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November 30, 2023, 09:03:48 am


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Quote from: Josiah on April 23, 2022, 03:42:51 pmare you ever going to drop a changelog featuring all the changes you've done to the classes and the changes to the weapons?

Great question!  Not a changelog per se, but I am currently working on visual info sheets for the job classes and weapons/armor, similar to the monster/poaching info sheets posted already.
Stay tuned, at least some of them will be out within the coming week.
Small update - not to the mod itself, but I've created some reference materials for poachable monsters and for the currently active Item Set Bonuses (i.e. bonuses that are granted to a unit that has a certain combination of equipment.)  Found in this and in the title post.

Coming Soon:
-Further small bug/balance fixes
-Visual resources for Rare Units/Items/Abilities, Generic human units, and Synthesizable items.
New update out in title post.  Mostly compatible with previous saves, although I'd recommend going from a save before the Zigolis plot battle, if you've made it past that, and dropping any Meginjords you may have (common item -> rare in this update).

The main changes:
-Added some of ArmoredKori's alternate maps:
-Inside of Igros Castle
-Yardow Fort City
-Cellar of Sand Mouse
-Bervenia Free City
-Orbonne Monastery DON
-Underground Book Storage 3rd Floor
-Underground Book Storage 4th Floor
-Lenalia Plateau
-Barius Hill
-Doguola Pass DONE

-A few item changes, including the addition of gold nuggets as accessories, or for synthesizing items.

-Random enemy gear is now based on Shop availability, so the player is not punished for extra levelling.

-Zigolis swamp guest is now free on winning the plot battle, rather than found in rare Zigolis battles.

-Story progression values removed for synth shop, i.e. all synthable items are immediately visible.  Not sure if I was inputting the values wrong if if TLW changes the order of story prog values, but it wasn't working with them earlier. Will investigate further.

-Gave more skills to the wizard, so that they now have spells for every element except holy. Wizards can also now learn Ultima 1 on hit (instead of Ramza's base class), and 2 special characters can learn Ultima 2. Gave Mustadio several unique gun abilities.  Other misc ability and balance changes.

That's all for now.  I won't be porting this over to the latest TLW update for at least a few months since it would be a lot of work and I can live without the rendezvous/loot wheel for now.  I've also delayed past releases for long enough in order to bring the mod into compatibility with other hacks, such as the Synth Shop.  So for the foreseeable future, incremental improvements on this iteration will be the definitive version of the mod, although I won't close the door on the possibility of eventually incorporating the latest TLW version.

Coming Soon:
-Further bug/balance fixes
-Graphical displays of units/items/poaches, etc.
Quote from: Xios on March 19, 2022, 12:20:05 ambromander, forgive me.  but if this was an escape room, and finding the download link was winning?  i would be trapped.  i'm not sure if i'm missing something, but it looks like i'm not the only one.
It's like the Deep Dungeon - you have to step on 1 of the 4 possible hidden exits AND collect all 999 magic pinecones.

But actually, first post in the thread, just to the right of the images, there's a little link that says:
FFTE 3 15 2022.rar
Click it, and all your dreams will come true.
Spriting / Ansehelm's Sprites (FFT Expansion)
March 17, 2022, 01:06:10 pm
Hey y'all, I've never made a spriting thread before, but I've made a few Frankensprites for my own hack, and though I might as well post them here:

I don't consider myself much of an artist, but I think most of these turned out well. The Giant Spider sprite is a port from an old game called Lords of Magic, and I'm not great at making portraits from scratch, so it's blank for now.  The Saito portrait could also use a tweak or two.  I'm aware that there is another version of a Chocobo knight sprite out there, but this one is unrelated, although I did use Twinees' male berserker sprite for the lower body.  The panther knight portrait used parts of the Wolf Knight portrait by Lijj, and the Royal Cavalier portrait is a tweak of Srekciv's Vicks portrait.  My mod uses a fair amount of recoloring of other units, but those aren't fully unique units to justify their posting here.

