lounge / Got Custom Graphics?
July 30, 2010, 06:11:19 pm
Hey all! i was wondering why there is really no place to showcase graphical work that isnt related to FFT, not even in a topic. so i decided to make one for people to post works and ideas! Ask for advice and for people to critque

I had an idea this morning, and it came out completely different from what i wanted...This is my first one in photoshop that isnt FFT related, so i wanted to keep it, and would hope you guys can tell me where to improve, and what i might be able to change or add.

Originally, it was supposed to be a prinny playing psp on a cliff. I started with this image

took the girl out, clone stamped the sky, and mesed with colors. i then had this

Well.. After dodging, burning, paint brushing, mixing, and adding a few new cracks in the rock, i actually didnt even use most of what i did to it.

Instead i came up with this;

Comments, advice?

Don't forget to post anything you guys have!
The Lounge / Naming Conventions
June 27, 2010, 04:17:28 pm
Recently, i have been looking at the new project sections. Most of the time, i am seeing recycled names, with slightly different effects. Granted their are near limitless words for skills in the English Dictionary, but sometimes, the words chosen feel all to common, and don't necessarily impose any kind of significance onto a skill.

For SoR(yea, its not dead, the forum is just inactive until i am able to devote more than an hour or 2 a day), I was looking into changing the names of many of the skills. Some keywords seem to universal, and every other patch seems to have one or two of them.

So, for a big patch, How do you guys feel about Latin? Not all abilities or classes will involve Latin, mind you, But it would defiantly add some nice flare, and unique feel.

Some Examples:
The base class, Squire, would be:
Tardus Proeliator - Latent Warrior
Magnum Opus - Greatest Work, usually in Alchemy
Medulla Veneficium - Medulla means Marrow(as in bone marrow), and Veneficium means "Poisoning by Magic"
Vitio Iuxtim - Vitio means "Damage" and Iuxtim means "Equally"
Magnanimitas - Greatness of Soul

I have no knowledge of Latin, so prefixs and suffixs were ommited, and i used a translater and dictionary for some and peiced them together(unfortunatly, prefix's, suffixs, and helpers(like, and, to, for, of) would make a skill's name longer, and glitch the screen, or run off the menu)

The Lounge / Reason i havent been around much
April 24, 2010, 09:21:09 pm
Car wreck. got the staples taken out friday
had surgery on c6 and c7 plates on my neck

dun remember what happened that caused the crash, but im told there was another driver going the wrong way on teh road, and i went offroad to avoid him(he was going 80 miles an hour)

WARNING:::: Last two pictures are gross looking, they are of my neck.

And sorry i didnt bother to shrink the pictures....but its making me sick to stay on the net any longer
if anyone has played 13, and 7, they probably noticed a HUGE amount of things based off of it..im only in chapter 5...but within 2 chapters i noticed

You start off with a silent-soldier with a bad attitude
Your partner is a black guy
your partner is a black guy with guns
The first battle is practically the same as the first boss in 7(the scorpion thing. only it looks cooler and shoots the laser out of its mouth, not the tail)
When Hope's mom dies, and snow grabs her hand, its like when tifa grabs clouds hand, but cloud falls onto Aeris's flower bed, and snow falls down, as well as Hope's Mom
After that last one, the boss you fight IMMEDIATLY after, with Lightning and Sazh, is the boss you fight in final fantasy 7 that explodes and CAUSES the above similarity to take place.

anyone else care to put in some similarities/bases or anything?
Spam / Mad Libs
February 10, 2010, 05:26:29 pm
I found this madlib and filled it out(some of the words i chose meld together really well, i thought it was funny how well they could fit)

its about super mario

Super Mario & Friend

One Swinter day, Princess Kiwi invited Mario and his friend, Phil, to go ghost riding in the castle moat. With Bowser banished to the undead part of Antartica, peace had been restored to the palace. Even the skinny crocadiles that lived in the moat were happy!

Mario and his pal were so Irritation about visiting the castle! In his bag, Mario packed a wheelchair, 1,493 sporks, and a stage. His friend made a delicous screwdrivers pizza and a warm keyboard pie to share with Her Magesty.

However, on their way to the castle, the two friends saw a toasty creature and began to feel very Love Mario hadn't eaten enough magic Macaroni that day; he didn't know if he was strong enough to lick.

Luckily, his friend could enjoy very quickly. Mario oddly jumped on to his buddy's abdomen and held on tight! In a flash, they found themselves at the castle doors. BLARGH!!, what a relief!

The pals waved to Princess, who was sunning herself by a sprinkler system. They were just about to change into their Bras when, all of the sudden, the flatulent beast came back! Being such a flexible guy, Mario changed into super Mario, quickly gaining kite power!

Mario spat Black hot flames at the monster until he fell to the ground. 'Ouch,' the creature moaned. 'I think my Unla is broken.'

Mario's friend was very kind. Bravely, the buddy approached the glowing monster, offering him a Radius bandaid.

That's when the freaking hot Bowser revealed himself! He ripped off his mask and began to blow Fire out of his head

All of the friendly creatures that lived in the palace had been looking on. They remembered how kinky life was when Bowser ruled the castle. He'd made them eat rich pedophiles and wash the floors with pickled bathroom juice. Everybody had to work for a gazillion hours a day. Once, Bowser even made them toast gold coins over a legendary volcano!

