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The Lounge / Re: Cake
April 13, 2015, 07:50:26 pm
Happy birthday! That slice of cake probably likes swords. That's probably why it's here.
Tethical / Re: [UTILITY] Win32 Traced (
March 26, 2015, 11:57:52 am
@Toshiko: When I realized I would be doing the same general process for making/remaking the model over and over again even with minor changes to then base image, I knew I had to write something to address it.

@lijj: I look forward to seeing what you do with it. The training map thread has some more pictures of the process/an explanation of hue's involvement.

@Cheetah: Not in the foreseeable future. If you mean a native application for OSX, I don't have anything to develop it against. I'd be programming blind. If you don't mean a native application, there's a possibility that the Mono project will run it (though it will of course look out of place, and I think it's also limited by processor/OS architecture).



PSX Buttons

Program now supports objects in holes more intuitively (i.e. treats the object as though it were connected).
Tethical / [UTILITY] Win32 Traced (
March 24, 2015, 07:16:09 pm
Download here: Traced (~500kb).


Usage: trace any PNG image into one or more 3d objects.


Goal: make easily editable 3d map assets similar to FFT.


Traced (Crossbow)

Blender (File -> Import -> Wavefront)


Features by Program Category


  • Optional auto-folding of images based on hue degree of white lines or lines with value = 1 and saturation = 1 (in HSV color space).

  • Image dilation to bleed colors for appropriate 3d displays.


  • Can save file as a 3d object, including scaling.

  • Can save file as a papercraft template, including resizing.


Auto-Folding Example Files (turn on in settings)




If you already have credentials for my other programs, those apply to this program as well. Otherwise, send me a private message if you're willing to help me test this, and I'll send you credentials. Thanks.
Tethical / Re: [MAP] Training Range
March 12, 2015, 12:28:43 pm
This is an update about the feature I mentioned writing (and not directly about the map). Work on the map will resume tomorrow with this new feature.

Result (3d object)

Input File

Program View of Input File

Green in a Color Picker

For anyone wondering about the lines that get automatically collapsed, the lines tell the program's algorithm what degree to rotate the piece by (if you have the algorithm turned on). If the colors (white and green) are interpreted as HSV colors (hue, saturation, and value), the hue is already measured in degrees from 0 to 359. The algorithm only looks for colors that have max saturation and value in addition to the one-off color white (which is 0 degrees but also 0 saturation). So, the algorithm sees the color green, gets the hue value (90 degrees), and later rotates the piece by 90 degrees (along with any other rotation required by the pieces its connected to).

Long story short, you no longer need to know how to 3d model to make FFT-like map accessories. You might need to understand papercraft and probably still need to understand pixel art, though.



Templates (for auto-folding)




Crossbow Papercraft Template

Sword Papercraft Template

Tethical / Re: [MAP] Training Range
March 06, 2015, 10:21:36 pm
Crossbow & Table

Targets on one side

The crossbow (one of the weapons I mentioned earlier) is done. The rest of the additions aren't done. In doing these blocky objects, I've had an idea that's basically papercraft except for 3d modeling. So, I'm going to extend my auto-tracer to do that. The ladder, the crossbow, and the table are all examples of something auto-traced. Basically, it will be able to interpret an image and fold it automatically. That means you don't even need to know how to 3d model to make a new object (if you understand how to generally make a papercraft template); you can just draw it out in an image. Since most of these objects are basically some type of cube, it'll speed up the workflow of remaking these things when there's a simple error.
Tethical / Re: [MAP] Training Range
March 04, 2015, 10:39:12 pm
@lijj: Thanks!

@Choto: Before the map took shape, I was trying to find a place to stick weapons like these:

Nowhere covered except for the lower part of the perch, though. Maybe a tent in some kind of extension? Don't have a good idea for this.

@Jumza: I wasn't envisioning people standing in the crossfire. I was thinking they'd stand along the stone paths behind the targets, popping out from cover, firing across, then returning to the cover of the target (which I think would be a generally interesting change to ranged attacking).

As to the propping pieces in general, I was just thinking of them as missing target boards. If the fictional instructors wanted to add more targets, they'd bring more target boards out, propping them up with those. If it doesn't read that way, I can remove them.
Tethical / Re: [MAP] Training Range
March 04, 2015, 05:49:41 pm
@Elric: Thanks!

@Jumza: You guessed it, though the wood references were At the Gate of Lionel Castle.
Tethical / [MAP] Training Range
March 04, 2015, 07:50:25 am
Training Range

View model in browser (~2.5MB).

