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Help! / Necromancer Job
March 17, 2017, 09:55:33 am
I very interested in creating a Necromancer job in FFT, so I downloaded and started to use FFTPatcher but I have several issues.

First things first, the abilities for necromancer I want to create are:

- Raise Dead -> Bring an enemy back from the dead
- Soul Leach -> Deal damage and transform the target into one of the walking dead
- Putrify -> Deal extensive damage to vile creatures
- Enslave Undead -> Take control of undead creature
- Terror -> Put the target in deep fear (critical + poison)
- Life Tap -> Consumes target HP to restore MP
- Death's Embrace -> Heal undead creatures and damage the liven
- Fell Blast -> Sacrifice own HP to deal extensive damage
- Drain Death -> Absorves death energy from the undead

- Bone Armor -> Conjure bone from the dead to protect yourself
- Aura of Disease -> Cloud of infection which poison who touches

- Dark Immunity (innate) -> Immunity to poison, death, undead and vampire.

- Ignore Weather -> Traverse any marsh, swamp, or poisonous fen unimpeded by weather conditions. (remove from Oracle)

I'm starting with Raise Dead and my questions are:

  • as far I understand, it is only possible to hit dead units when the skill cancels the dead status, is that right?

  • Is it possible to a skill cancels the dead status and add Zombie status?