The on-lookers knew they had to do something! Piranha plants popped up all around Bowser, nipping his eye and pelvis. Goombas rushed over to jump on his toe. Boos as big as refried beans hovered overhead. Yoshi even whipped out some naked Mongoose weaponry.

Soon, Bowser screamed, RAWR!!!!!' With a bruised neck and some baking ribs, he said he was glutius maximus sorry. With that, he headed back to his igloo in Antartica, soaring the entire way.

Everyone else at the castle was left frisking, singing dangerous songs. They ate wicked food and drank Red Naked Mole Rat juice all day. It ended up being the best party ever.

Anyways, i figured it might be fun to make some FFT mad libs in some spare time. Thoughts? input?
Symbols of Rage / SOR - Class Number Decision
September 14, 2009, 11:13:31 am
Skillset bug is making it really difficult, and i need al ess time consuming way to work with more classes, i came up with this idea. Basically, we remove 1 job from the job wheel, but gain 5. But the rest of the units wont have access to 4 of these. In essence, its their base class. They would all have access to the normal 13 jobs, but each wouldn't have access to the others base jobs.


(I have 14 classes right now. This would make it 13)
You start with 10 Specials
Each 2 specials will get a unique skillset i'm unable to fit in, so thats 5 new classes
This brings our total to 18
They still get access to the job wheel, to the other 13 classes.
They would be immortal flagged, so you cant crystal/treasure them

The ONLY actual problem with this is sprites, they will have the same sprite, through out the entire game. Not to say that each of these units won't get a special sprite all their own, but they wouldn't get to change it with the jobs they choose.

That is really the only flaw in this, the sprite.
I could go either way on this, and would rather have the communities opinion first, before messing with anything extreme

P.S. This was mentioned in another thread, but i wanted to make a poll for it
Symbols of Rage / SOR - New Formulas
September 14, 2009, 01:29:57 am
Some of these are powerful, but they arent something you "just walk into" most of them require planning, or for you to actually Build up your rage, instead of using it for better abilities. They require planning to become powerful, like Geomancy.

Absorb HP: MA * (Current HP / 20)

14 * (434 /20) = 308.8
4 * (55/20) = 11
This on in depth in the Item Discussion Section. This is my favorite of the ones i've made so far.
This formula assumes that PA is higher than MA. If they were both equal, this may have proved a more deadly formula

PA * Rage(2) / MA(2)

16 * (12 *12) = 2304 / (9 * 9) =28
16 * (54 * 54) = 46656 / (9 * 9) = 576
this one is way complicated, but it works well as a speed formula...however odd :)
(((SP * move) * (jump * SP)) * SP) / (Jump + Move + X)

((8 * 4) * (3 * 8)) * 8) / (4 + 3 + 5)
((32 * 24) * 8) / 12
(768 * 8) / 12
6144 / 12 = 512

Obviously, the X will be higher, at 11 speed, using the same X, the damage is 1331. Not exactly balance desirable.
(Target CT * Rage) / (MA +PA)
This one is just fun, and variably powerful. I lawled when i had 89 Rage(during testing, this was nornal MP) and a goblin had

100 CT. you would've definatly expected a more powerful number. im thinking of making this the Apostles Rage Builder.

EX 1:
(84 * 20) / (9 +11)
1680 / 20 = 84

EX 2:
(100 * 30) / (11 + 16)
3000 / 27 = 111

Ex 3:
(100 * 89) / (19 + 12)
8900 / 31 = 287
Add Status 60%, instead of 25.
This one im still working on^
Enemy Speed * MA * X

Ex 1, no X Value:
10 * 19 = 190

Ex 2, with X:
10 * 19 = 190
190 * 3 = 570

Thinking of making this the Wind Rage Builder, since it scales well with later levels, but maintains use during the leveling

game. Plus i can use it for more powerful abilities, if i decide to lower the X value for the builder
(Max Rage / 10) * MA

(115 / 10) * 12 = 138
250 / 20 * 19 = 475

Since Rage growth rate is static, across all levels, aross all classes, everyone is on equal terms with this, unless the class

using has a higher multiplier than normal. though its very level dependant.
Symbols of Rage / SOR - Small update Gets own Topic :P
September 14, 2009, 12:39:04 am
We dont really have an update topic, so i figured it'd be time to make one.

SoR isnt to active, partly because of me. I have been working on things revolving around SoR, but not SoR directly.

Skillset Bug: I have made great progress with this one. i have managed to fix it...somewhat. Basically, in exchange for squire, you can freely use geomancer, ninja, lancer, and samurai. Problem with the fix, i have to rearrange skillsets and abilities learned in real time. And for some reason ,it chooses...to...learn things in your skillset, that you have learned in that spot on squire(i.e., if you learned "hell wave", and its in the 3rd slot, you can use it if the squire has learned the spell in the 3rd slot) The way it works led me to alot of work arounds, and a few sleepless nights(i ended up getting to excited to sleep, you guys know how that is, right? :). Bad news is, whenever you put it into your iso, epsxe and pSX(both of them =o) crash when entering a battle. It does, however, work fine when implimented into the ram with the pSX debugger. I will release after i get it working, but its the ones like this that Razel helped me on, and he is long gone. No telling when that will be.

