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Title: Rendezvous Ideas Thread
Post by: Nyzer on September 19, 2020, 11:53:47 pm
There are nine Rendezvous slots remaining right now, and Elric is definitely considering doing something up for them. We were talking about it here on the Discord when I figured, hey, why not put out a topic in case anyone has any good ideas that they want to mention?

Here's what we have so far.

Currently, the treasure wheel works by saving the Current Map Number to another variable during the rendezvous event, and then checking that during the treasure wheel to determine which loot set the player should get. As a result, any new Rendezvous battles should not use maps already in use.

It'd be a bit preferable to get a one-battle Rendezvous to go with the After Sluice unlock (as the Knights Templar is a battle sequence) and to get a sequence to go with the Chapter 4 unlock, as the treasure wheel currently increases the odds of rare items & number of chests to open if the player did a battle sequence rather than just one battle.

The ideal might be to add one battle to every unlock point that only has one battle as is. There are five pre-Chapter 4 Rendezvous like this, and the two previously mentioned post-Ch.4 Rendezvous. That still leaves two more Rendezvous free, which can maybe be added into those two Chapter 4 points.

So if anyone's ever had any ideas for some possibly interesting one-off battles in FFT, now's the time to mention them! If Elric likes an idea well enough, you might see it featured in the next release of The Lion War!