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Title: PSP: A bit o' revamp
Post by: SentinalBlade on May 26, 2009, 01:42:19 pm
After posting in general and asking for suggestions on what i should do due to time constraints...(Instead of working on SoR like i was supposed to) I had about 100 ideas that need to be implemented.

They all revolved around several key changes
The most important being that its about time this made it to the PSP

With that being out there, its time for some STRONG rebalancing.

PSX has something unique - Endurance. Unfortunatly that is not possible for the PSP as of now, and will need to be taken out of both versions until i can get ahold of melonhead and pick his brain for hours about offset changes and such.

Since Endurance is taking a hit, that means i have to rebalance alot of the weapons for phsyical damage. as well as alot of the physical skills.

the PSX will include ASM hacks, but NOTHING game changing, save for the PD on undead doing 25% life.

Spell % chance will be reduced to 25% again, just as it is forced in the PSP. When i find it in the psp, ill be glad

Several abilities will be replaced, and alot will be moved around. Class structure and functions will be the same, but hopefully we will see more diversity and usefulness. Such as the Arc Mage...with the 25% spell change, he will function less properly. I plan to add a few "drain" type skills and a few others.

Armor wil stay the same most likely. Maybe bump the HP up slightly to deal with the damage adjustments.

If you have suggestions, id love to hear them. Luso and Balthier need new jobs, and Goomba needs a cameo still ;)