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Title: FFT Version field added
Post by: Xifanie on September 16, 2016, 11:35:11 am
We often assumed that if you were not mentioning that you were planning to mod WotL, that you wanted to mod the PSX version. Unfortunately, nearly every user would just assume that we magically knew they wanted to mod WotL, and it led to huge wastes of time, frustrations and so on. We don't exactly want to reply to 90% of topics by asking which version they want to mod either.

So, I decided to add a field on your profile; just follow this link and you will see it at the very bottom:;area=forumprofile
You only need to change it if you are using the WotL version (every existing account has been defaulted to the PSX version). This will allow us to know which version of the game you want to edit without having to nag you about it. Unfortunately, this likely won't work with old users because too many will not bother to edit that field even if they do use WotL. Thankfully, we more or less know who's using which version over time.

As for new users, they will be forced to choose one or the other, but it would still be nice to mention it in your help posts, because I still haven't figured out how to make the option appear in forum posts.

If you want to see which version someone else is using, you can do so by viewing their profile -- it will be displayed at the bottom, above their signature.
Title: Re: FFT Version field added
Post by: Xifanie on September 16, 2016, 07:15:58 pm
Okay, so this whole custom field thing is weird, and everyone needs to update their profile in order for the setting to show in posts. I couldn't make heads or tails as to why it always displays on a user's profile page (it display the default option if you never chose one), but only in posts if the setting exists for that user (it doesn't unless you update your profile).

You can see it in my post right now. Everyone will be set to Other/Unknown until they choose either PSX or WotL on their profile page.

Thank you for updating your profile!
Title: Re: FFT Version field added
Post by: nitwit on September 20, 2016, 07:55:34 am
Handy.  What SMF plugin did you use for custom fields?