Feedback is always welcome, and if anyone wants to take a crack at a spider portrait, that would be dope. :cool:
Alright friends, after much ado, delays, and the squashing of bugs unnumbered, I am back with a Mega Update to this mod, found in the Original Post.  This is by far the biggest update, now featuring:

-Xifanie's Synth shop, which allows for the creation of many powerful items (e.g. Philosopher Stone).  Rare stones, metals, and other materials are now useful for fabricating powerful items.

-The newest version of Pride's Attribute Rewrite hack, which allows for new/expanded support + Movement abilities, such as Heresy, Swiftness, an Intermediate teleport ability, and others.

-Further consolidation of standard/common items to create more room for rare/unique items.

-New item classes, such as Fell Swords/Gear, Arcane Stones, Dragonkin Relics, and Noble Gear, which can only be equipped by certain units.

-Stuminator's hacks, which allow for status infliction abilities that only target monsters or units with certain statuses.  As part of this, the Bard job class has been replaced with the Ranger, and most of the Bard's abilities have been moved to the Dancer (now Entertainer).

-Other job tweaks include renaming the Oracle as Alchemist, with added earth magic, and the Mediator as Cleric, with expanded equipment options (e.g. Staff, Book).  The knight's high unlock cost has been further justified by moving Arrow Guard and Two hands to the knight skillset. Beowulf has also been retooled as more of a Monster/Demonslayer than just an über oracle.

-New enemy units, such as Trolls and Dark Dryads, and new recruitable units - the Einherjar and Astral Demon.

Going forward, my priorities will be as follows:
1. Fix any bugs/balance issues that may exist currently.
2. Add graphics/charts of all obtainable units and items, featuring their stats and abilities, and other information that may be useful.
3. Explore the possibility of porting this mod over to the latest TLW version (it currently uses 1.06). There is a fair chance that I will not do this, as I may find that the work of doing so is prohibitive relative to the benefit.  But I will look into it, and may at least include components of later TLW versions that I like and that are compatible (e.g. the Agrias' Birthday stat boost instead of the perfume).

As always, I'm open to feedback.  Try it out, and let me know what you think!
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: ASM Requests
March 04, 2022, 12:15:15 pm
Quote from: KenoattX on March 03, 2022, 02:37:22 pmI am looking to made a new mod based on The Lion War mod.

I primarily am asking to combine support and movement abilities...
In addition to what Nitwit said, you can also do all this and a lot more with Pride's Attribute Rewrite hack, found at the end of his thread:

Incidentally I'm also making a TLW mod (albeit with 1.06, an older version of TLW), and Pride's hack is central to how mine works.  In addition to making items far more unique, it allows you a great deal of flexibility with combining Support/Movement abilities.  For example, a special character in my mod can learn Beastmastery, which is Tame/Secret Hunt/Monster Talk all rolled into 1 ability. Furthermore, you can add stat increases, statuses, or elemental attributes to R/S/Ms to make some very interesting abilities.

The one thing I can't guarantee is compatibility with any ASMs that TLW has added since 1.06, so you'd have to check this for yourself.  It may not be compatible with the extra job hack, although I'd have to double check with the new version.
Hello, just wanted to offer a brief but major status update on this mod.  At the time of last posting I was close to releasing a new patch, however this coincided with Pride fixing bugs in his Attribute rewrite hack, and making it compatible with the Synth Shop.  The awesome synergy of these two hacks (making items that can do basically anything + making synthable items) was too much to resist, so in lieu of releasing the earlier patch, I've been putting a lot of work into making item changes that take advantage of these excellent hacks.  An optimistic deadline for the next patch release that incorporates all of this is within the next two weeks, although even in the worst case scenario, I should have it by the end of the month.