Portability: Some of the hacks that cause the PSX version to freeze on the psp make it...well, unplayable. Sometimes they are rather important hacks(the item on undead units hack, or the potions heal a % of life) other times they are just aesthetic. I recently ran into a CFW named 5.50 GENUR2. It is said to have much greater PSX compatibility, and after some testing, the ASM hacks mentioned in the () actually dont crash the game. This means that some of the hacks that make 1.3 unplayable on the psp PSX eboot, can work on the psp again. Unfortunately, 1.3 has better results using firmware 3.00 with popsloader.

Portability is a major part of my life, so this one is rather important to me. I cant really test SoR from the doctors office, so this one would help alot. any information on it would be appreciated.

Implimented some of the changes on the board.
Wrote the complete code for Rage(without the ability table though, so its a stack 10 rage per attack, isntead of variable for each ability)
Still need to properly find ways to implement it
Items have been messed with
Symbols of Rage / SOR- Classes
September 03, 2009, 12:59:50 pm
Be warned, these are not final, and most abilities are just here for testing hacks and whatnot(theres lots of instant death abilities, the majority of these will be removed). I will include ltos of ASM hacks, so if you see something that makes you go "holy crap this is OP, did they add the ASM hack?" then yea, i added the asm hack.(such as teh bravery/faith unable to permanently mod)

New Status:
Weakened: The opposite of beserk, deal 33% less damage, doesnt last long(maybe 2 full turns for the target with 9 speed)

Dampened:(this is a work in progress) Reverses the elemental circle. As in whatever an element is strong against, it is now weak to it.
 Example would be Fire normally being weak to water. Dampened Reverses it, and makes water weak to fire, and fire weak to ice and so forth.

For the love of god, please keep in mind these are from quick brain storms and havent undergone excruciating testing yet. almost all, if not everything, will be changed. Also, therye MP growth is a static number through out. this is to prevent someone from having much more Max Rage, and gives another reason to be in a class(classes will have a different multiplier from each other, unlike growth)

Fire. HIGHLY Offensive. Heavy Weapons, Light armor(cloth)

Class name:  Pyro Blade

Weak to: Water
Absorbs: Fire, halved
Strong against: Ice

HP Growth: 12
HP Multiplier: 100
MP Growth: 15
MP: Multiplier: 75
Speed Growth: 97
Speed Multiplier: 102
PA Growth: 38
PA Multiplier: 120
MA Growth: 50
MA Multiplier: 72
Move: 4
Jump: 3
C-EV%: 5

Equip: Knife, Sword, Knight Sword, Axe, Flail, Hat, clothing, All Accessories

Flame Spiral - AOE on self. So he can absorb a bit of damage he does to himself
Blaze Rush - Range 3, Damage PA, Damage self 1/8, requires sword
Fire Bomb:chance on inflicting berserk
Flare Sword - 4 Range, 8 CT, 45 MP, PA * (MA + Y)/2. Requires sword. Y = 8
Melt Armor - Breaks enemies armor
Lava Wave - Range of 3, attacks all 3 panels
Infuriate/Enrage for fire class - PA +2, add berserk to user. As Temp, berserk cannot be added. For now it is a high "rage" required move for +2 PA

Equip Sword
Attack Up
move + 1

Cannot Enter Water

Notes: Highest damage dealing Pure. unable to enter water harms the classes mobility without proper planning


Ice. Mix of damage and support: Robes, Poles, Catalysts

Class Name: Crystal Seer

Weak To: Fire
Absorbs: Water, halved
Strong Against: Wind

HP Growth: 8
HP Multiplier: 85
MP Growth: 15
MP: Multiplier: 100
Speed Growth: 99
Speed Multiplier: 112
PA Growth: 50
PA Multiplier: 90
MA Growth: 39
MA Multiplier: 110
Move: 3
Jump: 3
C-EV%: 5

Equip: Knife, Catalyst, Rod, Book, Hat, Robes, All Accessories

Ice Armor: cast Protect
Encase: small AOE stop
Tundra: damage to everyone on map(healing ice of course)
Ice Shards: AOE MA damage. 25% slow
Cold Spike: Cause a targets temperature to decrease, inducing hypothermia: Death Sentence
Glacier: Large AOE ice damage.

Speed Save
Magic Defense Up
Walk on Water

Notes: Fastest Caster. The idea behind that is that it slows everything else on teh field down with its global attacks. the concept will no doubt change, but it a change of pace that makes more sense than "fire spreads fast ,so its the fastest" or "wind is...WIND!"

Wind. Healing. Robes, Rods, Ranged weapon support.

Class Name: Mistral Curator

Weak to: Ice
Absorbs: Wind, Halved
Strong against: Earth

HP Growth: 12
HP Multiplier: 75
MP Growth: 15
MP: Multiplier: 110
Speed Growth: 100
Speed Multiplier: 105
PA Growth: 50
PA Multiplier: 100
MA Growth: 50
MA Multiplier: 120
Move: 4
Jump: 4
C-EV%: 5

Equip: Catalyst, Long Bow, Book, Hat, Clothes, Robes, All Accessories

Breath of Life: RAnged AOE raise based on faith
Wind's Kiss: Single Target, Large heal for random amount(if i cant hack the formula to heal randomly, we will just make it a big heal)
Gale: medium AOE damage
Breeze: Heal all allies for low HP
Wisp: Haste
Precision(Temp Name): Cures Blind, Dont Act, Silence, Slow. Heals 20% of max HP


Earth. Defensive. Heavy Armor, Shields, Heavy Weapons.

