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FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: FFTA2 Hero Mod
September 15, 2019, 06:21:47 pm
You might want to check out Eternal's FFTA2 mod for pointers. I think he gave the Fighter a skill called Grapple that had the same draw in effect.
FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: FFTA2 Hero Mod
September 11, 2019, 11:15:26 am
Congrats on the mod!

Could you maybe post a summary or more detailed log of the changes you made? I see different skills/jobs, and it looks like you increased the max number of units from 6 to 8 - did you similarly increase the number of units in enemy formations so the game isn't completely easy mode?
Sidewinder looks like it deals the same damage in the pre-attack estimate, but it follows up with a second hit not shown in the estimate. I had the same initial reaction as you.

Not sure about Doublehand, never used it.
I finally finished up a 300-quest run of this mod.

Overall you've done a great job and on the whole I preferred playing your mod to pure vanilla. Since your mod is close enough to vanilla I'm not going to comment on every little thing; here are the things that stood out to me:

  • Luso/Keeper: Great overall class; the MP costs are high enough to stop you from spamming the strongest abilities. However, early in the game Free Energy is really powerful compared to the competition. Did you intend for Luso to have Elusion as a starting passive ability? It's really OP, especially against the Illua battles where she can take out half your party before you can move. It still leaves you vulnerable to Time Blade (although you can fix that with an accessory), but not much else. The one thing I kept wondering was what to pair this class with. I think I probably should have just stuck to Items since it does so much. Does anyone think otherwise?

  • Adelle/Heritor: Thanks for buffing the Heritor's stats; I actually had a reason to level up and play as one for a change. The Heritor skillset still isn't too OP; I mostly stuck to dual wielding and used Lennart or Hilo when I couldn't get close enough. Similar to the Keeper, I wasn't sure what to pair this job with. Small nit: Lennart (and Scathe) have a 100% accuracy rate. Is that intentional?

  • Bard: I wonder whether Angelsong at 12mp is still too cheap; as soon as you get MP Channeling that's almost always my opening move.

  • MP costs: While I get the reasons for adding MP costs to most things, MP Turbo sort of blows everything up because it's usually more effective to use a tier-1 ability that's under 20mp with MP Turbo than it is to use a tier-2 ability that's under 20mp without MP Turbo, and there are a lot of tier-1 abilities under 20mp, if not 10mp, even when using MP Turbo. Is there a flag that could prevent MP Turbo from affecting some abilities? Outside of one character I avoided it because it seemed cheap, but it's definitely an easy way to breeze through the game.

  • Parivir: I think the fire/ice/lightning blades when hitting an elemental weakness (or using Geomancy to do the same) edge out dual wielding, but just barely to the point that it might not be worth it anymore (probably not if you also consider potential Counter damage).

  • Doublecast: I think you should revisit which spells are able to be doublecast. I planned on a Blue Mage / Seer to doublecast blue magick, but when I finally learned everything and tried it out, I could only doublecast Quake. I get why that made sense for Magick Frenzy, but I think you should be able to doublecast almost all, if not all, of the Blue skillset. In vanilla Red Mages could doublecast Protect, Shell and Silence, which are similar to the buffs and debuffs in the Blue skillset.

  • Trickster: can't learn Arise from the Cheer Staff even though it's listed as a Bishop skill on the item. This was the biggest bug I found in my playthrough.

  • Alchemist: probably more of a niche job now that relies on Bio for damage and Toad for status. I briefly tried pairing it with a Sage to make use of Hi-Ethers, but it didn't seem necessary with Halve MP. If I really wanted an item user, I'd probably slap Items on Luso or Adelle, as mentioned above.

  • Sage: very glad that Ultima now has range :)

  • Magick Frenzy: I struggled with how to build a unit with this skill. I ended up leveling as an Assassin because it looked like they had the highest combined ATK + MGK growths, but I never got my character up to level 99 to try it out with what I think would deal the highest damage, which is to pair Red Magick with a Summoner and wield a high-attack staff. The tier-1 red spells just aren't strong enough to be worthwhile (unlike the tier-2 spells on the Seer combined with dual wielding in vanilla).

