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Title: FFVI portraited
Post by: Lijj on June 26, 2011, 11:44:11 pm
Final Fantasy VI portraited .ips
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[Title screen]

A patch including all new portraits.   Drawn by Lijj except   TERRA and EDGAR,  drawn by Smash.
Main  battle  music is changed to the battle music from Final Fantasy IV (Final Fantasy II).
A couple item names and effects have been altered.  Weapon power  rose   very slightly while 
the HP of enemies rose very slightly.   Umaro is controllable and Mog's Dance is fall-proof.

Siren has been un-censored. Starlet is now a reclining nude and Shiva has been changed. . A few minor  enemy changes are Displayer is gone
and Osteosaur is gone while Monocerus and Recliner have been added.
Plus other minor changes.

3 Patches used, 2 made by Gi-Nattack and the music by Angelo26 (non-stumbling Mog, Functional Umaro
  and FFIV battle music)
Thanks to Gi-Nattack and Angelo26
also Thanks to all others that made editing easy
Zeemis,  Poco-Loco  and   Lord J
Special thanks to Smash for the inspiration and for creating the first two portraits

    Final FantasyVI/Final Fantasy III (C)1994 Squaresoft
                                     (C)Square Co., Ltd

ZIP also includes: Collector's art

Files here: (
Title: Re: FFVI portraited
Post by: philsov on June 27, 2011, 12:42:38 am
ultros looks so happy....