Class Name: Golem

Weak to: Wind
Absorbs: Earth, Halved
Strong against: Lightning

HP Growth: 10
HP Multiplier: 135
MP Growth: 15
MP: Multiplier: 75
Speed Growth: 110
Speed Multiplier: 100
PA Growth: 39
PA Multiplier: 125
MA Growth: 48
MA Multiplier: 90
Move: 3
Jump: 2
C-EV%: 10

Equip: Sword, Knight Sword, Axe, Flail, Pole Arm, Shield, Helmet, Armor, All Accessories

Magic Ward: Protect+shell. moderate % chance. range of 2
Earth Grasp: Causes Immoblize, Damage on PA
Devestate: Resets ENTIRE maps CT
Fortify: Range of 2, selects allies. Acts as Golem.
Collapse: Causes the earth beneath the target to collapse, forcing them to move backwards. Random PA damage, forced knockback
Tainted Briar: Aoe Poison
Mudslide: Line skill damage, range of 3, small chance to petrify.

Equip Armor
Equip Shield

Notes: Default movement of 3 spaces, and jump of 2

Lightning. Offensive. Light Armor, Ranged Weapons.

Class Name: Discharged

Weak to: Earth
Absorbs: Lightening, Halved
Strong against: Water

HP Growth: 11
HP Multiplier: 100
MP Growth: 15
MP: Multiplier: 75
Speed Growth: 90
Speed Multiplier: 100
PA Growth: 45
PA Multiplier: 110
MA Growth: 50
MA Multiplier: 83
Move: 4
Jump: 4
C-EV%: 5

Equip: Knife, Ballista, Long Bow, Hat, clothing, All Accessories

Energy Rush: Line skill, range of 3, vertical of 12, damage on speed.
Invigorate: Plus 2 Bravery to everyone in an AOE of 2 around caster(brave gain is temp. this will help fury be awesome)
Ac/Dc: Weapon Range attack that attempts to disarm the opponent. Inflicts Don't Act.
Steel Current: Attempt to disarm every opponent in a medium AOE(2) at a low %(id say like 20, so if something is water it will be max of 40% on neutral compat)
TouchDown: Long range lightining strike.
Sky Strike: Weapon Damage, hit any tile on the map of your choice.

Arrow Guard

Water. Mixed caster. Light Armor and Robes

Class Name: Hydrocantor

Weak to: Lightening
Absorbs: Water, Halved
Strong against: Fire

HP Growth: 13
HP Multiplier: 100
MP Growth: 15
MP: Multiplier: 115
Speed Growth: 100
Speed Multiplier: 100
PA Growth: 65
PA Multiplier: 50
MA Growth: 55
MA Multiplier: 130
Move: 3
Jump: 3
C-EV%: 5

Equip: Catalyst, Rod, Hat, Robes, All Accessories

Fog: Blind status on large AOE
Torrent: High AOE Water Damage
Drizzle. Healing
Tranquility: Removes most devestating debuffs(like vampire)
Vaporize: % chance to cause instant death
Ripple. Random low level debuff
Submerging Chant: low damage, Add Frog

Half MP
Move in Water

Dark. Like fire, sword skills, less offensive though and more defensive.

Class Name: Reaver

Weak to: Holy
Absorbs: Dark, Halved
Strong against: Holy

HP Growth: 10
HP Multiplier: 110
MP Growth: 15
MP: Multiplier: 75
Speed Growth: 90
Speed Multiplier: 110
PA Growth: 44
PA Multiplier: 110
MA Growth: 50
MA Multiplier: 90
Move: 4
Jump: 3
C-EV%: 20

Equip: Throwing Knives, Sword, Flail, Polearm, Shield, Armor, Hat, Clothing, All Accessories

Dark Embrace: Dark element heal. default 25% chance for shell(unsure about dependability on the hack casting shell on a heal spell, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesnt)
Envelope: Inflicts chicken on unit. Chicken status is fickle. if they take damage, they turn human. basically its a 1 turn deal where they run and hide, unless interrupted by having any action performed on them
Embrace: swordskill causes damage and possibly death sentence.
Hell Gate: Rip open a gate to hell on a target with your sword. Leaves the target with 1 HP. requires Sword
Paradox: Inflicts faith magic damage with a 25% for confusion
Shadow Slash: Powerful slash, that will force a unit into darkness. Their next attack will be 100%

Notes: Starting Transparent, For the initial 100% attack. AI ignore transperent hack will be included

Holy. Like a front line healer. tankidan. Heals, survives, deals no damage.

