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FFT Arena / Re: Arena battle videos and discussion
January 10, 2014, 08:07:06 pm
@Malroth: Yes, silentkaster is my brother. xD

[spoiler]And yeah, I would assume my team would lose this time around. It was kinda rushed and my mind was kinda clouded with Pokemon and the like, thus the name Whatever You Like, but anyway! Yeah, I was trying to make the Chemist heal the Wizard by using the Blaze Gun and the Wizard to heal herself, but it looks like that didn't seem to work too well! As for the others, I was making the Samurai a bit of a powerhouse and the Knight to go her own way. Looks like I'll have to recreate the whole team by scratch or make a few major changes once my Pokemon phase is done and over with! Thanks for the advice Mal![/spoiler]

@Barren: Yeah, I kinda assumed things wouldn't be in my favor. xD But thanks! I would love to have some help! And I wouldn't mind talking to you over Skype again!
The Lounge / Re: Merry Christmas FFH!
December 24, 2013, 08:52:14 pm
Yes, happy Christmas to all, and to all, go to sleep because Santa's coming and he probably has what you want! :'D

*throws snow in the air*
Aida was usually not one to talk too much. She loved listening to everyone's story. It calmed her from being so nervous around here. But at the same time, if the stories were too long, they would calm her so much to the point where she would fall asleep to them. But why wasn't she falling asleep to these stories? Were they just too interesting to fall asleep to? Or perhaps the theories and images of seagulls blowing up was too disturbing for her? She didn't know the cause of her insomnia, but she did hold her Uribo close and cradled her in her arms. She couldn't help but smile to him as he mentioned that her name was nice. And right after, he introduced himself. She looked over to Algus as he got up and announced that he was going to sleep. She nodded to him and watched him leave, which then she turned back to the man next to her.

"Please excuse him... He doesn't really like commoners and though he doesn't seem like he mind now, he doesn't want me to talk to people like you... But Scrawny... That is a very interesting name. ...Yes, when I was a child, I didn't have many friends.. I was stuck inside of a castle throughout most of my life. Not that it bothered me, not at all. I was content in helping my brother in anything and everything he needed. But then..."

She told the story of how Algus was missing for weeks on end, how she found him dead but she revived him, how they were going to Ordallia to clear their grandfather's name and why. It was a lot of words for her to speak, and a lot of tears as well. She deeply cared for her brother and didn't want him in any way to be hurt any longer. Maybe now that she is traveling with him, she can prevent it. It would be a lot better than for him to never come back, she was sure. But because she had little to no real friends, this was the first person besides her brother that she opened up to... And trusted. She listened to his reasoning of why he himself was going to Ordallia. She wiped her tears away before she spoke.

"I see... As I've said, there's going to be an upcoming war in Ivalice and, well... Don't tell my brother, but I don't think I could ever fight in a war either... He wants me to be strong but... It's hard to be strong when you are only a cleric, aren't I right? Fighting just isn't for me... I've tried on the way to find my brother, and... Having monsters left and right of you, fighting their own battles against you... Perverts wanting to keep you to themselves... That's a war in itself... I don't ever want to go through that again... At least Ordallia is safe, yes...?"
There's a tool called FFTacText. It comes with the FFTPatcher 0.478. Open your ISO with it and click on text near the left corner. Click on each item in the list and find in the drop down list anything that has to do with unit names. On the right of the main list with all the names, you can change the name. (Example for S+G: Delita to Gary)

Now how to change Ramza's original name to something else, (where the game begins with you giving the option to rename him) I do not know how to do that. x.x But I would love to figure out how!
So many bad things... :c

You can cross off seven though because we have a patch for that!

1. I agree. The names are just... Weird... :/ I kinda got lost when they had the new names!

2. The Ivalice Alliance kinda did that. Now, if they used the original FFT's names, it would be a bit better. Although keep in mind that the translation was a bit off in the original game. Not that I have a problem with it, but I could understand it better with its semi poor grammar than the remake. I just sit there and pretend that they said the same stuff as they did in the old game~

3. This would make more sense if Marche was in there too. XP But I honestly don't think Luso was a TERRIBLE addition. (I personally like his spunk!)