  • Moogles: I feel bad about asking for more, but this race is still pretty useless, with the exception of the awesome Juggler and Bard skills. Its stat growths are meh, and more importantly, it doesn't have any good passives. These guys could really use a couple worthwhile passives, or a skill like Doublecast.

  • Mog Knight: Hidden Mog is pretty underpowered, especially with its MP costs. Seemed like a downgrade from Ultima Charge.

  • Raptor: This class became a one-trick pony for me with Thunder Flare, which, when combined with Unscarred, does obscene amounts of damage. However, without MP Channeling or that skill, the job is pretty underwhelming. I intended to level up my Raptor to 99 before flipping it into a Hunter with Devastation as a secondary, but never got there. The loss of the Raptor's other ranged options hurt it a decent amount (unless you primary with a ranged weapon).

That's all I have for now. Thanks again!
FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: Leonarth's FFTA Randomizer
February 06, 2019, 10:44:30 pm
@Leonarth: I know you're focused on FFTA, but do you foresee eventually getting around to FFTA2? The bazaar could really use a randomizer.
One question about Megido: does it divide the unit's HP damage over the enemy units, or does it deal full HP damage to each enemy unit? If the latter, if you assume that the unit's HP is similar to the enemies', then wouldn't the skill be really overpowered?
Thanks for your continued work on this!
I'm 250 quests in with most of the equipment, and I'm about ready to call it quits for now.

High-level feedback:

  • I get that you removed speed growth from the equation. I'd like to understand your reasons for this. How do you think it improves the game?

  • What's your thinking behind capping the max level at 75 as opposed to 99? What benefit does this have?

  • Similarly, what is your justification for revamping the MP system? I get that MP growth each turn is frustrating, but help me understand why your system (starting at max MP, small gains each turn, removing things like half MP, adding MP costs to almost every skill) is an overall better experience.

  • One side effect of adding MP to all skills is that MP Turbo is OP and game-breaking. There's never a reason to use any other passive ability (including dual-wield with Adelle). Even basic skills can dish out excessive damage. One possible solution for this is to remove MP Turbo, but I think it's worthwhile to explore the other options (restricting MP Turbo to certain jobs, removing MP cost from many skills) in part because of the next comment.

  • Removing many reaction/passive abilities from player use shrinks the feasible options. Even if I pass on MP Turbo, I'm probably going to choose Pugilist for my physical characters and Archmage for my magical ones (I didn't back-to-back test these or check them in an ability editor, so not sure how powerful they are). Outside of the few you reserved for certain characters, there isn't a whole lot to do. Some races (Nu Mou, Viera) have meh options all around (if regenerate is the best you've got...).

  • The quicken % chance associated with many abilities usually works out decently, but sometimes can be really broken (in one battle an enemy pulled off three 5-6-use chains in a row).

Job-specific feedback:

    Main characters:
    • Luso/Tactician: the Tactician job feels like two or three jobs rolled into one. I really like the buffs, which also strike me as the most innovative part of this job. On the other hand, the elemental/magick attacks, including the arcs, els and even things like ignis and ultima, don't contribute much (ok, the ultima is a great damage dealer, but also unnecessary). I'd recommend streamlining this job to the buffs and maybe some of the strikes (disengaging, etc.), but losing the other attacks. As is, the job has too much going on, some of which is of really limited utility, while other jobs could use the skills.

    • Adelle: Adelle felt OP for most of the main quest line, which I focused on out of the gate, because of dual-wielding. My strategy wasn't much more than walking Adelle up to higher-level opponents and having her beat them up. I get it if you want to restrict dual-wielding to her, but maybe a way of smoothing this out is changing dual-wield from a Ninja skill to a Heritor one? However, dual-wielding falls off because of MP Turbo and another skill I'll get to below. Lastly, a common Adelle build is as a dual-wielding Heritor/Seer. However, in this mod you need to wield a book as a primary to use Magick Frenzy, and for some reason, even though books say they're one-handed weapons, I was unable to equip a second weapon with them (I tried both using books as the first and the second weapon, using Magician and Heritor (and even white mage) as different primary jobs.

