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October 28, 2021, 03:44:50 am


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Quote from: Timbo on October 22, 2021, 05:34:47 pmWeapon range preserves AoE is awesome. In the case of bow users does the center panel of the AoE get the arrow?
I didn't test it. Essentially just hoping it does XD
Weapon Range preserves ability AoE
Double Knockback Fix

Prevents abilities that display effects more than once from triggering knockback again
New Project Ideas / Re: FFT: TLW QoL v1.04b
October 11, 2021, 01:39:28 am
1.04b Released
  • Removed "Event Skip". It will be added back when we can get it to play nicely with the treasure wheel and the NG+ event)
  • Fixed a bug with "Permadeath Terminator" which made it improperly detect the unit's team, leading to the wrong units being flagged
  • Updated "Switch unit number with L1 and R1 buttons (formation) 『Glain』" to only function while the CT view is activated in order to preserve the vanilla unit selection with L1/R1

Patch fresh

The Lion War / Re: The Lion War 2.0 Bug Reports
October 11, 2021, 12:40:37 am
The difficulty hack allows removed/moved/benched units that are now gone to affect party level

Fix provided here:
The Lion War / Re: The Lion War 2.021 - DOWNLOAD HERE!!
October 07, 2021, 02:42:50 am
Quote from: Krisbr99 on October 07, 2021, 02:04:35 amcould someone please explain to me what is the difference between these two versions that are available for download
2.02 and 2.021?
more bug fixes
Quote from: Timbo on October 03, 2021, 07:13:02 pmRegarding Permadeath Terminator, does the game track your party members as killed in the game's bravestory section when they become unrevivable?
The Lion War / Re: Change calendar system
October 04, 2021, 07:37:42 am
This won't be implemented in TLW, but will be a feature of TLWotL.
New Project Ideas / Re: FFT: TLW QoL v1.02b
October 04, 2021, 12:29:12 am
1.03b Released
  • Upgraded "JP/Exp earned doesn't display for foes" to include guests
  • Added "Event Skip"
  • Added "Guests use enemy inventory"
  • Added "Foes and Guests aren't enthusiastic about leveling up"

You probably cannot patch over 1.02b
The Lion War / Re: The Lion War 2.0 Bug Reports
October 03, 2021, 04:23:19 am
The sound test song titles and descriptions are gone... though as we use Kanji space for hacks, all that text would need to be translated anyway.
New Project Ideas / Re: FFT: TLW QoL v1.01b
October 03, 2021, 12:33:06 am
1.02b Released
  • Added "Save overwrite defaults to Yes"
New Project Ideas / Re: FFT: TLW QoL v1.01b
October 02, 2021, 11:31:34 pm
v1.01b Released
  • Moved a bunch of ASM hacks to solve conflicts
  • Added "Switch unit number with L1 and R1 buttons (formation)"
The Lion War / Re: Add Birthday menu from WotL
October 02, 2021, 09:23:31 am
We wanted to and I looked into it.

It would be very difficult for little gain, and I'm one of the very few that could've potentially pulled it off.
New Project Ideas / Re: FFT: TLW QoL v1.0b
October 02, 2021, 12:44:40 am
v1.0b Released
Game breaking bug when patched on TLW. Will investigate.
The Lion War / Re: The Lion War 2.0 Bug Reports
September 25, 2021, 10:24:52 pm
(minor) The NG+ Factual Events description doesn't mention to press Start to enter

The Lion War / Re: The Lion War 2.0 Bug Reports
September 25, 2021, 05:38:54 pm
2 bugs in this post

Inventory sometimes gets reset + Generics joining again on NG+


Academy event replace:




Reis' name ID does not change when she transform during her recruitment events
(previously reported in the wrong topic)

I also added the spritesheet SaveAddress in her initial recruit event for good measure.

Add these commands after TransformUnit.

Human -> Dragon (initial recruitment event)

Dragon -> Human (Nelveska Temple event)

Oh wow, huh. You're welcome!

I wouldn't get too excited about fitting a lot more text though. You can almost always just create new pages (with enough {Newline}s) and then there's the compression and DTE that need to be taken into account with Tactext. Saving 1px per space is ultimately insignificant in your ability to add more text, I'm afraid.
I'm not convinced that it's different for WotL, but here you go:

Memory: 0x800FEB0C
File: -0xE0000

Memory: 0x8014B614
File: -0x67000

It's hardcoded just for this character only.
Completed Mods / Smart Encounters with Cross Skip ppf
September 17, 2021, 04:56:34 pm
The essentials of QoL!

A very simple patch for those who don't want to, or can't use FFTOrgASM.
New Project Ideas / FFT: TLW QoL v1.04b
September 17, 2021, 03:41:17 pm
The Lion War, but with Quality of Life improvements!

  • ✅ Smart Encounters 『Xifanie』
  • ✅ Permadeath Terminator (Ramza can decay version) 『Xifanie』
  • ✅ Zodiac Compatibility Highlighting (Zodiac Compatibility is shown for a specific unit when holding Square in battle, with the cursor over that unit) 『Xifanie』
  • ✅ Cross Skip 『Xifanie』
  • ✅ Broken / stolen items can be bought back at Fur Shop 『Razele』
  • ✅ Special characters can do propositions v2 『Xifanie』『Razele』
  • ✅ Soldier Office can rename any units (including humans and special characters) 『Razele』
  • ✅ JP/Exp earned doesn't display for enemy teams or guests 『Xifanie』
  • ✅ Foes and Guests show no enthusiasm on (job) level up 『Xifanie』
  • ✅ Guests use enemy inventory 『Xifanie』
  • ✅ Sound Test (enter PolkaPolka as Ramza's name) 『FFMaster』
  • ✅ 2nd Squad is not mandatory 『Xifanie』
  • ✅ 50% chance to get the rare item when poaching 『Xifanie』
  • ✅ Move-Find Item is Player only 『Xifanie』
  • ✅ Only rare Move-Find Items 『Xifanie』
  • ✅ Equip Change Fix (doesn't cost a turn if the R/L Hands were changed) 『Xifanie』
  • ✅ Pause Fix (when trying to pause during AI turns) 『Xifanie』
  • ✅ Default to Continue instead of New Game 『Xifanie』
  • ✅ Switch unit number with L1 and R1 buttons (formation) 『Glain』
  • ✅ Save overwrite defaults to Yes 『Xifanie』

Patch the ppf on top of your TLW ISO. Actually right now it would even work on a vanilla ISO just fine.

For modders:
ASM Hacks folder included, as well as TLW QoL Hacks.xlsm for development.

Possible Future Updates

  • Event Skip Hack (Needs the hack and base TLW to be updated)『Glain』
  • Preview action results on units outside of range (unlikely)
  • Can view ??? stats (just opening the window) 『Xifanie』

Known Bugs

  • Not compatible with the Cross Skip + Smart Encounters patch
  • Sound Test text is gone. This was removed in TLW
  • Kletian vs Meliadoul triggers even if Meliadoul is on a proposition then crashes the game

Download 1.04b. Just in case I left an older version.