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Title: The role of History in Mercenaries (Hedin Sidequest)
Post by: LastingDawn on November 20, 2008, 09:34:30 pm
This is basically a recap and compilation of the role of History in Mercenaries, keep in mind it's not just about gameplay, but is intended to have a rich and story craving sidequest.

QuoteNew Addition: Historical Archives!
History plays a large part in Mercenaries, with a lot of the back story actually being told through these scrambled historical texts. Everything that used to be a proposition, is now a small snippet of history! Of course the rumors are no exception, hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to add more. But I have far too similar of a writing pattern when I write but first let me give you a slight base...

The three main books you read in the game are...

The Durai Report, which had gained massive success and is garnering resentment towards the Hyral Royal Family, it has now been released for 40 years and though many people have tried to refute it, Alazlam was able to respond in kind and point out how everything "fit". Frequently citing another book called "Memoirs of a Cadet" which was widely believed to be a work of fiction, until the Durai Report was released.

This book chronicles the life of young nobleman Badum Gillroy as he journey's with St. Victor to stop the cause of the Lion War, it is a tale of daring and danger, demons, monsters, and ill hearted humans fill it's pages but St. Victor and his team triumph over all. The book ends on a rather sad note as they descend into Orbonne Monastary, Badum leaves the collected diary outside, hoping someone would pick it up if he were not to return. Believed to be a work of fiction, written shortly after King Delita united the land, the Durai Report adds credence to this tale, and would mean that "St. Victor" was none other then Ramza Beoulve.

Alazlam has used these two books as a way to keep out debate for thirty eight years in total. Though shortly after he died of natural causes, historians came out of the woodwork, struggling to tear down Durai's legacy of "Enlightenment". Many court historians arose like locusts with many "unreleased" texts which painted Ramza as a cold blooded murder, but that only seemed far too suspicious to the wary public, and disregarded these new "manuscripts".

Griescher's Documents is the second book, written only years after the Durai Report's release, he was Alazlam's main opponent and his notes aim to prove that the Durai Report is for the most part nearly a fabrication. Griescher was the head historian for the Hyral Royal Family, it was tasked to him to show that the Durai Report was just misleading propoganda against the great founder of the current Royal Family. His Foreword places Ramza Beoulve as a dangerous Heretic who killed these innocent people lusting after the Holy Stones, who had no relation to the Hero King Delita. Before being able to complete his work, he died under mysterious circumstances. His unfinished works were collected and released, shortly after Griescher's death. Any serious historian studying the Lion War would take both the Durai Report as well as Griescher's Documents along with them in their journeys.

The final and most important book is called "Ruglia's Records" which chronicles the life of a young mercenary in the service of renowned mercenary Gaff Gafgarion. The story starts at Fort Zeakden, known to history as the Fort Zeakden incident. This book is Ramza's own personal journal, the only biases are his biases, no one elses. Truly the most influential text of the mystery surrounding the youngest Beoulve. Though many other court historians have arrived with their own "lost texts" the historian Hedin Fordring must prove that these are genuine articles and compile the journey's of Ramza Ruglia, into a single, coherent book. Armed with the Durai Report in one hand and Griescher's Documents in the other, the young historian journey's Ivalice on the thirst for further information on the Lion War.

Here are a few samples for Olan and Grieschers books. (Thanks goes to Kaijitani Eizan as well as LostMinstrel for writing up Griescher's foreword and a snippet of the Durai Report!)

I am looking for submissions for any random piece of the Ending of the Fifty Year War, until King Delita Unites the Land. Don't worry about grammar, I would be glad to fix it up for you, this also gives a good chance to be put in Mercenaries! I cannot wait for what you fellows come up with, there are a lot of propositions that need replaced, so keep the creativity flowing!

The role of Hedin Fordring, the young historian who stumbled upon the Ruglia Records. His role is completely unique. The Bar has been transformed into "Historical Archives". Which allows you to read through histories, and allow Hedin to study specific subjects, this will net you a few extra gil and Hedin will gain JP. Of course this subplot has no (planned) affect on the outcome of the game. It is an imperative goal of mine to show  that Hedin Fordring and Ramza are the two main protagonists, while Hedin researches the Ruglia Records and takes on many different subjects, Ramza's journey is just that of a book. To emphasize this, is the "Memoirs" Section of the Records, (used from the unused "Fact" section in our normal FFT)

Memoirs, to jog some memories is short for "Memoirs of a Cadet" a tale that arose shortly after Delita united the land, and had quickly become a favorite in households. Tales of daring young men, demons, brave women, and one heroic saint.,St. Victor,.Memoirs of a Cadet lends large credence to the Durai Report, since there are many uncanny similarities between the two. Many people now believe that St. Victor was Ramza Beoulve, and his childhood friend who lost himself to ambition, and rising to the rank of Duke was actually King Delita. With the Durai Report in one hand and the Memoirs of a Cadet in another, Alazlam's seat of power was guaranteed

With Ramza and Rad, Hedin will always be in your party. But Hedin has a double role... He is the only character that can "study" (attend propositions). Thanks to this he obtains Gil and JP (his gil is still of course, Ramza's gil.) But his JP is special, his main class (Historian) has a few unique skills. Well as I've said before, Hedin plays no active role in the game, but he plays a relatively helpful role. you only get one Hedin, of course. when you place Hedin into battle, he will immediately become a Crystal. This is the true worth of attending the sub-plot. He has a unique skill for the Mercenary and Hessian for Ramza. If Rad chooses to pick up the crystal, there will be a unique skill for Apprentice and Red Mage. So if you do intend to sacrifice Hedin, make sure to do so after you've unlocked their final two classes. Otherwise it isn't really worth it.

QuoteForeword to Griescher's Documents:

Let me get straight to the point...

Ramza is a fictional character concocted by Orlan Durai as part of his anti-Delita agenda. 99% of the story is untrue, because Alazlam is retelling history based on the Durai Report, which Orlan wrote, and we can't trust Orlan because of his anti-Delita bias.