5. I honestly didn't think the cutscenes were that bad. OwO I liked them!

I don't really have any other comments for the rest of the stuff, but this is how I feel about the ones that I do have comments!
Final Fantasy Tactics / FFT "Until Death" Challenge!
October 01, 2013, 07:42:15 pm
I was on Reddit one night and I saw a Pokemon challenge called the "Nuzlocke Challenge" and I decided to make a challenge similar to it, kinda like the "Uni-Ramza Monk Only" challenge, except much harder, physically and emotionally! Here are the rules:

- Any unit that dies is permanently dead and if they don't crystallize, you must dismiss them from your team.
- If you have room, you can recruit one, and only ONE unit per map via Invitation or other means (including towns via soldier office).
- If you have a monster, you must rename them to anything you want.
- If you have a game over, it's a game over, even if you save your data. You have to start from the beginning.

Optional rules:

-Your job is based off your zodiac sign (ex: Aries = Squire, Geomancer Taurus = Chemist, Lancer and so on. If you have to change jobs to get the desired job, you may do so, but only until you unlock that job.)
- You may not have everyone be the same job.
- When you get a new character via Invitation, in a soldier's office, or by any other means, you must get rid of one of the main characters (Mustadio, Agrias, Rafa, Orlandu, and so on)
- Banning items, instead, relying on magic and martial arts to heal.
- Same as above, only vice versa.
- Banning the use of magic, martial arts, and items all together in order to heal.
- Banning the use of Move- Find Item items (Javelin 2, Cursed Ring, and so on. Cloud's Materia Blade is the only exception)
- You can't change jobs with the units you use Invitation on (or other means in battle) but you can change the jobs of the units you get in the soldier's office or the main characters.
- As a mercy rule, allowing 1-3 "second chances" or revives from winning the battle of fallen units.
- Another mercy rule: Once you end a chapter, it can be used as a checkpoint. If some/all units die and it's a game over, you can restart from there instead.
- Banning the use of shops, using only the fur shops.

Let me know what you think, and if you enjoy it, maybe you can try it out for yourself! :D
Aida was upset to leave the comfort of her own home that night. Sure, they were going to clear their grandfather's name, but what of that next? Would it mean that they would go back into the glory of their name. It would be nice, however, she was unsure that it would change anything. She honestly didn't think any of it mattered at all. Still, she followed her brother without hesitation or question, the night getting darker and her ability to see weaker. At times, Zhen-Zhen had a hard time keeping up with the two, so Aida had to carry her at times. The only problem was being seen... Which she hoped wouldn't happen.

Once they finally reached the wharves Aida had a very hard time staying awake. She just wanted to go to sleep, but if they were going to wait for the boat to Ordallia, she had to stay awake. Instead, she decided to lean her head on Algus' shoulder and ask him questions: "When we clear grandfather's name, what will happen?" ""Will everything be set right once again?" "Are you hurt?" "Is there anything I can do for you?" All without answer. It made her frown. Why wouldn't he answer her? She had so many questions about everything and he was her only source of answers. Was it all secret...?

Once finally on the boat towards Ordallia, Aida could only sit and lean against the wall, falling asleep and holding her Uribo. She was usually a light sleeper, but being up for almost more than 24 hours made her completely exhausted and she had a chance of falling into a deeper sleep than she was now, but before she could even do so, she heard the man which snapped herself right up. She looked around, first at her brother to see if he was alright, then the man. He was, but she was sure he was annoyed by the man. He did seem like a commoner, but she didn't mind. She loved to speak with all kinds of people. Being a bit too tired to stand, she scratched her eyes and brought a weary hand to him.

"Mmm... Yes, I suppose it's very nice... We don't live too close to the water, so I don't ever see it... But alas, my name is Aida, over there is my brother Algus, and here is my uribo, Zhen-Zhen..."

