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July 22, 2024, 09:49:19 pm


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FFT TLW ReMixed / Re: ReMixed Bug Reports
July 15, 2024, 11:37:56 pm
Quote from: KingDelitasAdvisor on July 15, 2024, 10:23:20 pmHi, First time Poster, Not sure of the procedure, but With as much detail as I can give! I might have found a bug, FFT ReMixed - v1.1.11.401, when I benched my 3 starters to ensure I had room for Meliadoul (she wasn't offering to join, found out that skipping the cutscene makes her not join as default(Not sure if that is a second bug)) When they all were unbenched, I put them into Errands Missions and sent them on their way. When they came back, I noticed their Job menus were Completely 0000 Out, with only skills learned remaining. All three of their Job progress was Emptied.

This is also my first time Ever modding a Game to this degree, so Any help on a fix would be appreciated

I can provide screen shots before I reset, Cause it was super distressing. in short... Um help?

Yes, screenshots would be useful. Note that Benching units reduces their available JP to zero.

What mission were the units sent on?

Also, yes, not being able to recruit her would be a bug.
Quote from: randomchen on July 08, 2024, 03:56:44 pmWhat an amazing job. Bravo!

I've been playing v1.1.11.401 and had a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, the 3rd battle in the Limberry Castle, the one with Algus, is causing crashes and making the game unable to proceed.
The crash happens when Ramza moves, or when Algus moves, or when someone uses magic/calculation.

Another strange thing is, when Algus seems to be summoning minions before the battle begins, you only hear teleport sound effects a few times while the camera moves as if something is about to appear, except nothing appears.

Shall I update the ISO with a newer version?

[Update] - Never mind. I just finished this battle by using 1.1.11

Yeah, I've heard of that before. No idea what's up with it, as 1.1.11 should just be the exact same but with the sprites not April Fooled up.

Quote from: Jamus on July 08, 2024, 08:56:52 pmWith Pass equipped, I was able to jump onto an enemy chocobo right at the opening of Finnath Creek 🤣.  First move, red boy moves up to hit me with a Choco meteor then I hop down and mount him like a bull 🐂🤠.

Yep, that bug was recently reported to me. It's fucking hilarious.
Version 1.2.04 is out with a bugfix. Or rather an anti-bugfix. One of the bugfixes in 1.2.02 caused another bug, so a new hack was developed for 1.2.03; however, I applied it to an ISO that still had the 1.2.02 fix, so the bug that the alternate version used in 1.2.03 was supposed to fix was still there. So I had to set up another copy without the first bugfix in order to do a bugfix.

Should all be good now on that front.
Quote from: Blandation on July 08, 2024, 12:46:58 amUnderstood.  It's my go-to due to it's versatility, but I will give Duckstation a try and let you know if something bad still happens.

Also I had a suggestion!  Is it possible to get generics to either match existing faction colors, or have custom ones all together?   I've seen something like this on the FFTBattleground channel.   Knights with yellow capes, etc.

The game reverts all joined units to the default palette. So not really. Formation units also don't actually use the basic spritesheets, so the extra generic palettes aren't available for them in the Formation screen.
Quote from: Blandation on July 07, 2024, 11:50:03 pmHi,

I'm using bizhawk 2.3.1 (game version 1.1.11) and the game seems to be working fine, but if I attempt to use Defend, the game just freezes.   Any ideas?

Don't use Bizhawk, I suppose. Duckstation is the recommended emulator for TLW and ReMixed.
Version 1.2.03 is out with even more bugfixes!
FFT TLW ReMixed / Re: ReMixed Bug Reports
July 08, 2024, 12:22:37 am
Quote from: UnfamedAsterisk on July 03, 2024, 08:00:45 pm>Reis dragon boost doesn't work , the effect will play but it wouldn't boost the target's stats

>Archer's Aim sometimes doesn't work , will hit the target and make a sound effect but it won't do any damage

>Samurai's Adeptness ability to not break katanas doesn't work , it still breaks the katana but the katana broken notification won't pop up

Found all those bugs and should have them fixed in the current update. Here's the issues in case you're curious:

- When I removed the hardcoding on stat boosting skills, I forgot to actually set Dragon Boost's Inflict Status value so that it would target the stats it was supposed to be boosting.

- When I changed the Charge skills so all of them, not just the basic Charge skills, used the existing weapon formulas, I forgot that making them use the existing weapon formulas meant that if they missed, they never ran damage calculations. The hack had just been enabling 100% odds of hitting after running the weapon's formula, but outside of the damage preview, if the attack had rolled a miss, the damage just wasn't being calculated. I now have the Calculate Final Hit % routine running the Aim check if using the Charge formula, and it seems to work fine. Even still functions properly when using an elemental weapon and the target is immune to that element!

