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Quick bugfix patch since folks were noticing some stuff (Stonelord Support, Equip Gauntlet Support, some items) weren't working properly due to some improper patch building on my part. That should all be worked out.


 - Repaired Attribute Rewrite effects.

 - Increased Time God base Speed multiplier (50 up to 75)

 - Adjusted enemies at Nelveska Temple to be less insane. Again.

I think that was it.
Quick and Dirty update to v.019


- Gave Meliadoul an Extra Skillset for Charge skills (Aim) and Sharpshooting has new placeholder skills for now. May expand her skill list later.

- Reis HP Growth fixed. Reis Speed Growth adjusted down some.

- Beowulf skills should be usable without any specific weapon type now.

- Rafalak got their unique skills modified to Single-Target and 1 to 4 Random Hits.

- Dycedarg Reaction updated.

- Alchemist Rifle price adjusted.

- Raised Worker 8's MA stats to functional values.

- Adjusted Monster Raw Speed down from 0A (163840) to 09 (147456) - This should help a lot of various battles that were too hard because of fast monsters.

- Monk's Seal Evil flagged for Weapon Range now.

- Yojimbo's Swift Draw now cancels Charging/Defending/Performing.

- Adjusted some War Trophies that weren't working properly.

- Adjusted some battles for excessive difficulty - may still need more attention.

- Fixed some text errors.
Spam / Re: Perls of the Chat.
May 09, 2022, 07:26:40 pm
Spam / Re: Perls of the Chat.
April 18, 2022, 10:05:10 am
Per request, I added a small XML to be used in FFTorgASM for Honored that gives the option to balance generic unit PA/MA values to the same values for both sexes. It can be found in the first post of the thread. It is intended to be applied after you patch your image file with the PPF for the full patch and then just overwrites the Pre-Raw stats.

Using the (Saber) / UP version will make all units the same as Ramza. Using (Mallet) / DOWN will make them have lower base values than Ramza.
Small bugfix and minor balance patch. There is technically the most minimal new content for Inside of Riovanes Castle battle, so I'm going ahead and bumping this up to v.018

 - Modified Rafa's Brave and Malak's Faith values from 31 to 57 each since Br/Fa manipulation is still broken.
 - Echo Blaster and Empathy Gun should properly require an Alchemist's Rifle to craft now.
 - Adjusted early game Time Mages to stop being Comet snipers.
 - Adjusted required Job Levels for AI units so they stop showing up nearly-mastered in their core Job.
 - Time Mages should randomly spawn more often with low-tier Black Magic and Callers with White Magic.
 - Archer's Charge skillset may appear more often alongside Dodge Arrows, Concentrate, and/or Counter.
 - Swapped out the Demons in the Velius fight for a new flavor of Demon.
 - Modified Balk 1 to no longer come with a secondary skillset so maybe he'll use his gun now.
 - Fixed the Thunderbolt, Atgeir, and Gae Bolg spears Weapon Power values.
 - Tuned down the Ninja's Gyomo (Net) and Shi-no-Hana (Death Blossom) skills.
 - Fixed some unintended blank and OP Move-Find Item rewards.
 - Updated some minor descriptive text entries.

That'll do it for now. Keep sending me those bug reports and I'll keep trying to get them fixed. :)
More balance updates. Really small changes that should be felt over the course of the entire game:

- Reverted HP Raw values to Vanilla values. Enemies shouldn't be nearly so tanky now.
- Removed 1 unit from most story battles up through the end of Chapter 2. The early game shouldn't be such a slog with only Ramza+3 in the field.
- Reduced the Learn% of Comet drastically. Hopefully Time Mages will find other things to spend their JP on now.

Do let me know if any of those story battle events get fucked up because I removed a critical unit from the ENTD.
It has been discovered (Thanks Akashachi!) that Two Swords seems to affect Throw in an interesting way with the Doublecast mod (regardless of if the unit has Doublecast) - Ninja using Throw will Throw their selected weapon once and then immediately Throw a copy of their off-hand weapon at the target, making them much more dangerous.

Added this note to the Known Bugs list above.
Since folks seem to be missing the link at the end of the Poll, here is a direct one just in case: Short Answer Section
Hey all! It's your friendly neighborhood White Mage, back in action again (for good or ill.)

So, I'm sure a few of you have noticed my increased activity around these parts recently. With small silly things like the Reflect-o-Rama and FFT:Doublecast Red Mage patches or more seriously with FFT:Honored. I'm back in the game modding FFT and I've had an idea brewing in the back of my mind since I was working on CCP 2nd. I started working on Honored because I wanted to get back into the swing of things again before I tried to follow up on the CCP legacy, such that it is. Finally starting to feel like I'm back up to speed (or near enough) to get to work brainstorming and planning things, and I want your help.