Reasons for Orlan to hate Delita include Delita's manipulation of Goltana to have his foster father (Orlandu) arrested, Delita's murder of Goltana, and Delita's murder of Orlandu. In the Report, a "fake" Orlandu is killed by Delita. In actual history, Delita killed the real Orlandu. Orlan changes things in his report, having his foster father join with the fictional Ramza to "save Ivalice from the Zodiac monsters".

The actual Ramza is as the Church says, a heretic. There were never any Zodiac monsters in history. Ramza just kills everyone, and Orlan attributes the massacres to Zodiac monsters. Crazy I know, but consider Vormav as he is portrayed in The Manipulator and the Subervient  and Vormav as he appears in The Valiant. In The Manipulator and the Subservient, he is an agent of the Church, manipulating things with Delita's help. In The Valiant, after no time lapse, he is possessed by a Zodiac monster. Orlan stretches the truth, and paints Ramza as a "kind man", from a "noble family". He does this to establish a character to rival Delita, a stable boy of humble beginnings that rose to high standing through hard work. The people of Ivalice admire Delita, but Orlan tries to fu-fu him and make Ramza seem like a good guy.

Why did the Church conceal the Durai Report? Because it brings to light the Church's own manipulation of things. It was ultimately unable to triumph, as Delita, the clever opportunist, siezed the chances he was given.

Lastly, consider the ending. Orlan depicts Ramza as having miraculously escaped Murond. That didn't happen. Orlan is just a poor writer. He does this though to give Ramza a "larger than life" sense of being. He's from a good family, he stood true to his friends, he did things selflessly, and ultimately, he saved Ivalice from the "Zodiac monsters". His sister Alma, as least as she is portrayed in the Report, is also largely fictional. However, just as Delita showed determination and resolve after his sister's death, so too does the fictional Ramza show resolve to rescue his sister. However, fictional Ramza is ultimately successful, unlike Delita, but that is only because Orlan is mis-portraying history.

There is also the final scene in which Ovelia turns on Delita. None of that actually happened in history, but Orlan retells this out-landish lie to portray Delita as a manipulator that ultimately had nothing in the end (i.e. he loses his queen, he lost his childhood friend, etc.). He does this in one final attempt to portray Delita as a bad person, having "used" the fictional Ramza for his own purposes.

QuoteRuglia Records

Gariland Military Academy

Having left the Order of the Northern Sky and feeling hopelessly lost after the tragedy at Ziekden, I found myself questioning my own purpose in life. Still, I drifted back to the Gariland Military Academy, having nowhere else to go. It was there that I met a young sellsword named Rad, who was an apprentice to Gafgarion, a well known mercenary and an ex-Eastern Sky commander. They were hired to find and eliminate a group of brigands who attacked a prominent apothecary recently. When the group was spotted trying to escape town, Gafgarion and Rad gave chase. I decided to accompany them, feeling a mysterious sense of excitement fill me.

Mysterious Swordmaiden

While traveling through Mandalia Plains, we chanced upon a woman named Lavian being attacked by a group of brigands. Though Gafgarion wanted to simply cut down the rogues and continue on our way, Rad wanted to save the woman. A brutal battle ensued, in which Lavian showed herself to be skilled with a sword. After the brigands were dispatched and noting how dangerous it was to travel alone, Gafgarion offered Lavian a chance to join us.

A Surprise Evening Melee

As I searched Sweegy Woods for suitable kindling for a campfire, I came across a Dragoon and a group of armed fighters. The Dragoon informed me that a melee battle was about to take place and that the sole survivor would win prizes. I was surprised when he told me that I would be a participant as well. I attempted to call for help, but the Dragoon bluntly stated that I would be killed on the spot if I did. Reluctantly, I took part in the battle and won. Afterward, I questioned myself for getting caught in such a situation, and wondered about the zeal of the participants in this bloodsport.

QuoteMemoirs of a Cadet

I've seen many creatures in my life. The kinds of monsters and beasts I've encountered in my travels with St. Victor have been too numerous to count. But nothing prepared me for the sight I witnessed in Lionel Castle. It was a demon of unimaginable horror.

Apparently born of the auricite, it invoked within me awe and a crushing fear...
Post by: Dominic NY18 on November 20, 2008, 09:54:37 pm
Here's the journal entries for As a Cadet, Under His Guidance, and The Price of Nobility. I may end up renaming them, as simply leaving them as "Entry _" seems bland to me.

QuoteAs a Cadet
Entry 1
If I had to describe my life up to the point, I certainly wouldn't complain much. Being the son of a nobleman, I've never wanted for anything important. I dedicate the majority of my time to researching various subjects and pursuits, particularly history. Still, I do wish that I can go on an exciting journey sometimes. Instead, I may just end up being a simple scholar. Is that what I want?

Entry 2
It seems that my father has finally come to a decision regarding my direction in life. He wants me to follow in his footsteps and become a knight. To that end, he has enrolled me into the Royal Military Akademy in (Gariland). While I sometimes have the urge to go on an adventure, I'm not sure if I want to become a soldier. Still, I've no say in the matter, and within a few weeks, I'll be in the Akademy along with other fresh faced recruits. I better bring along as many books as possible.

Entry 3
I must admit that my experience as a knight apprentice hasn't been an easy one. I am grateful for the many acquaintances I've made so far. I have even befriended (Ramza Beoulve/St. Victor), the youngest son of House Beoulve. Though most would consider him highborn among the high, he seems like a very down to earth person. Hardly the spoon-fed brat I expected him to be.

Though I am warming up to the Akademy, I still wish I had more time for my reading and writing. These short entries will have to do for now.

Entry 4
Graduation time is fast approaching and excitement fills the air. The other cadets and I were gathered in the meeting hall awaiting our daily briefing. A band of outlaws known as the Lethe Brigade continues to cause problems throughout (Gallionne) and the Order had plans in place to deal with these ne'er-do-wells. We knights apprentice are charged with providing rear guard support.