- When checking Adeptness and Maintenance to prevent katana breakage, I was trying to load a half-word - two bytes - from an odd numbered load offset. This does not actually work as intended. I've now changed the code so it loads four bytes at once from a location divisible by 4 and just isolates the two bytes that I need, and it seems to be working correctly.

Quote from: Celdia on July 07, 2024, 05:27:03 amNot sure if a bug or just an amusing side effect, but the Ninja's Pass ability let's me mount enemy chocobos. I saw that it does remove the mounted chocobo from the AT list when you hop on. Once all other enemies are defeated the AT list contains no enemy units.

This is an awesome bug and though I won't be fixing it tonight, I need to make a note to make this functionality intended if the user has both Tame and Pass equipped at the same time.
Quote from: Bazong on July 03, 2024, 02:00:13 pmCould you point me to exactly this tutorial?

It... it's this tutorial. The topic you asked this very question in. It has images for every step and everything.
Quote from: Jamus on July 06, 2024, 11:55:44 amLoving the completed mod!  Is there a job chart and list of Blue Mage spells Liso can learn?

There is an image on the first page of this topic that has Luso's Blue Magic listed. I just added it to the first post as well for to allow it to be seen more easily.
FFT TLW ReMixed / ReMixed Bug Reports
July 02, 2024, 01:41:13 am
Decided to put together a topic for this so I can hopefully keep notes of anything that's popped up for folks that I haven't fixed yet.

- Improved Level Scaling (currently, temporarily removed from the mod) causes multi-phase battles like the Shrine Knights RDV to break and seems to cause Guests to load incorrectly.

- The Pass movement skill allows the player to mount enemy Chocobos. I need to disable that functionality unless the player also has Tame, at which point the Chocobo should switch teams on the unit's next turn (not immediately, to prevent Cancel Movement fuckery).
Version 1.2.02 is out now with several bugfixes.
Quote from: Headgames on June 21, 2024, 05:59:54 pmIm not sure where to bug report so I'll do it here, after I beat count draclau zodiac monster, the cut scene with the slow ass words hardlocks at the end.  It also doesn't load the background screenshot while the slow ass words are "star warsing".  It's possible to skip if you hold start though so it's not gamebreaking.  I'm using Duckstation if that matters and i patched with the app "unipatcher".  Patch 1.2.01

An old, known bug that can be triggered under certain circumstances. Didn't think I'd done anything to trigger it, but it seems I had. The fix just needed to be applied again. I should have 1.2.02 out this weekend with that taken care of.

QuoteAlso I can't math skill frog although I'm not sure if this is intended as a lot of stuff can't be math skilled.

Definitely not intended. Is anything calculable? I'm not quite sure what could cause this.

Quotethe dont act debuff also stops the unit from being able to move

I can think of what might be causing this one.
Looks like improved level scaling is crashing on Duckstation right now. For the time being, don't use that option, at least not on that emulator. There won't be an ETA for that fix, unfortunately. I have never used the Duckstation debugger and couldn't even guess if it has the functionality required to test as needed. In the near future, I will likely dummy out the option to enable it.

Magic City Gariland also seems to be capable of spawning a duplicate unit and causing shenanigans. No clue what that's about so far.
Version 1.2! This is the version that includes Doublecasting, Mounted Actions, the Cone AoE hack, and Improved Level Scaling (sorry, found some severe issues with it and it's out of the picture for the time being).

But for now, it's just an open beta version.

With my free time having become way more limited the last several months than it normally does at this time of year, due to this year's "light season" of work being heavier than our heavy season was, getting through April and May with 50-60 hour workweeks while preparing some major new hacks burned me out pretty badly here. As a result of the burnout (and the still too-long days) I haven't yet been able to commit to a full playthrough of 1.2 in order to find and kill every bug for it. It would have taken months in all likelihood, and I had to choose between a very long delay on release or an open beta version. For the time being, I'll just be trying to get some bugfix updates out on the weekends when I can, based on what's reported to me.

If you're looking for the most current stable version, version 1.1.11 is in the previous topic, which maxed out its number of attachments, hence the need for this topic.

- Fixed a bug in the Luso battle causing his death to trigger a Game Over even if the decision was made not to worry about him.
- Changed the Retraining mission report to have more wait time before reporting the next unit's results - hopefully this will prevent a crash on console.

