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Complete list of items with breaking text box on the help window (checked every single item in-game):

Mythril Knife
Windslash Bow
Faerie Harp
Venetian Shield
Kaiser Shield
Gaia Gear
Adamant Vest
Chameleon Robe
Germinas Boots
Spiked Boots
@Gogeta released a complete translation of FFT TLW in German, including optional files for the videos translated as well!

Congratulations on such an important release to the author, and if you are interested check the mod info here
But what is T.O.F.U. you may ask?

It is a Massive formula Hack developed by @Orkney

It merges all formulas in a single one. Each previous formula now are a table of flags, allowing to customize every formula aspect.
TOFU (The One Formula - Unbounded) comes with several component :

This is the main Hack.
It contains several hacks (for updating purpose), they are all mandatory

TOFU Maker
This is an Excel tool based on Xif Hack Template.
It will allow you to customize every formula of the game.
With TOFU Maker you can set 200 differents formulas (and that's probably too much)

TOFU Stat Table
This a hack that allow you to tweaks "wild stat alteration"

TOFU Item Break Table
This hack allow you to change the Ability ID to Item Type hardcoded mechanics

TOFU Base XA customization
This is a Excel tool (still based on Xif Hack Template) Allowing you to change XA&YA weapon builds.
You can edit Base Attack and Jump Attack XA&YA build.

More info on the forums: https://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=12969
We have another project already completed that tried to achieve something similar. Is called Second Read: 

Posting some bugs already reported on the discord: 

1. Related to the Cancel Movement hack:

If you move as your first action and you are equipped with any move-gain abilities (JP, EXP, MP and HP), you keep what you earned even if you cancel the movement. This affects all the abilities described above.

2.Enthusiasm on Job Level Up:
Sometimes playable characters Entusiasm id also removed in certain jobs. Had Ramza celebrate Job level up on Mediator but not on Oracle.

3.Extended Warranty still looks it has some weird behaviors with broken items:

I had two Masamunes. Sometimes after breaking one or two, there are two extra copies available to be bought at the Fur Shop. I started using those when I only had two, and by the end of that playthrough I have 5-6 available.
Quote from: Schlagwerk on April 03, 2022, 03:18:25 pmVery excited to try this out! I just started a TLW playthrough for the first time. Can I apply these QOL fixes to my existing ISO and retain progress on my current saves/playthorugh or will I have to start over?

Thanks for all your hard work on this. Very excited to have discovered this community :)

You can keep your saves without any issues.
This version of the synth shop won't work in most emulators. If playing on PC you should use pSX (check the hacktics tool page for download)
From January 8th to January 15th:

@Daykeras has recently posted his translation for the War of the Lions spell quotes. So now you can add the spell quotes back when modding the WotL PSP release by using Valhalla Tools!


@CONMAN recently shared his Zozo map, including a video demonstration that has also been shared on the discord as well! Can't wait to see what is coming next for Souls of Destiny!


@Eurystheus keep working hard on his Eurystheus Patch for The Lion War! Many small updates from JP adjustments to bugfixes and minor tweaks. The mod author is pretty receptive to feedback, so let him know on the forums or on the discord if you end playing it (which you should, as endorsed by this unbiased announcer!)


@ParryPupPup is working hard on keeping his Second Read mod free of bugs by making updates as soon as they show up. You can also keep updated to the news on the mod on his channel #second-read on the discord server.

The mod author is also working hard on his rework version titled Second Read Hardcover, so don't forget to follow his updates!

From January 16th to January 23rd:

@Nyzer has recently posted an eventing tutorial, with many details on how to create your own events using his latest Agrias Motherfucking Oaks event as an example. Definitely worth checking it out!


@Celdia decided to share her ASM for Modifying Female-Only Equipment on Celdia's XML Storage. Now you can yourself add your own Ribbon wearing males on your mods!


@Orkney rewrote a routine that allows you to hack a saving place in SCUS!


@Celdia keeps updating her Honored mod, mostly bugfixes recently, but a huge content patch is coming soon!


@Eurystheus also updated his mod, with more bugfixes and minor adjustments. As a new modder is amazing all the content he keeps pumping! You should definitely check this mod out if you got the time!


@CONMAN announced a new update for his Souls of Destiny mod is on it's way. Currently he already worked on fixes for major bugs from the previous release, while adding and updating new maps. Souls of Destiny is one of the most recent story mods our community got and is very fun to play!


