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FFT Patcher 0.479 ASM Hack Collection

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I'm collecting and editing all of FFH's ASM hacks for the upcoming official release of FFT Patcher .479.  However, the task of tracking down all of my private hacks is already wearing me out; I really don't think I'll be in a fit state to track down everyone else's hacks.

Hence, I humbly request everyone who's ever written ASM hacks for FFH except myself, Razele, Xifanie, and nates1984 to please gather all your non-table ASM hacks posted in either on the forums (regardless of whether in a help topic or in a specialized personal hacks thread) or in a FTP.  Please post the gathered ASMs in .XML form in this thread.  It would be really nice if you could also check your hacks for errors (load delay, does not do as advertised, has unintentional effects on mechanics), if only to save me the work of scrutinizing every hack.

NOTE: You do not need to be proficient at ASM.  If you simply want to help search the Hacking and Help! section for hacks authored by someone that wasn't organized previously into a personal hacks thread, I'd certainly appreciate the help as well.

Here is a hack that lets the dragon formulas (5A-5D) hit all monsters. They will not hit humans. Thanks again for the help Pride!

Pickle Girl Fanboy:
FDC, could you list which hacks you have already?

I have all the hacks made by myself, Razele, Xif, and nates1984.

Here is what I have found so far;

This is SB's work and had the BATTLE.BIN attached, so I hope that helps

Read the first post and it says that there is 18k of ASM in there

Thats what I have found for the moment, I will check again tomorrow as well


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