Preparation Menu:
- Added the title "Preparation Menu" to the Preparation Menu, because I could.
- Allowed players to leave MOST battle sequences mid-sequence. They'll have to redo the sequence from the start, though.
- Added a new feature: Extra Options, giving a bunch of new features that the player can control.
-- Level Scaling: Units in battles that scale to Party Level can now be set to scale only to the level of the roster units on the field, instead of all roster units.
-- Player Death Options: Permadeath can be disabled for player units, causing them to become unrevivable instead, like in Rendezvous battles.
-- General Death Options: Upon permadeath, units can be set to always become crystals or treasure chests - or just let the RNG gods choose.
-- Guest Control: Turn on or off the ability to control all Guests, rather than just the manually deployed ones.

- Thanks to an update to the hack that allows Charge to inflict status, Aim and Disrupt now run the weapon's formula directly - meaning that weapons like the Blood Sword will absorb the damage dealt, guns will have 100% accuracy, and magic guns will use the expected spells.
- Arrow Guard can now also block bullets.

Dark Knight:
- Unholy Sacrifice now adjusts its damage according to the wielder's Brave or Faith depending on the weapon type held. Axes run an Anti-Faith adjustment, while Knight Swords and Katana run a Brave adjustment. Swords do not adjust the damage done.
- Abyssal Blade has a new formula and new targeting range (thanks to a new Cone AoE hack), making it much more in line with WotL. I didn't use the EXACT formula from WotL because I think it's unnecessarily specific and complicated - instead, each row further away from the caster reduces damage dealt by 25%. Also uses the same weapon type damage adjustment as Unholy Sacrifice.
- The Vehemence support skill from WotL has been recreated, increasing damage dealt AND taken by 50%. It replaces Adeptness on the Dark Knight - but Adeptness has not been removed...

- Now has access to Adeptness, which is also an innate skill. Since Adeptness comes after Attack Boost now, it's been given a new feature - the same Draw Out katana shatter protection given to Maintenance. This ought to help Adeptness keep its own little niche.

- Ninjutsu has been reverted to Dual Wield, losing its passive Equip Ninja Blades benefit. Turns out that it was allowing Reis to equip Ninja Blades! >_>'

- Gained EXP Up has been replaced with Doublecast. Doublecast lets the user instantly cast any skill with the old, unused "Require Materia Blade" flag, then take a second action to cast another one of those skills at its regular casting speed. Equipping Doublecast also grants access to limited White and Black Magic skillsets (unless the user already has them available), populated with only Doublecast-flagged skills. Doublecast-flagged skills are marked in their descriptions with "2x", and include Ultima, Elemental Pulse, and several White, Black, Time, Yin Yang, and Summon Magic spells.

- New Reaction skill: MP Rage. Upon taking damage, restores MP equal to either 1/4 the damage or 1/8 the unit's max MP; whichever is higher.

- Added Fire Breath, Ice Breath, and Thunder Breath to the Lancer skillset, which will be available via the tertiary skillset "Dragon Tech" which gets added after Jump in the skillset list. The Breaths can now be learned at the cost of 150 JP apiece for both the Lancer and Reis. They have also been upgraded to attack in a cone, as they do in the FFTA/2 games.

- Mutilate has been changed to have a 100% base hit rate and absorb 30% of the target's max HP. Hits at weapon range, and has become a learnable Lancer skill that requires Spears or Axes if used by a human. (Gobbledegucks with a Beastmaster ally should still be able to use theirs.) It's essentially Lancet but without spending a whole new ability slot on it.

Thief/Sky Pirate:
- Bandit's Eye's Steal/Snipe bonus has been reduced from 20% to 10%. This will make the boost to Balthier's Steal skills (as Bandit's Eye is innate on him) comparable to how much better his Plunder skills are in WotL.
- Barrage will now correctly show the spell effect when using Magic Guns.
- Barrage's compatibility with Secret Hunt and Train has been fixed, so it should no longer risk triggering too early and causing bugs up to and including softlocks.

Game Hunter/Malboro:
- Bad Breath has had its vertical range increased from 0 to 2 in order to make it more worthwhile to use.
- Nerfed MA Growth from 45 to 48 (lower is better for Growths). Still has better MA Growth than any generic job other than Mime. Nerfed MA Multiplier from 130 (Time Mage level) to 110 (Priest level).

- Magic Gun damage should now be much more accurately calculated when used for these abilities, thanks to adding in code for Magic Guns in the weapon damage formula routine.

Heaven Knight:
- Nerfed MA Growth from 45 to 48. Nerfed PA Multiplier from 100 to 90, but kept MA Multiplier at 130.