    • Cid: I never used Immunity in vanilla, and didn't seem to get much out of it here either. Am I missing something?

    • Hurdy: Evade Magick isn't always the most useful reaction ability, but it's golden when you need it.

    • Vaan: same as it ever was with Sky Pirate. I noticed something weird where, even though I mastered all of the Sky Pirate skills, on the job menu it looked like I was only halfway there. I usually don't run Vaan with Reflex on vanilla, but it works fine here.

    • Penelo: I built Penelo as a Blade Enchanter/Dancer, but pretty much only ended up using an MP Turbo-boosted Blade Dance. I kept Reflex on Penelo.

    • Taoru/Hammerknight: similar to Luso, the Hammerknight has a lot of skills, which makes it difficult to distill what the job is about. The job forces you to use hammers and shields to use its skills, which means that you have to primary as the Hammerknight. This isn't great because hammers aren't very good weapons. It also took until pretty late game to get enough scarletite for Mjolnir, the only hammer worth anything, at the bazaar. I also found the skills to be mostly lackluster. I get that they deal reduced damage because they come with status effects, but most of them aren't worth using (confuse is a mixed bag that rarely helps, immobilize can be good, but less so when you have to be adjacent to use it, and slow rarely proc'd). It was only after I got Mjolnir that some of the skills (Hammer Wave) started dealing half-decent damage; even Sonic Boom dealt sub-par damage. For most of the game I got more mileage out of using Shining Flare from my Geomancer secondary job. This job didn't really stand out at doing anything well and also didn't seem to synergize with the other Gria jobs.

    • Frimelda: Strikeback, sure. I can't combo it with Unscarred, but it's ok.

    • Al-Cid, Montblanc: didn't use.

    • Soldier: good improvements to this job. Not sure if it's a top contender, but between Promote for off-turns and dual-bladed it has a decent skill set.

    • Thief: marginal improvements with loot consolidation and a ranged option, but it's still a crap job.

    • Archer: didn't use with humes.

    • Hunter: didn't use with humes.

    • Fighter: I typically used this as my secondary skill set on all my humes. While the skill set maintains its usefulness, Blitz is totally OP. Late-game it doesn't pay to do anything but walk around whack enemies with Blitz + MP Turbo. With a level 75 Luso I could deal 800+ damage from behind. MP Turbo outperformed Pugilist by 2x. Blitz in vanilla is a niche skill, but it serves its purpose well. In this mod there's never a reason not to use it. Also, Backdraft behaves weirdly; I've never used it, but when the AI does it typically deals more damage to the unit using it than the enemy.

    • Ronin/Parivir: this job seems to emulate the FFT Samurai job, but outside of its stat growths it's not very good. However, because of its stat growths it only makes sense to raise a hume as this or a Duelist. Shirahadori or Kiyomori is decent for an off-turn, but otherwise the damage-dealing skills (Nosada, Ashura) underperform Fighter skills. Osafune has some utility, but doesn't deal enough MP damage to matter. Can you explain why I'd ever want to use Ame-no-Murakamo? It hits allies and enemies alike, and unlike the Scholar spells there's no elemental aspect that a player can try to absorb. Murasame is a little bugged but not game-breaking; chance for confuse applies to all the tiles, but damage only hits one. I'm not sure whether Doom can only hit one or multiple.

    • Duelist/Blue Mage: same stat growth comment as the Ronin. I didn't check in the ability editor, but compared to the vanilla Parivir these elemental blades felt less powerful, even when hitting elemental weaknesses (Blitz deals more damage). I think giving it abilities that hit every single elemental weakness is overkill (and makes Geomancy mostly useless), but maybe it's justified at the lower damage level.

