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February 26, 2020, 08:20:52 am


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It's definitely not a bad idea, my only concern is how you would go about implementing those changes. Something like that would require ASM hacking. Also, it would radically change the balance of the game, as you'd be able to have tank-like mages who are hard to kill, can kill groups of people, and can heal themselves up. I don't think the movement penalties would really effect them that much either, unless they can only move 1 tile at a time or something - at that point you have to consider fun factor.

As far as potion balancing, you could try making potions heal for a low % of max life, allowing them to scale throughout the game, but still be significantly weaker.
Yes, I want to remake the DD battles so that they are nothing like what they are now. I want them to give a very 'end-game' feeling, with special weapons that can only be obtained there. Whether that is going to be through using steal, or as a battle reward, I'm not sure yet.

I'm also not sure if the DD changes will be taking place in the next version however, as something like that is going to take quite a bit of testing to get right.
Sorry about the delay of 0.17, I've had a few things on my plate recently and haven't had the time to work on things. I will definitely have it done by the end of the month, and will have Chapter 4 story battles completed.
Version 0.16 was a big balance patch in terms of getting similar weapon classes and jobs on par with each other (i.e Balance), as well as bringing damage numbers down as they were higher than intended - especially due to the appearance of Bracer.

I've tried numerous ways to allow Martial Arts to stay, but even with the decreases to Martial Arts damage, the Punch Ninja is still way too strong. Monk is still a solid Job as always, however is now more dependent on using skills in order to maximize their damage (Due to no weapon upkeep).

Soul Shackle is the first new item of many I plan on adding. The goal is to add more diversity in accessory set up.

New end game weapons will also be making an appearance in an upcoming update. These weapons will be unavailable in shops, and will only be obtainable from the Deep Dungeon.
Help! / Re: ENTD causing sprites to break
December 14, 2012, 01:21:52 am
Ah I see, I wasn't aware there was such a rule.

Thanks guys!
Help! / ENTD causing sprites to break
December 14, 2012, 12:18:26 am
I've done some searching, and after going through 4 pages, I've decided to just make a thread.

I want to go through the vanilla story battles, and change one or two enemy units to different classes, but when I do this one of my party members has their sprite broken during the fight.

Am I wrong in just changing the job of certain enemies in the ENTD?

Works in Progress / EzFFT - Ez's Rebalance [Version 0.16]
December 03, 2012, 03:29:15 am
Hello everyone!

What started as a few tweaks and balances, has now turned into a full fledged rebalance featuring new Jobs!

Overall, the difficulty of the game has increased, as enemy levels will scale with your own. However, enemies in Story Battles will be limited to using the same gear that is available to you, based on your story progression, so you need not worry about over-leveling, if that is your play style.

The overall focus of the patch is to increase challenge for veteran players, without overdoing it, while at the same time adding some fresh new features.

JP costs have been reduced in all areas so that enemies will have a wider array of abilities they are capable of learning. This will also benefit the player by heavily reducing grind times, and offsets the removal of Gained JP UP.

I will continue to make changes and balances as necessary. If there is anything you would like to see, or if you find any bugs, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Screenshots for new skill sets are now available in Featured Changes below

Featured Changes

General Gameplay

-Story Battle enemy levels will scale to the player party level.
-Story Battle enemy equipment will scale based on story progression
-All Jobs are available. This also applies to enemies - Human enemies will have random second abilities in random battles
-Gained JP UP has been removed, however JP costs have been reduced
-Move Find Item is now an Innate Ability for all Jobs
-Soldier Office can now rename anyone
-Monster HP/PA/MA Multipliers have been increased
-Faith is no longer used. All magic skill sets have been completely rebalanced in regards to this.
-Removed zodiac compatibility
-JP scroll glitch fixed
-Removed permanent brave/faith alteration
-Magic and Summoning damage balanced
-Broken/Stolen items can be bought back at Fur Shop
-All monsters can use Beast master moves
-Secret Hunt is no longer a requirement for entering the Fur Shop
-Growth rates are now the same for all generic Jobs
-Modified all generic Job stat Multipliers
-Many monster skills have had their effectiveness increased
-Enemies should no longer be learning Equip Abilities (i.e Wiegraf getting Equip Axe, thus becoming a total Joke)
-New enemy team compositions in story battles [Ongoing]
-Minimum movement for all jobs is now 4
-Monsters now have normalized speed
-Weapon Equip support skills have been removed
-No more Spillover JP

Job Changes

-Can equip shields
-Can learn Weapon Guard
-Dash and Throw Stone have been given damage scaling
-Generic Squires can no longer learn Accumulate but can now learn Wish
-[Ramza]Cheer Up now adds Regen
-[Ramza]Accumulate now costs 12 MP and adds Protect
-[Ramza]Yell now costs 12 MP and adds Haste
-[Ramza]Scream now costs 16 MP and adds Wall

-Auto Potion now ignores Hi-Potions, and X-Potions

-Innate Ability: Maintenance
-Can no longer learn Weapon Guard
-Can now learn Counter
-Can no longer equip Robes
-Has two new skills, Thrusting Strike and True Strike

-Can no longer equip Crossbows
-Charge has been replaced with a new skill set called Trickshot

-Chakra now heals the user only
-Chakra now heals based on MA, does not recover MP
-Revive vertical height increased from 0 to 3
-Repeating Fist now does consistent damage
-Revive can no longer fail
-Can no longer learn Counter
-Can no longer learn Martial Arts
-Has 3 new abilities, Hail Strike / Cinder Strike / Voltage Strike