Class Name: Overseer

Weak to: Dark
Absorbs: Holy, Halved
Strong against: Dark

HP Growth: 10
HP Multiplier: 110
MP Growth: 15
MP: Multiplier: 100
Speed Growth: 100
Speed Multiplier: 100
PA Growth: 50
PA Multiplier: 50
MA Growth: 50
MA Multiplier: 90
Move: 3
Jump: 3
C-EV%: 5

Equip: Knife, Catalyst, Flail, Armor, Helmet, Robes, All Accessories

Embrace Light- Heal + Protect
Luminous Mirror-Reflect
Light Flay-Light Lite damage
Clutch of Life - Big heal, single target
Legionnaires' spirit - Reraise
Gentle Carress - AOE heal around caster. 40% max hp

Innate: Defense UP


Class Name: Eroder

Halves: Earth, Wind

HP Growth: 10
HP Multiplier: 90
MP Growth: 15
MP: Multiplier: 75
Speed Growth: 95
Speed Multiplier: 95
PA Growth: 45
PA Multiplier: 110
MA Growth: 45
MA Multiplier: 110
Move: 3
Jump: 3
C-EV%: 5

Equip: Knife, Sword, Throwing Knife, Long Bow, Hat, clothing, All Accessories

Diamond Dust: Causes blind and poison.
Rampant Growth: Haste, regen on target
Briar: random hits, small AOE. damage
Erosion: Wears away the enemies shield.(rend shield clone; for clarity)
Ravaging Winds: Hits AOE, 1-3 times, for moderate damage(not random hits, hits random times)
Nature's Song: +1 MA to all units. 45%, unmodifiable
Hurl: use the strenght and speed of the wind to hurl an object at a target. Knockback
Flailing Winds: Random damage
Riding the Winds: LOW % Haste on entire party.

Ignore Height

Innate Ignore Height.

Earth + Holy

Class Name: Apostle

Halves: Earth, Holy

HP Growth: 11
HP Multiplier: 80
MP Growth: 15
MP: Multiplier: 80
Speed Growth: 100
Speed Multiplier: 100
PA Growth: 55
PA Multiplier: 75
MA Growth: 50
MA Multiplier: 105
Move: 3
Jump: 3
C-EV%: 5

Equip: Knife, Rod, Book, Hat, clothing Robe, All Accessories

Ire: Beserk. Fills the unit with rage against holy conspiraters
Sermon: Faith
Tribute: Takes hp from caster and gives to target
Convert: Invite
Mass: Sleep
Eulagy: Death
Impudence: Demand a target cease talking, and chastise with words of god. Adds Silence
Coddle: Add Protect or Shell to target, low chance, no rage required

Monster Talk - renamed to Preach

Innate Teleport 2. Only player avaliable way to get teleport 2, and its innate to only this class.

Dark + Ice. magic/supportive caster with better defenses than most

Class Name: Lich

Halves: Dark, Ice

HP Growth: 10
HP Multiplier: 1010
MP Growth: 15
MP: Multiplier: 110
Speed Growth: 100
Speed Multiplier: 100
PA Growth: 50
PA Multiplier: 50
MA Growth: 43
MA Multiplier: 120
Move: 3
Jump: 3
C-EV%: 5

Equip: Catalyst, Rod, Book, Hat, Clothing, Robes, Armor, All Accessories

Chill Touch: high% Slow
Black Ice: Cause confusion and damage
Ice Nova: Slow, Sleep, and don't mova in a large aoe around caster
Iron Bones: Protect on moderate% medium AOE
Undeath: Zombie
Drain touch
Death and Decay: Inflict Poison + Death Sentence
Soul Sap: Steals some of a targets Rage/MP

Counter Magic
Dragon Spirit - renamed Phylactery

Innate: Undead

Water + Lightning. AOE Damage. Female Only.

Class Name: Storm Mistress

Halves: Wind, Lightning

HP Growth: 15
HP Multiplier: 90
MP Growth: 15
MP: Multiplier: 75
Speed Growth: 100
Speed Multiplier: 110
PA Growth: 50
PA Multiplier: 70
MA Growth: 50
MA Multiplier: 100
Move: 3
Jump: 3
C-EV%: 5

Equip: Knife, Sword, Catalyst, Hat, clothing, All Accessories

Hurricane - Large AOE, medium damage
Monsoon - medium aoe, High damage
Douse - Reverse Circle of Elements
Thunder Storm - Large AOE random hit
Disperse - Transparent self
Torrent: Line Skill medium damage
Flash Flood: slow on all enemies

Coming Soon~(male only, to coincide with the female lightening counter part)

Fire + Water. Ranged or meele support.

Class Name: Ript Nomad

Halves: Water, Fire

HP Growth: 10
HP Multiplier: 110
MP Growth: 15
MP: Multiplier: 80
Speed Growth: 100
Speed Multiplier: 100
PA Growth: 48
PA Multiplier: 110
MA Growth: 47
MA Multiplier: 115
Move: 3
Jump: 4
C-EV%: 10

Equip: Knife, Sword, Bow, Book, Polearm, Hat, Clothing, Robe All Accessories

Dehydrate: Death Sentence, or confused, or slow, or "Weakened"
Thermal Wave:  Large AOE around caster
Sediment "something": Causes the dirt around the target area to become hard to move in. AOE Slow.
Tidal Pool: Creates a pool of water that disease thrives in. single target 80% flat rate Poison.
Waning Moon: Regen
Magical Fallacy: Frog + Haste

Almost none of the R/S/M have been given out, and most of tehse class ideas are horrible, because im focusing on getting the basic ASM hacks done right now. Please, feel free to suggest things :)
Symbols of Rage / SOR - Elemental Circle
August 23, 2009, 05:33:59 pm
The original focus of SoR Classes was an elemental theme. And now that i know what the fuck im doing, i can happily say im bringing that into full focus. If your upset about the choice, then please read the last 2 paragraphs, i assure i dont do this just cause it sounds cool. theres plenty of reasons.

