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August 02, 2021, 08:53:34 am


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Help! / Re: Prevent units from joining...
August 15, 2019, 07:31:22 pm
Hey, trying to get Elmdor to join up the party at zeklaus desert, tried checking the join after event box on ENTD in ffPatcher but that doesn't cut it, how can I make him join up?
PSX FFT Hacking / Sword Spirit [fix]
July 26, 2015, 03:17:39 pm
Hope you are all doing great,

This works fine enough as to consider it a fix, again is a fftOrgASM ready ASM hack to patch your iso. When using Sword Spirit(ss) the animation will play whatever katana your character is holding, if none is equipped the animation glitch will get back. Everything else behaves the same as draw out(do). Having ss behave exactly as do will need more research(and I have done plenty to get this done already), if you can make it happen please let me know.

So far the the testing indicates it should work fine as long as there are no other mods touching:
00182664 - 00182684: Draw Out   
0013fa6c - 00140224: Main Skillset/ability loading   

People who documented the Assembly are awesome.

Elmdor fans(biggest one here)  :)

Previous comments

I have been hesitant to post this here after the flak I received when asked about a possible solution to sword spirit being disabled, however hard work yielded some advancement.
So far the hack does:

aa. Enables sword spirit(ss) menu
bb. Loads learned ss katana abilities in menu, telling them apart from draw
      out abilities (finally  you can playthrough as Elmdor with his true job,
      aside from samurai, which is awesome). :)
cc. There is a catch.

The catch is, ss abilities cannot be properly selected from ability menu, yet, the work around for this is:

1.select sword spirit
2.on the katana selection window press left or righ
  to properly set the ability you want to use using AT preview
3.press cancel to return to menu mentioned in 2.
4.execute command
note: step 2. is needed to properly select the katana you want to use, the ability gets stored in stack till the end of the battle or until you repeat 2.(which overrides previous selection), also, with this trick the animation will play whatever katana you are holding, if no katana is in your hands, an animation glitch will happen. You can repeat the command on next turn (without .2))just by going into sword spirit and hitting execute. If you use draw out as well, once you select an ability, ss will also use the same.

I got some extensive research done for this, which Im willing to share with whoever has the same goal of finally getting ss fully functional, if you can help please do so and have my thanks in advance.
Almost 9/10 sure the problem of abilities not selecting correctly lies elsewhere outside draw out routine, some routine gets called upon pressing execute(circle) and its just not written to handle ss as it does with draw out, such routine is not storing(sw Rx,[offset]) the selected ability correctly and not clearing the stack out once the command executes, thats why it remains in there until overriden by .2 or via draw out. Quick hint is the routine called in .2 does the job storing onto stack, even though nothing clears it out afterwards and they are both menu related routines. So any ideas where to look next?, or even better, a solution for this?. If the community gets to it, Im as much sure we can have a complete fix for this, if it ever happens I will rename it to ss fix, for the time being its just a workaround. http://s27.postimg.org/dmcs3jksz/Untitled.png

Thanks to Pride in this post http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=10309.0 and the people who documented the code, awesomeness

Help! / Re: sword spirit is a bit wonky...
August 01, 2014, 06:47:41 pm
It seems is more skillset specific related.
For abilities needing items such as draw out or throw there is something called the Stock.Reference in the associated skillset, after a lot of testing I would say the problem is linked to this feature, every such ability should have a item reference to it for the stock but it just isnt there for sword spirit, and the game takes this as not having any items at all and thus grays out the skillset saying no abilities can be used, the same message shows up if you have no katanas for any of your draw out abilities, no matter if you mastered the job. If you do the trick of changing the menu action to 0, the skillset becomes usable since now the skillset needs no stock.Ref, but the issue here is that the animation needs it to properly play and thats why the sword swing across glitch happens and there is no katana on the sprite hands, also when your katana breaks under this mode, you get a message saying: blew "" away, an empty string instead of the katanas name, again, because no item is referenced.

I would hope its just matter of setting some flags for the skillset itself, worst case scenario is the game actually having a dedicated rutine to handle draw out and handle the stock.ref stuff, but I dont know yet.

I was in some sort of cruzade to fix this up because I really want Elmdor to join up fully and normally playable as well, I would really appreciate if this community would figure this one up somehow.