First things first, as I tend to focus on when I'm starting any FFT project, come the Jobs. It's my bread and butter and possibly the one place I excel at making fun (even if I don't ever get the balance quite right.) To that end, I've set up a small poll over here: (Quick Warning: The poll does include spoilers for some Unique Jobs in Honored) https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LRWR2CT It's only a few questions to collect some general feedback about favorites and least favorites from my past projects and should only take a few minutes. There's also a link at the very bottom of that survey (Google Forms link) to go to a handful of related short-answer questions. Filling out and submitting any of these would be extremely helpful for me going forward developing and working on CCP3.

I'm not sure where this one is gonna go overall, or what kind of bugs features to expect from it, but if things roll out the way I'm hoping to have them go, then this will be an FFT mod unlike any ever seen before. I would love for as much of the community here to be involved with the dreaming and creation of it as possible. It means the world to me that you all enjoy my work and share that joy back with me and continue to do so and I look forward to working with you all again.

One thing I am sure of though: Something of value came back. ;)
These are getting worryingly more frequent. Anyways, another bug-fix as I continue to get feedback.

- Added a visual effect to Ninja's Hakeru skill.
- Modified the Heretic Support skill to no longer have -99 Faith as it caused a display issue. It should still function the same.
- Changed the Tactician's Fire Catapult skill: It now uses the Elemental formula ((PA+Y)/2*MA) [Magic-Evadable], does not have multiple hits, has a chance to Add: Oil, and is intended to be able to begin Charging and still be able to Move. It loses a little bit of the flavor I originally intended but from what I could discern, the hack that makes a unit stay in place after Charging a skill wouldn't play nice with what I wanted Fire Catapult to do, so it got dropped.
- Riovanes Rooftop should no longer have a ???-Stats Malak enemy unit causing trouble. Also, he should Join Up with a Gaia Bell equipped now.
- Celia was showing up without weapons due to an Equipment flag error. This has been corrected and she should spawn with a Random weapon now.
- Guns were checked and some errors fixed. They should all be firing at 100% Hit Rate now. Echo Blaster had it's Formula updated to work properly.
- Magic Gauntlet corrected to give +2 MA instead of +1.
- Gold Hairpin should properly Cancel: Silence
- Fixed various descriptive text errors.
Quote from: Kataanira on March 18, 2022, 03:17:28 pmThat sucks though, without move find item theres no point to do the deep dungeon so theres no end game content and what about clouds materia blade? Was a really good mod but not really worth playing in the current condition. I also prolly wouldnt list it under completed mods either.

It's as completed as it will ever get is really the main reason it's there. I stopped officially working on CCP 2nd back in 2013 and still have no plans to pick it back up and continue/finish any more of it than there is at present. The few rare times I have tried to update things it has been for wildly unique reasons that aren't any indication of an attempt to return to the project.

As for Deep Dungeon: You're right, there is no point in doing it. Nothing in there has been touched from the Vanilla data, nor has anything in the Side Quests for things like the Beowulf/Reis/Cloud/Worker side stories. I think even trying to enter the Goland Colliery battles will cause massive glitches or just crash the game entirely. There's a video in the first post under the glitchs/bugs spoiler with like 30 minutes of someone trying to play through them. It's pretty wild, but is absolutely incomplete content. The patch is playable through to the end of the main story battles, finishing with Altima at the Graveyard of Airships, but that's all. Reasons this thing is forever listed as a 'beta'. My original CCP project is a completed mod, if not nearly as balanced or with any QoL adjustments, and CCP 2nd got it's own thread in the same section pretty much because the first one was there. Still, I hope you're at least having fun with it. :D
Quote from: Kataanira on March 18, 2022, 05:29:21 amare there no rare move find items? all i find are empty air quotes lol.

There are not. I hadn't gotten around to finishing out the MFI stuff. Rare finds are literally all blank and the common finds are just things like Potions and Phoenix Down. There are some maps that still have Elixir as a Rare find but I think that might've just been Deep Dungeon maps.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Celdia's XML Storage
March 17, 2022, 01:09:14 pm
CCP2 Blind Hack

For those of you that really wanted that hack from CCP2 that made Blind a useful status effect, here it is. Credit for the hack itself goes to formerdeathcorps and also a nod to Nyzer for doing the forum skimming to find the original code for it. Enjoy!

<Patch name="Darkness/Confusion ignore Concentrate/Transparent, accuracy halved">
Applying this patch will cause any units afflicted by Darkness or Confusion to no longer gain accuracy benefits from also having Concentrate or Transparent status. Additionally, units with Darkness or Confusion will have their final hit% halved after all normal calculations.
ex: 100% ==> 50%
    48% ==> 24%
    10% ==> 05%
- and so on. So the effect is stronger on units with higher accuracy.
<Location file="BATTLE_BIN" offset="11E328">

<Location file="BATTLE_BIN" offset="11E350">

<Location file="BATTLE_BIN" offset="11E360">

<Location file="BATTLE_BIN" offset="11E4B8">

Here's another quick bug-fix update. No major content changes so it's still v.017

- Applied the CCP2 Blind hack. Darkness and Confusion afflicted units will no longer get their Concentrate bonus and their final hit% will be halved.