For those who have tried/want to try this mod, thanks for your interest, and stay tuned for an upcoming new release.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: stuminator's ASM hacks
October 18, 2021, 07:27:51 pm
Nice, these look awesome!
Question about the 3F formula hacks - does this work with multiple statuses within a group?  I.e. an ability that targets both cursed and blood suck units?  I assume there's no way to combine statuses from different groups.
Help! / Re: 1.3 FFT w/ Wotl Translation
October 07, 2021, 10:07:36 pm
Quote from: Collybius on October 07, 2021, 09:31:36 pmThat sound rough, but thank you so much for explaining! this will be something for a different day. goodnight!
Nobody but you can decide what to do with your time, but I think you'll find that the headache of doing this >>> the satisfaction of having what you're asking for (with 1.3 no less, which needed its own load of fixes).  Far easier to adjust your expectations in this regard, and avail yourself of some of the other quality content modders have and are putting out.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: ASM Requests
October 07, 2021, 08:24:33 pm
Quote from: stuminator on October 04, 2021, 03:51:51 pmHere are the monster type check codes:
Yo, this looks super dope.  Nice work!
Help! / Re: 1.3 FFT w/ Wotl Translation
October 07, 2021, 07:51:55 pm
Quote from: Collybius on October 07, 2021, 05:08:36 pmWhere should I go for that?
1.3 is not supported anywhere since the creator went off the deep end and basically nuked his own forum.  This is something you'd have to do yourself if you want it done.  Also, mixing patches is never a good idea.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Pride's ASM Thread
September 15, 2021, 09:12:47 pm
Quote from: Pride on September 13, 2021, 06:24:13 pmAttribute Rewrite 2.04 available now
Download Here

  • Fixes issue with units getting random amounts of Brave/Faith
  • Fixes issue with units HP/MP not being set correctly when having an ability grant HP/MP
  • Fixes jump location for item sets

Planning on still adding compatibility with Special Snowflakes but I didn't realize synth shop also had issues since that one I didn't think would conflict. Compatibility with both of these hacks is planned for v2.05. Hopefully soon.
Love it! And faster than expected.  I'll have to take the update for a spin.  On the off chance there isn't space to make it compatible with both, my preference would be to prioritize Synth Shop, since IMO it synergizes very well with the powerful items this hack is capable of.  Even so, there's a lot this hack can do solo.  Appreciate your work!
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Pride's ASM Thread
September 01, 2021, 08:18:47 pm
Quote from: Pride on September 01, 2021, 05:04:39 amApologies, real life has been not great but I'll look into these bugs and do my best to get something going. Thank you for reporting them to me.

I was more active on discord but haven't been the last couple months. Still easier to reach me there as I look more frequently then here. Still weird I didn't get an email notification about new posts here.
No drama, glad to see you back again. 

As an extension of a bug previously discussed, the adding of BR/FA to certain classes of units is not unique to using the Item Sets section (although doing so does extend that bug to more jobs)  Currently, just using other sections of the hack, monster jobs from the skeleton family on down spawn units with wonky Br/FA values (usually 100 of one or both, or sometimes a very low value for a couple classes; some monster classes within this section have normal Br/FA).  While this is an annoying bug, at least it's predictable on a per-class basis once you've seen one instance of it, and in my hack I've partially resolved it by equipping monsters with innates that lower their BR/FA as needed.  Hopefully that makes sense, but I do have a list of how much each monster class varies from nominal br/fa values, if that's helpful.
Quote from: Akashachi on July 25, 2021, 07:35:51 pmI finally decided to try it out this mod, and I saw that both Rad and Ramza unique jobs have hidden "on-hit" abilities they can learn. Any chance of sharing what or where (or from who) those spells can be learned for those of us who do not want to miss those out?

I'll probably do a guide eventually on all hidden stuff, but for now, Ramza has two abilities that can either be learned from Gafgarion's crystal (not guaranteed), or from other units of his job class (random battles mostly).

Rad's mystery abilities can be learned on hit from dragons/hydras.

In general, I try not to have abilities that the player has only one chance to learn, so most abilities will not be fully missable (although it may be a while between opportunities).  Items on the other hand, can be missed, but most of those are under the spoiler tag, with more to be added.

Also it's worth noting that I'm 2 weeks or less out from the next update, which uses Pride's latest item hack, and as such will involve the shuffling around of several rare items.  Feel free to continue on your current playthrough if you want to become familiar with the new aspects of the mod, but I highly recommend starting fresh once the new update is out.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Pride's ASM Thread
July 24, 2021, 01:41:33 am
Quote from: Heisho on July 22, 2021, 11:39:43 pmAawww that's too bad. I was planning to use those. Perhaps I should stay with the hack from Emmy to add functionality like this one but a little more limited. Regardless I wasn't planning in keeping monster breeding so..