I'd better head into town to buy some books for the road then. I've no idea how long we will be away for.

Under His Guidance
Entry 5
On our way to Eagron, we rescued an old man being attacked by a group of highwaymen on Mandalia Plain. After lending our assistance to him, he introduced himself as (Algus), a veteran strategist with the Order of the Northern Sky who was traveling with Lady Elidena of Rimbeni. Her caravan was attacked en route to Eagron. Lady Elidena was abducted in the attack, and all traveling with her save for (Algus) were killed. Though he seems to regard (St. Victor) with utmost respect, he regards the rest of us with a barely disguised contempt.

It's situations like these that make me thankful for being highborn.

Entry 6
When we arrived here in Eagron, Dycedarg, (St. Victor)'s eldest brother, greeted us with praise for our actions in (Gariland) and (Mandalia Plain). When (Algus) suggested that a rescue operation to save the kidnapped Lady of Rimbeni be undertaken however, Dycedarg rebuked him, reminding the old man of his diminished status.

Since we've been charged with guard duty, I may just be able to catch up on my readings. I'm particularly interested in a rare book supposedly written by Elidibus, who is regarded as the greatest mage of the modern era. It is a book that details not only various kinds of magick and the techniques needed to properly cast spells, but also the philosophy behind spellcasting itself.

It has me very interested in being able to weave spells of my own.

Entry 7
It's been a week since we've arrived at Eagron. I must admit that having experienced the excitement of traveling with friends and brothers-in-arms, guard duty is very boring in comparison. I've spent much of my time reading the grimoire written by Elidibus. I'm fascinated by the book so far. It seems that Elidibus used an ancient style of spellcasting that's been all but lost in the modern era. I've many more pages to go, so I'm excited to see what other secrets lie within.

Because I usually have my face buried in some book or another when not on guard duty, I haven't kept up with what's been going on. One of our companions from the Akademy, (female cadet), has taken it upon herself to keep me informed of what's going on with our leader. She has informed me that (Algus) insisted that those of lower status than himself sleep in the servants' quarters, which has stirred up discontent among us. Being from a fairly successful noble family, his wishes don't affect my sleeping arrangements, but (female cadet) is affected by it. (St. Victor) is doing the best he can to mediate between the two.

On a more positive note, (Female cadet) has also volunteered to help me with my spellcasting, as she has a little bit of experience with magic. She's no great magus, but I can't complain as she's more experienced with spellcasting than I.

Entry 8
I am writing this entry while leaning on a boulder on the Mandalia Plain. How did it come to this?

Ser (Algus) requested an audience with us early this morning. Despite the orders of (Ramza/St. Victor)'s lord brother, (Algus) has decided to mount a rescue operation to save Lady Elidena. Apparently, the group who kidnapped her is from a poor town in eastern (Gallionne). They apparently live in destitute conditions around a natural lake. (Algus)'s plan is to dam the river that feeds into the lake, which would likely destroy what little livelihood they have. They would then either give up Lady Elidena or starve.

I wasn't surprised then when (St. Victor) refused to give any assistance. He almost pleaded with us, stating how much glory there would be for us if we saved the kidnapped woman. Still, our leader refused, saying that innocents need not die and that his lord brother would surely punish them for disobeying orders. Growing impatient with his doggedness, (Algus) ordered us to leave his manse, cursing us as ungrateful dogs.

We save his life, and the whoreson repays us by throwing us out of his manse for not going along with his unofficial mission. It doesn't take a sage to see who's the ungrateful dog here.

We did not report back to St. Victor's lord brother however. Instead, after buying some supplies, we set out for eastern (Gallionne). Just what is going through my lord's head anyway?

I'll end today's entry here. It's a bit warm out and the shade of that large boulder I see seems very inviting.

Entry 9
Has he gone mad!?

It was as I thought. Our leader intends to inform the people dwelling in the slums that are the Lethe Brigade's base of the plans in store for them. We are supposed to be in Eagron awaiting further orders. Instead, we are cutting our way through the (Sweegy Woods/Siege Wield), with monsters opposing us at every step. On top of that, he has instructed us to dress in their colors, so as not to attract attention. A potentially treasonous action considering that we aren't on leave.

We will at the very least, be reprimanded by Lord Dycedarg for our actions. If we manage to make it back to Eagron alive, we may not remain that way for long, depending on the outcome of this expedition.

I wonder.

Are we headed for victory, fame, and glory, or for failure, the gallows, and oblivion?

Entry 10
Is this really worth it? We've had to deal with a few patrols of roaming Brigade members on our trek through the slums of (Dorter). I'm currently writing with an arrow wound to my shoulder that's making spellcasting nigh-impossible and is causing me a great deal of pain. Thankfully, it was my right shoulder and not my left. I'd not be writing this if it were the other way around.

All of this to save lives from a fallen noble looking to do anything necessary to regain his lost status? We've almost lost our lives more times than I can count at this point.

I suppose this is what I get for desiring an adventure. Besides, (female cadet) has lavished more attention on me than usual, and I certainly can't complain about that.

(Ramza) has been summoned before the leader of the Lethe Brigade, so I'm going to cut this one short. Plus, my self-appointed nurse is giving me a rather stern glare at the moment.

Still, I have a bad feeling about all of this. Something isn't right about this situation.Something ominous is in the air.

I just pray that my instincts are wrong...

Entry 11
He was nothing like I expected him to be. The leader of the Lethe Brigade has an air of nobility about him that belies his humble origins. He certainly doesn't seem like a commoner.

The blade sheathed at his side and the stories I've heard of him suggests that (Wiegraf) is a competent swordsman as well. That however, isn't as much a surprise. He IS the leader of the Lethe Brigade.

