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September 24, 2021, 09:14:36 pm


Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

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September 20, 2021, 05:49:42 pm
Reis' name ID does not change when she transform during her recruitment events

I also added the spritesheet SaveAddress in her initial recruit event for good measure.

Assuming Variable 0x0070 holds the unit address

Human -> Dragon (initial recruitment event), 0x0070 = Battle Unit Address

Dragon -> Human (Nelveska Temple event), 0x0070 = World Unit Address
Oh wow, huh. You're welcome!

I wouldn't get too excited about fitting a lot more text though. You can almost always just create new pages (with enough {Newline}s) and then there's the compression and DTE that need to be taken into account with Tactext. Saving 1px per space is ultimately insignificant in your ability to add more text, I'm afraid.
I'm not convinced that it's different for WotL, but here you go:

Memory: 0x800FEB0C
File: -0xE0000

Memory: 0x8014B614
File: -0x67000

It's hardcoded just for this character only.
Completed Mods / Smart Encounters with Cross Skip ppf
September 17, 2021, 04:56:34 pm
The essentials of QoL!

A very simple patch for those who don't want to, or can't use FFTOrgASM.
New Project Ideas / FFT: TLW QoL (TBA)
September 17, 2021, 03:41:17 pm
The Lion War, but with Quality of Life improvements!

  • ✅ Smart Encounters
  • ✅ Permadeath Terminator (Ramza can crystallize version)
  • ✅ Zodiac Compatibility Highlighting (Zodiac Compatibility is shown for a specific unit when holding Square in battle, with the cursor over that unit)
  • ✅ Broken / stolen items can be bought back at Fur Shop
  • ✅ Special characters can do propositions v2
  • ✅ Soldier Office can rename any units (including humans and special characters)
  • ✅ JP/Exp earned doesn't display for enemy teams
  • ✅ Sound Test (enter PolkaPolka as Ramza's name)
  • ✅ Cross Skip
  • ✅ 2nd Squad is not mandatory
  • ✅ 50% chance to get the rare item when poaching
  • ✅ Move-Find Item is Player only
  • ✅ Only rare Move-Find Items
  • ✅ Equip Change Fix (doesn't cost a turn if the R/L Hands were changed)
  • ✅ Pause Fix
  • ✅ Default to Continue instead of New Game
  • Event Skip Hack
  • Can view ??? stats (just opening the window)
The Lion War / Re: 2.0 Closed Beta Bug Reports
September 16, 2021, 10:49:03 am
18E Holy Dragon Reis is generated as a monster, not as a human, so when TransformUnit() is used on her, she has no JP (or job levels for that matter).

She need to be given human form:
0F Dragoner
62 Brave
64 Faith
(Her dragon form has half those stats)
Jobs Unlocked: Base lvl 1
All Equipped Items: FF <None>

Don't change her Unit ID, keep it at 0x48

Then use TransformUnit to turn her back into a Holy Dragon before the event starts. You may need to removeunit/addunit her.


I admit I didn't test battle unit transformation as much as I did world, so if this doesn't work we might have to delay this fix.
The Lion War / Re: 2.0 Closed Beta Bug Reports
September 15, 2021, 02:06:02 pm
Gafgarion at Zirekile 11F is party level - random

I've never been asked for an interview or anything, but I know modders are the most passionate people about games there are.
When you love a game, you can appreciate it while understanding its weak points, at least from your own perspective. As in romantic love, a lot of people are infatuated with their video games, where you can't say anything negative about it, and can't even suggest any improvements. It's not very interesting to speak to such people, if I'm honest.
I'd be totally up for something like that.
While I find it appealing to start a blog for modder interviews or something, I know that most modding communities are extremely toxic and could likely lead to a lot of controversies (lies, lack of proper credit, inflation of ego, etc.)
Hmm, how can you tell if a unit didn't permanently die or if the player didn't actually add a 5th/4th/3rd/2nd member in the squad? The latter is easy I guess, since the Main/Sprite ID will be 0x00. But for permanently dead units... does anything remain to point as such? Especially if you picked up the crystal/treasure.
Won't this also affect the player's units though?
Or does changing map after the victory screen keep all permanent changes and restore their HP/MP/status/etc.?
New Project Ideas / Re: FFT: Tranquil (FFTT)
August 17, 2021, 03:26:45 am
I want to tell new players some quick and easy tips that will help them learn the core elements of the game.
I didn't know I could change jobs!

corinne today shared with us that she didn't know she could tap R1/L1 to add other characters to the squad formation screen.

Of course there are tutorials, but many of us were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of them, or just thought we could easily figure everything on our own. Let's just teach the basics to new players so they have a great experience, even if it's their first SRPG!

What do YOU wish you knew back when you played FFT the first time?
New Project Ideas / FFT: Romance Simulator
August 05, 2021, 12:28:23 pm
...you people.

I don't know why you want this. Could I make it happen? Of course!
I guess this is just to gauge interest.

Nothing is decided as to whether or not Ramza would be the MC (I could make it user-selectable), or if it happens before or after everyone dies.

If you want other options, just ask, I guess.

I would make it so that the first 10-25% of a relationship would be getting to know + dating, and the remaining 75-90% would be events that happen after the relationship is official, creating stronger bonds by facing difficulties together + enjoying the good times.

