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July 22, 2024, 11:13:40 pm


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This is probably the one place on the Internet where people overall prefer the original PSX translation. I'd suggest asking the question in literally any other community that covers FFT!
Help! / Re: How Do Random Encounters Actually Work?
November 25, 2023, 11:46:24 am
Everything to know about random battles has been discovered.
I personally know all of it.

It's a flat 30%. What are your other questions?
If you want to check it out yourself, you could try to open the random battle editor and see for yourself, though I would guess there's a lot you wouldn't understand without asking some questions first.

You can find the random battle editor here:
The Lion War / Re: morphed reis bugged?
August 16, 2023, 04:46:58 pm
No, that's not intended at all.
What emulator are you using?
This is the only option available:

If you play The Lion War (https://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?board=78.0),
It's included in the hack. A lot of the newer mods nowadays include this hack.
Are you using Wish's wiki page as reference?

You can use MassHexASM to convert your code into hex, but that's not necessary; just use mode="ASM" in your location tag and write ASM code instead, like so:
<Patch name="[QoL] Guests use AI inventory">
<Description>Non-controllable player team units will not check for, or consume the player's inventory.&#13;&#10;Instead they will have access to items based on their level, just like enemies.</Description>
<Location file="BATTLE_BIN" offset="19507C" offsetMode="RAM" mode="ASM">
j 0x80150B54 # Item/Draw Out Check
andi r2, r2, 0x0038 # Team + Control
<Location file="BATTLE_BIN" offset="195174" offsetMode="RAM" mode="ASM">
j 0x80150B5C # Throw Check
andi r2, r2, 0x0038 # Team + Control
<Location file="BATTLE_BIN" offset="17C958" offsetMode="RAM" mode="ASM">
j 0x80150B64 # Player Item Quantity decrement
andi r2, r2, 0x0038 # Team + Control
<Location file="BATTLE_BIN" offset="150B54" offsetMode="RAM" mode="ASM">
j 0x80195084
xori r2, r2, 0x0008 # No Control = No Check
j 0x8019517C
xori r2, r2, 0x0008 # No Control = No Check
j 0x8017C960
xori r2, r2, 0x0008 # No Control = No Decrement
Help! / Re: Reflect / Faith
June 17, 2023, 07:04:19 pm
Original caster
Reach The Future / Re: RTF Chapter 1 Bug Reports
June 10, 2023, 05:43:07 am
Guy permanently left after
I killed Kinnan's gf
in 1.05
I was able to gather some gysalh greens and save the girl despite being
in the same loop that I  killed her after she turned undead
I was able to trigger the series of events leading to the attack on
the Kingdom, with Celia in my party, despite having never saved her that loop
Dynamic Punch is 1 range and 0 damage
Reach The Future / Re: RTF Chapter 1 Bug Reports
June 05, 2023, 10:47:02 am
Combo Level is not red
+15 CT not +25
Doesn't mention it randomly adds poison
*Your dad
Facts/Minigames menu is unlocked before triple triad is unlocked
Page flipping icon overlap
*Fake Dollar
You need to go into the Ability/Learn menus.
I'm suspecting you're entering the ability browser, which only lets you view your learnt abilities; it doesn't allow you to purchase them.
Help! / Re: AI Assist?
April 30, 2023, 06:48:43 pm
Thank you for your support! 💜

We've looked at lot at AI in the past several months in the community, and unfortunately AI is far too much in its infancy to be anything but something fun to play with for memes. Hopefully there will be something cool in the future!
Sorry, I don't mod WotL, so I didn't know about the lack of support. I linked this thread in the WotL channel on Discord; hopefully someone can help.
If you are using Vanilla as a base and all you want to do is to edit text, I would suggest you give EntryEdit a try (it comes with the newest FFTPatcher)
War of the Lions Hacking / Re: ASM Hack question
December 29, 2022, 06:01:16 am
Tzepish is our resident PSP ASM hacker.
You can find him on our discord server. He's fairly active and very helpful!
Help! / Re: GAMESHARK Codes for Modded ISOs
December 27, 2022, 09:49:01 pm
Quote from: alonerfeumuno on December 27, 2022, 01:16:16 pmIt is possible to block the gameshark acess via Patcher ?
Hacking/Patching Tools / Alternate Animations v3
December 25, 2022, 11:31:41 pm
You know what it's about. Just download the damn spreadsheet.

