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August 07, 2020, 08:31:08 pm


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Works in Progress / Re: Tactical RPG for mobile
September 12, 2018, 10:59:33 am
Some Work in Progress.


Casting Fire!

Works in Progress / Re: Tactical RPG for mobile
September 07, 2018, 04:22:35 am
Sorry guys, could not find a way to Edit my post?
Maybe there is a way?

Here are the features already implemented.
- Pathfinding that support character jump ability.
- The battlefield can be rotated in 3D.
- A very basic AI implementation.

This simple map has been made using an internal Map Editor i made.
It support height variation, slopes etc...

Works in Progress / Tactical RPG for mobile
September 06, 2018, 09:57:08 am
Hi everyone, its been really a while..
I am surprised that i could login actually  :o

This is the thread i opened when i was active on the forum.

After that huge earthquake i had a pretty tough time.. My apologies for leaving you guys with an unfinished project..

The idea of developing a Tactical RPG never leaved me tho.
During the past years i have been actively developing games professionally (I was the main dev on Bleach brave Souls) and i now have my own company in Tokyo. (We create mobile games).

After our first success title (Sorry i can't give my company name), i wanted to do something new and fresh.
The idea to make a Tactical RPG immediately came to my mind.

We want to bring a playable demo of the Battle mechanics ASAP.
To see if the project has potential before developing it fully.

The plan is to target Smartphones and Tablets, should support controllers and have multiplayer features.
Other platform like the Nintendo Switch interest us a lot.

I hope to share some interesting visuals and videos very soon.

The Lounge / Re: Earthquake in Japan
March 11, 2011, 10:22:34 pm
Its terrible, the number of death up to more than 1300 people right now.
Yesterday, i went back to my home by foot(All trains was stopped). My apartment was totally messy.

QuoteAFAIK the best way to survive tsunamis is to get at high altitude areas.

Personally, there is not best way to survive Tsunami. After a devastating Earthquake with house destroyed and a car traffic stopped its almost impossible to escape the 10 meter wave
ravaging everything.
I mean, people leaving near the sea have almost no solutions.

Also, cellphones are absolutely unusable. In almost 3 minutes, all the cellphones line was saturated. (All people try to call their family).
Everyone in Japan is still very shocked.

EDIT: That's crazy, the cellphone network is still Busy ! I can't call !
The Lounge / Re: Earthquake in Japan
March 11, 2011, 06:48:39 am
61 Dead
244 seriously injured.
The Lounge / Earthquake in Japan
March 11, 2011, 06:34:44 am
Very big news here in Japan,
The biggest earthquake in Japan since 1900. Already 41 people died and 90 are in a very bad state.
This was very impressive (and still is). The buildings was moving like card castle.

All metro are down, all taxis are full, the road is full, this is a very big Panic here.
After the earthquake come the Tsunami.

All the part of Japan that are close to the sea is very dangerous right now. 10 Meters waves. its horrible.
I don't know how to say in english but the ground start to separate are ShinOokubo.
Guys seriously i hope i am not going to die.
QuoteSeems simple enough. I'll give this a try later.

If more people can host games it is good.

In the mean time, i try to create a simple single multiplayer chat with some avatar.
So people will be able to interact with each other in a funny and interactive way.
Hi Overlon !
Thank you for being volunteer :D

(note that everyone can actually try this)


1 - First you need to donwload Smartfox Server Basic.  http://www.smartfoxserver.com/products/basic.php  
2 - Next, in the Server folder, you need to set up config.xml and replace ServerIP with your computer IP. (You can go to http://whatismyipaddress.com/).
3 - Then, you need to start the server using the start icon. (On mac i had to launch the Terminal go to the Server Folder and write sh start.sh).

If the server run successfully, that mean that we can try to chat together !
Please tell me if you have any problem with it.
You can also pm me.

Good luck !
Thanks DrBreen !
btw, its very nice to see this nice fur shop dude for your avatar :D

QuoteHow is the online flash chat coming along?

Cheetah, i made some test in my company and it is working (Only very simple chat). So i understand a little bit more how multiplayer can work.

I have problems for making the configuration of my Router, the notice is in Japanese, and i think the configuration is only automatic... (No custom settings possible).
I would like to try chat with you guys but, for that, we need that someone become the server :D

Basically this is how it works :
You launch a java command in the terminal, and your PC become the host.
And then, everyone can connect to the chat through your ip adress.

Basically, Smartfox server default port is 9339.
So if you have a firewall/router, you need to open the port 9339, so other internet user can get access if you launch the server.

If there is any volunteer, i would be very happy to make some test with you guys.
Sorry if my last post was confusing. In my last post, what i intended to emphasize was only a matter of time.
Basically, everything is possible.
Almost the exact copy of FFTactics is possible, even with Flash.
But the problem is more a problem of time.

I do intend to add Magic.
Tethical / Re: Tethical, online FFT clone
March 02, 2011, 03:55:21 am
QuoteRealy?! I thought from your profile that you were japanese!

Yeah, French living in Japan.

QuoteI'm glad you edited this before I start trolling my own topic, thanks god xD

I do not want to enter into a debate either, thanks god too :D

That is very cool, i hope you can achieve what you want, i am looking forward to see new features.
Don't forget to post any video if you made some significant changes !

