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I want to point out that in my post I made no mention of themes. I also want to point out that I'm pointing out the flaws of audience desire. Comics from the 90s prove that a more extreme version of something isn't better than the original. More extreme is just more of the same.

The Lucavi weren't even remotely the best or most interesting part of the game. It's just the game's big idea and their big reveal was far more successful than pretty much all of M. Night Shyamalan's. Do you think Wiegraf would be as beloved if he didn't become Belias?

I digress. I think the real problem here is that people want to do a prequel. Prequel's don't matter unless you retrofit them to the plot of the original story. A prequel that isn't retrofit might as well be a part of a different and similar universe. The endgame scenario should have a direct effect on the main plot points. It should set events in motion that kick off the original story.

Unfortunately, the most major players of all were the Knights Templar/Lucavi.

Also, you guys argue against the Lucavi like the idea is impossible to bring across properly. It's not, a good writer can look at the things that need to be accomplished and make it happen. Does Vormav need to become Hashamalum to develop a Lucavi plot? No, you have two or more perfectly capable unseen creatures that can fulfill the role of big bad monster. Moreover the organization can be fleshed out and developed. New characters can be developed with bigger plans and further reaching goals than resurrecting their master.

I voted yes for the Lucavi but it's not because of them. I voted yes because it actually has something to do the first game and it doesn't end with the main character chancing upon the Deep Dungeon in an end completely unrelated to it's own game.

Personally, I'd like to see a game that uses an ensemble cast. Three main characters with individualized plot threads that intersect and overlap. A story featuring and Ordalian spy, Simon, and a new recruit freshly initiated into the Knight's Templar.

Neither of these two plots are good enough on their own. I say we use them both.

I will reserve my comments on this discussion until the poll is down. I am merely the behind-the-scenes manipulator setting this whole project in motion as it needs to be handled (With some help along the way, of course!). Tomorrow, the poll will close, and I will post a nice long block of information on what I think in regards to the plots, and plans I might have for it.

Poll is officially closed, and we have a tie! The game will have a mix of plot lines, all joining together in beautiful, unsuspected harmony.

The plots as they are, are not perfect. The people who came up with them knew this from the start. But do not worry. Perfecting the plots is why I'm here. Myself, and a team of volunteers who have wonderful skills at writing FFT plot, will bring you a wonderful, richly deep story to wrap your minds around. Don't be concerned with the issues brought up here. They have not fallen on deaf ears, and everything will be taken into consideration when designing this mod.

Expect to see a little bit of everything thrown in. You'll see some old characters (Fan service, if you will. However, the goal is that once you finish this mod, you should play the original game. You might find yourself shocked at the realization of: "Oh! So that's why that happened." You may find yourself growing attached to characters who you previously knew little about. Not to worry, there will be plenty of new characters as well, most of which will be the focal point of the game. Who knows. Maybe when this is over, I'll make a mod for the original FFT inserting a couple of these characters into the original game. (Perhaps a sequel will follow once all that's done?! We'll see how it goes. Not planning that far ahead at this point)

Now, if you wish to be a proper part of this project, please send me a message on here with what you wish to do. Immediately, story writers are needed, and I'm sure FDC could use some help with the hacking/event editing. Also, I know we're going to need spriters, so please. If you wish to see this mod succeed, it's your duty to help out however you can. This is YOUR project, after all!

I'm definitely willing to be a "proper part" of the project.

ASM Hacking
Mechanical Balance
Eventing (not as proficient as ASMing, but I can do it)

While we're at it Shadow, can you post who else is currently on the development team?  In particular,

--- Quote ---Myself, and a team of volunteers who have wonderful skills at writing FFT plot, will bring you a wonderful, richly deep story to wrap your minds around.
--- End quote ---
...who else is on the storyboarding team?

Count me in. I'd be willing to help write out the story.

Oh, when you mentioned sending you a message I assumed you meant a private message. Well, I'd like to be part of the writing team. If we're partially using my proposal, I feel like I should be one of the people tasked with making it work. Besides, I like writing.


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