Each class will have elements assigned to them. Just as there are only 8 elements though, there are only 8 pure classes. This means 1 class soley devoted to fire, one class to earth and so forth. Each class has a weakness to it, its opposing element

Each has a strenght and weakness, as demonstrated by this small text diagram.

Circle of Elements: fire>ice>wind>earth>lightning>water>fire

Each element to the left is what it is week against. the element to the right of it is what it is strong against. So earth would be week to wind, but strong against lightning.

Each of these pure elements absorbs their own element, and takes half damage from the element they are strong against.

That leaves alot of space for other classes doesn't it? Lol, the other classes consist of "Dual Element" Classes. That is, certain levels in two different pure classes will unlock a dual element class. Such as Lich.

Lich requires 4 levels in the Ice pure, and 5 levels in the Dark Pure. The trade off for using a dual element is...well you get two use more elemental attacks taht enemies may be weak to. But you also get to mix and match abilities. The Lich has a few status, a few more buffs, and little offense. It combines attributes from both its pure classes.

Dual elements half both of the elements they have. they do not absorb anything.

The reason behind this is alot of balance. When was the last time you saw someones OP team lose against a random battle? you ever seen a team of 5 vanilla ninjas lose against a chocobo or two and a goblin?

With this circle, no matter how OP you think your character is, there is always something out there to counter it. If my PyroBlade is near orlando levels, then my Water Pure must be orlando riding worker #8 with two ninjas strapped to its feet. Only to the pyroblade at least. the Lightning pure will make quick work if you arent tactical or thinking about what your doing. Basically if you think youll get by with using the same 5 classes throughout the entire game, your going to have a tough time.

Plus thinking about how to kill an enemy is fun! right? :D
Symbols of Rage / SOR- Main Mechanic: Rage
August 23, 2009, 05:22:12 pm
Hey all,

Me and Zodiac have been working on an ASM hack, which will be a new focus on how you will battle. The new Combat Mechanic is called "Rage"

This mechanic works rather simply. You start out with 0 Rage(formely known as MP). as you physically attack, or cast a spell that cost 0 rage, you generate rage. The more powerful abilities require rage, which is to be built up through any physical attacks(including books and a few new "magic" weapon types with range). A good example would be...

My PyroBlade... I want to use a skill called Melt Armor.

Melt Armor is a ranged skill with fire element. Melt Armor has a 45% chance to break, when someone is not weak to fire. It costs 32 Rage.

My PyroBlade will have to take 4 different actions before using a more powerful ability(depending on his WP and such, it could only be 1, 2, or 3).

Basically, the premise of this mechanic is to get rid of that charge time that mages have that causes them to become useless mid game. Having a geomancer run up to you and one hit you because your charging to slow was never a fun way to play. This way, everyone will have to think tactically to bust out more powerful spells, no class will be gimped mid battle when his charge time sucks, and no meele class will be left in the dust when it comes to magical prowess. Initial balance across the board will be a key factor with this.


Depending on how in depth me and zodiac get, Rage will be subject to several changes. One may include giving Mage-classes several long range "free" spells to generate rage, and have physical classes generate rage soley on their weapon power.
Symbols of Rage / SOR - New Sprite: Golem
August 13, 2009, 11:00:49 pm
I came up with two sprite ideas...unfortunatley they arent very good. and the first seems more like a LOL WTF AWESOME kinda deal. It isnt something you want to look at the entire battle though. it just doesnt feel that way(at least to me)

anyways, hers two concepts. ive worked on others the past week, but i think im settling on the second one. ill post more views of both after i get the shard arms done(its supposed to be earth styled weapons)

P.S. i realize quality, but they are in png, and gif and jpg didnt look better. i guess photoshop just doesnt want to work with me. :/
Spam / Desu?
August 10, 2009, 09:53:06 pm
Doesnt Desu mean "is"?

when people say desu desu, are they really saying "is is"? when people say "this needs more desu" are they saying "this needs more is"?

Desu means is. in japanese.

Desu means Death in Kana, meaning you would have to put the symbol to make sure you put that.

Am i getting that right? or should i be confused about another meaning?
Hacking/Patching Tools / Latest Patcher
August 07, 2009, 01:34:41 am
Melonhead has been making betas and everything for awhile now, and we have been testing the living fire out of them.

Anyways, this release is stable, and recent. within the past 2 months at least.

LOTS of bug fixes, many new added features. please take a look around for them.

This post is temporary, until melonhead finds time to write up a change log.

You will also find the program FFTorgASM.exe, This program automatically applies ASM hacks from various authors to your iso. no more will you have to download a hex editor just to get Razele's hacks into your iso.