I'm also thinking of equipment boosting certain stats and weapons/shields could be gifts.
New Project Ideas / FFT: Tranquil (FFTT)
July 13, 2021, 08:56:50 am
How many times did YOU attempt Dorter on your first playthrough? </running meme even in our community>

Final Fantasy Tactics is a really tough game to start playing completely in the blind.
It's really unforgiving; for example, nothing tells you you should keep separate saves!
I feel that many people hate the genre because this is one of the hardest SRPGs out there to learn, and yet it's the best in its genre.
FFT: Tranquil is meant to be an "easytype" for new players while trying to keep the experience mostly vanilla-like.

  • All of TLW: QoL's hacks
  • Several tips for new players so that they don't have to figure everything out on their own
  • A warning stating that the player should save in a different slot when appropriate
  • Gariland Generics have higher job levels and have Basic Skill/Item equipped as their secondary skillset
  • ✅ Way higher JP gains (battles & propositions)
    • ✅ 45-99JP per action instead of 10-48 (15-72 with Gained JP Up)
    • ✅ 5x Proposition JP Gained
  • ✅ Gained JP Up removed to encourage players to equip strategic support abilities
  • ✅ Modified Exp gains; makes it harder to level up past story enemies, but easier to catch up
    • ✅ 10 ➡ 5 minimum exp gain per action
    • ✅ +3 exp per level difference (i.e. Attacker level < Defender level)
    • ✅ 20 ➡ 15 base exp on kills
    • ✅ Exp gain cap increased from 99 ➡ 100
    • ✅ Gained Exp Up revamped to a static +20 exp per action
  • ✅ More starting items
  • ✅ Higher starting Gil
  • ✅ Greater Gil rewards
    • ✅ +Bonus Money ([Enemy Level + 4] * 250)
    • ✅ +War Trophies Gil (x100 ➡ x500)
    • ✅ 5x Proposition Gil Rewards
  • ✅ Enemies with special jobs have lower stats
  • Story/Sidequest recruits and guests come with far more job levels unlocked
  • ✅ Jobs show which generic jobs they unlock
  • Better Zodiac descriptions (WotL style)
  • ✅ JP +130 per Battle

  • Nyzer's Pre-Battle Menu
  • Allowing players to exit back to the world map to re-supply/grind


You can view the text descriptions planned for the tutorials here:

Orbonne Fight StartTutorials explanation + allow skipping all tutorials
Orbonne Fight StartOptions Menu
Military Academy's AuditoriumPress L1/R1 to switch between character to add them to the squad
World MapBuy chemist items, Learn abilities, Change jobs, recommend the Tutorials section
After IgrosExplain smart encounters
After IgrosMention that different towns have different shop inventories
After SweegyMove-Find Item Explanation (Because it's your last/only chance to get items in Dorter)
After Dorter 1Auto-battle explanation, Triangle button to pause
After Sand RatsPermadeath Terminator explanation, and how they don't have to worry about their units permanently dying.
After Thieves' FortSoldier Office (Upgrade) Explanation + Invitation mechanic Explanation
After Igros 2Stripping guests explanation (and how they don't have to do it in TLW)
After Fovoham PlainsBench hack explanation
After Orbonne with RecruitsPropositions Explanation
After Zigolis FightMention to buy xxxx? before proceeding because they won't be able to buy those for a bit
After Goug's ArrivalWarning for upcoming battle
After GolgorandMention that the player can walk past Lionel castle
After GolgorandWarn about the next chain of 2 battles
After Goltana's Military MeetingFur Shop Explanation
After Back Gate of Lesalia CastleWarn about the next chain of 4 battles
After Yuguo WoodsWarn about the next chain of 3 battles
After Bed DesertWarn about the next chain of 2 battles
After Poeskas LakeWarn about the next chain of 3 battles
After Inside of Igros CastleWarn about the next chain of 3 battles
After MurondWarn about the final chain of 5 battles
News / 1000 Discord Server members!
May 22, 2021, 09:33:02 am
That's right, we finally reached 1000 members!
Actually we did back on the 17th April 2021, and now we're at 1067.

Regardless. Our discord server is extremely active and this is easily the most active FFH has been since its creation!
So, those who felt "Eh." about joining, I ask you to reconsider. See you soon!

Join here 🢂 https://discord.gg/xpXa8VEV2k
Help! / Re: Problem with the Palette editor
March 31, 2021, 10:29:19 pm
Are you running it without extracting it?
That section of the program works with the scripts directory included.
It's not essential, it's just some scripts to generate an image to show off your work, particularly multiple palettes in one image.
Help! / Re: mounts
March 31, 2021, 10:26:28 pm
Through eventing:
You can make a human unit walk to the tile occupied by a chocobo at maximum speed and no one will be able to tell.
All you have to do is assign Unit IDs, especially unique ones for the random battle ones.
The vanilla random battle event is 0x191.
Posting the xml would help, yes.
8 character long strings of hex can get recognized by FFTOrgASM as an opcode instruction.
You can rest assured that a non 8 characters long (i.e. 4 bytes long), meaning 1-2-3 or 5+ bytes long strings will always be parsed correct by the program.

I don't believe you should be unable to patch with this issue though, it should just be a warning.
Help! / Re: Make Ramza or others immortals
January 26, 2021, 03:25:48 am
I don't know if this would interest you, but I do feel it could do what you're trying to accomplish?

Otherwise I'm not sure how to easily achieve what you have in mind and it would likely require ASM hacking.
Help! / Re: Polearms/lances damaging 2 tiles?
December 26, 2020, 09:55:53 am
This was never a feature of FFT. I couldn't say which game you were thinking about though.
War of the Lions Hacking / Re: "Real" Summon?
November 30, 2020, 04:25:17 am
Oh like in FFXII? No, not really. It would be possible to create such a hack but it would take a lot of work and there would still be heavy limitations.