Hell Knight:
- Nerfed MA Growth from 45 to 48. Nerfed MA Multiplier from 130 to 120 (Oracle level), but kept PA Multiplier at 100.

Arc Knight (Zalbag):
- Fixed a bug that prevented stat alteration from correctly being saved during calculations, allowing Alter Power, Alter Mind, and Alter Speed to actually work.

- Mounting a Chocobo now grants access to a skillset titled Mounted Action. This is the Chocobo's own skillset, which can still have its last Action slot unlocked by having an allied Beastmaster on the field. While all of the animations will be done by the rider, don't be fooled - Mounted Actions use the mount's stats, grant EXP to the mount, and consume the mount's Action instead of the rider's, allowing the rider to act independently of the mount. The mount's Action will be restored when a rider starts their next turn on the Chocobo's back or when the Chocobo gets its own turn after being dismounted (meaning that you can't use a Mounted Action, dismount, and then let another unit hop on before the Chocobo gets its own turn to get a free refresh of Mounted Action).
- Dismounting a Chocobo will either set their CT to 0 if its Action has been used or to 100 if it has not.

Engineer/Sky Pirate:
- Arm Aim, Leg Aim, and Seal Evil now use the previously unused "Require Sword" flag to optionally consume Move instead of Act, if used before Moving or Acting. This allows Mustadio and Balthier to start their turn by using one of these three abilities, then choosing to either Move or do a different Action. Unlike Doublecast, the followup Action here is not at all restricted - if you want to use Arm Aim and then Barrage, you are perfectly free to do so.
- Speaking of Barrage, it has been given an update that allows Magic Guns to correctly show the correct spell effects when Barrage calls upon them, as it does in WotL. It has also had its Evadeable flag removed - again, as it does in WotL. It still won't call upon special effects like Holy Lance's Holy proc, though - and while that might be a downgrade from WotL, let's be honest, Barrage is still a top tier ability without it, so I don't consider it worth the headache to attempt to figure out.

- Initial status effects can now be blocked by wearing equipment that prevents them. Or, more specifically - the Stone Gun's effect of making a unit start battle petrified is now blockable by Ribbons and such. To show this off as well as make up for the fact that there is no Ras Algethi gun, Balthier now begins his recruitment battle with a Stone Gun and Jade Armlet equipped instead of a Mythril Gun and Germinas Boots.

Actually included the event changes this time. Whoops! Forgot them while repeatedly rebuilding the ISO due to a bugged hack causing crashes that I was trying to isolate and fix.

- Removed the Improved Level Scaling feature for now. While I did tackle some bugs for it, there are still others that need to be solved, such as certain multi-phase Rendezvous battles that don't use the normal routines for loading encounter table data for generating new units and thus have issues. Guests also seemed to be loaded incorrectly with it.

- Reapplied the Event Instruction Hack Update, restoring end-of-chapter images and preventing softlocks if the player doesn't skip the scenes.

- Fixed a bug with Doublecast which prevented Math Skill from loading the full list of White and Black spells.

- Removed some testing event commands that caused a blank, buggy unit to spawn during the Gariland battle.

- Oracles correctly have Defense UP instead of Attack UP again.

- Talcall fixed a bug that caused menu corruption sometimes when reading ability descriptions.

- Removed passive Vehemence from Reis. (Vehemence replaced Monster Talk.)

- Talcall fixed a bug that caused menu corruption sometimes when reading ability descriptions - this time, without breaking item graphics if the player returns to Formation from the Prep Menu (we have no fucking idea how it happened tbh, but at least taking a different route fixed it)

- Don't Act should no longer prevent the unit from Moving.

- Reis' Dragon Boost correctly actually boosts stats now.

- The Archer's Aim skill will no longer "hit" by doing nothing when the attack would have missed. Now, it always hits properly.

- Adeptness correctly prevents katana breakage.

- Actually used a version of the ISO that didn't have the first and the second menu corruption fix this time, preventing the bugs caused by the first fix thanks to... y'know... not having it applied this time. Whoops!
I've been informed that the Preparation Menu is unchanged in Version 1.2 beta. Turns out that when rebuilding the ISO to find out which hack was broken and causing crashes, I forgot the event changes.

Unfortunately, I'm having some shenanigans with the main post. Turns out there's a number of attachments limit that does not get lowered once an attachment is deleted. Version 1.2 will have to be put in a separate topic.
Far later than I'd originally intended, the Algus Fools patch has finally been replaced!