- Fixed multiple incorrect descriptive text data (Mustadio skills, Defender, Esuna)

- Updated weapons to properly have stats as listed in their descriptive text (Defender W.Ev% set to 30%, Magic Ring no longer works as a copy of Cursed Ring, Enhancer should have +2 MA now)

- Fixed Thief to have Equip Ring innately.

- Fixed Ninja's Gyomo skill to be Range 4. Added a Ruin animation so hopefully it shows if a unit gets Stopped now.

- Removed 2 Enemy units from Golgorand to reduce unintentionally high difficulty.

- Buffed Alma's MP and Level for Lesalia Back Gate, switched her secondary to White Magic.

- Changed values on some guns and Super Soaker. Hopefully they work properly now. Still need testing.

- Modified Agrias a little bit: Added a new skill (Dragon Roar) and removed status effects from her Breath attacks, changing them to instead be Linear Range 3 attacks that hit all targets in the area. They now also scale off of PA instead of MA. (I'm using the Worker recoil formula so when you see a little 0 pop up after she uses one, that's normal. I think it's possible to get that to actually deal 1-2 damage if you get her PA high enough.)

Other Notes:
- Ninja abilities not displaying their name properly (empty box) when used is a known issue and shouldn't affect gameplay.
- Checked data for reported spears (Thunderbolt, Gae Bolg, Atgeir) having incorrect values. They appear to be all correct. Not sure where the game was getting incorrect data from.
- Checked the AI Behavior flags on the Kick skill but didn't see any reason why the AI is using it incorrectly/poorly.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Celdia's XML Storage
March 16, 2022, 05:19:29 pm
Items For All

A simple offshoot from the old ALMA spreadsheet, this bit works as a standalone. It gives all player-controlled units access to the Item skillset all the time regardless of Job or the secondary skillset equipped. Equipping Item or being a Chemist will make it show up twice on the Act list but that shouldn't affect functionality of it at all. You still have to learn the skills in the Item skillset normally to be able to use it at all. This shouldn't interfere with things like Equip Change or Defend.

While it should be possible for AI units to be able to access the Item skillset as well, the part of the ALMA sheet that made it so AI units could 'see' that they had an extra skillset available didn't play nice and has been omitted, so right now this should only make a difference for player units.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Patch name="All Player-Controlled Units: Skillset 06">
<Description>Gives all units controlled by the player access to Skillset 06 (Item) by default at all times. If you equip Item skillset as a secondary or are in the Chemist Job, it will show up twice on the Act list, but this shouldn't affect functionality at all. You still need to learn the skills normally through the Chemist Job for them to be accessible in the extra skillset.</Description>
<Location file="BATTLE_BIN" offset="11A494">
<Location file="BATTLE_BIN" offset="F4B84">

Just a quick bugfix update, no new content.

- Fixed a bug with the Weapon Guard Innate All hack that was causing weapons in offhand not to grant W.Evade and shields in main-hand not granting S.Evade

- Fixed Crossbow/Arbalest to function properly like their descriptions show.

- Fixed the W.Evade on all Book weapons to be properly 10% (previously 0%) like their descriptions show.

- Minor text edits/fixes.

- Blank Movement (Jump +1) should stop showing up on Enemy units.

- Fixed a bunch of Enemy units coming with the wrong weapons/shields/nothing at all.

- Fixed sprite limit glitch at Windmill Shed/Wiegraf 1.

- Lavian/Alicia now have Knight JL2 unlocked so they can actually be Knights when they Join Up.

Reported but not fixed:
- Received a report that Agrias has Move Exp Up innately but I can't find where that might be coming from. Her Jobs in FFTPatcher don't have it set anywhere. Hopefully I'll find it somewhere but right now I can't imagine where it's coming from.
Quick update to deal with some balance issues and bugs in the early game and to expand variety in mid- and late-game battles.

- Toned down enemies in the first few battles. (Gariland, Mandalia)
- Fixed sprite limit overflow in Mandalia.
- Raised JP cost of Thief's Provoke skill from 50 to 100.
- Modified many more ENTD loadouts to make use of the player having one less party member and put more unit variety in enemy teams.
- Minor text updates.

I've still got a lot of text that needs finishing/cleaning up and that's pretty low on my priority list currently, but I am still slowly working on this.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Celdia's XML Storage
March 08, 2022, 09:20:43 am
Uploading a requested tiny mod of starting unit stats. These mods do nothing except make generic unit's starting stat values equal, removing the difference between Male and Female units. It was created using the Pre-Raw Stats Editor via the Job and Character Workbook.

The "Stats Down" version lowers generic unit MP/PA/MA Raw values to the lower value of vanilla units and balances the HP  Raw to a middle value between them.

The "Stats Up" version raises HP/MP/PA/MA Raw values to all match Ramza's vanilla stats.
I realize after the fact that I never put the unlock requirements for Red Mage into any of the documentation. So here it is for folks that want to know without actually testing it themselves:
White Mage 3, Black Mage 3