By the way, will your game be available for MAC ?
Tethical / Re: Tethical, online FFT clone
March 01, 2011, 06:18:30 am
I am French too ! :D

QuoteBut using a single model makes easier to do this type of maps: http://ffhacktics.com/maps.php?id=83 (the bridge), http://ffhacktics.com/maps.php?id=63 (the door and the guillotine), http://ffhacktics.com/maps.php?id=36 (the steeple). And makes exporting official maps a lot easier.

That is right, but, with a simple Map Editor, even a tile based map construction would recreate these maps without any problems.

QuoteReinventing the wheel is fun, but not 3 times.

Tethical / Re: Tethical, online FFT clone
February 28, 2011, 09:15:35 pm
QuoteMy map models are made with blender.

Me 2 ! But the big difference is that i just made a bunch of typical tiles like :
Tile : (height definable)
Slope : (height definable)
Tree : (height definable)

I believe that with these 3 type, you can do almost every map you want.
But it also use more memory especially in Flash.

Quoteand bake soft shadows like it is the case in FFT.

Do you say that you can bake shadows in real time with Panda3D ?
Flash sadly can't do that.

QuoteLooks like sharing a server will be less easy that I thought due to client side technologies we use :/

That's right.
Also, i believe that we do not have the same way of doing things. So maybe my path-finding or area-finding algorithm may not be totally appropriate for your approach.
At least the general concepts are the same.

Anyway, even if we can only share a little bit of our work, let's do it !
And for my project, i don't know how far i am gonna go with it, and how long i can work on it. It is very time consuming.
Tethical / Re: Tethical, online FFT clone
February 27, 2011, 12:26:07 pm
Sharing the same server may be a good idea.
Also, making compatible the maps and spritesheets looks cool.

I also thought about do an open source project for the future.
But for now, everything is still in beta test, so i need to be sure to have 100% efficient code before sharing.

But, i feel like i have a good control of the code itself. So, just need some clean up and a lot of time :D

How do you plan to make your game online and multiplayer ?
What server side program ? sockets ?

I am going to use Smartfox Server, i believe that it is the most correct solution for Flash developers.
What about you ?
Tethical / Re: Tethical, online FFT clone
February 27, 2011, 09:23:36 am
Hello  :D
Good job so far Kivutar !

About merging project together, i feel like it will be difficult because of the different programming language.
I think that both technologies will do a different job, with good and bad points.

For example, any kind of 3D will be really faster than Flash.
But, Flash, is better to play online form any computer that have Flash Player installed.

But, about the sounds, musics, textures, and stuff like that, i am 100% ready to share !
@all : I see,
Its clear that everyone want some multiplayer actions hehe.

@RavenOfRazgriz : First thanks for the file !!
Secondly, Co-op idea sounds very great and exciting ! But yeah, it need really a lot of work before being possible.

@all : As i said before, i cannot reproduce FFT by myself, this just ridiculous.
I know that playing FFT in Multiplayer is the dream of a lot of members here, but i just want to remind to everyone that FF Flashtics  is not FFT and will never be FFT.
This may sound very sad or whatever you want but this is just the sad truth.

But, to defend this project a little bit, i would say that if we found together the adapted ideas ans solutions for this project, i believe that we can make something very fun out of it.
Even if it is supposed to be a very light and limited version of FFT.

To finish i would say that i believe that we are going in the good direction by choosing Multiplayer or Map Editor stuff.
So let's continue together and give this project a sense !
Alright, i have an idea.
Let's try to make this game Multiplayer !

Since a long time, i always have been attracted by multiplayer games. But i never had the opportunity to develop one.
In fact it looked quite complicated so i just read some article about it.

Multiplayer is my missing skill, so i need to learn it to be a complete Flash developer !

This project will be the good opportunity for me to try it !

But because multiplayer is quite difficult when you don't have any multiplayer knowledge, i will not be able to implement multiplayer it in the game immediately.

So, first, i need to do a simple multiplayer application in order to understand how it work.
I think that a chat is a good first multiplayer application.
Then why not making something more interesting and using some characters or something like that.
Then, if i feel comfortable with it, i will try to implement it in the 1.7 !

What do you think ?
Spriting / Re: Kagebunji's sprites- Moving on...
February 25, 2011, 01:07:27 am
That is strange but, Even a head swap + new palette + new portrait give a fresh look.
Anyway, for sure, if you want to stay in these grey tones, maybe the background need to be changed to fit the atmosphere.
Thank you for all the informations.
I will try to fix everything in the 0.6.1

QuoteThe little direction bubbles when you choose which direction to point when waiting looked great while rotating the map. I thought for sure you wouldn't have implemented that haha.

Me neither haha.
Yeah, it took some times but the effect looks nice.

Anyway so much improvement if you compare with 0.5
Finally the 0.6 is done !!! (Don't expect too much out of it hehe).
As Always, check the bottom of my first post to play !

Additional notes :
- This may be not perfect and bugged.
-  because it is still.
- Every comments and suggestions are welcome

Please remember that everything has been made from scratch.
I may release the 0.6.1 next week end.