Despite his doubts about our purpose, he seems to have taken (Ramza)'s warnings to heart and is now calling for an evacuation of the slums. We don't know when (Algus) is going to carry out his plans, so he ordered the evacuation to be done as quickly as possible. He has also decided to leave Lady Elidena here. I'm not sure how well that's going to go over with our superiors. But, we are more than likely already charged with desertion, dereliction of duty, or maybe even treason considering where we are now. So abandoning a powerful lord here in the slums probably won't make them anymore eager to send us off to the gallows.

Just what drives (Ramza) anyway? I wish I knew the answer to that. Maybe I'll find the answer to that one of these days.

In any case, we are heading back to Eagron on the morrow. Our pace should be far more relaxed now, so I'll have a chance to read more of the Grimoire of Elidibus on the way. I've been neglecting it these past few days.

The Price of Nobility
Entry 12
If there is one thing I have learned from this expedition, it is that I shouldn't ignore my instincts.

What seemed to be a successful avoidance of innocents being washed away in flood waters had instead turned into a most spectacular failure on our part. It seems that the bastard of a strategist had read our every move since we left Eargon almost a week ago. Apparently, we've been followed the entire time. We led him, and the Northern Sky, right to the brigade, which must have been his real objective. (Algus) apparently had no real desire to rescue Lady Elidena. He certainly put on a good act back in Eargon. I wonder if he was ever involved in the theater...

In any case, chaos ensued once the Northern Order sprung their trap. With civilians caught up in the fighting and being partially surrounded, the Brigade members present were cut to pieces. Many were killed and many more were captured. I'm quite certain the Brigade has been dealt a decisive blow here. Still, (Wiegraf) seems to have escaped cature, so the Brigade isn't dead yet.

We were not so lucky. Amidst the bedlam of the battle, we were captured ourselves by an elite group of warriors. Though we offered up a good challenge, we were soundly beaten by the unit. I suspect that they aren't with the Order at all. They certainly weren't wearing their colors.

As we were being disarmed, a Northern Order knight recognized the sword Delita was carrying. He then recognized (Ramza) and we were then sent off to meet with (Algus). Well, we've been caught wearing false colors, which is a serous offense. So I wonder what he has in store for us?

Well, speaking of the devil, here he comes. It looks like we'll learn our fates soon enough.

Entry 13
This is humiliating, I must admit. Having what freedom we did have stripped from us. At least we aren't in an actual prison, but house arrest isn't much better.

With our hands tied, (Ramza) was forced to accept the terms given to him by the scoundrel (Algus). Simply put, he just had to carry out a mission to get us released. If he disagreed, we would be sent to a far worse place (a real prison, I'm guessing), where we would rot for the rest of our days.

He was to assault Fort Zion and help bring an end to the Brigade. After meeting their leader, he probably wasn't too pleased to hear about this. Still he accepted, if only to get us released. His only condition was that he be able to bring someone along with him, under the pretense of this being too great an undertaking for one person.

And so he departed with Delita at his side. I pray they remain safe.

Entry 14
I've spent the last few days here reading Elidibus's grimoire. It seems that to Elidibus, the stances and forms one takes when casting spells is as important as how one uses their own energies to actually cast spells. He also seems to place far more emphasis on spell incantations, even going so far as to creating his own for many common spells. I must admit that some of the incantations for many spells don't make much sense.

With those techniques in mind, I've been practicing my spells when I have the chance. My spellcasting has improved considerably since I've begun casting spells. Already, I'm casting second level spells and I'm certainly more capable than a mere apprentice mage. It also helps to have a willing partner to practice with.

(Female cadet) is on a slightly different path than myself though. It seems that she wants to combine her spells with her blade. It should make for an interesting fusion, one that I want to see for myself.

I've also learned more about her past and how she ended up at the Akademy. She's been wielding blades of all kinds since the age of 7 and was something of a prodigy with them. The nobleman in the household her father worked in witnessed her skills and was impressed with her skills. "Natural talent like this shouldn't go to waste" is what he told her family. And so, when she was of age, he sponsored her entry into the Akademy.

Now that I think of it, the more I learn about her, the more interested in her I am. And not simply because she's my training partner. I'm beginning to realize it's more than that.

A competent spellcaster and a skilled swordmaiden. Compassionate and possessed of an iron will. A dangerous beauty...

Well, I sure chose quite a woman to be infatuated with.

Entry 15
And once again, I'm writing another entry while out in the wilderness.

We had received word this morning that the mission at Fort Zion was successful. All that was required for our release was for (Ramza) to return with proof that he had been there.

He did return soon after we received the news, but Delita was not with him. He refused to say anything about Delita's whereabouts or what happened during the mission. Was Delita dead then? Missing? Just what happened on that mission?

I didn't have too much time to ponder this however. As soon as we were released and ready to go, Ramza drew his sword and, with a cold look in his eyes, mortally wounded (Algus). Though he was dying, (Algus) did manage to fight back and summon his hounds to swarm us. Once again, we were fighting for our lives. After fighting our way out of his manse, we fled Eargon and headed east.

And so here we are, in the deep, dank (Sweegy Woods). No doubt they have elite squads of knights and other warriors combing all of (Gallionne) looking for us. The youngest Beoulve son did slay a nobleman today for no apparent reason.

It's getting dark out, so I'll end it here and go talk to (female cadet). If we are to die or be separated in some way, I at least want to get my feelings for her out. Still, I just wonder...

What's to become of us? What's to become of me, now that becoming a knight is no longer in my future?
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And I thought the new job classes were going to make me excited for this game...

Damn I can't wait!
Post by: LastingDawn on November 20, 2008, 10:07:21 pm
Very, very, well done! I can tell with you at the helm Memoir's of a Cadet are going to turn out wonderfully! I await your updates, with the utmost of patience!
Post by: Dominic NY18 on November 22, 2008, 01:52:52 pm

Finished Entry 8 and added Entry 9.
Post by: Archael on November 22, 2008, 01:55:34 pm
good job Dom
Post by: LastingDawn on November 22, 2008, 02:06:10 pm
Quite nice, I love how realistic each and every entry has seemed! You certainly know how to build up tension, I can't wait for the updates!
Post by: Dominic NY18 on November 24, 2008, 10:39:25 pm

Entry 10 and 11 added.
Post by: LastingDawn on November 24, 2008, 10:48:44 pm
The Ambush scene will be amazing! You really know how to build suspense and yet lend a realistic tone!
Post by: Dominic NY18 on November 24, 2008, 11:26:59 pm
Added the ambush scene (Entry 12). I hope it's okay.