The target (at various distances away):

I post this target reduction here in case anyone wants to figure out a better looking target (or just something more FFT-style). And, as always, please help me improve this map via suggestions. Thanks.


  • Bigger map.

  • Less dangerous arrangement of targets.
Tethical / Re: FFT-Like Music
January 01, 2015, 04:24:13 am
Thanks for sharing that channel. That's what I envision someone who knows what they're doing would choose to do, bypassing all this (except maybe for playback). This is mostly geared at reconfiguring music that doesn't fit so that it does (without needing musical knowledge yourself). I'd certainly love to have music like that available, however soundfonts sampled off of actual games like that are illegal. So I wouldn't be able to hand content that falls into that category out exactly like it was meant to be (and would have to find close alternatives) even if someone generously let this project use it. I do already have a rewriting system in place to automatically change instruments (since this feature grew out of wanting to play and analyze FFT's music in a similar fashion), but new alternatives to heavily synthesized instruments would probably have to be created (since there's probably not a standard musical instrument that can take their place).


Micro-Tuned Music

Again, this music is not being played in a standard tuning. It's based off of a different ratio. This tuning is known as "Bhairavi", and can be read about on Wikipedia. Unfortunately, it appears that my existing library of tricks does not work quite the same way outside of standard tunings. The output is nevertheless interesting.

Basant Mukhari (the Bhairavi, an Indian raag):
Tethical / Re: [UTILITY] Win32 Sprite Animator (
December 31, 2014, 10:02:51 am
I send credentials via PM when people ask for them. I just ask that you provide feedback to help make the program better.

Tethical / Re: FFT-Like Music
December 30, 2014, 02:20:59 am
Thanks. There's less to cause conflict in simple pieces, for sure. Also, conflicts can be fixed and improvements can be added on a per-configuration basis by someone who actually knows what they're doing musically (re: professional orchestration). Unfortunately, that is not something I am capable of doing.


Here's my attempt to use this feature in a standard day-night cycle.

I've also just hooked up support for non-standard tunings, so music that doesn't exist in the standard tuning can be played natively. They're based on different ratios, and so they use different frequencies. Some of them can be read about here: Non-Western scales (wikipedia). I haven't gone out and found a MIDI file that makes use of this yet, but I will update this post with one at some point. There are 4,400+ such scales.
If the amount of development per minute metric is your qualm with the first episode, I'd suggest that it evens out across the first season, and certainly across the whole show (up to the current ending). The first episode, as compared to a faster medium (like the plays we've talked about), contains a lot of setup events that prepare context and meaning for the development that does happen throughout the series. In season one, it's centered around Eddard Stark and his family as a counter-point to the other families in the show. He's not in season 2 because he's dead by episode 9. You've seen episode 1. How do you think he dies? There's an act that foreshadows it in one of the opening scenes.

As for clever lines, the series isn't clever in that regard; it's viral. Phrases are repeatable, like "My dragons!!!!!1111", "You know nothing, Jon Snow," and "Lannister's always pay their debts." Toss any of those into google. FFT's translation is similar in that respect, with unintentional gems like, "This is the way!" and "I got a good feeling!"
I think you missed a lot of the things you said don't exist in that first episode. As for music, it's the title theme that's important, rather than individual characters (though individual characters may temporarily grasp its attention); the show makes it a point to claim that people don't permanently matter, just places/concepts (like the Iron Throne). As for leitmotifs, they show up in the form of character foils (an example from the first episode are the animals that get found then raised by the Stark children; they continue to be used this way). Furthermore, the motivation for the whole show is the concept of "winter is coming". If you didn't pick up on that, it's the show's ragnarok/apocalypse/doomsday in the form of an invasion coming from the north to the south (i.e. where all civilization is). Also, I think it's difficult to sustain the description of "high-brow melodrama" after the first episode. It's downhill from the first episode. Would you call the content of some of Shakespeare's works (which include about as many murders) high-brow just because they're written in what sounds to us as archaic language? That seems like the comparison you're making.

And since you sound like you want to dismiss the show anyway, you might enjoy these:

The Rafa scene reminds me a little of the content in that show. If FFT were a show, it'd probably focus on how Ramza deals with being branded a heretic and how Delita tries to manipulate all the things. The show doesn't do much with religion (outside of a certain specific character), however there's lots of mysticism which you might equate to how the zodiac stones are handled in FFT. Additionally, most characters in the show aren't doing things on a misunderstanding (willful ignorance sometimes but not a misunderstanding), though mistakes being made out of grief is a recurring theme. FFT, on the other hand, has a lot of misguided characters. They're also usually well-meaning in FFT, but these characters go into brick wall mode once they decide to do something. The show's characters are mostly just out for themselves, though some stand-out characters are devoted to the general suffering of others. Maybe the most important difference is that FFT has a sense of joining up, whereas the show has a sense of painful isolation (most of the armies shown are short-lived).

