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RP Forum / Re: Roll to dodge!
September 11, 2014, 11:21:24 pm
You're not even Jewish, Jupi.  You're polish Catholic!
Oh my god Xif this is amazing.  SO amazing I am ACTUALLY POSTING ON THE FORUMS to tell you how amazing.
Gonna have to vote Clash on the Big Bridge, of course.
Blue Water, Blue Sky
totally voting for Clash.  I like Brooks, but not as much as I like Clash.
Definitely Fallen Angel
I like 'em both, but gotta give it to Blue Water, Blue Sky.
Clash on the Big Bridge hell yeah
Gonna have to go with Brooks on that one.
Fallen Angel, of course.
Blue Water, Blue Sky for the win.
Clash on the Big Bridge, of course.
hm.  that is a tough one, because I like 'em both.

Gonna go with Brooks though.  By a narrow margin.
FFT Arena / Re: Anyone up for a mono tournament?
December 02, 2012, 09:50:58 pm
Alright, sign me up for Priests.  this is gonna be bloody.
Clash on the Big Bridge is superior.
The Lounge / Re: Battle of the VGM 2.0!
November 14, 2012, 12:55:25 pm
We'll have a little of this...


And definitely some of this.

(( Subtle...  that's the little words on the movie when people are talking in other languages, right?  Right. ))
Buliwyf hits the team comm toggle. "Sounds good to me.  You hit him fast and first, I'll blindside him when he's distracted."  He follows Wesley's rush up the narrow channel, stepping in close to Cronus immediately after the shotgun blasts.  The flag whips out, a distraction to momentarily blind the cameras and then dips down in a circular motion to almost gently brush that machine gun aside.  The old man sidesteps and twists, the butt of the flagpole suddenly locked against the back of Cronus knee providing leverage to sweep the zaku off its feet.  A swift twist in the other direction and Buliwyf's palm crushes against the shotgun-scared armor plates, hoping to put Cronus down for good as he moves to avoid any of those blasts from Surunai.

1) Reserved defensive action.
2) Move to AB9
3) Strike Cronus, less damage in exchange for (hopefully) knocking him over.
4) Strike Cronus again, full damage
5) Move to W5
Buliwyf pulls the flag pole out of the wreck of Ballack's Zaku and chuckles, toggling the com for his allies.  "I don't believe that worked, for the record.  Head north, any sort of arc-fire weapon will have a harder time shelling us in the narrows of the canyons.  Watch out for Cronus, his machine had shoulder spikes.  Gonna be hell on wheels if he jumps us in tight quarters."[b/]  He lets his hands deftly maneuver the controls, returning the shotgun to its clamp before heading north.

1) immediate interrupt for defensive maneuvers if attacked.
2) Move to AB29, scan for enemies
3) Move to Z22, scan
4) Move to AB16
5) move to AB7