@Kokojo finally announced officially the return of Call of Power: Remake. This time the mod will feature a world map, a revamped story, new classes and sprites and a complete rework of the weapons and magic system triangle! As one of the greatest mods our community has ever produced we are all excited to see how it will shapes out and to finally play the new version!

The Lion War / Re: TLW box and disc art
February 28, 2022, 04:13:17 pm
Quote from: KenoattX on February 25, 2022, 12:31:41 pmWhat would you suggest?
What incompatibilities?

The treasure wheel doesn't work properly on ePSXe. The recommended emulators are pSX or Duckstation.
Is it possible to add? Yes. There are hacks available on the FFTPatcher suite, through the FFTOrgASM tha can do something like that. Is it worth it? In my opinion, not really. To do so, you would need to learn how to build your own TLW with the Resources available on the page, learn how to set up and test ASMs, find the one that does exactly what you are looking for and solve any conflicts that may arise for something that will barely affect the gameplay experience overall.
From January 24th to January 30rd:

@RavenOfRazgriz has updated his ATTACK.OUT Editor Special Awesome by expanding Map Selection boxes to support 255 entries, with a couple of fixes as well. Check it out!


@Xifanie updated and released a new version of her Quality of Life Mod Pack! Now more clearly presented as a pack of ASM hacks available for vanilla and modded games, it is definitely one of the best collection of hacks that most mods could benefit off. Check all it's amazing features and bask in the glory of our honored queen hacking skills!


@Eurystheus keeps updating his mod addding new features and making more adjustments. As one of the newest gameplay mods and one of the first based on TLW is a must play for anyone interested in non-story mods!


@CONMAN released his latest update to Souls of Destiny. This time he added many new maps that have been worked/used by @ArmoredKori, a couple of new songs and some small additions to the bar and item shop screens. The mod also feature some bugfixes and is fully compatible with ePSXe!


@ParryPupPup released a new update to his Second Read mod! With many bugfixes but also a major gameplay adjustment! Pushing his theme of "less gender inequality" now Bard and Dancer share the same skillset! So you can have your twirling Bards and Singing Dancers and he also made Perfumes and Hair Adornments unisex making it the definitive mod for those looking for a more gender balanced approach, even if you are not that interested in dialogue overhauls in general!


@Barren has started a new season of FFT Arena! Special Rules have been posted on the forums and videos from the all the matches have been posted on the forum post. A link to his twitch channel shall be added to the forum news post for those interested in checking out future exhibitions!


FFT Arena Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/barren09
From January 30rd to February 6th:

@Celdia has updated her Celdia's XML Storage with another hack, this time one that makes all Reis skills to affect all monsters, not only Dragons. More info at:


@Xifanie released an updated version of her FFT Conditionals spreadsheet. If you are into eventing there might be some interesting stuff for your future mod. More info at:


@Xifanie also released a new updated version of her Quality of Life mod Pack now featuring a much requested hack that allows you to cancel movement actions even after confirmation! Now you no longer have to bother counting tiles to see if that sweet Stasis Sword will hit that annoying target that keeps avoiding you. It also had a small bugfix added in the latest version. Get your copy at:


@Eurystheus released another update to his TLW Patch! With more adjustments to unique units and monsters the mod is getting its final touches to be considered complete! If you want to give some additional feedback you should definitely check it out. Besides being fully playable the mod is already quite fun and engaging as it is! Download at:


@Celdia also released a new update of Honored! Including bugfixes from the previous releases and a lot of adjustments and new content. The mod is also getting pretty close to the finish line and moving to the Complete Mods. It has the classic flavor of Celdia's mods and any FFT fan worth their missing noses should definitely check it out!


@Barren added a couple additional videos from the new season of FFT Arena. You can follow his streams or watch the videos linked in the page:
From February 6th to February 13th:

@Talcall released an ASM planning tool called Tallcall's ASM Planner! Now you can plan better your ASM things when doing your ASM magic! You can check more info on the forum below page, download and start planning your assembly things!


@CONMAN shared a couple of new teasers for some future updates of his Souls of Destiny mods using maps made by himself and @ArmoredKori. You can check pictures and a small video at:


@Nyzer released a simpler-modder friendly version of the Treasure Wheel from TLW called "The Loot Wheel"! Now you can add your own custom version that will also be featured in the upcoming Call of Power Remake to your mods!