The uribo oinked, happy to meet another person. She usually was nice to anyone, just as long as they weren't threatening. She was only used to Algus being as such. Aida smiled a bit tiredly and yawned heavily, trying to wake up, but nothing seemed to work. She just wanted to sleep, but at the same time, she didn't want to be rude. This man seemed quite friendly and honestly, she was getting bored of talking to someone that represented a brick wall. She missed talking to her brother honestly, even if he did just pretend to listen to her.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Remove chicken status...
October 01, 2013, 10:57:50 am
My view on the chicken status is that I think it's just a representation of what a warrior would feel if he/she was too scared to fight out there. So when the opposing team uses their mediators to discourage your units with Threaten, then they eventually become, well, chicken and run away!

Although it could be for what it means, I find it a bit funny to see it in the literal means in the game. As for the actual chicken being in the game, I think is a bit silly! Although controlling your character from running away from battle while he/she's under 10 brave shouldn't be a thing in my opinion.

But it's your patch! Do as you may! :D
RP Forum / Re: Final Fantasy Tactics - Of Kings and Nobles
September 12, 2013, 11:40:27 am
Aida stopped fumbling when Algus threw the note to her. As she was hearing him explain what was going on she read the parchment. Indeed, it was a call to arms to every family Lord Elmdor acquainted with around Ivalice. Their name was included, but... Didn't he know about Algus' injury? Maybe it was for her and she had to heal the knights once more... Before she could pounder more, Algus caught her attention by kicking the nightstand over, bringing back the fear she felt before. She listened to what he said and stayed silent. It's over? It couldn't be... In fact, maybe he couldn't fight physically, but maybe he could fight as a wizard would. That way he didn't have to move as much and he would be able to fight somehow. Before she could even mention it, Algus told her to pack up. They weren't coming back? They were going to clear their grandfather's name? That would be impossible! But...

"Yes Algus... I will do that right away."

Aida left her brother's room and went to her own, looking around to see what she needed. Goodbye to her familiar chambers. Goodbye to her huge bed with the satin and wool sheets. Goodbye to some of her various and beautiful dresses. She sighed a bit and she looked to Zhen-Zhen, patting her head. The uribo knew something was wrong. She followed her owner as she took as much as she could that didn't seem like too much. After she was finished she went to find the money that they had left. Once she had gathered it all, she returned to Algus' room, Zhen-Zhen following her. Her bags were packed and she was ready.

"I'm ready... Do you need any help with your things?"
Event Editing / RedWorld's Events
September 08, 2013, 12:57:57 pm
Hey guys! It appears I have taken up on some eventing as well, and it's actually fun! Here's what I have done and what I plan on doing in the future:

(I actually want to add a tad bit more on there, but I will as time passes by.)

What I plan to do in the future:

*More events for "Of Nobles and Kings"
*Some fun events based off of videos I watch.
*(Maybe) interactive "how to" videos when I learn more!

I hope you'll enjoy what I have so far! :D
Spriting / Re: The K Suto's Sprites
September 07, 2013, 10:23:23 pm
Woah!! That is so amazing so far!! OwO

Though I can't help to notice that in your spritesheet, the second sprite has something strange on it. In game, it will look weird. D: I suggest getting rid of it when you're done, ok? :3
Yeah, I was thinking that. >.< Then again, 1. I am a bigger person after all and 2. When I hem it, it will look smaller.

And of course! I don't mind at all! X3
Hey guys! When I got home from Virginia, I finally was able to actually make some small progress on it! I had a lot of questions to ask the person that is helping me, but since she isn't here, I get to ask you guys! :D Ok, so in these pictures, I have started the basics, and though it doesn't have the sleeves yet, I still think it looks a bit off. :V You see, I used an XL size for men's and I'm starting to think it was a bit too big, though comfortable. I plan to hem it though but what do you guys think? I'll leave the pictures here for now~


RP Forum / Re: Ideas for a New RP?
September 06, 2013, 12:23:58 pm
Hey guys! When I said I was making a patch for this RP, I meant it! Here is the first event I was learning to do! It's all polished up and ready! And remember, if you would like a character in the RP "Of Kings and Nobles" please post a sheet here!