I also fixed up quite a few errors in some of the previous entries.
Post by: LastingDawn on November 24, 2008, 11:49:15 pm
Excellent work, Dominic! I am glad to see how well this first installment turned out! I never expected less of you!
Post by: Dominic NY18 on December 02, 2008, 02:29:12 pm
I must apologize for the lack of updates. I've been busy with writing papers, running errands, and visiting a friend who's on leave from the Marines, so I haven't really had the chance to work on much of anything. I'll try to get cracking again within the next few days.
Post by: LastingDawn on December 02, 2008, 02:42:37 pm
Haha! We have plenty of time Dominic, in the latest beta I have included these current notes in, just don't push yourself.
Post by: Dominic NY18 on December 13, 2008, 01:25:40 pm
Sorry for the hiatus. But now with the specter of "research paper" gone, I can get more stuff done. Anyways...


Entry 13 and 14. 14 ended up being longer than I thought it would be though. I'm a little iffy about it, so any feedback would be great.
Post by: Archael on December 13, 2008, 04:04:58 pm
hehe the specter of research paper! I hate that thing

gl hf looking forward to more text from you Dom

^ ^
Post by: LastingDawn on December 15, 2008, 08:01:14 pm
Excellent work Dominic! Most of the "Price of Nobility" part must have been rather hard to work with, granted I give very little information on it, but you've done an admirable job! The setup of Female Cadet and Badum is done quite well, they appear as those setting off from the casual way of things, the Elidibs entries show Badum as a revolutionary thus far, this should be an interesting focal point later on, since not every two gil Mage knows about Elidibs book. Hmm... Oh if only we could open the story books, I wouldn't mind adding a bit more to such things. Eh well, great work! So far the Price of Nobility chapter is shaping up quite well for character development! Which this is probably the best time for, after all, with Ramza off and abroad.
Post by: Dominic NY18 on December 16, 2008, 04:33:37 pm

Added Entry 15 and did a little clean up on some previous entries (try to find out the pejorative I added to one of the entries). I also edited my initial post, since I think Chapter 1 should be finished with this update.
Post by: LastingDawn on December 16, 2008, 04:40:50 pm
Hmm... I honestly am unable to find the change... but that completes Chapter 1! As always, wonderful job Dominic, I'll post the outline for Chapter 2, in a couple of days.
Post by: Dominic NY18 on December 24, 2008, 03:11:29 pm
I almost forgot. The little change was the addition of one of the greatest insults I've ever seen. Which is whoreson...
Post by: LastingDawn on December 24, 2008, 03:23:20 pm
Ah, don't worry. That made it in, Memoir's chapter 1-3 are input into the game, perfectly. Curiously enough they seem much longer in the game for some reason, hehe.
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Wow, I'm titilating! I'm "busy" with 1.3 stuff, but I'm going to give this game a run-through.
Post by: LastingDawn on February 22, 2009, 11:42:51 am
Ah, someone else who appreciates the historical aspect! Always glad too see that part of the game won't be a waste. I apologize for the lack of updates recently, as you can guess, with the new text editor, currently making all of the text official.
Post by: LastingDawn on March 01, 2009, 06:39:15 pm

The Historical Archives are now a reality!! This is how they will look ingame.
Post by: Archael on March 01, 2009, 08:17:19 pm
oh lord I cannot even begin to comprehend the awesome
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Where are the drinks???
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^He makes a point you can't buy your milk in a library.
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Quote from: "ph33rb0t"^He makes a point you can't buy your milk in a library.

that you know of

Although I am pretty sure the historical archives are a place for learning and retrieving data about the world LD is making

not for drinking milk
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But I like milk.
Post by: LastingDawn on March 01, 2009, 08:57:59 pm
That's correct. The rumors will be main parts of Griescher's Documents and Durai Report's. (Come on 64 entries!) "Important Notes"

Along with Propositions as "Subjects". As well as Hedin having lines for every last bit of it!
Post by: Archael on March 01, 2009, 09:03:37 pm
Idea #1:

You know... You could make some random battle bosses which have only ONE way of being damaged... one weakness, or something like that... and then the weakness is only found in the Historical Archives.

Just a thought:

Perhaps even some important storyline bosses can only be defeated by visiting this place.

Idea #2:

Make some a ??? class of enemies which are not difficult at all, but their strength lies in their stats / items being hidden (No HP Modifying gear!).

Then you could put some rare items on some of them, stealable. By visiting the Historical Archices / Hedin, you could find WHICH specific ??? enemies carry the rare items, since their inventory / what slots they are utilizing are hidden to the player.

Idea #3:

Historical Archives can be the only place in the game to find out where some rare, very rare, items are located on maps. (Don't know if you still have MFI.)
Post by: LastingDawn on March 01, 2009, 09:05:25 pm
Fantastic!! That is a great idea! I do want people to actually Read the text! Not to mention, Rumor's might be able to do more then just read... recall the power of the Goland and Nelveska rumor, they open up an event.
Post by: Archael on March 01, 2009, 09:10:00 pm
Yeah... new battles / maps / events opening up via reading in-game documents is something they should have had more of in FFT.

Think you can make more like those?
Post by: Dominic NY18 on March 01, 2009, 09:19:14 pm
This looks great. Also, I agree with having more events/battles triggered by reading certain texts/rumors/documents.
Post by: LastingDawn on March 01, 2009, 09:26:24 pm
It's a possibility, I can open up a new piece of text, that you Must read to open the next place, perhaps...

