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June 17, 2024, 03:12:43 pm


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[PSX] FFT Cerabow's Mod

Started by Cerabow, April 28, 2020, 09:51:19 pm


April 28, 2020, 09:51:19 pm Last Edit: August 13, 2020, 08:45:17 pm by Cerabow Reason: Updated link to forum post
Cerabow's Mod
  • Minor Character/Content Additions
  • Rebalance/Overhaul
  • Quality of Life Tweaks
  • Slightly Harder Difficulty
  • Easter Eggs

A rebalance patch for the PS1 FFT which buffs underpowered skills, nerfs overpowered skills, and aims to create a more balanced, interesting, and slightly more challenging experience. Thousands of changes have been made across the entire game.

  • Modding version: PSX
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  • Discord username: Cerabow


An incredibly well thought out FFT rebalance mod!

This Game is Complete!
Not Completed

Version: Beta 0.10.2584

Cerabow's Mod is a rebalancing of FFT that adds some new additional content as well as modifies most old abilities, skillsets, items, jobs, encounters, etc. Your initial thoughts of this project, as mine were, may be that this is just another vanilla mod of tactics, which are a dime a dozen in the completed section on the forum. Your initial thoughts, like mine, would be wrong. What sets Cerabow's Mod apart from other mods is mainly the attention to detail. If FFT's balance had been taken much farther, such that all jobs, all item types, and every ability had a reason to be used, you'd get closer to Cerabow's Mod. If FFT had been made so that you couldn't grind to win, boss fights were more interesting, and enemies were more widely varied in their use of abilities and equipment, you'd get closer to Cerabow's Mod. All the little changes you notice, from the QOL ASM hacks used (Thanks Xifanie!) to the all-the-same character stat growth system to the specific equipment and ability choices of ally and enemy units, tell you that a lot of thought went into this mod. It's also easy to tell based on looking at the enormous changelog and readme you can find on the mod's website. Years of work went into crafting a better play experience for this awesome game, and I enjoyed it so much. Today I beat Altima, a task I haven't completed in years despite being a huge fan of the game. This mod managed to draw me in and got me to play through the whole dang thing. I think anyone looking for the vanilla story experience with a greater challenge and well-designed gameplay will enjoy Cerabow's Mod immensely.

Specific Notes:

In terms of new content you can expect to see a few event tweaks and additions, a few redesigned generic and special jobs (in terms of equipment and abilities), and a bunch of other stuff you can find for yourself! I won't spoil too much here.

In terms of difficulty, it has been cranked up from vanilla and actually managed to wipe me out a handful of times. I consider myself a veteran (but certainly not fantastic) FFT player, so your results may vary.
  • Modding version: PSX
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