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May 08, 2023, 06:55:27 am
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December 04, 2022, 05:29:06 am
Quote from: Girleilton on November 17, 2022, 10:10:36 pmHi Celdia, how are you?
I'm passionate about FFT and I'm trying to experience it with its MOD. I was interested in knowing what would be the skills to be learned from the Blue Mage. Could you let me know, please? <3

You just missed it by a hair. Check over in this thread instead: https://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=11576.msg218927#msg218927
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September 29, 2022, 11:00:30 pm
Quote from: Super Saiyan Eevee on September 05, 2022, 12:09:36 pmthis is awesome! How were you able to make the Skillsets a support ability??? I am looking to try to do the same thing but with replacing Catch with Items. is that possible?
I'm sorry for the noob questions. Would this be considered an ASM hack? I would love to be able to get this good. Do you by chance have the ASM's for Dualcasting and "skillset" Support abilities?

Working with Item specifically is a goddamned mess, but many of the other skillsets work just fine in their own way. I'm on the Discord server if you want to talk about the whole How-To of it sometime.
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August 21, 2022, 07:43:57 am
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June 29, 2022, 08:10:55 am
Whimsical and Full of Surprises

This Game is Complete!
Not Completed

Version: 4.2

Been playing this one in my free time over the last couple weeks or so. I'm near to the end but haven't cleared the endgame sequence yet.

First things first, there is a lot of creativity in this mod. I've seen more than a few ideas I've had myself be fleshed out and made functional in CONMAN's mod which is always a great thing to see. The extended selection of side quest battles to be unlocked via rumors is wonderful fun as are the characters you run into during these extra adventures. The whole story has been completely revamped from start to finish while still treading familiar ground with faces in new roles that answer a lot of possible "What If..." scenarios about the characters of FFT in a very engaging way. I find CONMAN's new main cast to be entertaining and occasionally endearing.

There's a good bit of familiar alongside a wonderful helping of new and interesting. A handful of things tend to still need a little bit of finish work - missing text, some visual glitches, the usual sort of stuff in a mod that is pushing the boundaries - but hardly enough to take away from the enjoyment of this mod. Definitely a lot of fun. Looking forward to what's in the endgame still but I'm too busy playing all the new side quest events! :D

Quote from: bee on April 29, 2022, 02:12:00 pmThis looks amazing! I was looking at replacing calculator with a Blue Mage (I know, so does everyone) but now I'm reconsidering. I do wish there was a version available without the QoL changes / skill reassignments, so that I could decide whether to apply them on a case-by-case basis, but I'm so excited to try this out.

*EDIT* I don't suppose it'd be too difficult to just add any intended monster skills to the Red Mage's otherwise-empty ability list section, but I suspect that would conflict the with white mage skillset, or at very least exacerbate the menu overload bug...

Thank you! :D

Since the RDM pulls the literal WHM and BLM Skillsets and not it's own assigned skillset is battle, you would have to add the Monster skills to WHM and BLM for the RDM to be able to cast them in battle.
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June 06, 2022, 09:49:49 am
Spam / Re: Perls of the Chat.
June 06, 2022, 08:15:24 am
Quick bugfix patch since folks were noticing some stuff (Stonelord Support, Equip Gauntlet Support, some items) weren't working properly due to some improper patch building on my part. That should all be worked out.


 - Repaired Attribute Rewrite effects.

 - Increased Time God base Speed multiplier (50 up to 75)

 - Adjusted enemies at Nelveska Temple to be less insane. Again.

I think that was it.
Quick and Dirty update to v.019


- Gave Meliadoul an Extra Skillset for Charge skills (Aim) and Sharpshooting has new placeholder skills for now. May expand her skill list later.

- Reis HP Growth fixed. Reis Speed Growth adjusted down some.

- Beowulf skills should be usable without any specific weapon type now.

- Rafalak got their unique skills modified to Single-Target and 1 to 4 Random Hits.

- Dycedarg Reaction updated.

- Alchemist Rifle price adjusted.

- Raised Worker 8's MA stats to functional values.

- Adjusted Monster Raw Speed down from 0A (163840) to 09 (147456) - This should help a lot of various battles that were too hard because of fast monsters.

- Monk's Seal Evil flagged for Weapon Range now.

- Yojimbo's Swift Draw now cancels Charging/Defending/Performing.

- Adjusted some War Trophies that weren't working properly.

- Adjusted some battles for excessive difficulty - may still need more attention.

- Fixed some text errors.
Spam / Re: Perls of the Chat.
May 09, 2022, 07:26:40 pm
Spam / Re: Perls of the Chat.
April 18, 2022, 10:05:10 am
Per request, I added a small XML to be used in FFTorgASM for Honored that gives the option to balance generic unit PA/MA values to the same values for both sexes. It can be found in the first post of the thread. It is intended to be applied after you patch your image file with the PPF for the full patch and then just overwrites the Pre-Raw stats.

Using the (Saber) / UP version will make all units the same as Ramza. Using (Mallet) / DOWN will make them have lower base values than Ramza.
Small bugfix and minor balance patch. There is technically the most minimal new content for Inside of Riovanes Castle battle, so I'm going ahead and bumping this up to v.018

 - Modified Rafa's Brave and Malak's Faith values from 31 to 57 each since Br/Fa manipulation is still broken.
 - Echo Blaster and Empathy Gun should properly require an Alchemist's Rifle to craft now.
 - Adjusted early game Time Mages to stop being Comet snipers.
 - Adjusted required Job Levels for AI units so they stop showing up nearly-mastered in their core Job.
 - Time Mages should randomly spawn more often with low-tier Black Magic and Callers with White Magic.
 - Archer's Charge skillset may appear more often alongside Dodge Arrows, Concentrate, and/or Counter.
 - Swapped out the Demons in the Velius fight for a new flavor of Demon.
 - Modified Balk 1 to no longer come with a secondary skillset so maybe he'll use his gun now.
 - Fixed the Thunderbolt, Atgeir, and Gae Bolg spears Weapon Power values.
 - Tuned down the Ninja's Gyomo (Net) and Shi-no-Hana (Death Blossom) skills.
 - Fixed some unintended blank and OP Move-Find Item rewards.
 - Updated some minor descriptive text entries.

That'll do it for now. Keep sending me those bug reports and I'll keep trying to get them fixed. :)
More balance updates. Really small changes that should be felt over the course of the entire game:

- Reverted HP Raw values to Vanilla values. Enemies shouldn't be nearly so tanky now.
- Removed 1 unit from most story battles up through the end of Chapter 2. The early game shouldn't be such a slog with only Ramza+3 in the field.
- Reduced the Learn% of Comet drastically. Hopefully Time Mages will find other things to spend their JP on now.

Do let me know if any of those story battle events get fucked up because I removed a critical unit from the ENTD.
It has been discovered (Thanks Akashachi!) that Two Swords seems to affect Throw in an interesting way with the Doublecast mod (regardless of if the unit has Doublecast) - Ninja using Throw will Throw their selected weapon once and then immediately Throw a copy of their off-hand weapon at the target, making them much more dangerous.

Added this note to the Known Bugs list above.
Since folks seem to be missing the link at the end of the Poll, here is a direct one just in case: Short Answer Section