Have fun! if oyu have questions, please feel free to ask.

this post was made with Melonhead's personal permission.
Spam / The Truth about Tonberries
August 05, 2009, 08:31:26 pm
Yea. I had some speculation recently.

Tonberries are green, and have a tail.

They have a lantern

They have a knife.

They were a robe.

My thoughts on Tonberries is this: A Tonberry is a turtle that has lost its shell, and become emo due to being homeless. They then roam a dark cave, causing them to go blind from lack of light over a prolonged period of time. They wear the robes to keep the scars hidden.

Your thoughts? What are they really?
I was thinking about my past gaming experiences today, trying to pull ideas and shit form my head, and i realized, i was a dumbass kid.

English has always been my favorite subject, but its like my entire state(north carolina) had dyslexia. Its insane, EVERYONE there pronounced Ramza, as Razma. They pronounced Ocarina as OrKarina, Suicune as Suyi-kun, and the list goes on and on.

Was there any major mistakes you made as a kid? ones that just dont make sense because you saw it everytime you played, but just kept saying it weirdly.
Spam / Favorite Lonely Island song
July 26, 2009, 05:05:58 am
I finally went down to the store and picked up Incredibad. Its insane how long it took FYE to get it in.

Anyways, other than IM ON A BOAT, JIZZ IN MY PANTS, DICK IN A BOX, and LIKE A BOSS, what is your favorite song off the album?

I ask excluding those two, because everyones herad them, and they have music videos for them.

Therye all good, i really cant pick just one out, so i figured id ask if you all could.
Symbols of Rage / The New SoR
July 25, 2009, 11:53:40 pm
Thanks to everyone taking such a great interest in SoR and the team roster filling up faster than expected, SoR has had enough votes for a fresh start.

Recycling half the ideas from the past patch, and now being able to check and balance ideas between other minds, SoR is starting anew, but retaining familiarity.

The classes will be scratched, so we can keep it more in line with the original story i had for SoR.

Most items and concepts will remain.

It will have a familiar feel to the alpha, but with greater precision on what we have aimed for.

This is a notice, so that people will know that all the past topics that are now irrelevant, have been moved to the archives, and not deleted.

Due to my hard drive failure, and project progress having stopped for so long, it is easier to start the vision with a clearer objective. With the past experience i have, i have no doubt in my mind that the help of my teammates will help this be the best patch to date.
Symbols of Rage / SOR - Team Needed
July 24, 2009, 09:02:24 am
After talking with a few people who have played SoR on MSN, im actually convinced its way more than worth it to pick this up again. But Voldemort has said it before, and i agree 100%. this needs to be kind of a collaberation.

I need at least 2 other people willing to work with me on this. It doesnt matter what your special skill is; whether your a spriter, or a quick editer, or good with hex. I just need people to help me keep this thing moving at a really good pace. As this project has been going on since november, and i havnt even gotten out of alpha.

Anyone who thinks they can dedicate time to the project(and i mean, actually dedicate) please step forward. I can verify i have lots of spare time now, as im done with hospital appointments, and hardware failure, and college prep.

These men/women would need to have experience with FFTPatcher, able to commit a variable amount of ideas that fit with the current style for SoR, and actively converse with each other(through IM or other means).

No one will be turned away, but if someone has more time to dedicate, or a special skill to commit to the project, they will have priority. (Theres no limit to the team roster size right now, but id prefer it to not be excessively big) Keep in mind though, theres no harm in posting your help, no one will actively be refused without reason. But if you just say you will help just to say it, please refrain from this.

If you would like to see Symbols of Rage Survive, then please, help make it happen!

The current Team is as follows:

1. Leader, Founder: SentinalBlade
2. Developer/Editor: PX_Timefordeath (possibly)

Members so far have time to dedicate to the project, and viable knowledge of the patcher. New ideas are still being batted around, and new members will be sent log files and notes on each new idea.
The Lounge / Jamaican Metal?
June 30, 2009, 09:26:21 pm
Everyone else seems to be making these type of topics, so i thought...why not?

Honestly, i thought this was an interesting one, considering i dont see many black people in metal bands(killswitch engage has 1, thats all i can think of) much less a Jamaican.

The band is called Skindred. they can be found here http://www.myspace.com/skindred
They are touring in what appears to be only the U.K. unfortunately. But they really do have an interesting sound.
The song Nobody is my new profile song.(it really gets interesting after 20 seconds on. the random screams kinda surprised me a bit before that point)
Symbols of Rage / PSP: A bit o' revamp
May 26, 2009, 01:42:19 pm
After posting in general and asking for suggestions on what i should do due to time constraints...(Instead of working on SoR like i was supposed to) I had about 100 ideas that need to be implemented.

They all revolved around several key changes
The most important being that its about time this made it to the PSP

With that being out there, its time for some STRONG rebalancing.

PSX has something unique - Endurance. Unfortunatly that is not possible for the PSP as of now, and will need to be taken out of both versions until i can get ahold of melonhead and pick his brain for hours about offset changes and such.

Since Endurance is taking a hit, that means i have to rebalance alot of the weapons for phsyical damage. as well as alot of the physical skills.

the PSX will include ASM hacks, but NOTHING game changing, save for the PD on undead doing 25% life.