RP Forum / Re: Final Fantasy Tactics - Of Kings and Nobles
September 03, 2013, 10:06:40 pm
Aida was there for Algus, doing anything and everything she could to try to make him as happy as his condition would allow it. She tried to make it easier, even if it was something simple to pass the time. Even she was getting frustrated with the way he wasn't healing, but she was not nearly as angry as her older brother. When the physician left, Aida tried to cure her brother's limbs to the point where they wouldn't hurt. She knew it wasn't helping as much as she wanted him to be helped, but it was something she could at least do, and it helped her feel more confident, even if it was just a slap in her face that she couldn't make him happy.

Aida was about to enter Algus' room when she heard him yell at the physician, which made her almost tip the tray of soup and red wine and crash to the ground. Luckily, she caught herself and instead of entering, stayed outside, her body tense and shaking. Even the shaking was making her almost tip the tray over. He was just getting more and more angry, and she felt uneasy that her brother was almost screaming at the top of his lungs. He didn't like his yelling. It scared her to death and she just knew that he wasn't happy. Whenever he did yell, she tried to calm him down and tell him not to yell in her presence. Technically, he wasn't now, but it still terrified her.

She watched the physician walk out of the room and she bit her lip. He was fired? But he was the only shot of her brother ever being healed. Eventually, she reached a clammy hand to the door and slowly opened it, seeing Algus in his bed and fuming. She made a slight whimper to him as she approached him and once she was there, she gently placed the tray of soup and wine on his lap, making sure he didn't drop it before she let go. She sat on the seat next to the bed and she gave a very shakey sigh. He nervous breathing was making it a bit hard for her to talk.

"S...S...S---o... Is... there anythi-... Thing I can d-do....?"

Aida knew she couldn't work miracles. She was only a lowly cleric. Nothing spacial at all whatsoever. She grabbed onto part of her dress and played with it, squeezing it and pulling it gently. At least she could try to do something. She could attempt to make him feel better, maybe not physically, but mentally. For him to feel better physically, she knew she had to use some of her cleric abilities, and then some. Not even what she knew would help him move around and fight, and she knew that. She decided to think a bit. There had to be someone who could help...

Or would it have to be up to Father Time to make him feel better? She honestly hoped it was the case; Maybe she could give him some kind of treatment that she could do. Maybe some kind of curing method, where she uses her mending abilities for a certain amount of time and afterward she would collapse from mana exhaustion? No... If it wasn't going to heal, it was going to help neither of them. It would make him more frustrated and her exhausted all the time. She needed to think of something but... She physically couldn't do the healing herself if that was the case. She would have to do small tasks for him.

"There... Has t-t-to be... something..."

Dude, Ark, you know what? I would love to help you make a script if you're thinking of an idea to do! Actually, maybe I can do it this weekend!! I'm taking a long car ride to and from Virginia and I'll have tons of time to think and all of that! You can always e-mail or PM me! Though I suggest PMing first because I do use certain emails on my phone. Haha!
The Lounge / Re: Houses of a yet un-named world
August 28, 2013, 11:00:25 pm
Ooooo~! I like that one the best so far! :D <333
The Lounge / Re: FFH Contact Info Database
August 28, 2013, 10:59:22 pm
How could I not? O: You guys are my family! Here's my email and everything. Even if this doesn't shut down, you can contact me for anything, anytime!

E-mail: jen_5257@hotmail.com
Skype: princess_akai_neko
Facebook: Akai Neko
Tumblr: hokutens-and-assassins
Youtube: RedWorld
Cell number: PM me for this one. You never know who could be lurking these forums!
Ohhhhhhh thank you Elric! Sorry about that. D; Nice to know though!
I can't wait to get it finished! I am so excited I could explode! X3