Yeah, I enjoy those abilities as well, but gotta pick your tradeoffs.  FTR, it seems this hack is also incompatible with the Synth Shop, and I assume with Special Snowflakes as well (the old Item Attribute Rewrite was).  Still worth it for me, since you can make awesome items (and now new abilities) with this hack.  There are even some clever ways to mimic some of the functionality of Snowflakes, by using some of the extra R/S/Ms to inflict status or give buffs to certain units.

I also have another bug to report, this time with the Item Set section of the hack.  Putting values in that area causes certain job classes in game to always have 100 Brave and/or 100 Faith, regardless of the Br/Fa values set in Patcher.  With just the first two rows used, for example, Gafgarion's Dark Knight job always had 100 Br/Fa, but zeroing them out again fixed the issue.  So I'm not going to use sets bonuses until that's resolved.

Also, when a R/S/M ability is used to increase HP/MP, it increases the maximum, but not the starting values.  For example, if I turn a blank Support ability into "Toughness" and have it add 100 Hp, the unit will begin a battle with Base/Base+100 HP (instead of Base+100/Base+100 HP). Not a game breaker, but a minor inconvenience.

Anyway, is Pride more active on Discord? Seems to come and go like the wind, at least on FFhacktics. But hey, I've got plenty to work with until the chosen one returns to restore balance to the hack.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Pride's ASM Thread
July 22, 2021, 06:56:54 pm
Quote from: Heisho on July 22, 2021, 06:10:01 amThe error comes from the hidden tab Maths. The thing is that it uses a function from Excel 2019. I have the same issue since my Office is not on the latest version. Perhaps we will need to think a workaround for older versions.

Yep.  The workaround I mentioned is just to make a copy on google sheets, which has all the functionality of the original.

Also, I was wrong about the hack not being viable (imagine that).  There were some conflicting ASMs I was using (After a lot of trial and error, I found Emmy's Runic, Arcane Focus, and Mold Breaker hacks will cause crashes when combined with this hack, so unfortunately I have to do without those unless moving them solves the issue.)  Furthermore, I think the message in FFTOrgasm is nothing to worry about since checkItemSet is referred to in the 2nd patch.

However, there are some low-impact bugs with the hack.  Statuses applied to items work normally in game, but the statuses shown in the item previews are wrong (i.e they reference the statuses shown in patcher, which is not how the applied statuses are referenced with this hack, so you get random jumbles of statuses in the item preview).  Stat increases also seem to work normally, although sometimes not all of them are displayed in the preview.  Brave and Faith increases are not shown in the preview, but this is more a limitation than a bug.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: ASM Requests
July 21, 2021, 11:57:27 pm
Are there any ASMs that improve the utility of being mounted?  Mounting is such a cool mechanic in theory, but the increase in move and status immunity are rarely enough to make it worth turning 2 units into 1. Something like +4 Speed and PA and +20% Evade while mounted would be a dream come true
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Pride's ASM Thread
July 03, 2021, 10:38:47 pm
Quote from: Pride on June 19, 2021, 09:14:52 pmPlease report any found bugs

I have what may be a bug, or may be user error on my part.

Edit: Update on the issue I was having.  Apparently some data gets lost/corrupted when I download the file as a .xlsx.  I found a workaround by making a copy of the google sheet, and pasting my own edits into it, then copying the XML data into the FFTOrgAsm patches folder.  The hack now looks viable, it just has a red warning message (same as when I copy the XML data from the original Sheet) attached.  Don't know whether it's a big deal or not, I'll try patching anyway and see what happens.

Edit2: It looks like the error in red (or something else) prevents the patch from being viable.  Applying the hack as is makes the game crash when attempting to enter a battle location or before viewing the formation screen.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Pride's ASM Thread
June 20, 2021, 08:25:10 pm
Awesome, well thank you both for the clarification. This greatly expands the possibilities for R/S/Ms then, and the item set bonus also unlocks new options. Look forward to taking it for a spin