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Tactics GoG - Story Vote

Started by st4rw4k3r, April 04, 2011, 09:23:40 pm

Story Types, explained below.

Type One
4 (80%)
Type Two
1 (20%)

Total Members Voted: 5


April 04, 2011, 09:23:40 pm Last Edit: April 06, 2011, 11:32:44 pm by st4rw4k3r
Hello, as you might have read in my GoG Tactics main thread, I am going through some trouble with the story.
I have brought 2 story types to you to view and vote on.

You basically play only 3 goblins for the entirety of the game play.
The names are: Tely, Isken, and PainKiller.

Tely: is a freak "from the future" that created the telyporter. Hes main goal is to end Eyi, The God of Goblins.

Isken: A goblin who is not obsessed with cash, nor power; This goblin is obsessed with knowing all about magic, and cats; Namely his cat, Tapioca.

PainKiller: This deranged little goblin loves 3 things in the world; Death, Killing, and Caffeine.
He oddly enough he can't feel any pain. Which I guess is okay, since he rushes into battles head first.

This Story would lead to be Tely, Isken, and PainKiller running around screwing things up until they get to Eyi.
This story would lead to a small amount of game play (30 minute max) and end, leaving you wondering; wtf did I just play, or thats a great game :D
(IMO (in my opinion) I would hope everyone would be left wondering wtf they just wasted their time on)

Eyi is calling himself a God, and with that is trying to convert everyone to him. All that do not agree parish.

In this you will play as Carte, who's parents where killed by Eyi, because their village did not agree with his ways.
Carte then later creates a small group to take down Eyi.
This small group quickly grows into a big group that then later takes themselves to battle against Eyi.

Carte: The main character. His parents and home village were destroyed under the hands of Eyi. He was then taken in by Epae's parents.

Epae: Carte's best friend, hes very protective over Carte. They have lived together their entire lives. Things he can solve everything with his sword.

Magie: Magie was banned a heretic by Eyi's church. She was said to be the the key to Eyi's destruction, must be why Carte has taken fancy to her.

This Story would be a lot longer then the first.

Vote, I await to write this games story!


I vote for the mini patch. but had to think about it for a day.
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Thank you for your vote Lijj.
Good to know that you thought before you voted.

The Damned

For being a vote on story, Type One is the only one that's really defined. The Type Two description is the vaguest of overviews and I'm not sure people really even know what you intend (or, even, what the big deal about a God of Goblins is) given the general lack of responses.

As such, I have to go with Type One, but it's the only real choice, so....
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I guess your right.
I'll update Type Two, and allow people to edit their vote.


Okay, Its been a few days.
Locking poll.
Type one wins.