    • Ninja: without speed growth or dual-wielding, the Ninja is completely useless and there's no reason to ever use it. I'd recommend either revamping the Ninja skill set or recycling it for a new job.

    • White Mage: didn't use with humes or otherwise outside of super-early game or filler with an Illusionist.

    • Black Mage: didn't use with humes or otherwise outside of super-early game.

    • Illusionist: didn't use with humes.

    • Magician: see my above comments on Adelle. Without dual-wielding Magick Frenzy its usefulness takes a hit.

    • Warrior: similar comments to the soldier. Definitely more usable, but still not top-tier.

    • White Monk: still a great all-around job. Not much changed.

    • Gladiator: apart from the Master Monk, the Gladiator has the best Bangaa stat growths, not only for attack but also for magick, which is weird. If I want to raise a magick Bangaa, why should I have to use a Gladiator? Also, same comment on Blitz.

    • Defender: didn't use, looks roughly the same.

    • Dragoon: didn't use, looks roughly the same. If I recall correctly, in vanilla Dragonheart would resurrect you at HP critical, whereas in this mod it brings you back at full health, so that's a positive for it.

    • Bishop: same as vanilla, except I have to raise my magick Bangaa as a Gladiator because of stat growths.

    • Templar: I plan to pair this with a Bishop on my magick Bangaa, as soon as I finish maxing magick as a Gladiator. This job benefits from evening out jobs' speed.

    • Master Monk: still a great all-around job. Not much changed. Not being able to use Strike Back along with Unscarred make Bangaa less powerful than vanilla.

    • Cannoneer: another job that I plan to get around to using as soon as I'm done maxing attack on a Gladiator. Looks like not much has changed from vanilla.

    • Trickster: loss of speed and magick growth is a nerf from vanilla. It still has great range, but not nearly as powerful as before. If you're looking for ranged Ultimas, Trickster and Cannoneer are both good.

    Nu Mou:
    • White Mage: didn't use outside of super-early game or filler with an Illusionist. Still healbots.

    • Black Mage: didn't use outside of super-early game or filler with an Illusionist.

    • Illusionist: benefits from its relative increase in speed. I never use this job in vanilla, so I don't know if it also requires characters to equip rods in order to use the abilities, which limits the job's synergies. Boosting this job's relative speed means that I never have to move and I'll get my turns more frequently than not, which makes it, I think, one of the most powerful Nu Mou jobs.

    • Time Mage: like the Ninja, this is now a trash-level job without Haste/Hastega/Quicken. There's no reason to use it and it should be repurposed, like the Ninja.

    • Alchemist: seems unchanged from vanilla, didn't use.

    • Arcanist: seems unchanged from vanilla, didn't use.

    • Scholar: also benefits from its relative increase in speed. I wanted to combo this with an Illusionist, but couldn't because its skills require books, while the Illusionist's require rods, which limits the job's synergies.

    • Sage: seems unchanged from vanilla, which is fine because it has Ultima, which synergizes with...

    • Cannon Mage: this is another job that has a load of skills packed into it that aren't too useful. Any ability that requires a unit to use Prime had better be worth a lost turn, and the Cannon Mage's disappoint (similar to the Flintlock, which isn't worth using for the same reason). The shots appear to deal physical damage, which isn't a good fit for Nu Mou, which are almost entirely magick-based. The other ones also aren't worth the lost turn. The primary reason to use the Cannon Mage is that it gives Nu Mou a ranged Ultima, which they lack in vanilla. The Beastmaster skill has some utility, but less so with the loss of Blue Mages. I think this job could use some reworking, especially given all the ability slots its hoarding.

    • Fencer: seems unchanged from vanilla, didn't use outside of super-early game.

    • White Mage: didn't use outside of super-early game.