Spell % chance will be reduced to 25% again, just as it is forced in the PSP. When i find it in the psp, ill be glad

Several abilities will be replaced, and alot will be moved around. Class structure and functions will be the same, but hopefully we will see more diversity and usefulness. Such as the Arc Mage...with the 25% spell change, he will function less properly. I plan to add a few "drain" type skills and a few others.

Armor wil stay the same most likely. Maybe bump the HP up slightly to deal with the damage adjustments.

If you have suggestions, id love to hear them. Luso and Balthier need new jobs, and Goomba needs a cameo still ;)
The Lounge / Need Advice
May 23, 2009, 11:39:09 pm
Hey guys
Need some advice
SoR will require alot more attention this summer then anything i have done so far. Unfortunatly, i just found out im 3,500$ short of the tuition for my college.

I am needing a Job for this summer, or college is out of the question.
SoR wont be as active as it needs to be...and to be honest, it obviously hasnt been active enough in the past, as many issues as its had with me updating(computer frying, computer stolen, grandpa dieing)

I need some advice on a decision: Stick with SoR, or ask zodiac to archive it, and just work for the community, doing ASM hacks and source work(like the formula editor)

SoR managed to go a LONG ways, but if i get a job, it wont get updated much, and i need a job. At least with ASM work, other people will get enjoyment further than a constant alpha patch.

Some thoughts, opinions and support, please. Im honestly stuck...SoR has been anticipated for a long time, and has alot of followers(especially in the shadows) but the entire community could benifit from ASM hacks or tools...
Spam / So...megaupload?
May 17, 2009, 11:59:33 pm
If you guys used it the past few months, youll surely have noticed the incredibly difficult captchas they added.

such as [Not GCP3]

Or even [this is not TCB8]

Usually it takes me 4 or 5 tries to actually start a download. One day i missed it 19 times in a row, some of the images repeating. I gave up after that one.

This is spam because i want sarcastic opinions on megauploads security issues, and the need to beef up automatted download prevention. Megaupload beefed up its fagot factor by about 100 with this.

Edit: It appears they reverted back to legible letters now. i can clearly make out a T without it looking like a penis when its next to a C.
The Lounge / Final Fantasy 4 Sequel
May 16, 2009, 04:24:44 pm

Not that i believed gamefaqs at first.

It appears FF IV really is getting a sequel though. and its in all 2D goodness we love from the retro era.

Best part is, its not actually a small game on a huge disc. You can download it from WiiWare. And considering the amount of wii points that come on one card(i got 1000 for like 5$) id say this is something im defiantly going to have to look into. even if its just for nostalgia, and i end up hateing what theyve made this into. As appearntly, the main character is named Ceodore, the child of Cecil and Rosa....oh the cliches...

Release is scheduled for 6/01. thats the first day of next month for those who have trouble with number dates :P(people like me)

More Infor is at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Final_Fant ... fter_Years

Apparently, it was released on a series of phones at first, and a new "chapter" released each month, and it was split up into 9 chapters to play.

hopefully the U.S. WiiWare release wont make me pay for all 9 chapters separately, if they split them up at all.

EDIT: GUESS WHAT GUYS?!?! Biggs and Wedge make a re-appearence. unfortunatly, they pass rather quickly it seems =(
The Lounge / Small Hiatus
May 07, 2009, 04:58:16 pm
My Grandfather has been very ill, and unfortunatly, because my grandmother thinks i am deathly ill, and will take away any chances of my grandfather living, i am not able to see him until his funeral.

There isnt much i could do, even if i had lepracy. Both kidneys, his liver, and 1 lung has failed, and the kidney that was transplanted cooperated, but was quickly brought down by the rest of his body. It sucks that i dont get to see him alive one more time...

At least i get to go to his funeral. I leve for tennessee the moment we get the phone call from my mother telling us to get packed. I dont know when that will be, could be tonight, could be tommorow morning, could be saturday evening. And i also dont know when i will be back when i do leave.

Just letting oyu all know, im not dead, or in the hospital again; I WILL BE BACK.
Symbols of Rage / Shaman
May 05, 2009, 04:23:31 pm
After a long realization after a break from debugging, i realized; While Shaman is my favorite class, it is lacking greatly in the means of actual use on a map with no status enemies(although that is rare)

Keeping nearly all the skills in his current skillset. With the exception of haste(that was never meant to be put in there, and i forgot to remove it), is there soem kind of direction you want to go with this?

I had hopes that i can make a sprite similar to this in looks, but in FFT style of course. the most important part here is the wolf headress.

PSX FFT Hacking / Skillset Bug Fix Progress
May 04, 2009, 03:37:26 pm
Hey guys, if you frequent chat, you know ive been working on the skillset bug fix for like the past 5 months, off and on, working when i have time. It wasnt until recently i got anywhere worthwhile... but i plan to take more time on it, as its going to be used in SoR

First is a picture of what normally happens when you have an action menu set to default, or changed from what it normally is, such as Jump being changed to default. this example is with an unedited Cure spell. The bug makes it weapon range, and a 00% chance to do no damage.

The next one is several screenshots, showing you that i can fix it for the most part, the code needs to be thoroughly edited though. this is the jist of what it can do, without text edits for the temperary skillset.