Though I think that would be a bit intrusive... perhaps sidequests though? Not really sure how many I could have though.
Post by: boomkick on March 01, 2009, 09:26:55 pm
Hunts? like in FF12, since the world of Ivalice is connected between tactics and 12. Maybe ready such things opens up hunts and "bounties."


Make an archive to show which monsters hold the Blue Mage abilities (even though sometimes it will be obvious). Maybe... not only blue mage, but also any other learnable abilities.
Post by: Smitson on March 02, 2009, 05:00:44 pm
Quote from: "Voldemort"Idea #1:

You know... You could make some random battle bosses which have only ONE way of being damaged... one weakness, or something like that... and then the weakness is only found in the Historical Archives.

Just a thought:

Perhaps even some important storyline bosses can only be defeated by visiting this place.

Idea #2:

Make some a ??? class of enemies which are not difficult at all, but their strength lies in their stats / items being hidden (No HP Modifying gear!).

Then you could put some rare items on some of them, stealable. By visiting the Historical Archices / Hedin, you could find WHICH specific ??? enemies carry the rare items, since their inventory / what slots they are utilizing are hidden to the player.

Idea #3:

Historical Archives can be the only place in the game to find out where some rare, very rare, items are located on maps. (Don't know if you still have MFI.)

The thing about #1 is if the battles random and there's only one way to hurt this boss, you might not have what's required to hurt it. There's no way to prepare.
Post by: Goomba on March 03, 2009, 12:06:25 am
Post by: LastingDawn on March 03, 2009, 12:10:34 am
Haha! I have to say that was pretty humorous, but who are all the extra straws going to?
Post by: Goomba on March 03, 2009, 12:15:36 am
Well the Fur shop owner wanted to get in on the action. I was going to put some fly honeys in the picture, but then I remembered that the Fur Shop owner will become a major character since shops won't sell upgraded weapons and armor.
Post by: Cheetah on March 03, 2009, 01:48:03 pm
Very cool ideas, very exciting.
Post by: Archael on March 03, 2009, 06:10:55 pm
Quote from: "Smitson"
Quote from: "Voldemort"Idea #1:

You know... You could make some random battle bosses which have only ONE way of being damaged... one weakness, or something like that... and then the weakness is only found in the Historical Archives.

Just a thought:

Perhaps even some important storyline bosses can only be defeated by visiting this place.

Idea #2:

Make some a ??? class of enemies which are not difficult at all, but their strength lies in their stats / items being hidden (No HP Modifying gear!).

Then you could put some rare items on some of them, stealable. By visiting the Historical Archices / Hedin, you could find WHICH specific ??? enemies carry the rare items, since their inventory / what slots they are utilizing are hidden to the player.

Idea #3:

Historical Archives can be the only place in the game to find out where some rare, very rare, items are located on maps. (Don't know if you still have MFI.)

The thing about #1 is if the battles random and there's only one way to hurt this boss, you might not have what's required to hurt it. There's no way to prepare.


Having an idea from Hedin on how to kill something in a random battle (prepared or not)

is better than running into the battle without any idea how to kill it period.

Do not fear the Game Over, it's not that bad.
Post by: Dominic NY18 on June 02, 2009, 11:47:53 pm
It's been awhile since my last post in here. Here's my latest addition to the memoirs. I'll probably add it to my first post in the thread after I write up a few more entries.

QuoteWandering Rouges
Entry 1
St. Victor has decided that we should head to Dorter. Not surprisingly, some of the others complained about the Order possibly searching for us there. He silenced them by pointing out that there was a section of the city that was seldom visited. Any search efforts for them would focus on Gallione's border towns, not on its most prominent merchant hub. We could hide there without fear of being discovered by the Order or bounty hunters. But frankly, I'm not worried about potential danger in Dorter so much as I'm worried about what (female cadet) thinks of me now.

I can pick up and wield a blade with ease, or conjure spells in the blink of an eye. Why then am I cowardly when it comes to romance? The best I could in my "talk" with her was hint at my feelings for her. Her response was a confused look, followed by realization of what I was talking about and then, a tired dismissal. "This isn't the time or place for this" was her reply. Not exactly what I thought I'd hear. And definitely not what I wanted to hear.

We make for the city in a few hours and I'm exhausted, physically and mentally. I think I'll spend that time resting.

Entry 2
This is the first time since I've left home that I've regretted joining the military. Our lack of luck continued once we arrived in the abandoned section of Dorter, as we apparently walked right into an ambush.

The cloaks of our attackers marked them as former brigade members. We do our best to hold our assailants at bay, but it's obvious that they are no amateurs. I end up taking an arrow to the arm and before I can glimpse the wound, a gash to my right leg. I'm only saved from certain death as one my companions take advantage of the opening to cut down the swordsman who got a strike on me.

As I shout out the position of the archer who struck me with an arrow, a loud scream cuts through the din of metal. My heart sinks as I see (female cadet) being dragged onto the back of a chocobo. Before they can flee with her though, a flash of steel sends the bird, rider, and captive tumbling through the air. The strange blonde haired figure then catches her before she hits the ground, sets her down and plants a kiss on her hand while whispering to her. The smug bastard!!

The mystery figure then lets loose a sharp whistle. The bedlam began anew as groups of warriors came out of hiding and began attacking the brigade. It wasn't long before the remaining brigade members were lying dead, wounded or had fled. The newcomers then began advancing toward us before the mystery man signaled for them to stop.

Entry 3
After a few minutes of getting my bearings straight, I recognized the identity of our would-be saviors. These were the same people who dispatched us with ease during our last visit to Dorter. After some quiet discussion between (Ramza) and the apparent leader of this lot, we were signaled into the doorway of one of the nearby buildings to discuss things in detail.

The leader introduced himself as Gafgarion, the leader of a skilled group of mercenaries. I inwardly groaned at the thought of working with sellswords and wondered how someone so young could lead a group of mercenaries. It's usually older war veterans who lead mercenary groups. Gafgarion stated that he was under the employ of the Gallione Alliance, which made me even more apprehensive about the situation. Dycedarg had sent him to make sure (Ramza) remained safe. He then offered us a "golden" opportunity to join his ranks. Tch. It would certainly make his job easier...