    • Archer: while the Archer's usefulness is unchanged from vanilla, it's relatively more useful in for Viera because of the Blade Enchanter nerf. Disable and Charm are top-tier debuffs that are worth using even if they deal reduced damage, and Focus is great for an off-turn.

    • Sniper: seems unchanged from vanilla, except that Beso Toxico appears to have a 100% success rate to set poison unless the target is immune.

    • Blade Enchanter: Charge Blade is an interesting skill to add, and Charm is a great debuff, but overall the skills' damage appears to have been nerfed to (I imagine) offset the debuffs. The job is tough to synergize because its skills now require bladed weapons to use, which eliminates a ranged option (Sniper/Spellblade is a typical vanilla physical Viera build). I paired it with Dancer on Penelo, but I ended up only using Blade Dance and Mincing Minuet because of MP Turbo.

    • Witch: seems unchanged from vanilla. Doublecast is as great as ever and combos great with the Witch, Elementalist and Summoner skills.

    • Elementalist: great magick growth and relatively faster speed make this a natural candidate for a magick Viera to level as. Otherwise seems unchanged from vanilla.

    • Summoner: compared to vanilla this job's magick growth was nerfed, so I was leveling as an Elementalist, but otherwise its spells are great as usual.

    • Support Mage: seems unchanged from vanilla, didn't use.

    • Assassin: seems unchanged from vanilla. I usually pair this with a Dancer, but couldn't fit it into my party this time around.

    • Animist: seems unchanged from vanilla, as meh as ever. Didn't use.

    • Rogue: same comment as above, marginally better but still not worth using.

    • Brave Knight: seems unchanged from vanilla but benefits from its relative increase in speed. Skills still aren't great outside of Ultima.

    • Tinker: still possibly the worst job in the game. Didn't use.

    • Juggler: I'm used to spamming Dagger Toss, but overall I think you handled the damage nerf to it and the Smile Toss % chance nerf really well. Juggler is still a good job choice because of how powerful Dagger and Ring Toss are.

    • Fusilier: seems unchanged from vanilla, still good for ranged attacking.

    • Flintlock: seems unchanged from vanilla, still meh because of Prime, didn't use.

    • Chocobo Knight: unlocking all Chocobo skills when mounted give this job better options, but it still suffers from the same elemental weaknesses. I only messed around with this a little, so can't speak to whether there's something else meaningfully different about it.

    • Black Mage: same as above, also, useless on Moogles.

    • Time Mage: same as above, trash job.

    • Hunter: seems unchanged from vanilla. I usually pair it with a Raptor, but didn't use it in my playthrough.

    • Raptor: seems unchanged from vanilla. Still a good pairing for a Hunter or a Ravager.

    • Ravager: seems unchanged from vanilla. Sneak Attack is still the go-to for this job. All these jobs aren't as strong as vanilla because of the inability to use Strike Back with Unscarred for additional damage.

    • Geomancer: the Transmute-type skills aren't all that useful and I'd probably replace them with something else. Gil Transmute, in particular, is a waste, and Item and Loot don't do much either. Otherwise it wasn't bad having this as a secondary on my Hammer Knight.

    • Ranger: even without Mirror Items I think this job continues to have a lot going for it.

    • Berserker: with the strongest attack growth, this job benefits from being relatively faster compared to vanilla, and therefore I spent a lot of time leveling in this job, but its skills aren't that great.

    • Lanista: seems unchanged from vanilla. Not the most useful job, but not terrible either. If I recall correctly, in vanilla Dragonheart would resurrect you at HP critical, whereas in this mod it brings you back at full health, so that's a positive for it.

    • Viking: seems unchanged from vanilla. Didn't use.