@Eurystheus reached an incredible milestone in our modding community. His Eurystheus Mod finally reached the Complete Status! You can now downloaded the latest updated version on the Complete mods page. You should definitely check it out, maybe even stream for us if you are a streamer!


@ParryPupPup released the 2.0 update of his alternative script mod, Second Read! Featuring a couple of script fixes and broken dialogue boxes, as well as some small polish on his Bard/Dancer mixed job. If you are still waiting for TLWotL and want an alternative you should definitely check it out. And if you want a TLW with just more gender equality that is also the best mod to do so!

From February 14th to February 28th:

@Xifanie released an update of her FFTText Editor improving character replacement to be faster and fixing some minor bugs:


@Xifanie also updated her amazing Quality of Life Pack! This time fixing some bugs related to the Extended Warranty hack and condensing all hacks to a new kanji space location!


@Celdia released a new update for Honored, the latest Celdia FF1 Inspired disaster! Some adjustments to HP, and bugfixes have been deployed. The mod is a must play for any Celdia enthusiast!


@ArmoredKori released an updated version of his amazing Alternate Map Pack! Now fully compabitle with TLW, so you can enjoy new layouts for classic maps to bring a breath of fresh air to any FFT playthrough!


@Eurystheus released a small update of his TLW patch. Some additional skills have been added and a bit additional balance for some jobs have been applied. You should definitely check this one out ASAP!

Note: Weekly Roundup is no longer happening. Post will still be up for those interested in joining the official discord and for older news:


From March 1st to March 16th:

@Celdia update her Celdia's XML Storage with a couple of new hacks. Removing status differences between genders and giving all player-controlled units access to the Item skillset all the time regardless of Job or the secondary skillset equipped!


@Xifanie released a new update of her Quality of Life mod, this time fixing some bugs related to the Extended Warranty hack and adding a massive overhaul of the FFT Hacking Template spreadsheet allowing to save directly to ASM!


@CONMAN released a batch of videos related to his story mod, Souls of Destiny! You should definitely check it out, and while you are enjoying it, you should definitely play it too!


@Ansehelm released a new update of his Ansehelm's FFT Expansion mod! Based on TLW 1.6, he added a couple of new hacks like the synthesis shop, new items and new recruitable units. The author mentioned that he is looking into porting the mod to TLW 2.0 but is not very likely. But it is still very worth it to play it as it is!


@Celdia released an update of her Honored mod, mostly related to bugfixes and minor adjustments. Feedback is appreciated!


@Puppy released a new update of his Second Read Softcover mod, fixing a couple of grammar errors, and a couple tweaks on the UI and help intro. If you are still waiting for TLWotL you should definitely check Second Read while you are at it!


@Celdia released a small patch called Doublecast Red Mage! It is pretty much vanilla FFT but with Red Mage instead of Calculator, including a Doublecast ability! There are also a couple of QoL stuff added to make the experience more enjoyable overall


@Eurystheus released a new update for his Eurystheus Patch featuring a couple of job adjustments to Chemist, a couple of new skills and a major overhaul of monster classes. One of the newest mods that deserves a lot of attention and praise! A must play mod I say!

The Lion War / Re: Is lion war 2.0 vanilla difficulty?
January 07, 2022, 08:45:01 pm
The basic experience is vanilla. The post-game Rendezvous are definitelly quite challenging and require certain strategies to be beaten. There is also a feature from the NG+ that slightly affects the difficulty, by adjusting enemy levels, but the impact is minimal to say the least. 
Mod Reviews / Re: [PSX] Souls of Destiny 4 Chapter (Beta)
December 19, 2021, 07:27:00 pm
An AU version of the Zodiac Brave Story made with heart and creativity at its forefront.

This Game is Complete!
Not Completed

Version: Full Chapter 4 release

Souls of Destiny is one of the few story mods we have available currently, but is more than just that. This AU take on the Zodiac Brave Story makes you take on the mantle of Connor and his family, that is somehow tied to the Zodiac Stones. Some of the machinations of the church still remains, as well as the starting sparks of The Lion War, but as you progress through the story, many paths branch, and heroes became villains and villains became allies and you by the end of your journey you may face the challenging choice of embracing your destiny or fighting against it to uphold what you believe.