One-for-one similarities:

  • Dragons

  • Dragon tamers

  • Collusion of power across governmental/social lines

  • Long-running kidnappings

  • Temporary imprisonment of important characters

  • Aggrandized nobles as knights

  • Traps (certain storylines only)

  • Undertones of poverty as a result of the elite class (l i t t l e m o n e y)

  • Demons

  • Undead

  • Contracted assassins

  • Boats

  • Regency/young royalty

  • Distant father figures

  • Sibling dynamics

  • Bastard sons

  • Pubs

  • Castle crashing

  • Sidekicks

  • Travel theme

  • Robbery

  • Factions/orders/groups outside of government

  • Super-powered/super-rare swords

  • Unsolved/unclaimed murder by poison

  • Churches

  • Political marriages

Things FFT has:

  • Guns

  • Robots

  • A vampire

  • Japanese cultural occupations

  • A volcano?

  • Multiple dimensions?

  • Religion as an overtone

  • All manner of magic

  • Handbags?

  • Banned books?

Things GoT has:

  • Slavery

  • Brothels

  • A banking institution

  • Cruel and unusual punishment

  • Overly attached mothers

  • Mythologies for their royalty

  • Disfigurement theme

  • Debt/credit

  • Spying

  • Religion as an undertone

Spam / Re: WHY?!
December 09, 2014, 04:14:56 pm
Here's a hypothetical situation. Imagine that the original game is represented in a ball form. Now, the ball can bounce around, roll, be still, entertain, etc, but, no matter what you do, the ball stays together because the ball is cohesive. Now, as time goes on, the ball may be seen to be less fun to play with because it lacks things other newer forms of entertainment possess. Reasonably speaking, releasing the next version of this ball should probably just bring the ball up to date so that it can compete for attention well against other entertainment products: new packaging, refurbishing old parts so that they thrive in modern environments, and re-advertising the product (harkening back to what made it great at what it did previously).

Enter War of the Lions. Instead of (just) bringing the old game up to date, they made something akin to a lava lamp, tossing an old game in to drift aimlessly around for the rest of forever amidst the newer, brightly-colored lava lamp goop and to bang into the smaller representations of other games also dumped into said goop. Can lava lamps be entertaining? Sure, but are they a cohesive mixture anymore? No, and so my personal dislike comes from the fact that I don't see FFT:WotL as a cohesive game. I see it as "game-ish"; there's a cohesive game somewhere in there (sometimes it even rises to the forefront) but it's lost amongst other things.

If you were to order a smoothie and that "smoothie" was just unblended fruit in an attractive cup, would you like the product as a smoothie?
The Lounge / Re: FF7 - PS4 Port
December 07, 2014, 08:12:29 pm
Rejected titles:

  • "FF7 - Coming to an Emulator Near You",

  • "FF7 - The Promo Video Was a Significant Portion of the Budget",

  • "FF7 - The Promo Video is More Computationally Intensive Than the Game",

  • "FF7 - This is What You Wanted, Right? #tooSoon", and

  • "FF7 - #sorryNotSorry".
Tethical / Re: FFT-Like Music
December 02, 2014, 04:55:53 pm
Tethical Music Engine

Special thanks to everyone in this thread; the video's idea came from your suggestions. The video runs through back-to-back 15-second previews of some of the stuff you've already heard, but it adds something new by providing audio waveforms that use the game logo of the music.

Help! / Re: Battle Sound Mod
November 21, 2014, 03:09:37 pm
FFT uses MIDI-quality music, which basically means you need to know what the notes in the song are and for how long they play. You cannot currently put modern audio files in (like MP3s).

The easiest place to start is here: MIDI to SMD v0.5: FFT Music Converter.

You may also need to consult:

Final Fantasy Tactics / Re: Final Fantasy Fractics
October 30, 2014, 12:37:15 am
Besides The Neverending Story, there's the Myst series, where book writing and book travel are entrenched mechanics. They also have copious amounts of odd-sounding names (like Atrus).
Tethical / Re: FFT-Like Music
October 15, 2014, 03:22:14 am

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Dream a Little Dream of Me (Normal) and Dream a Little Dream of Me (Intense).



Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer (Normal) and Jeff the Killer (Intense).



If you're interested in a close alternative in FFT to the pizzicato strings used in the intense versions, 33-37 and 26 are all close.