First up, there's Version 1.1.11, which is just the Algus Fools patch minus the Algus Fools sprite changes.

Secondly, there's Version 1.2 beta. It should be working fine overall, but the changes in it are broad enough that I wouldn't be comfortable calling it anything but a beta without a full playthrough, and I simply haven't had the time or the motivation to do so. Work for me has become busy enough in the last four months that both of my local union stewards have gotten into shouting matches with the manager because we haven't been aggressively hiring people when we very much need to. This is supposed to be our light time of year... none of us are looking forward to when we're actually busy, if this is just our new normal.

The main highlights of the changes here are:

The inclusion of Bonus Actions, which enabled the implementation of Doublecast (instantly casting a lower level magic spell and then being able to regular cast another lower level magic spell) and Mounted Actions (in which a mounted unit can use their Chocobo's abilities at the cost of the Chocobo's Action).

The inclusion of Bonus Skillsets, which allowed Doublecast to grant access to limited White and Black Magic skillsets just by being equipped, and Jump to grant access to the new Dragon Tech skillset, which takes advantage of an expanded Lancer skillset. Fire Breath, Ice Breath, Thunder Breath, and an altered Mutilate from the Goblin family (because I didn't feel like spending a skill slot on Lancet).

Several fixes to Dark Knights that grant them even more of the functionality that the WotL Dark Knights have. Abyssal Blade is now correctly a cone attack that decreases in damage for each row further away from the caster. Abyssal Blade and Unholy Sacrifice now have their damage affected by the chosen weapon equipped. Katanas and Knight Swords lower damage the lower the unit's Brave is, and Axes lower damage the higher the unit's Faith is. Adeptness has been moved to Samurai (and granted protection against Draw Out shattering), because Vehemence has been implemented.

The Preparation Menu has seen some upgrades. The player can now use it to go to the Dispatch Missions event at will, leave MOST (but not all) battle sequences, and access Extra Options to customize their playthrough. Want to always control Guests? Now you can. Want to always have the Permadeath Terminator on? Now you can. (Yes, it's finally toggleable by the player!) Want to ensure units always crystallize or treasurize upon death? Now you can. And a major new option is Improved Level Scaling - causing units to be rerolled using the Current Party Level of only the units on the field instead of all units in the roster.

For the full list of changes, be sure to check out the changelog in the main post.
You can modify them in the FFTPatcher.

You can't add random battles to cities.
Quote from: goldnfrog on June 07, 2024, 09:23:47 pmI really love all the quality life changes with this mod. However, with the JP up innate on all units feature I've found in my playthrough when I switch to other jobs the amount of JP received is still at a regular rate? Not sure if this is a bug or not. The only way for me to tell is that on average my other jobs get about 16~ JP whereas it should be 28~ JP right?

The amount of JP you gain is boosted the higher your Job Level (and unit level) is. That's standard vanilla design. To get 28 JP per turn at Job Level 1 with innate JP Boost, your units would need to be around level 36-40, depending on rounding. 8 base JP, +2 from Job Level 1, +9ish from Level/4, then multiplied by 1.5x by JP Boost.
Tutorials and Learning / Re: Tutorial Requests
June 04, 2024, 10:13:50 pm
Quote from: TheTrueKensei on June 04, 2024, 12:16:40 pmHello everyone, I'm a modder on Nexus and branching out to this community. 

I'm currently working on a mod to adding a playable "Holy Knight" and "Sword Saint" job for "The Lion War" mod for PSX version, however I'm having difficulty finding a tutorial and/or spreadsheet for this.  What would be most helpful here is a Sprite/Job/Skill correspondence spreadsheet document that identifies between programs within the "FFTPatcher".  Unless I'm misunderstanding how Sprites, Jobs, and Skills link together.  I need a total of 4 character slots to do this.  Also I don't understand what "Width" represents in "FFTactext.exe" nor do I understand how you add Job requirements, I noticed "Job Requirement" within the "FFTactext.exe" but I doubt it's as simple as that or is it?  Any help or guidance would be most appreciated.

One last thing is I'm not looking to profit from this in any way and once the project is done I will freely share it on this website as a ppf patch and open resource of the sprites I make for anyone to use as they wish.

You can't add any more generic jobs to the job wheel. TLW took advantage of the fact that Bards and Dancers were given separate locations to store data like learned abilities and JP, despite the fact that a unit can never have access to both jobs at once, and stacked Female DK on top of Male Bard and Male DK on top of Female Dancer.
I noticed that the title says Tweak. You're modding a modded version - one made with the finicky Valhalla editor. You should talk to Tzepish about that on Discord.