-Can equip Rods

-Can equip Staves
-Poison now does damage equal to a tier 1 spell and has a chance to apply Poison

Time Mage
-Can equip Rods
-Can equip Books

-Immune to Silence
-Summons are now evadable
-Can no longer learn Half of MP

-Immune to Don't Move
-Can no longer learn Move +2 or Jump +2

-Has been replaced by Hunter
-Uses Guns and Crossbows to dispatch their enemies
-Innate Ability: Two Swords
-Innate Ability: Secret Hunt
-Can equip guns
-Can equip dual crossbows

-Immune to Frog
-Can no longer learn Pray Faith / Doubt Faith / Foxbird
-Success rates on spells have been improved

-Innate Ability: Any Ground
-Innate Ability: Move on Lava
-Immune to Darkness
-Geomancy now uses the same equation as other offensive magic
-Geomancy no longer applies status effects

-Jump increased from 4 to 6
-Can no longer equip Robes

-Innate Ability: Two Hands
-Innate Ability: Equip Change
-No longer Draws Out, instead has a 35% chance of drawing out equipped Katana on attacking an enemy
-Katanas can no longer break
-Can no longer learn Two Hands
-Can no longer learn Blade Grasp

-Innate Ability: Throw Item
-Can no longer learn Two Swords
-Can no longer learn Abandon
-Can no longer equip Knives or Flails

-Has been replaced by Devout
-Uses Poles and Armor to subdue opponents
-Uses skills based on Karmic energy
-Damage Split now returns 25%, reduced from 50%

-Has been replaced by Spellsword
-Combines Swords and Knight Swords with Mana to produce damaging attacks

-Has been replaced by Cultist
-Uses cursed forgotten magic to destroy non-believers



-Crossbows are now Two Swords capable
-Balanced the weapon power of all crossbows to compensate for dual wielding
-Increased the weapon power of all books
-Cloud's Materia Blade has had it's weapon power increased
-More items are available at the start of the game, with modified weapon powers
-Guns have had their weapon power increased
-Poles now use the formula PA*WP
-Shoes now provide minor evasion bonuses
-Many items have had their spell effects remove (i.e Ice Brand etc.)
-Healing no longer damages undead
-Undead ignore Phoenix Downs
-Many items have been made to be not rare, and now appear in shops in the endgame at high prices.
-Remedy price increased by 10x
-Hats now provide half of previous MP amounts
-Ninja Blades now have drastically reduced weapon power to make up for dual wielding
-Potion now heals for 30 HP, Hi-Potion 60 HP, X-Potion 120 HP
-Phoenix Downs now have the capability of healing 1-30 HP
-All Katana draws now do damage and no longer add status effects or healing
-Many clothes and robes have had their PA/MA/SP bonuses reduced or removed
-Ethers now appear in Chapter 2, and Hi-Ethers appear in Chapter 4 and are more expensive
-Many items have been changed or rebalanced with better availability for some weapon types

New rare end game weapons coming soon!


-Swordskills now cost MP
-Swordskills are now evadable as magic attacks
-Malak and Rafa's skills now use normal spell formulas and target one unit only
-Some of Cloud's Limit skills have had their damage altered
-Poison and Regen now do 1/8th of max health per tick
-All Mage Jobs now have MA Multipliers of 120
-All physical damaged based Jobs now have PA Multipliers of 100
-Silence now wears off with a CT of 50
-Poison now lasts for 50 CT, increased from 36
-Attack UP now increases damage by 20%
-Martial Arts bonus has been reduced from 50% to 25%
-Enemies such as Wiegraf, Gafgarion, Izlude, Zalmo etc. now have innate Defence UP, Magic Defence UP, and Maintenance


Recent changes

-[0.16]Enemies in Chapter 3 story battles now have preset abilities and accessories

-[0.16]Attack UP now increases damage by 20%
-[0.16]Martial Arts bonus has been reduced from 50% to 25%
-[0.16]Monk can no longer learn Martial Arts

-[0.16]Septic Sword and Soulshriek Blade damage increased
-[0.16]Torpid Strike damage decreased

-[0.16]New Accessory Item: Soul Shackles - Cancels Crystal and Treasure (Unit will not pass away after countdown)

-[0.16]Bracer PA has been reduced by 1
-[0.16]Diamond Armlet has been replaced by Glacier Armlet
-[0.16]Price of the final 3 weapons in all main categories increased
-[0.16]All Knight Swords are now available for purchase, each with standardized Weapon Power

-[0.16]All Katanas have had their Weapon Power reduced by 1
-[0.16]All Swords have had their Weapon Power reduced by 1
-[0.16]All Knives have had their Weapon Power reduced by 1
-[0.16]All Longbows have had their Weapon Power increased by 1
-[0.16]Poles are now equal to Spears in damage
-[0.16]All Poles have had their Evade reduced by 10%

-[0.16]All Jobs focused on physical damage now have PA Multipliers of 100

As always, you can update using a fresh iso, and can continue with your previous save files.

Download 0.16
Login to show download link

Oh I see! That really is easy! Thanks alot!
I've tried all of the Hacks here, some I really liked, others not so much.

What I am looking for now, is a way to hack vanilla so that the only change is that story battles have scaling enemies.
I'm not interested in having their gear increase as it does with FFT+, just the levels.

How would I go about doing this?

I really want to fight a level 99 Hashmalum at the end of the game lol.