But SoD offers you more than a rich and interesting story: you will have access to a new cast of heroes with new skills and unique jobs, new sprites and new animations, a new itemization and access to abilities you would never thought you could access in a FFT mod, and unique feature to this mod, new soundtrack with songs from several different titles of the FF franchise and more (like Chrono Trigger!) that plays very well in-game.

There is a small detail that did felt a bit off especially in the early chapters, and that was the fanservice. You may recognize enemies and monsters from other settings like Marvel comics, and while their stories are written to made fit the narrative written on the mod, it still feels a bit too much sometimes. It may turn some players off, but it is definitely worth it by the end of it. 

It is also quite noticeable the improvement on script and main narrative as the chapters move forward, with Chapter 1 feeling the weakest of them all, and Chapter 4 reaching to the highest peaks and exploring more how the already existing characters of the original game are in this AU. 

The gameplay is pretty great, but most jobs remains similar to vanilla, which helps the players already well familiarize with FFT, but felt it could been improved by adding new jobs on top of the unique jobs of the main cast.

Personally, I didn't liked some fights against enemies with huge pools of HP, because I feel FFT shines best when the combat is fast paced and straight to the point.

Game difficulty is pretty close to vanilla, especially since you get access to very powerful uniques and their skillsets.

There are a couple of branching points (and even alternative endings!) which may incentivize the player to replay it at least once more, so overall replayability is slightly better than vanilla tactics.

There are also unique sidequests,unlocked by exploring Rumors on taverns and moving to certain places, and some are really cool and offer new unique recruits you may add to your team.

Overall, I found it very fun and satisfying mod to play, and can't wait to see the many improvements the author may bring in the following updates. Definitely recommend this for those who want to play more FFT but want a new experience in narrative, instead of just playing another balance patch. And for those who try, I especially recommend trying at least until Chapter 3 since the story gets significantly better and will be worth your time.
The skills Osmose and Tranquilize don't seem to work. Playing on Duckstation mobile. Both skills show 00% chance of hit and always miss. Other skills also seems to bug on Duckstation, so I wouldn't recommend using it for this mod.
Mod Reviews / Re: [PSX] Journey of the Five - Chapter 1
October 28, 2021, 06:53:47 pm
A masterclass on what is possible to be made when modding this game.

This Game is Complete!
Not Completed

Version: Chapter 1 - 1.97e

I'm not someone who is in fanmade stories, and I always avoided JoT5 thinking it was a well developed mod but still akin to fanfic. Boy how I was wrong. The team behind this mod not only have amazing writing skills, they understand well the characters  that the dialogue feels natural and it really sounds like a sequel to the original release. The other members of the five are all written very close to their original characters. The new  characters made specific to the mod are also very well done, and I can't wait to see how their story will shape up in the next chapters.

Gameplay wise, this mod is incredible. The new skills and mechanics are fantastic, even small details like Regen and Poison affecting MP was an incredible idea that I miss everytime I play other mods. The unique jobs from the Five are all amazing and it is pretty interesting on how none of them are completely broken, mostly requiring some other secondaries to complement their kit. The new basic jobs are incredible and their skills are so awesome that makes you wish they were available to be played in vanilla as well.

While I feel that the mod is balanced internally, it is a very difficult mod, especially if you come straight from vanilla or vanilla like mods. It is quite possible to fall in player traps and lock yourself in bad builds, characters focused only in their main jobs with access to very few other resources or spread too deep in too many jobs without any useful skills and equipment. That can prove to be a very frustrating situation especially for new players which may force some to drop the mod.

The mod is not outside of its flaws imo, so you may face annoying RNG, and random battles that will feel pratically impossible to beat (fuck those turtles). Your first grind spot available can be so difficult at first that may take many by surprise. As it is, the mod difficulty starts high and it actually gets a bit higher by the end of it, with a real boss fight, much different than anything you faced in vanilla, which may take some luck and a lot of tries.

But for those who push through you will be presented with one of the best experiences you can have with a mod from this community.

Even though it has been almost 9 years since the release of its first chapter, it still is one of the best mods this community ever produced and I fully recommend it to any one interested into the game. Even if you are not into crossovers, give it a chance, and you will eventually fall in love with this cast.