I might add a description later

PS: Please tell me if there's anything you find confusing about the spreadsheet use!
Thief: Shadow Stitch
Monk: Stop Bracelet
Summoner: Teleport 2
Time Mage: Non-Charge
Ramza: Ultima/Ultima (v2)/All-Ultima

I might've gotten Summoner/Time Mage mixed up

If that's not working and you can re-purchase abilities that you've already purchased, then there's a problem with either your ISO or emulator
New Project Ideas / Re: FFT: Romance Simulator
September 25, 2022, 04:20:35 am
Nothing finalized, of course

Game Start
Your main character can be one of the dateable characters or 2-3 custom (male/female/trans), generic characters.
If you pick a vanilla character, he/she will have his/her own original traits.
If you pick a custom character, you won't start with any positive or negative trait.

With custom characters, your first residence will be in the Dorter Slums. Otherwise, it will be the expected residence of the character.

Game Flow
The world map would be accessible, so you can go and buy gifts/clothes.
Events would be battle-style. You'll have 255 move, and be able to move just about anywhere on the map to interact with the different characters on the map, but more often than not it will just be you and your date.
You'll have to use abilities in order to initiate events.

Going Out
Remove Unit will become "Go Out With".
If you're not going out with anyone that day, they might just join you. Characters you're not currently going out with will appear darker. So going out with a character will lighten up the sprite, making the distinction obvious.
If you're already going out with that person, they will stop going out with you that day. Cancelling will hurt your relationship score though.
If you're going out with someone else that day, they'll be like "...oh, I guess you already have plans". This will also hurt your relationship score.
Planning to go out with someone and just going to bed instead will also hurt your relationship score.

They might request specific locations or items to bring with you on the date. You'd be smart to adhere to those requests.

The Bar will have its options revised.
Rumors will allow you to select where to spend time. Once you've read a rumor, you can just head to the world map location to trigger the event.

Factual Events (same as the TLW Rendezvous menu) will be used for jobs to earn gil and other things.

HP = Physical Energy
MP = Emotional Energy

Both your Main Character and your date will have those 2 stats affected depending on the actions you take. Meaning that it doesn't matter if you still have MP left if your date doesn't... night's over.

I'm thinking of making both fully heal each day, but you'll need to increase your max HP/MP yourself to perform more actions

Tree of Love
Jobs will be used to keep track of the character's tree of love. Each branch has its own score and abilities (i.e. traits) for that branch.
Total Job JP = The character's score in that branch
Each branch of each character should start at a score of 1000 or so, with a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 9999.
Traits will not be purchased, but rather learned or unlearned based on how you spent time with each date.
I'm thinking of switching jobs/skillsets for a "boost" in those branches. Your character would simply pay more attention to those things that day. I'm thinking of something similar with RSMs.

  • Romance (NPC)
  • Communication (MC/NPC)
    • + Attentive
    • + Empowered
    • + Understanding
    • + Open-Minded
    • + Emotional Self-Control
    • + Initiative
    • + Curious
    • - Aggressive
    • - Stubborn
    • - Quiet
    • - Rude
  • Empathy (MC/NPC)
    • + Respectful
    • + Appreciative
    • + Accepting
    • + Caring
    • + Humble
    • + Patient
    • - Selfish
    • - Judgmental
    • - Careless
  • Trust (MC/NPC)
    • + Honest
    • + Belief
    • + Courage
    • + Shows Vulnerability
    • + Consistent
    • + Safe
    • - Misleading
    • - Fearful
  • Bond (MC/NPC)
    • + United
    • + Commited
    • + Affectionate
    • + Dedicated
    • + Proud
    • + Serene
    • + Enthusiastic
    • + Rationalized Feelings
  • Growth (MC/NPC)
    • + Dream Seeker
    • + Identity
    • + Effortful
    • + Responsible
    • - Co-dependant
  • Awareness (MC/NPC)
    • + Self-Aware
    • + Self-Love
    • + Confidence

Gifts will have to be equipped in your hands either on the world map, or during events with Equip Change, after which point you'll need to use the "Gift" ability.
Gifts will be able to affect characters differently. Just be careful, because some characters don't enjoy being showered in gifts all the time, and they might not appreciate receiving the same gift twice!
Too many gifts, or gifts that would normally be reserved for a deeper relationship could lower your romance score with that person.
Bitch this is a Romance Simulator, not a dating sim.

You probably haven't done anything wrong, I'm just way too sick to investigate/fix it.
2.03 has just released, so I haven't had the chance to test or code yet.
The Lounge / Re: Tech Help Thread
August 02, 2022, 08:44:58 pm
You mean this?
You're mistaken. The level of enemies in random is based on the character with the highest level in your roster; unless Ramza is highest level, his level doesn't matter.

And yes, TLW aims to present a vanilla experience and it still works that way.