I didn't start a new game with the MP patch. My characters are around level 17-20, and I don't have MP problems. It might be a question of the starting spells being too expensive.
I know nothing about hex editing this game, but I'm pretty sure when I last played Eternal's GG mod that he had characters start with full MP with no MP gain over time.
For MP growth I was more thinking about it from the player side and not the AI side. Have you considered going the Eternal route by starting units at full MP and removing MP gain? Another potential idea is to add more variance to MP costs so some abilities can be used off the bat (I'm thinking about the fighter, whose skill set is greatly diminished if I can only use it once every other turn if everything costs 14+ MP). It's one thing to ask a player to trade off between now and later (E.g. Fire at 8 vs. Fira at 16, or whatever the vanilla costs are), but when everything is over 10 MP it kills the fun. I'm sure I could buy enough ethers or similar items and load everyone up at the beginning of each battle, but that gets really boring and tedious quickly.
I have a couple questions about high-level gameplay changes in this mod:

MP growth and cost: A lot of abilities, including those for physical jobs, have MP costs (many that are over 10 MP). At the same time, you seem to be set on removing abilities that tamper with MP growth rate / usage. This creates situations in which characters 1) are physically attacking when they can't use abilities, 2) are waiting and not moving/taking actions to get their next turns (with enough MP) sooner, 3) ether spamming (in theory - I haven't tried this yet). Is this the desired gameplay? What are you trying to go for with this setup? IMHO it creates downtime, which I find less fun.

Stat growth changes: I looked at the stat growth charts; there appears to be less variation across jobs than in vanilla. This seems useful for encouraging players to spend more time with jobs that are typically ignored in vanilla (or at least removing disincentives from using certain jobs). On the other hand, it's a pretty big nerf to some jobs, specifically those whose major selling point was speed (e.g. ninja, and I noticed the firewheel rod doesn't have haste as a spell - not sure whether it was moved to a different rod or removed). I'm only 40 missions in, so I don't have a full understanding of abilities and equipment (do late-game katana add speed?), but do you think these jobs still have enough going for them to make them viable in one form or another?
Not sure if this was intentional, but post-patch Luso's keeper class has gone a little wonky. When I started 0.98 Luso had the free energy skill that he learned from a card (the ace of spades?). After renaming the save file he can no longer use the skill or equip cards. I started a new game to see if it was just the save file - the Growth skill set got renamed Turning, and Luso can't use any of the skills even though he starts with the card equipped.
Small bug: the Loot skill appears to deal damage and not steal loot. Think I used it with Adelle.

Edit: nevermind, finally got the steal loot to fire. Looks like it's a certain % that's independent from dealing damage.
Thanks! I'll start a new game tonight - might be a bit before I can provide you with meaningful feedback.
Thanks for this and all your work on the editors!

How long do you think it'll take to mess with the formations? Trying to decide whether to start on this version or wait for the next one. Looking forward to playing it either way.
I started playing the mod with a brand new game and came across what appears to be a game-breaking bug: after the story mission in the Rupie Mountains, to proceed with the plot you have to visit Grazston and then Moorabella for cutscenes. Visiting Grazston triggers that cutscene fine, but when I enter Moorabella (the town, not the region), the screen goes black and the game appears to freeze. Anyone else have this problem? It's happened a few times in a row. I'm using Drastic on Android.

One other thing: the Pearls in the Deep story mission, which is (relatively speaking) one of the more difficult ones in vanilla, was really easy here because the boss seemed to skip close to half of its turns (just wait without taking any actions). Did anyone else notice that?

Thanks for the mod! I'm hoping to play it through further before giving more detailed feedback on it.
So long as you patch the clean rom properly, if you rename the 0.9 dsv to match the 0.91's filename, you should be alright. At least, that's what I did and so far it's working.
Looking forward to it!

I know the answer will be no, but we'd be happy to help test the balance issues in the meantime.
I agree with Eternal that the enemy data is the higher priority problem to solve and makes it easier for modders to work on the game (fewer obstacles to figuring things out).

Unless you really want to heavily micromanage when players could get certain loot, thereby affecting when they can get certain items at the bazaar, the other variables don't seem as impactful to most battles. Laws could be interesting! But, unlike FFTA, the penalties for violating them aren't severe enough to make modifying them a game changer.