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What'd You Miss in 2011?  (Read 1633 times)
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Eternal [Posts: 3052]
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  • [January 20, 2012, 03:21:47 AM]
What'd You Miss in 2011?
« on: January 20, 2012, 03:21:47 AM »
A lot of fun new stuff came out in 2011, and as this new year opens, I'd like to remind everyone of the biggest releases of 2011,
some of which may help some of you guys in 2012. Without further ado, this is a list of the biggest stuff released in 2011, now
listed here for your convenience!

-Easyvent Editor Super Perfect-
For the first time ever, you can easily edit events to whatever you want with ease. Raven's Easyvent editor allows you to use events from the PSX version, or from FFT Complete. Additionally, it allows you to easily insert instructions and commands, and comes with a help pane for easy reference if you don't know what an instruction does. With this wonderful new tool, event editing is now easier than ever!

Download Easyvent here:

-Call of Power, Chapter II-
The second part of a four-part saga in the new world of Ashranor, the young woman Lysay seeks vengeance against a noble who violated her younger sister, vowing to stop at no end to take revenge. Play as Lysay and explore this all new world full of war, lust, and sorrow in this all new tale with new jobs and items!

Download Call of Power here:

-Celdia's Complete Patch-
Originally starting as a patch featuring only two new jobs, CCP is a patch which features wholly custom new jobs and items, as well as featuring Cyan from Final Fantasy VI as a new character. CCP offers a variety of fun new ways to play through the game in ways not possible before, with new jobs such as Homemaker, Butler, Red Mage, and Demagogue for a new FFT experience!

Download Celdia's Complete Patch here:

A rebalancing patch that allows both inexperienced and veteran players to enjoy FFT again without fear of stomping through the game.

Download FFT+ here:

-FFT Arena-
A patch specifically designed for AI battles and AI tournaments, FFT Arena is a fun way for people to design AI teams and let them battle one another. This patch will be used for all later official FFH AI tournaments, and is a fun way to see how the AI works while battling another team!

Download FFT Arena here:

-Raven's Spreadsheet Shoppe-
For aspiring modders who want to do some things that the Patcher cannot (such as editing weapon proc rates and fixing generic skillsets for Geomancy, Throw, Jump, Draw Out, and Item). The Spreadsheet Shoppe is an all-in-one and easy way to edit certain things in one go.

Download the Spreadsheet Shoppe here:

-FFTA Law Remover-
Tired of pesky laws in FFTA that makes the game more annoying to play? Luckily for you, Darthatron has created a tool which removes laws from the game, allowing you to play through FFTA without fear of breaking laws and being sent to prison!

Download the FFTA Law Remover here:

-FFTA All-in-One Editor-
The age of FFTA editing is upon us, with Darthatron's FFTA All-in-One editor leading the way. This convenient tool allows you to edit jobs, items, font, and allows you to add some small ASM patches to the game. This tool is very beginner-friendly and can be picked up very easily. New features are planned to be added later.

Download the FFTA All-in-One Editor here:

-FDC's Formula Hack-
Though currently still in development, FDC's formula hack revolutionizes how formulas work, allowing you to customize them as you will. More features are expected to be added soon.

Download FDC's Formula Hack here:

A highly extensive spreadsheet that allows you to edit how R/S/M skills work, allowing you to attach them to items and allowing you to attach item attributes to R/S/M skills. ALMA is an extremely comprehensive spreadsheet allowing you to do what various other editors and tools cannot. A note, though, that by using ALMA, you lose compatibility with real consoles and pSXfin.

Download ALMA here:

-Glain's Gear Level Hack-
Tired of having enemies overpowered due to gear scaling with their level? Glain's gear level ASM allows you to change it up so that enemy gear scales by story progression, rather than level. This tool is helpful for people seeking to do rebalancing or hardtype patches.

Download Glain's Gear Level Hack here:

Annoyed with having to constantly swap around sprites in the Patcher so you can have units join with proper formation sprites? Glain's spreadsheet UWEntries allows you to easily switch which sprites point to which formation sprites and portraits, saving a ton of time.

Download UWEntries here:

Robust hack by Pokeytax that allows the expansion of the Job Tree up to 34 Jobs, allows Jobs to graduate into other Jobs (White Mage -> White Wizard in FF1), allows Special Units to have Jobs unique to themselves beyond their base Job, allows the creation of Job trees completely broken by Gender, and more.  Use RAD if you need to break the Job tree's current implementation over your knee and make a completely different Job-unlocking experience in your FFT mod!

Download RAD here:

-Pokeytax's Gameflow Editor-

For those looking at editing events beyond the structure they're in in vanilla FFT, this spreadsheet allows you to change what events lead where, and how they're unlocked. Perfect for patches aiming to heavily edit the story!

Download Pokeytax's Gameflow Editor here:

Now go wild and mod, you silly curmudgeons! :D

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    Kokojo [Posts: 1864]
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    • [January 20, 2012, 11:03:39 AM]
    Re: What'd You Miss in 2011?
    « Reply #1 on: January 20, 2012, 11:03:39 AM »
    Wee :D

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    Dome [Posts: 4890]
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    • [January 20, 2012, 05:33:02 PM]
    Re: What'd You Miss in 2011?
    « Reply #2 on: January 20, 2012, 05:33:02 PM »

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    st4rw4k3r [Posts: 529]
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    • [January 20, 2012, 09:43:45 PM]
    Re: What'd You Miss in 2011?
    « Reply #3 on: January 20, 2012, 09:43:45 PM »
    wow quite an active year for FFH.
    Kagebunji [Posts: 4307]
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    • [January 20, 2012, 10:02:19 PM]
    Re: What'd You Miss in 2011?
    « Reply #4 on: January 20, 2012, 10:02:19 PM »
    I must agree, it was a busy year. Let's keep at it, folks! :D

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    Elric (Overseer) [Posts: 3909]
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    • [January 20, 2012, 11:35:54 PM]
    Re: What'd You Miss in 2011?
    « Reply #5 on: January 20, 2012, 11:35:54 PM »
    I must agree, it was a busy year. Let's keep at it, folks! :D

    Indeed  :mrgreen: we can make 2012 even bigger

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    skiploom188 [Posts: 237]
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    • [January 25, 2012, 02:06:37 PM]
    Re: What'd You Miss in 2011?
    « Reply #6 on: January 25, 2012, 02:06:37 PM »
    Wow, I really missed out on a lot of cool updates. Can't decide which to try first.

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