Our leader politely stated that he would need time to think about his offer. Gafgarion then motioned to (cadet's) corpse outside the building while saying he didn't want any more deaths to occur. He was struck twice by arrows before taking a fatal stab wound to the abdomen during our melee with the brigade. To us, it was a painful loss of a capable chemist, comrade-in-arms, and friend. He just used (late cadet) as a subtle insult, reminding us of what had just taken place as well as who had saved us.

I've only known him for a few minutes, but I'm already tired of his presence.

But speaking of one's presence, where is (female cadet) hiding at?
Post by: LastingDawn on June 03, 2009, 12:39:06 am
Looking good Dominic, and it's my fault really for not giving you an overview until just last night.
Post by: Eternal on July 12, 2009, 06:10:18 pm
6 month bump, ftw!

Anywho, some names for the Entries on Page 1.

Entry 1:   The Melancholy Scholar
Entry 2:   The Road to Chivalry
Entry 3:   First Impressions
Entry 4:   Books and Brigands
Entry 5:   To Be Highborn
Entry 6:   The Spellweaver
Entry 7:   A Companionship
Entry 8:   Vagrant Dogs
Entry 9:   Crossroads to Destiny
Entry 10:   An Omen
Entry 11:   Victor's Morals
Entry 12:   No Sooner Speak the Devil's Name...
Entry 13:   Cashmere Prison
Entry 14:   Magick of Love
Entry 15:   Fleeing from Death
Post by: LastingDawn on July 12, 2009, 08:16:41 pm
Great new entries! I am really liking the characterization you are giving this Dominic!
Post by: Dominic NY18 on August 25, 2009, 12:05:41 am
QuoteEntry 4
While tracking through the (Sweegy Woods), Anselm begins joking about some of the people around us. Despite the miserable conditions we're marching through, we all smile at his mockery of us. Anything to distract us from the mire we're trekking through.
After we all joined in, Anselm turned his comedic attention toward St. Victor. To his credit, our leader takes it in stride, even making jokes of his own. As the loud chemist makes another joke at St. Victor's expense, the troupe breaks out into more laughter as he promptly trips over some underbrush and falls flat on his face into the mud.

Mayhap the gods themselves decided to join in on the fun.

I try blinking away the tears that arise as the uninvited memory runs its course and a requiem begins. Even as I see his hastily made coffin being covered in dirt, I swear that I can hear him next to me, laughing at the priest.

"You guys really shouldn't allow yourselves to be torn up over this. Not to the point of joining up with these untrustworthy mercenaries and their craven, greedy leader. Gafgarion can't be trusted any further than his incoveniently long hair billows into the wind. Sure, it's far for hair length, but not nearly enough for trustworthiness. I hope our leader with the strange cowlick comes to his senses eventually. Else I'll have to stick around for a little while longer. I don't think we want that. And dammit, couldn't the church spare someone who's in good spiritual and physical shape?"

Despite the tears and miserable rain on this somber night, I smiled for the first time that day.
Post by: LastingDawn on August 25, 2009, 12:17:15 am
Very well done, at first I was confused (which was plainly the purpose used to emotional effect) about the Sweegy Woods scene, though I see you used it masterfully to show a softer time for them all and for their fallen friend. In just one short paragraph the character is missed, despite not being formally introduced until that moment, the pain of his passing comes across as very genuine, as well as showing a bit more of Badum's character. I have to say this has been one of my favorites yet!
Post by: Dominic NY18 on September 08, 2009, 12:58:48 am
I don't care much for this entry at all. Hopefully, I can clean it up.

QuoteEntry 5

A few days after the ambush, I'd gotten back into a semblance of a morning routine, as I spent the morning with my face buried in the grimoire again. With all that's taken place these past few weeks, I've neglected skills and I'm sure my form is a little off. It doesn't help that Penelope is current doing her best to stay as far away from me as possible. Is that foppish man really that interesting?

Before I can begin mulling over our current status, I overhear everyone else arguing over whether we should join Gafgarion's group. I don't trust those sellswords at all, but I certainly don't have any ideas about what we should do. I was going to speak to St. Victor in private about this, so turned back to my readings. And then she spoke.

I glanced over to where everyone else was speaking as Penelope gave her piece about why we should join Gafgarion. She reasoned that we had no current prospects for employ, nor did we have any particular direction or goals to aim for at the moment. "No one would hire a group of freelancers fresh out of the military academy with a shady past," she says to St. Victor. "Guilds, other institutions, and the gentry do just that all of the time" was my response, making sure to put as much venom in my voice as possible. Had she lost her wits as well during that last battle!?

As I thought about it longer, of course she would be more than happy to join these sellswords. She had become inseperable from Gafgarion during these past few days.

Though Betrand, Gloriana and I were opposed, St. Victor had already made his mind up. We will be joining Gafgarion at least temporarily, with conditions. Was he serious!? There must something he's keeping from us. I'll ask him about this later.

Penelope has already left out of the room, practically floating on a cloud along the way. My mind already knows why we've drifted away from each other, but I just can't accept it.

After what just took place, I can't bring myself to finish my readings now. At this rate, I'm liable to forget my spells altogether.
Title: Re: The role of History in Mercenaries (Hedin Sidequest)
Post by: Dominic NY18 on January 16, 2010, 11:50:46 pm
Wow, it's been awhile. I won't give any excuses, but I'll just post some new entries instead.

QuoteEntry 6 [/b]
We headed for the royal capital the day after we joined Gafgarion's group. One we arrived in Lesalia, four of his underlings went their separate ways. Their contracts had expired and Gafgarion didn't want to renew them. He didn't say it, but his reasons were obvious to us. The people leaving the group wanted more money than Gafgarion was willing to part with and we were at least as good in a pinch. I feel better knowing that part of his motivation for hiring us was to save some of his coin.

And so there were nine of us.

Gafgarion paid for accommodations at an inn/tavern in the merchant section of the city. Despite his frugality, the inn is surprisingly good. The rooms aren't large, but they are comfortable and the food is excellent.

Entry 7[/b]
It's strange. I have to admit that this wasn't what I was expecting.

Our clients are usually various military parties and minor nobility who have some pressing concern but cannot solve the problem themselves. The missions involve slaying especially strong beasts and fiends causing some manner of trouble or performing some important task. Because these are mostly local problems, the knightly orders give them little priority and the urban garrison has its hands tied providing security in the city (keeping the masses in their place).

Gafgarion is also much less demanding than I imagined. He gives us whatever missions and errands come up and takes a small portion of the earnings upon successful completion. He doesn't even have an interest in the non-monetary gifts and trinkets our clients often reward us with. He's less a leader and more a middle man between us and our clients. Which is fine with me, as I have no interest in dealing with him while on an errand. It's probably a part of whatever agreement he and Ramza reached.

Still, all of this monster hunting reminds me more of the stories of clans from antiquity I'd read about in the academy. Then again, we don't know what kind of missions Gafgarion personally goes on and Ivalice is enjoying relatively peaceful times.

Again, this doesn't bother me, as I'd rather be a clan member ultimately working for the good of the populace than a soldier selling his sword to the highest bidder.
Title: Re: The role of History in Mercenaries (Hedin Sidequest)
Post by: jimmyjw88 on January 17, 2010, 12:27:00 am
Oh my....I love the history!!! Very nice!!
Title: Re: The role of History in Mercenaries (Hedin Sidequest)
Post by: mav on January 17, 2010, 12:27:45 am
Ooh, Entry 7 was especially delightful. I'm going to need to takes some time to catch up with this topic. Great stuff, Dominic.
Title: Re: The role of History in Mercenaries (Hedin Sidequest)
Post by: Dominic NY18 on August 07, 2010, 06:49:25 pm
Should I get back to writing again LD?
Title: Re: The role of History in Mercenaries (Hedin Sidequest)
Post by: LastingDawn on August 07, 2010, 11:13:39 pm
Haha! By all means Dominic, feel free to continue writing.
Title: Re: The role of History in Mercenaries (Hedin Sidequest)
Post by: LastingDawn on September 04, 2010, 03:13:20 pm
Updates to backstory.

In the Brave Story bio's of the characters I fleshed out what the world Saw of these characters from the historical documents that were common place. More or less talking about folklore surrounding the characters.

Here's a taste of what the bio's look like.

Ramza Beoulve

 {Ramza} Beoulve (Age:{0xE4}){Newline}
          Either the "Root of all evil" in the world or a{Newline}
          Saint among men. Historical recordsof{Newline}
 the youngest Beoulve are deeply conflicted.{Newline}
 The official record, compiled by {Newline}
Delerof of Gariland has long been known to{Newline}
be full of inaccuracies and contradictions.{Newline}
In recent years, two prominent men have{Newline}
taken to uncovering the mystery of{Newline}
those times. The chief among these{Newline}
uncoverings was the untold story of{Newline}
Ramza Beoulve, a subject{Newline}
Delerof's record never mentions. {Newline}
Supplemental material mention the{Newline}
enigamatic warlord in scarcest detail.{Newline}
They mention a close eye kept on the{Newline}
rebel Warlord from all sides of the war,{Newline}
including Haeralis the Brave's{Newline}
personal notes. The records mention{Newline}
comings and going and nothing else.{Newline}
This lead to much speculation of his role.{Newline}

Haeralis the Brave (Delita Hyral)

Haeralis the Brave (Age:{0xE4}){Newline}
          Given name, Delita Hyral.{Newline}
          The peasant turned king, united{Newline}
 the land of Ivalice shortly after the Lion War.{Newline}
His success in the eyes of history has been{Newline}
a mystery to many historians. By all means{Newline}
the Glabados Faith with its enormous{Newline}
influence should have taken Ivalice.{Newline}
Delerof's records say that{Newline}
Murond Holy Place had a severe{Newline}
epidimic and it wiped out the majority{Newline}
of the faithful in the sanctuary.{Newline}
Legend says it was the{Newline}
Hero-Queen Ovelia that supported{Newline}
his rise and by her power,{Newline}
he was made King of Ivalice.{Newline}
The origin of "the Brave" part of his title,{Newline}
has been lost to time.

Hero-Queen Ovelia

 Hero-Queen of Ivalice. (Age:{0xE4}){Newline}
          Given name, Ovelia Atkascha. Was the wife{Newline}
         of Haeralis the Brave.{Newline}
 Legends abound about this woman, from her involvement in{Newline}
the peaceful disarmament of an enemy lord.{Newline}
To sending her bodyguard on a quest{Newline}
to save Ivalice from demons.{Newline}
Her most popular legend{Newline}
is in recruiting Haeralis the Brave to save Ivalice.{Newline}
In the Black Lion's 'protection' she realized she was{Newline}
being used by him to make a claim to the throne.{Newline}
She called upon Haeralis the Brave, chief of her{Newline}
knights to end the war once and for all. At  Bethla{Newline}
both the White Lion and the Black Lion fell and{Newline}
their followers with them. Having achieved her goal,{Newline}
the Hero-Queen disappeared into the west, leaving{Newline}
Haeralis the Brave to look after the land she had saved.

Also, if these "history/legend" characters can have unique portraits (really just "Grander" portraits than they currently have.) That would make them seem all the more official.

Also in addition to these "histories judgment" bio's there is still the normal bio's for the characters.
Title: Re: The role of History in Mercenaries (Hedin Sidequest)
Post by: Dominic NY18 on November 02, 2010, 12:00:54 am
I haven't forgotten about this. Sometime in the near future, I plan to overhaul every entry I've made and place them all in a single post and then start working on some newer entries.